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CALL FOR SERVICE Agetity |; -WPD Wahpeton Pd ND0390300 CALL FOR SERVICE Activity 01017 General Complaint LOCATION City Ws Loe 4133 AVN Priority uty RICH Richland County Fre EMS Zone oo7o11 007011 Beat SUILMM Lori Mauch, S1ILMM Loti Mauch FINAL DISPOSITION/ACTIVITIES Rept How pos ‘Weight ‘Operators License Other Plate Color State Description. Street/Dir VIN Other “Transport Unit Patient Reason Miles Start Blotter 113 REQUESTING ASSISTANCE IN PARKING LOT Log Date/Time Officer 16 9/6/2011 13:01:37 ~ 911hnm Lori Mauch 5/6/2011 13:03:05 . 911mm Lori Mauch 5/6/2011 13:03:54 91 1Imm Lori Mauch 5/6/2011 13:08:32 911mm Lori Mauch S/6/2011 14:08:18 9LIKDS Kyle D. Shockley 5/6/2011 SIIKDS Kyle D. Shockley 5/6/2011 Incident # 201100002186 Case # Common Place Law Enforcement Center ee Fa ADDRESS ee 7 a. Prey a Ae eee a ee a Type Be ee Zip ‘Telephone- lpg / ae ls ee - i: 7 bad nm 7 ‘Log Entry ‘TIME OP ARREST SEND SUPERVISOR TO THIS LOCATION! PARKING LOT STATUS CHECK’ 10-4 STATUS CHECK / NO MORE REQ Incident Closed 103 HUNG UP OW Ba qr Paget Agency WPD SIG2011 14:33:55 $/6/2011 14:34:08 TimeChanged 51672011. 12:50:07 5/6/2011 14:08:18 5/6/2011 14:34:05 5/6/2011 14:34:08 5/6/2031 14:34:08 ‘Wahpeton Pd ND0390300 SLIKDS Kyle D. Shockley SUIKDS Kyle D. Shockley Dispatcher tite s11kDs S11KDS D11KDS 9UIKDS Agency wep wep wep wep weD CALL FOR SERVICE. Incident # Incident Re-Opened Incident Closed UnietD Status 0000112 WISP. 00000112 1 Avail ‘0000103 WDISP ‘00000103 1 Avail 00000112 T Avail 201100002186 Officert 0002024 ‘00002024 ‘o0008s41 00008541 00002024 Case Officer2 51612011 ontier3 Page = ADMINISTRATIVE ee AGENCY ; “WED ."Wabpetcin PANDO390300 INCIDENT NR 201100002186 nen cana BLOTTER ———— On 06/05/2011 ab1250 hours, I, Officer Hill, and my K9 partner Stryker came tothe North Squad car is parked. This parking lt is on the backside of the LEC and there isnot 2 estimate thatthe public location of the door to be about 25 fee fom wher I park. CASE NR Side of the Police Department waere my K9 public enterance at this paticular location. I would School ode Reset and Sartod my police cr. I as logged on dy and in fll uniform. Iwas about 1 take Suerte Fi meng 10°8 Searches and I vas focused on Strycer when I observed a blue vehicle I kaow to belong SBME 202 me down and pulled into the parking lot by my police cor BB erpeated to have been crying, ete shaking and she hinded me a white affidavit about how she was named i en investigation regard now it is civil matter. Teas a this de that turned around es observed mal ater identifed es ‘ut ofthe commer of my eye holding a small black and silver object and pointing it at me. (QI iste be i pert of «group called MAKE A CHANG! at this point observed QUIMIMBvas getting more upset. Thad no idea where rom nor did I see if he was alone. was within (5) feet of me and J was very alarmed. At this point ‘88 I was unable to do any type of investigating as QUININE was still standing there it was clear to me that he wanted my attention, Uhandouffed hind his back and told him he was under arrest for hindering and turned him over to two Depatys who were ‘weallcing outside te hon public entrance that Thad been standing infront of. Deputys escorted him into the jel and dren o an intrviow room, 1 celled fot a supervisor to come tothe LEC and then once he aived I informed my supervisor Sgt, Anderson of the situation. Sgt. ‘Andersoi thet went and spoke with QUINN and investigator Beto. Sg. Anderson then contated Chief Thoracnan eed aise gia of the situon, Officers thn contacted States Atforney McBeth. Aferexpainng te situation to MeBeth ie did noc wah ore charges of Hindering Law enforcement. Sgt:Anderson then went and got QUIMMINP and released im. QUI requested complaint form and was given one and allowed to leave with structions to speak to Chief on Monday, Later a female who stated she iQ nom came to the LEC requesting a complaint form and a copy of the report. {shook her ‘hang and told he Iwas the Officer who arrested her son and tld her I was not done with the report but I would speak to her or my St. could. Hated no her attomey wants the report and she wants a complaint form for me, T told her she could have the report ‘when itis tured in to the Chief, 18 i End of report: Shite Bloter SUPERVISORY Security Entered Date Invest Date. ReviewDate Time Officer Division Statos meer Log Eawry Page 2