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Gas Turbine Cc Products

Gas Turbine Cc Products

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GE Energy


The Power of Technology, Experience and Innovation
The world demands a reliable supply of clean, dependable power. Always on the cutting edge of gas turbine technology, GE offers a wide array of technological options to meet the most challenging energy requirements. Using an integrated approach that includes parts, service, repair and project management, we deliver results that contribute to our customers’ success. And our reputation for excellence can be seen in everything we do.

3 MW 64.202 6.2 MW 67.582 6.332 6.430 6.295 10.642 6.4 MW 45.950 6.100 6.855 MS9001H MS7001H MS9001FB MS7001FB 8 MS6001FA 8 MS7001FA 8 MS9001FA 10 MS9001E 11 MS7001EA 12 MS6001B 13 MS6001C 14 Small Heavy-Duty and Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Products Overview IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) Overview NOTE: All ratings are net plant based on ISO conditions and natural gas fuel.090 9.3 MW 117.950 6.1 MW 64.250 6.627 9.6 MW 171.593 10.1 MW 75.340 6.690 5.690 5.795 6.000 6.960 10.2 MW 126.276 6.281 9.757 6.9 MW 262.350 9.880 5.315 9.3 MW 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50/60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz Heat Rate Btu/kWh kJ/kWh 5.240 6.930 10.360 6.173 11.2 MW 85.9 MW 280.250 9.341 7.1 MW 130.424 9.020 9.341 11. 16 .7 MW 118.873 6.3 MW 42.GE ENERGY GAS TURBINE AND COMBINED CYCLE PRODUCTS Heavy Duty 2 2 6 6 Output CC CC CC CC CC CC SC SC CC SC CC SC CC SC CC SC CC CC SC CC CC SC SC 520 MW 400 MW 412.653 7.9 MW 75.760 9.570 10.627 6.800 10.1 MW 67.6 MW 193.830 9.7 MW 390.000 6. All CC ratings shown above are based on a 1 GT/1 ST configuration.002 7.2 MW 45.281 6.226 6.8 MW 255.

generator and heat recovery steam MS9001H/MS7001H COMBINED CYCLE PERFORMANCE RATINGS Net Plant Heat Rate Output (MW) (Btu/kWh) (kJ/kWh) Net Plant Efficiency 60.000 60. thereby allowing more air to flow to the combustor for fuel premixing. Additionally. The closed-loop steam cooling system allows the turbine to fire at a higher temperature for increased performance. An MS9001H is seen during assembly in the factory. Baglan Bay Power Station is the launch site for GE’s H System™. closed-loop cooling also minimizes parasitic extraction of compressor discharge air. It is this closed-loop steam cooling that enables the H System™ to achieve 60% fuel efficiency capability while maintaining adherence to the strict low NOx standards and reducing CO2 emissions. the H delivers higher efficiency and output to reduce the cost of electricity of this gas-fired power generation system.000 60 Hz S107H 400 5.690 6.690 6. steam turbine. S109H 520 5. which reduces firing temperature and thermal efficiency. RDC27903-13-03 PSP30462-05 . thereby enabling lower emissions. Undoubtedly the leading technology for both 50 and 60 Hz applications.0% GT Number & Type 1 x MS9001H 50 Hz generator into a seamless system.0% 1 x MS7001H Closed-Loop Steam Cooling Open loop air-cooled gas turbines have a significant temperature drop across the first stage nozzles. optimizing each component’s performance.H System™ 2 H SYSTEM™ World’s Most Advanced Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Technology GE’s H System™—the world’s most advanced combined cycle system and the first capable of breaking the 60% efficiency barrier—integrates the gas turbine.

development and validation of the H System™ has been conducted under a regimen of extensive component. World’s first H turbine is transported through Wales to Baglan Bay Power Station. 3 H SYSTEM™ Dry Low NOx Combustors Building on GE’s design experience. GE DLN combustion systems have demonstrated RDC27916-09-09 A 9H gas turbine is readied for testing. This thorough testing approach provides the introduction of cutting edge technology with high customer confidence. Broad commercial introduction has been controlled to follow launch units demonstration. and 12 combustion chambers are used on the 7H. the H System™ employs a can-annular lean pre-mix DLN-2. Small Footprint/High Power Density The H System™ offers approximately 40% improvement in power density per installed megawatt compared to other combined cycle systems. once again helping to reduce the overall cost of producing electricity. the ability to achieve low NOx levels in several million hours of field service around the world. Thoroughly Tested The design. PSP30246-10 . Fourteen combustion chambers are used on the 9H.Single Crystal Materials The use of these advanced materials and Thermal Barrier Coatings ensures that components will stand up to high firing temperatures while meeting maintenance intervals. sub-system and full unit testing.5 Dry Low NOx (DLN) Combustor System.

