New York. Berlin.

Paris. Venice. London. Istanbul. St Petersburg. Amsterdam. Dublin ... Perfect gems of city writing


'Brilliant .... the best way to get under the skin of a city. The perfect read for travellers and book lovers of all ages'

Kate Mosse, author of l.;Ibyrinth

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All the sights, sounds and flavours of dty life, ideal for city - brea k travel I ers, ci ty love rs an d love rs of ente.rtaining and compelling writing_ A unique and

hu g elyaccl aimed trave I seri es featuri ng the best- eve r writing on favourite Wodd cities,

New York has to be the most happening ~ity in the world and over a hundred dazzling writers - from Woody Allen, Tom Wolfe and Don Delillo to Patti Smith, Junot Diaz and David Byrne - celebrate the ri ch ness and diversity of this am azi n g metropol i s.

'Wand erfu I' The Guardian

'The be. uty of this cI ever se ries i. the b rea dth and reach of its contributors' Real Travel M3gaDne

'E ssentia I - 51 ip it into you r ba g alongs i de a, Flo ugh Guide' Waterstone's Boob Quarterly

'An inviting new series of travel guides ,., such an idee formidable' Editol"'s Pick, The Boobeller

'What.a great ideal A sublime introduction' Sydney Morning Herald

Published October 202011 (UK) £9.99 Paperback Original 97809567876 1 3

All th e si 9 hts, so un ds and flavo urs of Paris wi th over s ixty ~ 3}:.1:1 i n g writers.

'Superb •.• I.t'. like having your own iPad loaded with different tomes" except with the best passages, bite-si'l'ed chunks, just perfect to dip into.' The Times

£8.99 Paperback Original 9780 9559700 o 9

Ex pe ri en ce th e hau nti n g an d excit; ng city of BerlT n in the com pa r)y of; ts most fa sci nat; n9 writers,

'This wonderful anthology explores what it is, really like to be a B erl i n er by bri ng i n gtogeth erext r acts fro m a range of genres: The Guardian

£8.99 Paperback Original 978 0 9559700 4 7

Over fifty of the very best writer'S on Venice richly evoke the past ana present of La Serenissirna.

';For those who love Venice, this book is genuinely unmissable ... short, extracts are seamlessly blended into a compelling narrative' Sydney Morning Herald

£8.99 Paperback Original 9780 9559700 85

From Virginia Woolf to XialouGue to Will Self and Monica Ali. the essential companion to London.

'This trea su re - trove of a boo k ... a uni,! ue way to exp lore the ever-changing landscape of a city, through the voices of those who know it intimatel,y' Rachel lichtenstein, author of

On Brick Lane

£8.99 Paperback Original 978 0 9559700 5 4


:z 1:1 o :z

From outsiders to insiders. from classic to cutting-edge, more than seventy writers reveal the city's many faces,

'A new breed of city guide ••• It makes for some delightful discoveries - even for those of us who think we know this city well' TIme Out

£8.99 Paperback Original 9780 9559700 2 3

Meet the Dubliners - from the famous to the famously fictional - as its most acclaimed writers get under Dublin's skin.

'An elega nt, in cis ive and always e nte rta i n i n g guide t.O the city's multitude of literary lives' lonely Planet Magazine

£8 .. 99 Paperback Original 978 0 9559700 1 6


C g:J ....


An unforgettable range of writing. past anti present. that pe.rfectly maps the richness a nd ViI riety of lsta n b ul,

'All of a sudden the traditional travel guide seems a little dull ... city-pick offers a more soulful guide to the metropolises of the world' The Good Web Guide

Published AprilS 2012 {UK) £9.99 Paperback Original 9780955970092

From Dostoyevsky to Helen Dunmo.e. brilliant gems of tity w riti n9 that revea I $t Pete rsbu rg ina II its 910 ry.

'The excellent city-pick series which uses, description of a city penned by writers, both living and dead, to illuminate the metropolis in question' Conde .Nast Traveller

Published 25 October 2012 (UK) £9.99 Paperback Original

978 0 956787.6 2 0

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'There are some books that you spot and immediately curse onder your breath - "Why didn't I think of that? What a great idea!" The city- pick series is one such idea. It is artlessly simple. The editors have scoured the literature and compiled a miscellany of observations by writers, famous and insignilicant, which describe the beauty,.tne unique eharaeteeand the essence of the chosen city. They've ranged widely and haven't re stri cte d the mse Ive s to one I a ng.U age or the I oca I eu I tu re .... To re a d th em is to faU in love with the cities through the eyes of people who understand how to capture a city's essence and put it into words' Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

'We love the city-pick books. They'r·e right up our street!' Lonely Planet Magazine



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