Engineering Mathematics ed._.rar 3.

79 MB Computational Fluid Dynamics s_-_Principles_and_Applications.rar 7.31 MB Machinery Component Maintenance & Repair enance_and_Repair__2nd_ed._.rar 9.65 MB Major Process Equipment - Maintenance & Repair aintenance_and_Repair__2nd_ed._.rar 13.56 MB Improving Machinery Reliability bility__3rd_ed._.rar 13.91 MB Designing Capable & Reliable Products liable_Products.rar 17.21 MB Gas Turbine Engeering andbook__2nd_ed._.rar 9.28 MB Helicopter Dynamics er_Dynamics__2nd_ed._.rar 4.94 MB Metals Reference Book nce_Book__7th_ed._.rar 28.86 MB Light Metals Handbook Handbook.rar 1.47 MB Non-Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook 7.12 MB Ferrous Foundryman's Handbook _s_Handbook.rar 3.69 MB Plastics Materials _ed._.rar 45.39 MB Carbon Materials for Advanced Technologies dvanced_Technologies.rar 9.38 MB Guide to Ship Repair Estimates tes_-_In_Man-Hours.rar 0.94 MB Physical Metallurgy d.___3_vols._.rar 57.57 MB The Coming Materials Science ience.rar 9.82 MB Introduction to Space Sciences & Spacecraft Applications Sciences_and_Spacecraft_Applications.rar 3.68 MB Castings - The New Metallurgy of Cast Metals 8.74 MB Biaxial-Mutiaxial Fatigue & Fracture 9.15 MB Hazardous Chemicals Handbook k__2nd_ed._.rar 1.89 MB Mechanical Engineer's Data Handbook _Handbook.rar 10.74 MB Metal Machining - Theory & Applications 2.42 MB A Guide to Collision Avoidance Rules ion_Avoidance_Rules__6th_ed._.rar 3.10 MB Plastics Engineering 3rd_ed._.rar 16.60 MB Ship Stability for Masters & Mates ers_and_Mates__5th_ed._.rar 5.00 MB Fluid Mechanics - Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery namics_of_Turbomachinery__4th_ed._.rar 2.67 MB Fiber Fracture 7.58 MB Carbon Nanotubes 6.13 MB Ship Construction ._.rar The Motor Vehicle _ed._.rar Handbook of Production Management Methods gement_Methods.rar Advance Vehicle Technology y__2nd_ed._.rar Lightweight Electric Hybrid Vehicle rid_Vehicle_Design.rar Advanced Gas Turnie Cycles cles.rar 2.76 MB Aerodynamics for Engineerng Students eering_Students__5th_ed._.rar 9.21 MB Seamanship Techniques d_ed._.rar 20.40 MB Automotive Quality Systems Handbook andbook.rar 2.20 MB ISO 9000 Quality Systems Handbook dbook__4th_ed._.rar 2.64 MB ISO 9000 2000 - An A-Z Guide 0.77 MB Engineering Rock Mechanics cs__2_vols._.rar 16.01 MB Aircraft Design Projects for Engineering Students cts_for_Engineering_Students.rar 1.97 MB Failure Analysis Case Studies Studies_II.rar 8.43 MB Membranes for Industrial Wastewater Recovery & Re-Use ewater_Recovery_and_Re-Use.rar 5.58 MB

Engineering Interfaces in Fiber Reinforced Engineering 6.45 MB Introduction to Power Fluid Flow Fluid_Flow.rar 3.52 MB Fluid Mechanics .rar 20.55 MB Introduction to Continuum Mechanics echanics__3rd_ed._.rar 12.18 MB Project Planning & Control l__4th_ed._.rar 7.15 MB A Guide to MS Excel 2002 for Scientists & Engineers cel_2002_for_Scientists_and_Engineers__3rd_ed._.rar 5.43 MB Mechanics for Sheet Metal Forming _Forming__2nd_ed._.rar 1.90 MB Mechanical Engineer's Handbook Handbook.rar 15.25 MB Aeronautical Engineering ata_Book.rar 2.00 MB Beginning Autocad 2002 ar 10.85 MB Modelling with Autocad 2002 002.rar 11.71 MB Marine Auxilliary Machinery nery__7th_ed._.rar 29.69 MB Aircraft Structures for Engineerig Students or_Engineering_Students__3rd_ed._.rar 19.57 MB Industrial Control Wiring Guide g_Guide__2nd_ed._.rar 1.09 MB Root Cause Failure Analysis sis.rar 10.68 MB Vibration Fundamentals ar 8.84 MB An Introduction to Predictive Maintenance ctive_Maintenance__2nd_ed._.rar 2.52 MB Plant Engineering Handbook ok.rar 13.85 MB Hydroblasting & Coating Steel Structure g_of_Steel_Structures.rar 3.29 MB Metal Fatigue - Effects of Small Defects and Non_Metallic Inclusions 6.76 MB The Tribology Handbook nd_ed._.rar 16.60 MB Statistical Process Control trol__5th_ed._.rar 2.20 MB The Material Science of Thin Films in_Films.rar 20.35 MB Tyre Mechanics & Vehicle Dynamics cle_Dynamics.rar 6.64 MB Rules of Thumb for Mechanical Engineers cal_Engineers.rar 18.11 MB Basic Ship Theory d.___2_vols._.rar 7.08 MB The Automotive Chassis - Engineering Priciples 12.61 MB Understanding Automotive Electronics e_Electronics__5th_ed._.rar 16.51 MB Safety at Work r 8.76 MB

