Nadi Astrology - Part 1

Written by: Pemmaraju V.R.Rayudu ( Source:
The following article was published in "The Times of Astrology"magazine, New Delhi, India Jan 2000.

Most of the readers may be knowing by now about Nadi astrology, since many articles have been published in magazines and newspapers. Some books were also published and much exchange of information has been taking place through internet and e-mail. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with this branch of astrology I give a brief background of the same from the reliable literature. Nadi astrology was written on palm leaves in ancient India. It is mostly prevalent in South India particularly in the Tamilnadu State. Its main center is a place called 'Vaitheerswarankoil' near 'Chidambaram'in Tamilnadu State. It is also available in some other places of Chennai, Kanchipuram, Salem, Hyderabad/Secunderabad, Tirupati etc. There are many Nadi Grandhas and they are named after Hindu Gods, Sages and Planets such as Mahasiva Nadi, Brugu Nadi, Kowmara Nadi , Koushika Nadi, Vashishta Nadi Agastya Nadi, Sapta Rishi Nadi, SatyaNadi Chandra Kala Nadi etc. They are available in the languages of Tamil, Sanskrit mainly. The palm leaves are held by certain families who read the results from the palm leaves mostly by taking the thumb impression and some from palm and birth data. I also propose to discuss brief examples of actual readings from thumb prints or otherwise from some nadi astrologers, their veracity with respect to past and future, correlation with traditional astrological principles, my experiences, opinion of others, doubts and questions, further research required on the same. This is based on my collection of data and research for the last three decades

The origin of these leaves can be traced back to approximately 2000 years ago. It is presumed that the Sapta Rishis (Seven Sages) had written the life patterns of each person on palm leaves along with their types of names by their Yogic Powers. These unique leaves were kept in the Saraswati Mahal' library of Tanjore city of Tamilnadu State in India. Later during the British Rule the British were very keen to

acquire these types of ancient leaves dealing with herbal cure, alchemy, fortune-telling etc; but left some of the astrological leaves to their loyalists. Some were put to auction also. People belonging to a particular sect called Valluvar community who specialized in astrology bought these leaves. Some of these were acquired by the astrology families in Vaitheeswarankoil about 60 years ago from Thanjavur Saraswati Mahal Library . The leaves were found lying idle in Vaitheeswarankoil by about 13th century the forefathers found them realized their values and copied the contents on palm leaves and made exact replica These leaves have been handed down over generations to make predictions. They earned their livelihood through Nadi Astrology. It is a hereditary profession for them. They got trained from their elders to do Nadi reading. What is written on the leaves is read and explained by them. The language is poetic and the script is also different. It is the same as in the ancient temples. Some of the Nadis are available in the Oriental Manuscripts Library at Chennai, India though in mutilated condition and the SaptaRishiNadi was published in Tamil in six volumes lagna wise . The Sanskrit texts were translated and written on palmyra or palm leaves in old archaic tamil language. There were some nadigranthas translated into another South Indian Telugu language. Marata King Sarabhoji and Chola Kings patronized this form of astrology and translations. It is stated that Sage Agasthya has written in Tamil. They have a certain amount of collection leaves. For each thumb print there will be 6 granthas. In each granthas there will be 108 sizes and 12 parts according to Siva Nadi and 50 sizes in Agastyanadi that means for one thumb print many stories of person can be read. In Siva Nadi more details are given as discussion between Lord Siva and Parvati than in Agastya Nadi . It seems that these Nadis were originally written on animal skins and some leaves and later they were copied on palm leaves. They re preserved by applying oil extracted from peacock's blood. The Nadi readers say that natives whose leaves are there will somehow or other comes to them at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any corner of the world. Leaves are there not only for Indian but for foreigners also belonging to other religions. Who ever are desired to look into the leaves will go to them on his own accord. They very word Nadi in Tamil mean (destined) to come own accord. Those who are not destined may not even know such a type of astrology exists. Even the very age when the native is destined to go to them is marked on the leaves. So they say they do not adventure for their profession. Whoever is destined to come will come faith is the root of their system. It is also stated that about 40% of the people in the world only are likely to get these results as available.


The Nadi Astrologer is generally busy and one has to take an appointment with him a month before approximately When you go there on the appointed day he checks his dairy and take the three impressions of the right thumb for males and the left thumb for females on a paper giving serial order number and ask you to wait till he calls you. Then he goes inside his library room where the palm leaves are kept which is not accessible to others. After an hour or so, sometimes quicker, he comes back with an old palm leaf bundle called index leaves. After making himself comfortable he carefully unwinds the long string which keeps the bundle in tact. He tells you to answer yes or no to his questions. With great devotion he takes the first palm leaf and starts reading on one side. The reading style is of funny accent in a poetic way, not understandable to even Tamilians. After reading one or two lines or even less sometimes he asks you some questions and you have to answer yes or no only. If you say 'No' he proceeds to the other side of leaf or next leaf and continues his questions. The questions are generally one or two at a time , such as whether y our name is after some God /Goddess contains 3 or 4 or so letters or so, starts ends with a particular letter in a Varga (series) of the Hindu alphabets, Similarly about the names of parents and wife/husband whether anyone of them or both are alive or dead, number of elder and younger brothers and sisters, number of children number of uncles, type of profession, whether you are born in rainy season /summer etc. whether you are born in moveable /fixed/dual Moon and lagna rasis, whether you are born in a particular Moon Birth star whether you are born in a particular day in a particular year whether your age is so and so etc. He says that h e does not know what questions to ask unless he scans the leaves and that is why they generally insist the concerned person or a person who knows every detail about the persons consulted, should be present to answer the questions correctly, otherwise they say the readings won't go wrong. They do no bother much of you cannot answer questions about birth date month age, Moon rasi and star, lagna and they seem to bother more about matching of your name names of parents and wife/husband. If he gets 'No' answers to all the leaves of the first bundle which he goes back into his library and brings another bundle. This process continues for an hour or so generally covering generally up to bundles each consisting about 50 leaves or sometimes quickly even in the first bundle till he and your are satisfied and the answers to all the questions in a particular leaf are 'yes' only Concerning names, parents, wife /husband, co-borns profession etc. Then he goes inside and bring another particular bundle and reads in poetic style your actual birth date month land year the astrological birth chart with position of planets sometimes with lagna also exact names of yourself, parents, wife/ husband, co-born, education, profession and gist of future predictions in a broad way and this is

period of death. Job. profession and general list of future predictions for all the 12 houses. remedial measures etc. Lands. eyes. will contain name parents and wife/husband's names brothers. You can verify the chart given if you know your birth chart he writes the concerned verses from the leaf in a note book . Foreign visit. He generally charges a minimum of 300 rupees upto this General Kandam Then he asks you whether you want to more details about any particular aspect of your life such as marriage.Money family birth. Vehicles.Enemies. reasons for not having children. salvation. Profession Kandam 11 . Kandam 3 .Father.Expenditure .Mother . Details Of Kandams (Chapters) The details covered in each Kandam generally are as follows:Kandam 1 . etc and if so he picks up corresponding bundle and charges a similar amount extra for each aspect which he calls it a separate kandam or chapter. Pleasures Kandam 5 . cases in court. Kandam 7 . Kandam 6 . ladies left or sometimes by horoscope of the concerned person or palm.House. Debts. Married life Kandam 8 . sisters. Kandam 12 . education.Brothers and Sisters Kandam 4 .Children Birth of children. Temple devotion to God .Preaching from Holyman Kandam 10 . Some chapters give details about previous birth. Second Marriage.Business.Danger to life. . luck. longevity.To be found through thumb impression (gents right. Then he records the same in an audio tape with translation into common understandable Tamil or some other languages with the help of a translator if necessary . children.. Diseases.Gain . Kandam 2 . Wealth. profession. maternal uncles. Kandam 9 . At the end he hands over the note book and audio tape to you with devotion and takes money generally at the place where the photos of Gods /Goddess are there.called General Kandam (chapter) of first bhava.Marriage.

