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Glass Ceramic Composition

Author(s): IBM TDB

Detweiler, JR
Tummala, RR number: IPCOM000073080D
Original Publication Date: November 1, 1970
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Glass Ceramic Composition

This glass-ceramic composition has a thermal expansion coefficient of

61x10/-7// degrees C (Room Temperature to 500 degrees C) to match a
multilayer ceramic substrate. This composition is: Component % by Weight
SiO(2) 11 B(2)O(3) 70 Al(2)O(3) 8 BaO 8 MgO 1 ZrO(2)
1 CaO 1. The composition can include 2% CaF(2).

The composition is made by melting raw material oxides or carbonates and

converted to glass ceramic by heat treating in the temperature range of 550-650
degrees C.