May 17, 2011 The Honorable Darrell Steinberg Senate President pro Tempore and Chairman of the Senate Rules

Committee State Capitol, Room 205 Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear President pro Tempore Steinberg: I am asking that the Senate Rules Committee investigate whether Health & Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley may have withheld important information from the Senate during her recent confirmation hearing. Specifically, it was revealed in the Los Angeles Times over the weekend that Secretary Dooley may have approved a secret pay deal to give a $343,000 annual salary for Social Services Director William Lightbourne. It is my understanding that this issue was never brought up by Secretary Dooley at her confirmation hearing. I can tell you with certainty that had this pay spiking been made public before the confirmation vote, I would not have supported her confirmation and I suspect other colleagues of ours might feel the same way. While Governor Brown has put a stop to a few of the more flashy fiscal abuses, such as cutting back on state cars, state cell phones and the state giving away trinkets and trash, the Governor seems to have a blind spot when it comes to ending outrageous pay and pension spiking. We have all seen it at Caltrans and now apparently it is spreading to other state departments. I think it is imperative that we find out if the Governor and Secretary Dooley did indeed withhold information about this outrageous pay spiking scheme from the Senate, the media and the public. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,


Cc: The Honorable Tom Harman, Vice-Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee

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