Plastics Engineered Product Design uct_Design.rar 9.44 MB Robotics - Designing the Mechanisms for Automated Machinery 9.25 MB Ship Design for Efficiency and Economy ency_and_Economy__2nd_ed._.rar 1.37 MB Methods for Monitoring & Diagnosing the Efficiency of Catalytic Converters _Diagnosing_the_Efficiency_of_Catalytic_Converters.rar 5.72 MB Mechanical Engineer's Reference Book erence_Book__12th_ed._.rar 34.59 MB Engineering Tribology y__2nd_ed._.rar 9.27 MB Tribology in Machine Design Design.rar 5.63 MB The Science & Technology of Carbon Nanotubes of_Carbon_Nanotubes.rar 3.36 MB Introduction to Marine Engineering ngineering__2nd_ed._.rar 32.19 MB Electronic Navigation ms__3rd_ed._.rar 15.58 MB 3D Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites omposites.rar 4.88 MB Refrigeration & Airconditioning 3.72 MB Introduction to Naval Architecture chitecture__3rd_ed._.rar 17.29 MB Mechanics & Analysis of Composite Materials _of_Composite_Materials.rar 5.57 MB Practical Ship Designs .rar 20.10 MB TPM - A route to World Class Performance 9.35 MB Marine Diesel Engines & Gas Turbines l_Engines_and_Gas_Turbines__8th_ed._.rar 12.53 MB Practical Design of Ships & Other Floating Structures 13.47 MB Carbon Alloys - Novel Concepts to Develop Carbon Science & Technology 9.18 MB The Finite Element Method Method__5th_ed.___3_vols._.rar 15.96 MB The Theory & Design of AIr Cushion Craft on_Craft.rar 43.99 MB Linux Embedded & Real Time Applications -Time_Applications.rar 1.04 MB Power Electronic Control in Electrical Systems lectrical_Systems.rar 6.23 MB Application of Non_Linear Fibre Optics ar_Fiber_Optics.rar 3.83 MB Non-Linear Fibre Optics _3rd_ed._.rar 2.49 MB Industrial Power Engineering & Applications Handbook ering_and_Applications_Handbook.rar 26.18 MB PC Troubleshooting Pocketbook _Pocket_Book__2nd_ed._.rar 3.32 MB Embedded Controller Hardware Design e_Design.rar 0.91 MB Analog Interfacing to Embedded Microprocessors dded_Microprocessors_-_Real_World_Design.rar 2.57 MB

Embedded Microprocessor Systems - Real Worlkd Design stems_-_Real_World_Design__3rd_ed._.rar 11.11 MB Handbook of Medical Imaging Processing & Analysis ging_Processing_and_Analysis.rar 19.54 MB Erbium Dope Fibre Amplifiers - Fundamentals & Technology 28.60 MB Understanding Telephone Electronics _Electronics__4th_ed._.rar 8.58 MB Electrical CIcuit Theory & Technology _Technology__2nd_ed._.rar 5.22 MB Handbook of Image & Video Processing Processing.rar 26.62 MB RF CIrcuit Design 16.03 MB Guide to Digital TV 2nd_ed._.rar 6.55 MB Radio & Elctronics Cookbook ok.rar 4.54 MB Power Supply Cookbook d._.rar 2.53 MB Practical Switching Power Supply Design pply_Design.rar 8.37 MB Telecommunications Demystified ied.rar 2.51 MB Computer Busses - Design & Apllication 4.07 MB Antenna Toolkit rar 4.16 MB RF Components & Circuits .rar 1.89 MB Embedded FreeBSD Cookbook ar 0.70 MB Neural & Fuzzy Logic Control of Drives & Power Systems Control_of_Drives_and_Power_Systems.rar 1.90 MB CMOS IC Layout - Concepts, Methodologies & Tools 7.79 MB Introduction to Fibre Optics __2nd_ed._.rar 2.04 MB Battery Reference Book __3rd_ed._.rar 27.50 MB High Frequenmcy & Microwave Engineering ave_Engineering.rar 14.32 MB Fibre Optic Data Communications - Technological Trends & Advances cation_-_Technological_Trends_and_Advances.rar 9.03 MB Handbook of Fibre Optic SData Communication Data_Communication__2nd_ed._.rar 30.65 MB Electric Vehicle Battery Systems ystems.rar 0.95 MB The Digital Consumer Technology Handbook gy_Handbook.rar 17.21 MB Tunable Lasers Handbook rar 7.76 MB WDM Technologies - Active Optical Components 12.20 MB Radio Frequency Transistors - Principles & Practical Applications 6.77 MB Designing Ebedded Internet Devices rnet_Devices.rar 3.44 MB