Impressions with 5 or more dots are very rare. some say 108 types.Shanthi Kandam . remedial measures Kandam 14 .Avushathakandam Medicines for long standing diseases. feeding the poor etc.Kandam 13 . The Nadi readers identify the particular types of lines on the thumb and the corresponding set of palm leaves is taken. Without the truth and integrity.Mantra Japam and wearing of talisman (Raksha) Kandam 15 . corresponding to sins the remedial measures re suggested. which is usually fixed a month in advance.Last Birth. And it is the accuracy that has made people from diverse walks of life throng his residence. Identification Process From Thumb Print Impression Lines on the thumb are classified in 1008 types. But they concentrate only on the centre part of the thumb and the subdivisions therein. the whole thumb is studied minutely. For example. Sins committed. a particular type is called Conch Shell with a circle. Among these there are many sub-divisions based on the number of dots on the thumb. Generally Remedial measures are like visiting particular temple. Suggestion of giving alms to the Nadi reader. Generally he insists on seeing only about 5 people a day on appointment. Of course. there is also a special chapter for 'Prasna' where any query is answered.Deekshakandam. In addition to these. for legal purposes. there are places . Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon. The time duration to pick up your leaf depends upon the identification of the thumb impression.Dasa Bhuktikandam prediction for the present major and subperiod of the planet. Claims Of Nadi Readers According to the claim of Nadi astrologers the contents of the leaf are 99% accurate. Palm leaves are arranged according to these types. they cannot survive for so many years and generations. Kandam 16 .

They will not feel the same reverence reading the computer prints out as they do when they read the leaf. They can even take photographs of the names in the leaf. What is written on the leaves is read and explained by them. Some even buys their leaves for preservation. It is possible to train those who are interested in learning nadi Jyotish in terms of Guru-Shishya parampapra (teacher-Discipline system)and Sanskrit languages.where there are fake leaves. While they plan to save the contents of the leaf on the computer. Japan. They themselves do not add anything. they have their own doubts about doing that. took me . They have so many people benefited by the remedial measures and they get feed back from the clients. Though the leaves are smeared with Ayurvedic act. so that their veracity can be discussed authentically. Some Examples Of Actual Nadi Readings I prefer to give below three Nadi Readings taken from me from different Nadis and Readers.G. Sri Lanka. With the blessings of their ancestors. Canada . the leaves would turn black after 100 years or so. Some clients get irritated when some of the facts are unpleasant. they will continue for generations.) having known my interest in the study and research of astrology. Some of their customers are able to read the leaves on their own. Hongkong. They have translators with them to serve them their children are also inherent in this profession and they are learning the old script and other languages. However. Some even faxes their thumb impressions and gets the predictions. Kowmara Nadi Reading In Chennai My first encounter with a Nadi Grantha was on 22nd February 1968 (in my 29th year) when my father -in-law Shri U. They show them the particulars of where the predictions for the native are given. Pleased with their service. Singapore. Common people and VIPs (very important persons) from all walks of life have consulted them.G. Malaysia and other places. they bring their friends and other relatives for Nadi reading. They will not be able to show the leaf with your name and other details they have clients from USA.Krishna Murthy (Philosopher and World traveler . They would like to tell the people that they are only 'Nadi readers'. since I cannot give here all t e readings from various Nadis consulted at different places at different times which also gave some correct future results. the future of the leaves themselves seems to be uncertain. and this knowledge of Nadi Jyotish could be acquired by those who are totally dedicated lifelong to this Shastra (science). With utmost patience they clear their doubts. They cannot help it. popularly known as U.

He will have a very good start in his career and makes a great deal of progress in all his enterprises. whether I have one sister and one son. Ketu in Mesha . He will see whether the work is carried out properly . which was given by the father of the present nadi reader. His power will raise. he brought back some index cards and asked me questions to answer yes or no leaf after leaf. Name Venkata Ramana . He will have a great name in 27th year. Guru and Sani are in parivartana. I asked for my profession (10th Kanda) and he wrote the readings in Tamil verses in a notebook and translated in English as follows. Kuja and Buddha in the 11th house. He will be occupied in the making of high explosives which is planned by tubelike things and also things. Vasista and Viswamitra are narrating the tenth part of a person having following horoscope". The details are as follows. The scientific knowledge in the matter will be made full. Takes charge of various sub divisions The number of tools and machines to be operated by him will be increased various departments will come under his . He will be skillful in making the necessary parts of machines and service will be rendered to a private commercial firm. He makes out various plans and executes . The Nadi Reader asked whether I knew my date and birth chart and he said it would be faster to pick up the concerned leaf. Sucker and Rahu in Lagna. whether my wife's name was after one of the names of wives of Trimurthy's (Bhrahma .personally to Kowmara Nadi astrologer (Shri T.Maheshwara) etc. which are useful shooting with the intention damaging lives and properties. since h e knew Tamil also. He will be engaged in miscellaneous kind of activities his capacities for organization will be developed in the following three years. He earned a good name in 35th year. Mother Annapurna. Some of the questions whether my name and my father's name were given after the name of Lord Venkateswara.Vishnu. Father Venkat Rao. "After praying to Goddess Parvati . His income will be satisfactory. The practical work will be intensified in the 28th year. He will be engaged in the manufacture of defense articles He will show his efficiency in planning and designing various equipments. I gave him the same. Guru in Khumba./ Then the procedure was the same . He will be paid adequately. I happened to see the correct Kowmara Nadi Readings of my father-in-law much earlier . For these reasons he will have average ancestral property.Ravi Buddha and Kuja in Simha. Sani in Meena. Chandra in Makara .Chandrasekhar) in Madras (now Chennai) India. Government will be helpful to him in the part of his work from 23rd year . Tula Linga. His skill will be encouraged in the 30th year and he enriches his knowledge by scrutinizing and analyzing the operation of various missiles. He will be employed in the following year. Sukra is in his own house and is expected by ketu. "He completes his education in 21st year and proficiency will be shown in vocational education . The Lord of the 10th house being Chandra is deposited in kendra.

New schemes will be prepared in the 40th year and the scale of pay will be better than before. Subsequently I went to him after my retirement but he said that my leaf of profession was not available which almost confirmed that I will not have any job later. When Maharishis said so Parvati remarked that those who are closely associated with him in the work would hinder him . His attention will be concentrated on raw materials. He will be well. . But strangely it may be noticed that no detailed profession was given after 50th year. and latter in central government in defense research and development laboratories in guns and rockets. hidden enemies etc except the" maintaining this position throughout" since I took voluntary retirement at my 52nd age and not work any where subsequently having specific profession except pursuing my astrology and philosophy hobbies. His strength and efficiency will go in 50th year and makes necessary arrangements for the development of the work he undertakes.. The readings seem to be based on Saturn transit of 2 ½ year in each rasi. I took karma kanda also and the reading prescribed prayers to certain gods/goddesses each day in a week along with certain diet for certain number of weeks etc." Comments on this Reading I should comment that all the past and future details are correct. The readings are crisp and straightforward. He wins the confidence of the administrators and works for them with greater enthusiasm. He will be able to manage the establishment more efficiently than ever and maintains his position through out . I did the prescribed remedial measures and I cannot vouchsafe that they really helped me. engineering degree. She said that he will get away from the these evils by performing Karma Kanda. but generally the profession was all right with some usual disappointments. the details of which h I do not give here due to problem of space. He offers advice in all matters of manufacture in the following two years. Administrative responsibilities will be taken over by him in 48th year. first job in private paper mills. He will be held in high esteem by an association where scientific and technical people join together for promoting their studies. exact names. Work relating to planning sketches will be on the increase. He is capable of giving training to others and will have great name in the industrial circles. He will show his strength in the technical side and he will hold an extraordinary power. Some astrological discussions are made. He will be able to conduct and control all the affairs of the department. Good results will be achieved in 38th year.control .known in distant places or countries.. covering the birth chart. promotions. He will be honored by Central Government.

