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which wasincepted in 1985. which consists of about 450 exclusive distributors. The NIRMA brand is marketed through the firstnetwork. NCCL in turn resells these products in the market under the umbrella brands ³NIRMA´ and ³NIMA´ alongwith extensions. It is one of the lowest cost FMCG distribution channels of thecountry.Supply Chain of Nirma Nirma Limited markets its products through its fully owned subsidiary Nirma Consumer Care Limited (NCCL). The distribution strength of Nirma is based on mutually rewarding and satisfying relationship. Principal Channel [Nirma Products]:  yLowest Cost System in India  ySpeed in Distribution  yFlexibility . Nirma pioneered the concept of flat distribution network. Nirma Consumer Care Limited operates with two parallel distributionnetworks.

The network is well equipped to meet the demands of the loyal consumers of the Company across the country. . The efficient network has madeNirma Washing Powder and Nirma Detergent Cake.The NIMA range of products is marketed through a parallel marketing network that comprises of more than 2000distributors. The Company has been successful in establishing an extremely good urban as well asrural presence through the two distribution channels.The robust network ensures the availability of various productsat different retail outlets across the nation. Parallel Channel [Nima Products]:  yWider Reach  ySpeedy Market Intelligence  yCompetitive Edge & Better Focus  yComplementing Principle Channel All NIRMA and NIMA range of products have a retail reach of over two million retail outlets and more than 40 million loyalconsumers spread all over the country. The distribution channels have played a significant role in making Nirma a household name. the brandswith highest penetration in the respective product categories inthe market.

Nirma had neither a field sales force nor owned a distribution network. So he concentrated on widening his distributionnetwork.organize and implement different activities to generate salesand manage numerous other programmes. schemes andactivities concentrated towards business development In its incipient days Karsanbhai Patel¶s distribution network and sales force was a one-man team«. As thepopularity of Nirma grew with a spread of positive word-ofmouth Karsanbhai adopted the time-honored Coco Cola maxim that his product should be available within an arm¶s length ofdesire. On the one hand it helped him avoid central sales taxand the stockists were responsible for all transportation. which Nirma has pioneered over the years. Karsanbhaiaffected his deliveries of washing powder on foot. build up theretailer base by providing various benefits and incentives. Distribution is clearly the key to ruralmarketing. a distributor strength of 400 and a retail reach of over 1 million outlets. and Nirma began surfacing all over Gujarat. in scruffylittle shops in even the remotest villages. Karsanbhai negotiated prices with truck and van suppliers on a daily basis. Nirmahas a 350 strong sales force.Distribution The Distribution channel is geared up to enhance trade relations. . As sales grew Karsanbhai eventually hired stockists (those who stocked additional quantities of the goods) as commissionagents.himself.handling and delivery costs. agents from all over the country began writing in.. and expressing their willingness to operate on the tiny margins that the businessman gave. When setting up a distribution system Karsanbhai was extremely aware of theimportance of keeping costs down. octroi. As the product¶s famespread. Once demand for Nirmahad outgrown his ability to deliver on bicycle he moved on to vans and then later to trucks.

making it one of the world¶s biggest detergent brands.000 tones of detergent products every year and commands a 35% share of the Indian detergentmarket. the Nimadistribution channel is 'flat' enabling swift market response. The company took great care that the new brand did not cannibalize on the existing brands. The Nima portfolio todaycomplements the Nirma range. furthering the company'sstrategy of Value for Money . Nirma sells over 800. making Nirma products available from the smallestrural village to the largest metro. through a countrywide network of 400 distributors and over 2 million retailoutlets. The brand promotion efforts are complemented by Nirma¶s distribution reach and market penetration. The company has set up for Nima a parallel distribution and sales channel consisting of 1500 distributors and anindependent sales force.There was also a strict system of protocol and distribution depended on prepayment for stocksso as to minimize risk for Nirma. A two-tier network.

Levels of Channel Distribution step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 step 5 step 6 step 7 company manufacturing unit consolidator wholesaler semi wholesaler retailer consumer .

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