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Two Worlds 2

Two Worlds 2

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Published by: Anna on May 18, 2011
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"So... Who are you again?" Jacob asked again.

Everyone was staring, jaws dropped, and almost turning their heads to the side. "My name is Cedric Diggory, Can someone tell me where I'm at?" "La Push," "I've never heard of it," Bella cocked her head to the side. The boy looked just like Edward, except so different. He had gray beautiful eyes and brown hair, he also looked younger, but there was still an uncanny resemblance. "So where are you from?" Jacob questioned squinting his eyes. "London," "That explains the accent," Jacob muttered. "What year is it?" Everyone stared in wonder, how could you not know what year it was? "2005," Bella spoke quickly. "What!, How- When- Why- Wormtail!" Cedric stammered out. "Who?, What year do you think it is?" Bella asked her face twisting in confusion. "1995," Cedric squeaked out. "Why are you all cut up?" Embry asked moving forward. Cedric was covered in sweat, a few cuts on his face. "Yea and whats with the stick," Paul chuckled a smirk on his face. "It's not a stick it's my wand," Cedric hissed out. "Why don't you explain to us and i will clean your cuts" Bella said softly, looking up at cedric, he looked so helpless in her eyes, lost, and scared. "Ok," ~.~ "Whoa," everyone murmured. Cedric explained everything to them, Hogwartz, Voldemort, And the tornement. But as he talked he all he could do was stair at the

Beautiful girl tending to his wounds. "So, Magic is real?" Sam asked thoughtfully. "Yes, would you like me to show you," Cedric was very good at magic, but it was still limited because he never finished school at hogwarts. "Sure, I'd love to see this," Paul grumbled out doughtful. Cedric lip curled up in anger, so he thought that the only way to make him see he was powerful was to Paul his powers directly. "Rictusempra," Cedric said as he flicked his wand in Paul's direction. Paul jumped up and started laughing and squirming around. Bella couldn't help the laugh that burst threw her lips, watching this over sized man jump around like something was tickling him. "Make it stop!" Paul shouted. "Do you believe me now?" Cedric said smirking happily. "Y-yes," Paul stammered out while rolling on the floor laughing. When Cedric finally stopped him everyone was laughing, even Sam and Jacob. "So what do we do now?" Bella asked. "Yes, we can't just send him off into a world he knows nothing about," Emily, Sam's fience, joined in. "Bella do you remember that old cottage a mile away from your house in the woods?" Jacob asked. "Yeah, the one me and your sisters used to play in when we went into the forest," Bella said with a nod. "Well maybe he could stay there, and it's close enough to check on him, it has power and water, and if he needs something your just a mile away, easy as pie," Jacob said shrugging his shoulders. "But it's so old do you think its even possible to fix it up in time?" "Maybe and he's all magical and what not so, maybe he has a few tricks up his sleeves, what do you think Ced,"

"I guess we could give it a shot, doesn't sound to hard," Cedric smiled, he was thankful for running into the wolf pack and this beautiful brown eyed angel. "Well then lets get to work,"

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