at 60 you may get nervous trouble. this is planet position. no ancestral property. in family God's blessings are everlast. now in present period the problems due to curse in last janma. mother name Annapurna. good education. kalatrakaraka in 7th and Mars and sun in one place it gives problems to wife.Government job engineering job. from 55 you are having good life name and fame are assured. Mesham Ketu. one borther one sister.Birth place Andhra Brahmin. now 71/2 year Sani. after marriage wife is there one son. parihara is to be done in a religious way. your name Venkata Ramana Rayudu. retired and then get money from government. Makara Chandra.Ravi nadi reader in Vasistha nadi in Vaitheeswarankoil on 27 June 1991(age 52) after the thumb impression and initial usual questions for general kanda . Jupiter Khumba. Wednesday. there is no gandam (life danger) the assets will be basically of permanent nature and you will not lose them. by 60 you will be able get several lakhs of rupees. you will have good life only after end of sani all obstructions will be over. after that desires will be fulfilled. sister deerghaayushu. got married and living with his wife. General Kanda "Vasishta is narrating. now house. in this you will have some troubles . in order toward off curses. Tamil year Vegudhanya. Profession Kanda "Vasishta bowed to Eshwari and then telling about Jeevana sthana. good job. so results will be dull. Lagna Sukra Rahu. thula lagna. Jeevanakarara Moon in kendrasthana in Makara . even though some troubles due to Sani dasa once coming succeeding dasa will give prosperity to him. Surya Kuja Budha in Leo. as Saturn transit keeps on happening you will get improvement towards end of life will have enough wealth. wife also will get often health problems.Vasishta Nadi In Vaitheeswarankoil The following are the readings given by Sri I T. the troubles are restlessness. Meena Starun. ever after retirement you will get money through other subsidiary (not permanent) jobs.profession kanda and shanti kanda. temporary business and also possible . you have retired. son and wife Deergha Ayushu (long life) brother . male one son. son good education . not peaceful. longevity 75. now 71/2 year Sani. wife name Bharathi. your are graduate. father nameVenkata Rao. father mother died. Tamil 22nd day. Shravana Star.

God's blessings will ever continue. You will be a torch bearer for others to lead a good life. you will be making the use of computers. deepam. never you will lose the property. three flowers. now y our doing new type latest jyothisham even in that you will get some obstructions. you can gain famous only through your new astrology because of this you will gain lot of income after 58 you will build a new house. but Pariharam is a must. future life prosperous. you will earn money through many sources by 70 you will a mass wealth ." Comments On This Reading . your visit abroad will give a link with astrology. son children family. you will never be in debt. next poornima in Tanjore district. at 55 you will get many more successes and fame. people will be surprised to see such a nice life to you. reciting God's name as well as new astrology will give peace of mind. clothes to one male (Dhoti towel and shirt) and female (saree and blouse) Rs. because of this publication you will get a good name. feeding poor people then come to nadi place. after 7th August foreign travel is likely with wife. because Jeevanasthana got spoiled even after retirement from government service there is no business life. Ananda Mangalam Place. you will be employing lot of people (assistants) lot of people will come in search of you. no separation in family if pariharam is done religiously then without fear the above phalas will materialize. three fruits.and dejection. temple Anjaneya. comforts in rest of life. at 58 you will be really in the much more advance stop of your career. you will get good concentration God's Bhakti without any lack your life will be prosperous and you will be always thinking about God also at 62d you will establish good contacts with holy people and big political and influential people without any fear you will lead good life. now your are doing subsidiary jobs. archana. after this foreign visit there is a chance for publishing a book on astrology. Jnanamarg can be achieved due to your planetary position. after Sani period your foreign travels will be quite often you will derive happiness in your mind for your achievements. your name will be remembered in many countries. that also you get through God's blessing after that you will have establishment with foreign countries vehicles etc. Shanti Kanda "Vasishta is naratting. Always you will live comfortably with wife. you won'' get much income on that only after Jupiter transit August 7th you will find improvement in your new astrology. this dosha will vanish.324/-to Nadi person and get his blessings.

India. ". This seems of a bit of manipulation of reading.I should comment again almost all the past and future events till now are correct covering birth date 7th Sept. Thula Lagna) birth chart names retirement. tiruvanam 9(sravana) nakshatra. Janmalagnam Thula. people coming in search of me. is born in reputed family. new research computer astrology. meditations. assistants helping in computer astrology print outs. life is very peaceful without any downfall. what ever work undertaken that will be done to satisfaction. not when even through his education could not progress well after 10th year good advance in education. mechanical engineering. at the age of around 5 and 6 bodily ailments due to heat. nervous trouble wife's ill health etc.Motilal Banarsidass Publisher of Delhi. except for some funny astrological statement of "Kalatra Karaka in 7th and Jeevanakaraka Moon in Kendrasthana Makara Government job and engineering job "you will gain lot of income through y our new astrology" Since I get only very limited amount only. mother also would have got similar ailments. Shravana star. Here also the stress of the reading s seems to be more from transits of Saturn and Jupiter though touching the main dasa periods. I did not do the. extension of present house. specifically since I go usually to Anjaneya temple nearby my house.I hope that further future readings will also agree. avani masam(around September) Wednesday 22day. among friends circle status and fame. more research in astrology. you will able to accumulate wealth and navadhanyam.1938. before 23rd he will attain degree. Vasistha is describing the life history of VenkataRamana Ayya. Publishing of book "How to read a Horoscope A scientific model of predictions based on benefic and malefic analysis of planets and bhavas "by M/s. The readings are again very crisp and straightforward. The future results are given from the date of consultation at certain ages and the timing of past events are not given. father also got social source.Sellaiyan(in Shri C Poosumutthu group) from Vasistha nadi same date 27June 1999(age 52) after taking thump impression and scanning index leaves:General Reading: "This is the horoscope of Venkata Ramana. V. Another Vasishtanadi in Vastheeshwarankoil Here is another reading by the nadi reader. bahudhanya varsham. The remedial measures prescribed certain place and God in Tamilnadu and to give money and clothes to Nadi Reader. After worshiping lord Brahma and Ammal. first foreign trip to USA in June 1992 with wife as astrology to give lecture in the conventions of American Federation of Astrologers . after 25th year you will be in responsible government . family hesitance is there. after 18th year graduation study. after that also he will continue studies.

