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History of UAE

In the UAE there are 3 groups of people. They are Bedouin, Farmers and the people who lived
near the sea. Why there are groups? Because they are live in different places, they have different
resources and different jobs.
Firstly I will talk about the Bedouin:
They lived in the desert. They don’t stay in one place. They always travel all of the
time because they looking for the plant to breeding goats. They are traveling by
camels. They are use the goats for many things like made hose by hire of the goats and they
are eating the meet of goats. The Bedouin depend on hunting.

Farmers, they live in the oases. They depend on date palm on the farms. They made their
houses by palm fronds. The farmers are small groups because there are few oases in the

Last group is the people how lived near the sea. They are works in the sea two jobs. The first
one is fishing and the second one is diving for pearls.

The Union of UAE

In 1968 the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the ruler of Dubai meet on Samih to discuss the union. They
invite the other cities to the union. In 2nd December 1972 the seven cities become one country.
We called this day the National Day.