GE’s F class gas turbines resulted from a multi-year development program using technology advanced by GE’s aircraft engine team and GE Global Research. our F class turbines have established GE as the clear industry leader for successful fired hours in advanced technology gas turbines. designed for maximum reliability and efficiency with low life cycle costs. GE continually advances this technology by incrementally improving the F class product to attain ever higher combined cycle PSP30027-06 efficiencies. while maintaining reliability and availability. RDC27305-02a . our F class turbines are favored by both power generators and industrial cogenerators requiring large blocks of reliable power. Representing the world’s largest. Introduced in 1987. most experienced fleet of highly efficient gas turbines.F Class 4 F CLASS World’s Most Experienced Advanced Technology Gas Turbines With over twenty million hours of operation. An MS9001FA gas turbine ships from the plant. Dry Low NOx combustor systems allow GE’s F Class turbines to meet today’s strict environmental emissions requirements.

which is beneficial for combined cycle arrangements where net efficiencies over 58% can be achieved. All F class gas turbines include an 18-stage axial compressor and a three-stage turbine. including the 6F (either 50 or 60 Hz). offer flexibility in cycle configuration. and they feature a cold-end drive and axial exhaust. This CHP plant is owned by Porvoo. fuel selection and site adaptation. PSP30114 Finland. the 7F (60 Hz) and the 9F (50 Hz).Our F class gas turbines. PSP30210-01 . 5 F CLASS Half of all 6FA installations are located in Europe.

during assembly.MS7001FB and MS9001FB 6 MS7001FB and MS9001FB GE’s Most Advanced Air-Cooled Gas Turbine The FB is the latest evolutionary step in GE’s proven F series. This MS9001FB is seen on half shell Improved output and efficiency means better fuel economy and reduced cost of producing electricity. With today’s competitive markets and unpredictable fuel prices. The result is a large combined cycle system designed to provide high performance and low electrical cost. PA 7FB launch site. this—now more than ever—is the key to success. PSP30510-01 . including the materials developed for the H System™. PSP30251-39 PSP30371-02 This MS7001FB is shown in the factory. Taking F technology to a new level of output and efficiency. and the experience gained in over twenty million advanced gas turbine fired hours. Hunterstown. we’ve applied our cutting-edge technology.

0% 57.880 5. The use of advanced turbine materials. Providing the basis of process rigor. The FB firing temperature was increased more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit over GE’s FA technology.3% 57. MS7001FB/MS9001FB COMBINED CYCLE PERFORMANCE RATINGS Heat Rate Net Plant Output (MW) (Btu/kWh) (kJ/kWh) Net Plant Efficiency 58.5% GT Number & Type 1 x MS9001FB 2 x MS9001FB 1 x MS7001FB 2 x MS7001FB 7 MS7001FB and MS9001FB 60 Hz 50 Hz Output improvements of more than 5% were also achieved. These improvements equate to more MW per MBtu of natural gas burned.940 6. the F/FA.266 An MS7001FB is seen in test cell.In developing the FB. Six Sigma methodologies were used to assure a highly reliable robust design optimized for lowest cost of electricity. we followed a specific course that significantly improved the key driver of efficiency— firing temperature. we were able to maintain many of the proven features of the world’s most successful advanced technology turbine.9 825. PSP30299 PSP30266-02 . such as Single Crystal First Stage Buckets.0% 58. resulting in combined cycle efficiency rating improvements of better than one percentage point.276 6.5 5.206 6. S109FB S209FB S107FB S207FB 412.3 562. Indeed.4 280.202 6. ensures that components can stand up to the higher firing temperatures of the FB without an increase in maintenance intervals. in developing the FB.950 5.884 5.