this will come most unexpected way. before 30 age you will get birth of child.63 you will have breathing problems like Asthama. your son will get left in job. You will have one brother and sister. at 60 you will get much more wealth . the job will be in defense machine . that ever things you feel and desire they will be fulfilled. gradually there will be rise in life style. ever after age 77. your son will be continuing his work. till the end God's blessings are there. your desire will be fulfilled. Your name Venkata Ramana. you will not have any litigation problem. pariharam is to be done. at 55 life will be really good. senses being affected. at 67 you will be looked after by your son. father's name Venkata Rao. you will earn good wealth andgold. you will be enjoying with your grand son. you will purchase some house andplots. Mother's name Annapurna. you will live. before attainment of 45. but it will not effect you. your own community people will respect you. you don't have any interest in doing any job. he is telling the parihara. good events will take place in the family related to children. through your son you will derive entire satisfaction and happiness at the age of around 60 . at 72 there is grandam like heart attack. in good family care. at 60 your wife will have gandam. god's blessings are always there in the family. after 45 age you will you will be in administrative type of job. on a Sunday Abhisekham to be done for Kali. good wife and lives with her in comforts. wife's name Bharati. till the end you will live with your wife and son. put red flowers garland and red cloth. during this period children will get good education. (The birth chart is also given) Pariharam "Bowing down to Lord Eswara. now the dasa period effects will not be so good. it will come just like that and go off. after 40 age you will go up in profession. no daughter for you only one son. subham". around that time. you will continue in defense forces. for that purpose if shanti is to be done you should do it once you remove these events by shanti. you won't have any decease longlasting. 7. two years he will be working outside in foreign lands. around 62. son will lead a royal life. you will do social service. most of the people will appreciate you. make 'mala' out of line equivalent to your age at that time. any thing business you want to do you should do in your wife's name. The marriage of son will take place. before 58 enough accumulation of wealth in family. finance type of activities you will do in an earnest way.position. now you don't have any job. you will have like a royal king. there is no need to be frightened for anything for the rest of life. children will be well off. you will live happily with family. within yourself you will be feeling some type of dis-satisfaction. your son will go abroad. all comforts in life whatever you want before 62 you will get.5 years Saturn is running. you will be having unity with your brother and sister. grains and what not. now father and mother no more. once you will do pariharam. whatever it is. at age of 53 you start this type of vedas to ward of evils which have been done earlier. five times . because you earns lot of money your kith and kin will prosper well . live happily with wife and children. Sahasranama Archana. you will do help and some donation type of activities. you will do religious activities in temples. court cases. till end of life. You have got some papas done in earlier life. son will be doing computer work. people who are around you and your own caste people they will also praise 26 married. sometimes accidents for children.

Since 3rd lord is Retrograde and parivarthana with Saturn and Mars and 11th lord Sun in 11th house with 12th lord Mercury. Since Saturn in 6th in Meena Rasi aspecting 12th house. Saturn in 6th house of service and Venus is lagna lord in lagna giving self involvement and this combination is not considered good as per 'Uttarakalamrutha' grantha when they are both benefit planets. feed 51 blind children. with doing this with Good's blessings you will have Deergha Ayush Subham". and one to being retrograde considered to be in Kumbha aspected by 9th and 12th lord Mercury. it would be highly impossible to tell the exact names.pradakshina. though it is also Vasistha Nadi but the reader is different. I did not do the prescribed remedies as Durga temple also. Rahu and Ketu may reveal these events . by means of doing this. The voluntary retirement can be expected in Saturn-Venus period due to shashtashtaka (6thand 8th positions to each other). Here the ages of past events are given in more detail. It would not be very easy to correlate and predict the events specifically traditional astrological principles. and Sun is with 9th and 12th lord foreign travels can be expected in Saturn Dasa-Sun bhukti. and they are not more specific as in the earlier quoted Vasistha Nadi and here also Saturn transit only is mentioned. the evening in Rahu Kala you should go to Durga and put deepam. My Experiences . Anyway this would be only a postmortem analysis unless one is very thorough with his astrological principles and highly experienced to progress the chart very professionally to prefix that exact future events before the events occur. Since 10th lord Moon is in Mars Exaltation house and Mars is with Sun. whatever regards to sun you have committed will be erased. you will get all comforts in life. we can say that the profession may be connected to technical and government. The publication of book can be expected in Saturn -Rahu period Since Saturn aspects 3rd house relating to writings and Rahu is in Jupiter Star connected to astrology. Since 5th and 6th lord parivarthana (exchange of houses) and 5th lord aspect by 12th lord Mercury there can less be children. Jupiter . There is a difference in the life span and parihara mentioned. like that repeat for 21 Sundays. Comments on This Reading I should comment here again that almost all past and future all past and future events tell now correct except for some small mistakes here and there. The study of transits of Saturn. as given by the Nadi reader. However. once you do this pariharm. there can be less number of coborns.

moon star. Now the real trick to tell exactly about your date of birth. wife. Suka Nadi. Skanda Nadi in Chennai. Maha siva vakya tulya Nadi. I did not check the twins' charts with them and it would be worthwhile to do that for this research. So at this stage there must be having some method to correct the available nearest chart to give your readings. Kanchipuram. names coborns etc comes into play. and some times even your birth date and month year since you do not know your birth data and chart. Only at places recently at Hyderabad I was told that my leaf was not available and it should be got from Vaitheeswarankoil. whether born certain seasons year month and dates etc Moon star etc etc They never asked the exact ones and I never told the exact ones till end. Hyderabad. Vyasa Nadi. sounds of letters whether present age is so and so whether coborns are so many numbers whether parents alive or dead.. The exact past events and names when the detailed charts of twins also differ. I interviewed with some of them with some astrological talk. How did Sage Satyacharya write in Dhruvanadi a life pattern for each nadi amsha and. Agastya Nadi. Are these so-called nadi readers are conversant with intricacies of astrology at all. Or their recitation of some mantra would be enabling them to tell the events through some spirit. In the index scanning. lagna position etc. Bangalore. I heard that they rewrite the leaves at certain intervals of time as per the coding and system mentioned in some introductory to such to the cycles of time I am not sure. Vasistha Nadi.I consulted Kowmara Nadi. the nadi fellow tells your date of . Then how do they tell with a broad chart. Salem. Kashyapa Nadi. leaf after leaf they asked whether moon star or lagna in chara or sthira or dwiswabhava rasi whether my name and names of wife and parents certain names after some God or Goddess or contained certain number of letter. while reading they said they did not know much of astrology and said they were trained for 10 to 12 years how to pick up and read the leaves. without fixing the nadi amsha one should not proceed further and he did not tell how to tell exact names. being an astrologer myself I was very careful not to give any clues. Viswamitra Nadi. Here are some of my brief reactions about the same. son and other friends. Even if an exact chart with degrees of planets given can an astrologer tell these purely from astrological principles may be if he is thorough with his subject highly experiences but definitely no as far as telling the exact names probably in names likely may sound unless h e has got some extraordinary psychic powers . nobody monitored behind the screen in other room. nobody asked me my date and time of birth no different appointments.After taking the thumb print. Kaushika Nadi. Secunderabad and Tirupati from 1968 onwards till now for myself. Even if you cannot answer some of his questions pertaining to astrological debut such as moon position.

government job. rasi sthira rasi. Simha rasi father Vishnu name. factory job. past events. date 15to 30 . for the benefit of the readers. So it seems to me that the linking the exact names play a vital role and you can easily see the veracity of this since another person with some chart cannot have the same names of theirs and parents. agricultural land. finance business. one maternal uncle. son degree. rasi dual sign. birth Sunday. own business. wife degree. Being an astrologer I can easily see this whole process is to know the position of planets Saturn. mother government job. wife name starting . father government job.birth. son government job. thula rasi. mother Parvati name. father expired 20 years back. degree self temple degree. son government job. future etc as a general Kandam and you will be impressed. age 55running. union/collector office.Then they bring the leaf if available and give the whole chart exact date of birth. wife there. no sisters. They never give the degree portion of planets and lagna in the chart. Even in twins with 3 minutes birth difference the names of twins differ but sound similar but with different charts. two brothers (total 3) mother name Ammal. housewife. But still the whole chart is not known at this stage. to son no children. wife three letters. hospital born. Lagna for example if he asks whether I am 60 years old and I agree by working backwards from now the position of Saturn 2 ½ years Jupiter (1 year) Rahu and Ketu (1 ½ yrs) one approximately can know my birth year and their position at my birth year. On 31st May 1993 (age 55) in Salem I tried to jot down points as the Nadi reader was reading leaf after leaf from the index bundles and he noticed and objected to the same." Brahmin. one daughter. This is their training process and they generally do not agree for reading without thumbprint even if you want to give chart. names. chara rasi Mesham. intercaste marriage. They get satisfied with the approximate names also after some scanning. in politics son married intercaste. Sun. house rents. but same names of parents. there are some questions which I noted as he was asking leaf after leaf till a correct details matched . star sravana. So obviously other Vargas charts the nearest one which matches your past events since it is not possible to have records of all charts. only one brother. Jupiter. own vehicle. Moon. If he asks whether I was born in rain season and I agree. wife name Susheela. government job teaching line self doctor.. wife job. two marriages. similarly Moon position generally do not bother about the lagna that means birth time. However. mother government job. no daughter. no sister. 1938/39born rain season. exact names etc. army department officer technical B. one son. sun position can be known approximately. father and mother expired. foreign visited twice. father Venkata. wife housewife. birth night wife name starting with 'sa' . Ketu. temple constructed. house rents. eldest. Rahu. married. these index leaves have got some linking charts to be picked up . two daughters. son teaching line. chart. arts degree. intercaste marriage.E.

