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Telegraph Road Construction Update Spring 2011

Telegraph Road Construction Update Spring 2011

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What the heck is going on in the Telegraph Road/Capital Beltway Interchange in 2011? This document provides construction updates for drivers.
What the heck is going on in the Telegraph Road/Capital Beltway Interchange in 2011? This document provides construction updates for drivers.

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Published by: carlylenewzguy on May 18, 2011
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Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project Construction Overview and Look-Ahead Spring 2011

Telegraph Road Interchange Reconstruction Under construction since February 2008, the Telegraph Road Interchange Project is the final major roadway component of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project. The $236.8 million contract for the interchange work is the largest single contract ever awarded by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Construction is on schedule for substantial completion by fall of 2012 and contract completion in June 2013. When the interchange is complete, it will improve traffic flow for the 46,000 motorists who travel it daily. The work includes three key components: 1. Reconstruction and widening of approximately two-and-a-half miles of the Capital Beltway (I-95/I-495) from the Eisenhower Connector exit to the U.S. Route 1 interchange, continuing the new THRU and LOCAL lanes west from Route 1. 2. Construction of new ramps creating an ‘urban interchange’ among the Beltway Outer Loop, Telegraph Road, Huntington Avenue and North Kings Highway. 3. Widening and improvements to Telegraph Road from East Drive to the Duke Street ramps. In all, the work will involve construction of 24 lane-miles of roadway, 11 bridges, related culvert and drainage systems, retaining walls, noise walls, pedestrian paths, lighting and traffic systems, landscaping and wetland creation next to Cameron Run. Ongoing and Future Work – Beltway Complete Last Ramp between the Beltway and Telegraph Road June 2011 Scheduled Completion All movements between the Beltway and Telegraph Road ride on newly constructed ramps except for the ramp from the Inner Loop to Telegraph South, which currently operates on a temporary alignment. The final ramp is scheduled for completion in June 2011. Construct THRU Lanes through Project Late Fall 2011 Opening Goal This work includes the demolition and reconstruction of the old Beltway bridges over Cameron Run and Telegraph Road. The current schedule shows completion of construction of the new lanes by fall 2011, with the new lanes open for traffic shortly thereafter. Such a goal will require favorable weather in order to permit placement of the surface asphalt and permanent lane striping before winter. Otherwise, they will not open until Spring/Summer 2012 when the weather is favorable again.

Lay Surface Asphalt and Final Lane Markings on LOCAL Lanes through Project Summer 2012 Completion This work will follow the opening of the THRU lanes. Once complete, the Beltway component of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge replacement program will be done. Landscaping Fall 2011 Scheduled Completion Trees will be planted between the Inner Loop and the banks of Cameron Run. Ongoing and Future Work – Telegraph, Huntington, & N. Kings Highway Ramps Open New Ramp from Telegraph Road South to North Kings Highway Mid-May 2011 Scheduled Completion The opening of this ramp will permanently eliminate the left turn from Telegraph South onto N. Kings Highway, thereby lengthening green light time for Telegraph Road travelers. Southbound Telegraph Road drivers will need to learn that the turn to N. Kings Highway is the first right after crossing the Cameron Run Bridge, while the turn to Huntington Avenue will be the second right. These movements are opposite the order in which the roads appear. This ramp opening completes the new ramps in this area. Ongoing and Future Work – Telegraph Road Execute Stage 1 of Telegraph Road Bridge Work over Cameron Run Late May 2011 Scheduled Completion With the completion of the eastern third of the new bridge, northbound Telegraph traffic will shift to the east from Lenore Lane north and onto the new bridge. Westbound Huntington will also be widened to accommodate the new access. Once traffic is shifted, demolition and reconstruction of the middle third (Stage 2) of the bridge can commence. The new sidewalk/bicycle path connecting Huntington Avenue to the new ramp to Eisenhower Avenue will open shortly after the traffic shift. Execute Stage 2 of Telegraph Road Bridge Work over Cameron Run Late Fall 2011 Scheduled Completion Completing the middle third of the bridge and shifting southbound Telegraph traffic onto the new bridge will allow access to demolish and reconstruct the last third (Stage 3) in 2012. Execute Stage 1 of Telegraph Road Bridge Work over Railroads Late Fall 2011 Completion Goal Stage 1 demolishes one third of the old bridge, rebuilds and widens it, then shifts the four lanes of traffic onto the newly constructed portion. During Stage 1, Pershing Avenue will be closed in order to connect it to the widened Telegraph Road. This closure is currently scheduled to be in place from July through November 2011, but efforts will be made to minimize this interval. There will be no access to Telegraph Road or Duke Street from Pershing Avenue during that time. The detour will take travelers from Eisenhower Avenue east to Holland Lane to Duke Street.

Execute Stage 2 of Telegraph Road Bridge Work over Railroads Late Fall 2012 Completion Goal Stage 2 demolishes and reconstructs the remaining portion of the old bridge. Once complete, and Telegraph Road connections at the north and south ends are constructed, traffic will be shifted to the new configuration over the entire bridge. Weather may push final surface asphalt and pavement markings into the spring of 2013. Complete Telegraph Road Bridges and Improvements Spring 2013 Scheduled Completion All contract work is scheduled for completion in June 2013.

Jones Point Park Improvements The Jones Point Park Improvements Project is the final construction contract in the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement program. Work is underway and is progressing toward a scheduled completion date of June 2012. During the various phases of construction, there is limited public access to portions of the park. The Mount Vernon Trail has been detoured. Major Elements of the Project Include • Finishing Pier Stabilization • Jones Point Lighthouse Restoration • Historic District of Columbia Cornerstone Vault Restoration • New Fishing Pier and Floating Canoe and Kayak Dock • Playground and Tot Lot • Comfort Station • Multi-use Recreation Areas • New Mount Vernon Trail Route • Interpretive Signs and Trails • New Access Road and Parking • Wetlands Construction • Invasive Species Eradication • Reforestation and Landscaping • Shoreline Stabilization For the latest information on the project, please visit the City of Alexandria website at www.alexandriava.gov/recreation.

This overview was last updated in May 2011. Construction dates listed above are estimated and can vary due to weather, materials and other unanticipated issues.

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