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Our last lesson were about communicative fuctions of language and relations between

target language and its culture. The way of people is important. The culture of target
language motivates people’s learning. Also, to be able to communicate effectively is
essential and main goal of learners. There are some hypothese and claims about SLA
such as theory doesn’t give the success or the more a learner, the better he/she learns.
There are Krashen’s five hypotheses.First one is the Acquisition/Learning Hypothesis
It claims that there are two distinctive ways of developing competence in a second
language. Acquisition refers to an unconscious process that is very similar to the
process children undergo when they acquire their first language. In contrast,Learning
refers to a process where conscious rules about a şlanguage are developed.Second
one is the Monitor Hypothesis. It claims that we may call upon learned knowledge to
correct ourselves when we communicate,but conscious learning can only be used as a
Monitor. The Natural Order Hypothesis is the third one.We acquire the rules of
language in predictable order. Similar natural order is found in second language
acquisition.Other one is The Input Hypothesis(i+1 Hypothesis). It claims that people
acquire language in only one way; by understanding messages or receiving
comprensible input.The last one is The Affective Filter Hypothesis. The learner’s
emotional state blocks input necessary to acquisition. Feelings of learners should be
considered. If the filter is low, learning will bemore successful.
As a teacher, In my teaching, ı should create a classroom atmosphere that is
interesting,friendly and where there is low affective filter for learning. I may collect
materials in terms of students’ needs,wants and interests. Students can involve
themselves in role play and games that contribute personal information and opinions
and participate in group problem solving. Imperatives can be acquired in the early
stages by young learners