father own business and government job. sugar problem. raa. lagna chara lagna . mother name starting with "pa paa.Sc. black money income. hospital born wife name Saroja. one sister married degree".e. self diploma. thula lagna. house rents. government job.pi. Wednesday . . profession. transport department. rasi matched. mother name 4 letters first letter 'a' wife the nadi reader told me when the thumb impressed would be connected to 5 to 12 bundles of General Kandam each bundle roughly containing about 50 leaves. Born Wednesday. self second child. After reading about 200 leaves (an enormous strenuous job for both of us!) can we get any clues from these types of series of questions to arrive at the correct leaf matching your data? Recently I had a funny experience while reading the index cards for my friend the nadi astrologer asked whether moon is in cancer in Aslesha and also asked about the approximate names of parents.. We said the parents' names are correct. computer astrology in own place. father temple constructed.1938. mother 5 letter name. self engineering degree. mother name 3rd letter 'pa. court case. one maternal uncle.paa. son government job defense technical. self two marriages. he again said the same parents names but with Pushyami star. also master's degree first job computer line. fight with wife name Rani. side business cine production son living with you. but the star is wrong. any one of bundle and any one of leaf would be connected to you. lagna.pu. mother died.ra. one brother degree government job.saa.M. date of birth 7th sept.pi. no lottery" family court cases. commerce. avani month wife name starting with "sa. sthira lagna. self technical civil engineering. wife housewife.rasayana blood pressure mother name starting with "ya. father in the beginning private job clerical.. In 5th bundle of index leaves in about 15th leaf all the details about names.pi. one son . small business in technical computer. own house.paa. second house. lagna ubhaya lagna. In fact the nadi reader got fed up reading so many leaves and after 3 bundles he refused to continue even. mother name last letter 'ra' self ulcer. ru' father real estate.with "pa. father government job mother name starting with "" job transport job. wife operation. father visit foreign. ri . no railway air line job.pi." eatables business.puu' 4th letter 'ra .B. mother 3 letter name . voluntary retirement. self arts degree.aa. but upon my request he finally got it in 5th bundle ie. mother name Annapurna. self last child. voluntarily retired before 4 years son in job. Then after some leaves.Sc. business now. mother expired 10 years back father temple administration." father alive.. wife house wife .pu.paa. birth night. born in fathers house.paa.puu' 1st letter 'a' father name" court case problem. pi pe" . operation heart. born Thursday sugar complaint. one sister housewife va. Thursday born. self MSc. now government job wife ulcer stomach . mother name starting with "pa. mother name 3rd letter ' broker.

After some more leaves. through they tell the past correctly I presume that the same is time when they tell about the past life. Also I found that all the nadi astrologers would not tell exactly the same future and events remedial measures defending upon the nadi grantha they follow. I again looked at his chart at his second visit and could not find the astrological reason how I told that fury prediction. that somebody might have been born with similar parents named but with different moon stars. so is it some other extra sense working at the time of prediction along with astrological reasons to decide the event depending on your meditations andexperience. without telling him that I consulted him a year back. so that the correct predictions would come out. it is said in sastras that the astrologers should follow the ethics and Dharamas to couple real excellent reasons along with the analysis following the astrological principles. he again said same names but with Punarvasu star and we agreed since we knew the star and the chart. If he is not patient to scan thoroughly to verify other past events and the readings can be wrong. I presume that it would be different readings of the nadi reader changer even if the same nadi grantha were consulted because I feel the person who reads is also involved in the process defending upon his experience. will he give the same readings as he had given one year back. Even then the nadi astrologers tell the exact names not only of Hindus but some extent of foreigners also so what is that astrological principle from which one can tell exact names ? As far as I know there is none. So it is possible.which we again denied. You go to the same nadi reader after one year and take the readings again from the same nadi grantha. since they are not conversant with astrology thoroughly.. though nowadays nobody follows those rules to give names. they ask for some money to be given to nadi reader and the prescribed pujas to Gods/Goddess would be related to places the Tamilnadu. So what is difference between these Nadi Astrologers and the other real good astrologers. I have yet to check this. purely from astrology angle. If we do not know the exact moon star what leaf the nadi astrologer decides and he may choose the wrong leaf. Just as an off-track. The future events would come correct or not depends on theexperience and attention of the nadi astrologers. I feel it would be so. Invariably the remedial measures. I gave on prediction to some client with probable turning. when there is doubt about the decision for giving prediction. he came back later to me andtold me that it happened. the names were given as per the letters sounds mentioned for moon stars. That is why. So these cannot be relied upon. it is possible that the nadi astrologers propitiate some spirit to tell these exact names including exact past events. and wanted to ask some other thing. I feel the former would purely use his training . Yes. Therefore. In olden days. such as in twins or otherwise also elsewhere in different places..

I feel that other sources i. Perhaps the original authors did not want the secrets fall into unscrupulous hands. space travel etc. Some say that astrology is not a pure service. Opinions of Others It would be highly impossible to give here the opinion of others on Nadi astrology as innumerable in many articles in 'The Astrological Magazine' since 1956 and books. In 1953 Shri Narayana Sastry handed over me the Nadi literature with a Mahamanta which I was cautioned should never be revealed to any on until and unless the instruction by way of a code word is revealed in nadi itself.V. Upon the division of Nadi Amsha and its being tagged on to the positions of Jupiter. But when the amsha in a particular lagna is to be interpreted. books my discussions with others personally and via e-mail.Raman in January 1998. he told "Nadi Granthas can be broadly divided into Mantras and Tantric. Unfortunately the total literature. research andexperience in the field of astrology is not available.with Mantra or spirit without any astrological background. medicine. Where as the other astrologer is answerable subsequent for his predictions. the former mainly based on the power and control of Kshudra Mantras but under astrological cover and the latter mostly mathematical and partly basis on Mahamantras. Another safe escape a for the nadi astrologers is that he would say that he read whatever was there and you have no means of meeting anddiscussing with him again. however. The nadi astrologers sued the Vakya Siddhanta for casting the horoscopes and some times the position of planets differ from what we get usually. Are also not exact andthere are failures in spite of lot of literature and research is available in these areas. Sun.e. but it would be his moral duty andcertify the birth time depending on the events and the birth date. Before his death. he came across the code word according to which the nadi should be thrown into the sea which he did. It is true that no exact future can be told in astrology or even in other sciences when the space rockets burst in spite of lot of computer calculations. experiments. One Tamil language expert told me that it is not possible to read the scripts understand. However I would like to state the crux from some articles. During my discussions with my Guru Late B. something other than mere . of course he can also escape saying that the birth time may be wrong. and Moon it is mathematics. Saturn. The late Justice Ramesam Pantulu had such a work in his possession In my meeting with him he gave some details about Nadi Amshas but the secret of interpretation was not revealed just because the code word was never appeared in the grantha. The rational continues to be a mystery. Moneymaking was never their object.

