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Kind of Operation List (KOEL)

To swiss regulations the following minimum equipment must be

installed and functioning for the undermentioned kinds.

unit equipment CVFR/VFR IFR

Audio system X
VHF COM1 System X X
VHF COM2 System X
Battery X X
Generator X X
Inverters X X
Triple trim indicator X X
Flaps position X X
indicator X X
Airbrake position
Prop deice system R
Centralized warning X X
panel X X
Audio warning
- Stall speed
- Over speed R R
- Gear unsafe
AOA indexer
Landing gear pos X X
Navigation X X
lights(LH/RH) X X
Strobe lights(LH/RH) X (RH) X
Landing lights X X
Instrument lights X X
Utility lights
Airspeed indicator X X
Altimeter indicator X X
Magnetic compass X X
Gyro compass system X X
Slaved compass R
system X X
Vertical speed X X
indicator R
Attitude indicator X
Second attitude X
indicator X X
Turn and slip X
indicator X
Clock/Stop watch X
VHF Nav1 system X X
VHF Nav2 system X
DME System
ADF System
MKR system

Oxygen regulators X X
Engine indication X X

X means mandatory ,R means recommended