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Present simple vs.

Present Continuous

I (not/like) politics.

How many languages (you/speak) ?

Where (you/live) ?

What (you/do) at the moment?

I (not/believe) that you are a millionaire.

He (not/wear) a tie today.

He often (travel) abroad on business.

David is in Paris this week. He (stay) at the Hilton.

Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

I used my time well while I (wait) for my plane - I wrote some


I (not/work) when my boss walked in my office.

When I (wait) for the taxi, I saw two car crashes.

Tom (have) long hair and a beard when he was at university.

I listened to the cassette you gave me while I (drive) to work.

What (you/do) this time last year?

I (not/call) you at 9 o'clock as arranged because I was having a

I noticed that he (not/listen) as I was explaining the problem to

Past Simple vs. Past Perfect

I got home and found that someone (try) to break into the house.

I celebrated last Friday night because I (pass) my exams the day


I saw a bad accident on my way here. Two cars (crash) on the


I got to the cinema and a minute later the film (start) .

I got to the cinema and and saw that the film (already/start) .

Will vs, be going to

John: Did you remember to bring that book I lent you?

Paul: Oh, sorry, I forgot again. I (bring) it tomorrow.

I (buy) my sister a book on gardening for her birthday.

I don't feel like going out this evening. I (stay) at home and
watch TV.

Elizabeth: There's someone at the door.

Mark: I (go) and see who it is.

I've decided that I (look) for a new job.