They conceal some mystery to astrologer. Integrate Parasara+Jamini+Nadi Varahamihira says that astrologer should have no hatred . ethics. which are only 25% correct. political set-up. past will be correct and future wrong. Practice Mahamantras not Kshudra mantras to get mind clarity. Madras gave 60% correct results. Total number of Nadi are 72. but in applying these results to an undivided horoscope the Sun. Shri Gupta in Madras got many Nadis . By nadi astrologer reading. Egoistic nature will not give results. Jupiter will give clues. principled. There are 36 Prasna Nadis and by using beetle nuts. each degree is divided into 150 nadi amsas and the position of lagna. Busantari Nadi gives about earthquakes. beetle leaves Dakshina. . should have contentment. One Nadi astrologer by Kshudra Ganapati Mantra died of cancer. nadi amsha. Brughu. Shri Nagaraja Sharma Astrologer tried to find out the source of tantra nadi and found nadi contains 150 parts. Jupiter and other planets enter the picture. for the prescribed number of times that the results come more or less as a flash. The dasha system followed and of course Vimshothari though sometimes vague references are made to Jaimini and Kalachakra. There are 36 Tantra Nadis such as Rudra. available with Shri Nadis in Tamil. Then only the detailed life pattern can be predicted with the actual planetary configuration and with the other Vargas (divisional) charts. out of which 36 are mantra Nadis such as Sukra Nadi. the Moon. Saturn. Satya etc. as earlier serialized in 'The Astrological Magazine'. The Amsha is tagged on to the amsas of the other planets also and automatically the astrologer gets an image of the horoscope. imagination. To me Markandeya Nadi. ever joyful and satisfied wellversed in calculations (computers are there now ) gift of having predictions. write his book "Jyotish Siddhantam" in Telugu language (out of print) about Tatwa/Antartatwa iddhantam to rectify the birth time to match the lagna. Nandi Nadi etc. Bharatam on palm leaves earlier. It is only after the recitation of the clue mantra at this stage. Sapta rishi. Mantra Nadi are written then and there.Sukra Nadi etc. From Oriental Library and Shri Nagaraja Sarma. in 1935. Late Shri Divakaruni Venkata Subba Rao. moon rasi day of birth for male/female birth amounting to a minimum level of 12 seconds duration of birth time difference which is equipment to Nadi Amsha. Of course each nadi has certain definite results. Moon Saturn. I contested many scientists and told them Astrology is not superstition" My Guru. Script in Kannada language on palm leaves immediately within seconds and then disappeared actually there was Ramayana. morality. Don't predict death know Satyacharya's (Dhruva Nadi author) Pancha Siddhantha.astrological precept becomes involved. Taking Shantis (remedial measures) is wrong to get money. I use the Nadi techniques only for purpose of rectifying the time of birth on the basis of the amsha and some identifying facts. answers are given.

Santhanam. But I can boldly say that the Nadis need fail. using the Nadis fails. What was possible to Sages is equally possible to those who take pains to investigate and understand the science correctly by the method herein revealed. The method that I have pursued and which I have presented in the pages of the book.Gopalakrishna Rao (nick name Meena) suggested starlords (jeeva planets) of the planets. He also said . In "Chandra kala Nadi" books 3 volumes by Late Shri R. The authors of this method have recorded Nadis on palm leaves. is an ancient one. Sareera of Planets (Star lord of Jeeva Planets). The natal chart combinations and transits are to be judiciously understood along with effects of retrograde planets and parivartana planets. Lordships. If a clever astrologer who is in possession of the nadi could get at the proper chart he can read accurate predictions.both in my explorations at first hand and from sending out well over two thousand emails to people who could possibly help many accurate details can be discovered about one self. I also visited a library at Chennai. because correct prediction depends on the accuracy of the questioner's birth chart in the Granthas. The person. the karakatwa of the planets and rasis are given importance and Jupiter transits in the houses and over planets will decide events. Lagnawise some ready made charts are discussed for various aspects of life for some lagnas only. I found stunningly accurate information. In the "Bhrugu Nandi Nadi" book by Shri R. The sequence of planets in the chart is important to be noted to give predictions. Rajasik and Tamasik). In "The Astrological Magazine" the general life patterns of some of the Nadi Amshas from Dhruva Nadi were published My friend Mr. In "Sapta Rishi Nadi" book by oriental Library Chennai the rashi chart is only considered and the depositor of the planets is considered. We found our names and family details including our parents names. sends email to me stating " I have found repeated evidence . relationships in his book Nadi Astrology (Stellar Astrology) 3 volumes (out of print). gunas of planets (Satwik. Moreover it too corresponded with informed them from both the Vaitheeswaran koil and Tanjore Libraries. transits of a planet in various Navamshas with respect to its lordship and benefic and malefic Navamsha are given importance. Lagna is not important.Late Shri R. It has hitherto been kept confidential without being brought to light.Barry Pittard of Australia. He stated that "in South India.G. great men with deep insight into the knowledge of planets and Heaven.. Some may say that even the Nadis fail to give correct predictions.Rao. Yet again. were able to cast various astrological charts which form the essence of the Nadi Granthas. In 1998 Shanti (new my wife) and I explored nadi readings at Libraries at Vaitheeswarankoil and therefore shortly able.

he used the work Chitrapaksheeya Ayamsha". I sent five persons to him. Somehow I got the readings for them in some other nadi. Most of the good nadis have mastery over the subject and have a good sense of judgement taking into account all the good and bad points. Shri K. Astrologers usually linger or persist in a particular view. Nadi writer wrote horoscopes upto certain future periods only for each. That is why some nadis appear and some disappear if any querent funds no leaf for hi.Rao published the readings about him from Dhruva Nadi given to him by Dr. When questioned about this in Prasna Kanda.that they got the thumbprints of his wife's parents by fax from Australia and the readings were incredibly accurate about them. Through a very senior Guru Bhai who knew him well and patronized. it was stated that there was nothing to be worried about their longevity and the scheme of Rishi Vakyam was only like that. Apart from this kind of loss. The most remarkable fact which showed have struck me was that the degrees of the planets he gave from the palm and thumb was what Lahiri's ephemeris had given to me . I sent him a request if he would prepare the horoscopes of those whose birth details were well known and made it clear that it was not to test him but to know how dependable his method was. Nadis generally have some stock method of giving predictions without bothering and without meticulous calculations.N. I should have had 6 children but I had 8. Regarding prescription of medicine. after investigating all types of nadis what I have learnt is as noted below:. I heard of about an astrologer near Dumdum who prepared horoscopes in all cases of unknown births from one's thumb I never met him.Nadis have been written on the basis of nadi-amshas. in my case. the nadis follow Ayurvedic system for the known ailments without resorting to particular herb for a particular afflicting planet.N. it is due to the fact that bundles written must have destroyed by nadi holders of the past or otherwise lost by the successors. some persons may not be in the scheme of a particular nadi at all and hence there may not be a leaf. nadi gives some correct predictions also and these . He drew out the whole horoscope from the palm particularly of the thumb. For instance. according to Sukhar's scheme. Sri K. I further clarified that I would like to use it for the verification of birth time in cases of doubtful horoscopes. Shri Kannan in his article "My experiences with Nadis -X 1" in the Astrological Magazine" June 1969 stated "Thus.B.Raman in one of his books. Though cent percent results cannot be expected. In three cases he gave us correct degrees of all planets and the lagna. The last two had no leaves in Sukha Nadi.V. A nadi is able to find out not only the querent's thought but also the e exact time of consultation. He was not given any birth details. In my case Sukhar stated when I exactly consulted each bhava or vakyam.Rao in his article "Thumb and Horoscope" mentioned "while in Calcutta. but they require alterations based on the localities and planetary positions.