Fibre Optic Cabling ._.rar 2.72 MB Handbook Digital Signal Processing nal_Processing_-_Engineering_Applications.rar 28.92 MB Observers in Control Systems _-_A_Practical_Guide.rar 4.01 MB Adaptive Control Systems 2.06 MB Newnes Interfacing Companion 3.30 MB Introduction to Statstical Pattern Recognition al_Pattern_Recognition__2nd_ed._.rar 6.27 MB The Art of Designing Embedded Systems bedded_Systems.rar 10.13 MB Miltimedia Communications - Directions & Innovations s_-_Directions_and_Innovations.rar 34.20 MB Modern Dictionary of Electronics ronics__7th_ed._.rar 29.56 MB Essential JAva for Scientist & Engineers sts_and_Engineers.rar 1.58 MB The JP Transformer Book _Book__12th_ed._.rar 5.16 MB Analog Circuits Cookbook 2nd_ed._.rar 1.76 MB Practical Radio Frequency Handbook 1.89 MB Video Demystified - A Handbook for the Digital Engineer 5.07 MB Dictionary of Video & Television Technology ision_Technology.rar 1.45 MB Introduction to Medical Electronics Applications lectronics_Applications.rar 7.18 MB Optical Fibre Telecommnication III nications_III__2_vols._.rar 28.97 MB Optical Fibre Telecommnication III nications_IV__2_vols._.rar 33.46 MB Fibre Bragg Gratings 29.25 MB Mixed Signal & DSP Design Techniques 3.93 MB RF & Microwave Radiation Safety Handbook _Safety_Handbook__2nd_ed._.rar 4.24 MB Radar Systems Peak Detection & Tracking tection_and_Tracking.rar 1.98 MB High Voltage Engineering - Fundamentals 4.14 MB Electrical Engineering Reference Book Reference_Book__16th_ed._.rar 28.39 MB Telecommunications Circuits & Technology and_Technology.rar 2.20 MB A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing ocessing__2nd_ed._.rar 18.94 MB Op Amps for Everyone 2.09 MB Third Generation CDMA Systems for Enhanced data Services 7.72 MB Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics - Fundamentals & Applications tovoltaics_-_Fundamentals_and_Applications.rar 16.39 MB

Bebop to the Boolean Boogie ie__2nd_ed._.rar 21.88 MB Power Electronics Handbook 3rd_ed._.rar 12.19 MB Electrical Installations in Hazardous Area in_Hazardous_Areas.rar 28.37 MB Feature Extraction & Image Processing age_Processing.rar 3.11 MB Programmable COntrollers - An Engineer's Guide 17.90 MB Troubleshooting Analog Circuits rcuits_-_With_Electronics_Workbench_Circuits.rar 11.48 MB Power Electronics Handbook ok.rar 20.68 MB Fuzzy Controllers 3.00 MB Building A Successful Board Test Strategy Board-Test_Strategy__2nd_ed._.rar 20.61 MB Photoreactive Organic Thin Films Films.rar 31.76 MB Audio Power AMplifier Design Handbook Handbook__3rd_ed._.rar 3.83 MB Audio & Hi-Fi Handbook 3.74 MB Sensors & Transducers s__3rd_ed._.rar 1.32 MB Digital Signal Processing _-_A_Practical_Guide_for_Engineers_and_Scientists.rar 16.65 MB SMT Soldering Handbook - Surface Mount Technology 2.10 MB Intellignt Communication Systems n_Systems.rar 14.69 MB OpAmps - Design, Application, & Troubleshooting 23.04 MB Pattern Recognition nd_ed._.rar 10.14 MB Engineering Digital Design gn__2nd_ed._.rar 39.70 MB Newnes Data Communications Pocket Book Pocket_Book__4th_ed._.rar 0.86 MB CE Conformity MArking & New APproach Directive New_Approach_Directives.rar 1.64 MB Newnes Guide to Television & Video Technology _and_Video_Technology__3rd_ed._.rar 8.62 MB Programming Microcontrollers llers_in_C__2nd_ed._.rar 6.60 MB Fabricating Printed Circuit Boards rcuit_Boards.rar 1.39 MB DSP Integrated Circuits rar 19.44 MB Newnes Electrical Engineer's Handbook r_s_Handbook.rar 15.47 MB Analog Circuit Design - Art Science & Personalities 18.82 MB The Art & Science of Analog Circuit Design alog_Circuit_Design.rar 23.07 MB EMC for Product Designers __3rd_ed._.rar 3.25 MB

Analog & Digital Filter Design esign__2nd_ed._.rar 5.43 MB Newnes Radio & RF Engineering Pocket Book ring_Pocket_Book__3rd_ed._.rar 1.61 MB Introduction to Information Optics on_Optics.rar 30.12 MB