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Why I chose this topic?

Since I was a child I was fond of riding, a high class sport, and also a
hobby that can be performed successfully if you are a true lover of horses
Horse for me means perfection. A harmonious blend between power and gent
le, between beauty and grace, between kindness and intelligence, without a doubt
is a creation that deserves our respect.
With horses, empires were created and the humanity destiny was changed. So this
animal is worthy all of the privileges of a king.
My first attempt to ride was at four years old. Even if I failed, becaus
e I was thrown to the ground, this does not make me to give up, but strengthened
me and made me to climb back in the saddle horse. I love horses forever. I even
had my own horse, which unfortunately, last year has left this world for the pl
ains of heaven.
All of this make me to choose this subject.