There are some others who say that they consulted all nadis but did not find their leaf and felt that the whole thing was a hoax. lagna etc and the whole thing was a manipulation.from other leaves some say that the nadi readers would invoke a "spirit" which would smell the thumb print and tell them what Index leaves are to be picked up. In the matter of judgement one h as to give importance to the position of the dispositor from the Bhava which seems to act best. What is that law? Can any body demonstrate ? At any rate these are all mysterious to me.depend upon the quality of the nadi consulted. The nadis have got always some curse as Mr.Chidambara Iyer expressed and it is found most of the nadi holders have to experience difficulties and calamities. there are others who say that the thumb impression is used only as identification and to impress you. 52. the nadis seem to have followed only " Nandi Vakyam" method of giving results based on planetary position and not on Stellar basis. which are only some old recorded life patterns and as he turns leaf after leaf while questioning as usual routine process the spirit would tell him at certain stage to read the correct date though it won't be there on that leaf. With these I close these series and if anybody has any tangible information to unravel the mysteries pointed out. And the reader would find out from you the birth details by his clever random type of question s and remembering the answers and then arriving at the exact details make the chart from their ephemeris for that date of birth in their library room. For instance. probably because they could not check up correctly all the relevant positions. it will certainly be useful to all. If a nadi stipulates a fabulous figure of fees it has to be understood that it is the mischief of the astrologer. In the matter of daily prasnas. One has to investigate the reasonableness of it before adopting. read the results from standard charts recorded in ancient times matching your . All the nadi invariably prescribe shantis (whether warranted or not because every one will have some defect or other in the horoscope. Every one had different experiences . There seem to be law connecting the particular time of writing a nadi and the next time of consultation. Some say that time of birth and lagna are given by nadi reader which has not matched when checked on computer later. This is ruse for getting money. Very good predictions can be expected from a prasna nadi for the immediate future. Of course. But long range predictions fail mostly. Some others say that there are lot of cheating nowadays in how they operate it and they are people monitoring behind the screen in other room listening to you and there is no nadi reader live in India today just try giving a thumb he will be able to find the details some others say that the readings for foreigners have been exploited . Sukar's Prasna Kanda was written long ago. This is the most secret method to be investigated. When the nadi holder opens at random a leaf his eyes fall on a letter which furnishes information about the person consulting that day.

several doubts and questions which arise on Nadi Jyotish are consolidated here as far as possible at random:.What is the real origin of this Nadi Jyotish? Are they really written by some Sages and only by professional astrologers? Are they the records of those born in earlier written on palm leaves in those times? Why a right thumb impression for male and left for female is to be taken? In what language they were written originally? When were they translated into other languages? How many bundles of leaves are available in total? Is each set of leaves after some name of Nadi Jyotish is different ? Is there really anything written on the leaves at all or something appear then and there? Is there any Mantra or some other means used by the Nadi astrologers? Is there any specific science written to get the birth chart and birth data from< the thumb impressions? How the exact names can be told? What is the procedure followed by the nadi reader to pick up the index leaves from his library from thumb impression? How is it on some leaves only some type of funny pattern of lines was written without any normal language form of script ? How is it that some type of Tamil script found on the leaves could not be understood? Why do the readers give the future readings from the date of consultation only at some intervals of age only? Why do they not give the occurrence of past events age wise generally? How do they give the names of foreigners also sometimes? Is there any privacy issue? Why do some readers ask y u to come again? Which collections are considered largest and carefully reserved etc? Which nadi readers are held reliable? How the small place in Tamilnadu.? Are there leaves were distributed amongst members of that family for their . It would be difficult to record all the experiences in this limited space.with the nadi Jyotish. Some Doubts And Questions In view of the above discussions.Vaitheeswaran koil has got different readers even in small houses offering readers.

includes his training and experience? Why do the remedial measures given in Shanti Kanda mostly refer to the Gods/Goddess /Temples in Tamilnadu? Why do they prescribe the alms to be given to the nadi reader and is it really written on the leaves ? Are they actually reading what was written on the leaves ? Why are some of them in some form of trance with half closed eyes as if they are not reading it from the leaves at all? Why don't nadi readers give your leaf to you.different businesses charging different fees? What is the material and sole of the leaf and and how they have preserved so long? Are they rewritten at different intervals of time? How are they trained and how long? How the leaves are with mostly a particular sect of people who are doing business from them? How do they link up the index leaf with the actual leaf of general Kandam and other chapters of? How can some readers say that such and such person is going to consult on that day? Do the readings for the same person from different Nadis match exactly? Do the readings for the same person from the same nadi reader from the same nadi taken at different interval of time say a year later match exactly? Are you really to be destined to consult Nadi? How many consult Nadi? Are the past readings given always perfectly correct ? How far the future reading goes perfectly right upto what time to nearby future or to long future also? Do the reader himself involved in giving correct readings. if the chart is given ? Are the previous life readings given in different Nadis for the same person would be the same? . if it really belongs to y u? Can you read what is written there? Will they show it you? How many readings are there on each leaf? How many index bundles are normally to be scanned to arrive at your data? How many leaves are there in each bundle? Do they read without thumb impression.

how are the birth data found in which calendar? Why are the readings are only at intervals of 1 year or 2 ½ hrs etc ? Are they following only the transits of major planets of Jupiter Saturn etc? Why do they give readings of future events only age wise. is it because the records were in Tamil ? If the records were in Sanskrit or Telugu language. not at a particular calendar date. month and year in Tamil calendar and then correlate it Christian calendar. month and year ? Do they know astrology at all? Do they tell the exact names of twins . if the thumbprints are given ? Do they give the readings without the presence of the person consulting and with the date presented by some person? Do they give the reading by post if the required data is given and fees sent? How far they take the responsibility if the future readings given by them do not come true and what excuse do they give in such cases ? Is whole thing a foax only? Is there cheating by them? Are there any real astrological principles involved in those Nadis? Why do they charge exorbitantly which many poor people cannot afford? Do poor people are distend to consult them? Is it worth spending lot of money in finding out the tricks of this nadi astrology? Is it possible to do any research at all in this filed? Are there any Nadis with some Swamijis or in some Ashram or with some other persons who are not using it for professional commercial purposes and give readings when consulted? .Is there any luck in the leaves from the previous life to the present life to the future life ? How far the remedial measures given work? Why do every nadi reader prescribe shanti definitely for every person whenever consulted? Why do the chart given by them differ from the one prepared by you in computers? Is their ephemeris from Vakya Siddhanta as told different from others and how far is it correct? Why do they tell the firth date.

Are there any Nadis published fully. to draw the nadi amsha chart just as other Vargas (divisional) charts and if so how to prepare such a nadi chart and how to use it vis-à-vis rasi and other Vargas charts (though it is not mostly known how to use the known Vargas charts themselves specifically for a particular event in life!) Which are the mantra Nadis . if so within how many kilometers /miles and within what longitudes and latitudes? Is there any law. if so in what language? Why do some astrologers. countries etc written also nadi granthas other than about persons and if so why don't they publish it before hand? Are these Nadis written restricted to certain regions only. have they published their research anywhere? Are there any persons who are exchanging their experience and research with each in this field and if so what are their addresses? Are there any persons who had consulted all Nadis about them personalities and published their readings comparing and verifying the results if so what are their addresses? Why can't the nadi readers tell the exact names of the wife/husband before marriage. if at all any. which is given in the Nadis to extend it other persons and other regions? How can a few bundles of leaves . supposed to be inventor of nadi amshas of 150 write the general life patterns for each nadi amsha and to what percentage they match with a person's life pattern. if the person birth amsha falls in one of the nadi amshas or is it that the person should select the nearest nadi amsha pattern which matches with most of his life events and if it is to be chosen for a newly born baby who has not much specific events to check then how to fix up the nadi amsha? Is there any method. when they have existing from so many years? Are there any specific astrological principles used in nadi Jyotish literature other than normal principles enunciated in standard ancient . political set ups wars.however large they re cover all life patterns of all persons? What the addresses of all the nadi readers? Are there any persons who are really doing any genuine serious research to find out the secrets of the nadi Jyotish if so what are their addresses and what are their findings so far. the tantra Nadis. who have got nadi Grantha not publish it completely in a book form? Are there other aspects natural calamities. prasna Nadis etc and what are the differences and how do they operate? Where are we now in our research on nadi Jyotish in finding out the secrets. but can tell the e names of after marriage? Why can't they tell the names of the children when they can tell your name. your wife/husband name and names of parents? Is there any danger or calamity or curse or those who possess these nadi granthas and to their families when they practice it? How did Sage Satyacharya.

Mantreswara.Gopalakrishna Rao (Pen name meena) "Satya jatakam (basis of Dhruvanadi) Sage Satyacharya.G. Jatakaparijata. "Nadi jyothisha or the Stellar system of astrology"(out of print) by Shri Late R.Bhasin. "Kashyapa Hora essesnce of nadi astrology" by Shri R.Rao "Bhrigu Sutram Sage Bhrigu.Santhanam commentary on "Saptarishi Nadi" by Shri J. Sarvartha Chinthamani. Bhruhatjataka. Phaladeepika . several articles published on Nadi Astrology in the Astrological Magazines " other magazines and new papers etc etc? Has anybody able to correlate the standard astrological principles with the nadi astrology predictions authentically? Can exact birth time be told by Nadi Readers? Whether the Nadi reader and the translator add anything on their own while reading and explaining? . Devakeralam (Chandrakala Nadi )3 vols by Shri Late R.G.H.G.Rao. Vidyanatha. "Practical Stellar Astrology (Based on Nadi Principles) by Shri Late NV Raghavachari (Pen name Meena II). Uttara Kalamithra.Rao. Bhaskara Jyotish.G.Rao. General life pattern from Dhruva Nadi and Nandi Nadi published for some Nadi Amshas in the "Astrological Magazine". Bhavadeepika. Jaimini.text books by sage Parasara.Varahamihira. "Transits of planets on they birth chart" lesson of nadi are the essence of astrology" by Shri R.Raghuraman.Rao. Sanketanidhi.Santhanam.G. "Bhrugu Prashna Nadi" by Shri R.mysteries of nadi system of astrology unfurled" by Shri Late R. Venkatesdaivagna. "Your Destiny in thumb" by Shri R. Kalidasa. "Nadi system of Prediction (Stellar-theory) by Shri Rattan Lal . "Doctrines of Suka Nadi Retold . "Profession from the position of planets -in rare nadi granthas by Shri RG Ro. when the names and chart and other past details match exactly in all Nadis ? Why some Nadis mention certain age as "Gandam" (danger to life) and if it is surpassed the person would live upto certain other age ? Has anybody found any clues to give exact predictions from the text books available in the market on nadi Jyotish presently such as "Bhrugu Nandi Nadi" by Shri R. Saravali etc ? Do the nadi readers allow to record all the questions they ask as they proceed with the index leaves and is there any person who got such recorded data in his personal case and if what is his address? How can the Nadi Reader tell that your parents are alive when y you consult him when they are alive and tell that they are dead when you consult him after their death and can such a thing can be told from applying normal astrological principles? Similarly how can h e tell the exact number of brothers and sisters and at age you were married etc and can these can be told so precisely from any normal astrological rules? Will all the Nadis give the e life span for a person or different life spans. "Vedic Astrology and career" by Shri V.

not particular dates? Would they use mostly the transits of major planets on the natal chart . records in the audiotape and translates? Do the leaves contain some old records of life histories of persons written in olden days for certain planetary configurations for research for future cycles and if so how to modify the results for the present consultant's chart which and could be only a nearby chart since it takes very long time to get to the same planetary configuration again? How one can tell exact names. numbers of brothers and sisters with help of a chart even with exact degrees of planets and lagna? Can we get our leaf from the Nadi readers and even if so will it be of any use? Whether the same nadi reader from same nadi grantha gives same results when consulted at different time intervals.Further Research Required Though one can try to find out answers to all the above questions I feel that further important research required to be carried out in nadi astrology should be concentrated on the following points:Whether a complete Natural Birth chart with planetary positions and lagna with exact degrees and birth data can be formed from the thumb impression? Why a right hand thumb impression for male and left hand thumb print for female should be taken? What is the technique used by Nadi Readers to pick up the Index leaves bundles from the thumb print and subsequent Kandam leaves? What are the scripts written on the leaves? Whether the Nadi Readers reads the same thing on the leaf? Whether we or the experts in linguistics can read the same and understand? Whether there is any script at all in the leaves? Can we record what all he reads and questions leaf after leaf till he arrives at our data in the index leaves? Whether he writes the same thing in the notebook. say one year? Why the nadi readers gives results age-wise only for events.

to tell events? Would different readers of same nadi give different results? Would different Nadis give different results? Why the remedial measures (Shantis) are prescribed for every one whether consulted at any time. whether they work at all to overcome the difficulties read in the leaves or is at another gimmick of the nadi reading to get money from the person consulted by invoking fear and faith into him? Why not collect as much data as possible from persons who consulted nadi along with their experiences about the veracity of the future predictions? Is it possible to find how the past life data is given by nadi readers and check the same? Is there any method to link the past life data with the present and future readings? Which nadi and nadi reader is giving more accurate results? Is there any way to arrive at nadi astrologers principles in correlation with the normal standard astrology . why they are mostly connected to Temples/Gods/Goddesses in Tamilnadu only. as given in the palm leaves by the nadi readers or is the whole thing a process of hoax using some Upasana of spirits or Mantra by the nadi readers? What percentage of correct results would come from nadi readers compared to the readings from well-experienced sincere normal astrologers? Can one can erect a nadi amsha chart (1/150) and use it for exact predictions along with other Vargas charts? Can one find out how the general life pattern is given for each nadi amsha? Whether anybody consulted the same nadi at same place or at different places at same time read by different nadi readers and what are the results? Whether anybody consulted the same nadi at same place read by the same person at different times say a year later and what are the results and are they same particularly with respect to the future events? Whether anybody got the results without knowing the birth date/month/year/lagna/Moon rasi and nakshatra/chart and if so how? .

government.(ask nadi readers)? What would be the percentage of people consulting nasi? Whether anybody recorded the various questions asked by the nadi reader leaf after leaf in the index bundles till he hits the correct one with exact names number of brothers and sisters etc? Conclusion I have discussed many important points on nadi Jyotish as far as possible due to restriction of space from my experience. I earnestly request all serious research astrologers to come together exchanging their information freely on this subject. .Whether anybody got the exact name of wife / husband before marriage? Whether anybody got future results every year or only at intervals of 2 to 3 years or at some random future ages? Whether anybody got the same life span (age) mentioned in different nadis? Whether anybody got the same life span (age) mentioned in different nadis? Whether anybody got the future result about the birth of a child male or female specifically? Whether any astrologer could succeed so far in analyzing the results given by nadi as per the known astrological rules?(ask astrologers)? How many are visiting the nadis and getting results also not finding their nadi leaves. private agencies. It is farther for the readers and experienced astrologers to get into real research into the mysteries of this nadi jyothish. I also request the rich individuals. it will not be possible for any single individual to carryout this research. I pray God also to help all these astrology research aspirants to unveil the secrets of this ancient Nadi Jyotish uplifting the Vedic astrology for the benefit of world community. Since this research would be very long time process involving lot of expenses. OM SHANTI. trusts. Swamis. I also give my blessings to all those sincere young astrologers with their advanced computer astrology software to succeed in their research efforts. Ashrams help financially for this research. which is very easy now a days because of inter-net and E-mails. . . Former Senior Scientist and Deputy Director Defense Research and Development Laboratory] 67 Phone: +91-040-24530210 .E-mails: rayadu@satyam.[Written by: Pemmaraju Diploma in Management and French.. Andhra Pradesh. Rayudu "Daivagna Ratna and Jyotish Aradhakulu" B. R.Saidabad.HYDERABAD-500059.. pvrrayudu@hotmail.

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