Its high reliability—consistently 98% or better—provides customers more days of operation per year while minimizing overall life cycle cost. In IGCC operation. M S 7 0 0 1 FA a n d M S 9 0 0 1 FA Proven Performance in a Mid-Size Package The highly efficient gear-driven 6FA gas turbine is a mid-size version of the well-proven 7FA and 9FA. which can be switched after start-up without sacrificing performance. the high-speed 6FA produces 75. tion. one of the world’s largest combined cycle plants.000 operating hours and 61 units installed or on order. simple cycle peaking and IGCC in both cycle and base load operation with a wide range of fuels. On natural gas the available Dry Low NOx (DLN) system can achieve NOx emissions of 15 ppm. Its output range. To meet the need for mid-size power blocks with high performance in combined heat and power applications. has operated for more than 40.7% net efficiency. . gross plant efficiencies can reach up to 46%. Adaptable to single or multi-shaft configurations. cogeneraRDC27834-34 daily start/stop cyclic duty.000 hours in Industry Standard for 60 Hz Power in All Duty Cycles The wide range of power generation applications for the 7FA gas turbine includes combined cycle. With over 860. MS7001FA and MS9001FA 8 M S 6 0 0 1 FA .MS6001FA. A classic example of GE’s evolutionary designs. it burns a variety of fossil fuels. KEPCO’s Seoinchon Plant. full packaging and robust design ideally suit applications ranging from cogeneration and district heating to pure power generation in combined cycle and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC). the 6FA provides major fuel savings over earlier mid-range units in base-load operation. the 6FA is a 2/3 scale of the 7FA. Its aerodynamically scaled 18-stage axial design reduces combustion chambers from 14 to 6.9 MW of simple cycle power at 35% efficiency and 117 MW of combined cycle power at 54. high exhaust energy. A cold-end drive allows exhaust gases to be directed axially into the HRSG.

As an aerodynamic scale of the highly successful 7FA gas turbine. M S 7 0 0 1 FA a n d M S 9 0 0 1 FA Proven Excellence in Reliable 50 Hz Combined Cycle Performance Power producers around the world require reliable power generation—which makes the 9FA the 50 Hz gas turbine of choice for large combined cycle applications. With over 640 units in operation.6+ combustion system. it can be arranged in a multi-shaft configuration where one or two gas turbines are combined with a single steam turbine to produce power blocks of 390 or 786 MW. reliability and availability—for new units and upgrades to existing units. 9 M S 6 0 0 1 FA . efficiency. achieving less than 15 ppm NOx. For large combined cycle or cogeneration plants where flexible operation and maximum performance is the prime consideration. GE adds customer value with power augmentation equipment that provides additional gas turbine performance in summer peak demand periods—including inlet cooling. The 9FA can be configured to meet site and power requirements.6 combustor (proven in hundreds of thousands of operating hours) produces less than 9 ppm NOx and CO—minimizing the need for exhaust cleanup systems and saving millions for our customers. The 9FA gas turbine is configured with the robust DLN2. while also providing extended turn down capability for superior part load performance. it can be configured in a single-shaft combined cycle arrangement with the generator and steam turbine. the 9FA provides key advantages that include a fuel-flexible combustion system and higher output performance. and peak firing. This combustor is quickly becoming an industry leader in low NOx emissions. GE continually makes incremental design enhancements to improve output. For re-powering applications with space limitations. . the 7FA’s DLN-2.As an industry leader in reducing emissions. steam injection.

Its compact design provides flexibility in plant layout as well as the easy addition of increments of power when a phased capacity expansion is required. Exhaust Temperature Model Designation MS9001E COMBINED CYCLE PERFORMANCE RATINGS Like GE’s other E-class technology units. base load or peaking duty. the Dry Low NOx combustion system is available on 9E. (ºF) (ºC) 922 418 000 1. RDC26213-12 . the 9E accommodates a wide range of fuels.6:1 (lb/sec) (kg/sec) (rpm) 3. In simple cycle. The MS9001E gas turbine is designed to attain high availability levels and low maintenance costs. which can achieve NOx emissions under 15 ppm when burning natural gas.1 10.7% GT Number & Type 1 x MS9001E 2 x MS9001E With its flexible fuel handling capabilities. many in arduous climates ranging from desert heat and tropical humidity to arctic cold. naphtha. 9E packages are comprehensively engineered with integrated systems that include controls. 50 Hz S109E S209E Net Plant Heat Rate Output (MW) (Btu/kWh) (kJ/kWh) 193.2 391.480 6.930 6. the MS9001E is a reliable.MS9001E 10 MS9001E Fuel-Flexible 50 Hz Performer The MS9001E gas turbine is GE’s 50 Hz workhorse.0% 52. This flexibility. The latest model boasts an output of 126 MW and is capable of achieving more than 52% efficiency in combined cycle. They are designed for reliable operation and minimal maintenance at a competitively low installed cost. crude oil and residual oil. Designed for dual-fuel operation.009 543 PG9171E 18 million fired hours of utility and industrial service. Originally introduced in 1978 at 105 MW. it is able to switch from one fuel to another while running under load. resulting in extremely low total cost of ownership.100 10.835 Net Plant Efficiency 52. It is also able to burn a variety of syngases produced from oil or coal without turbine modification.570 6. Mass Flow Turbine Speed Whether for simple cycle or combined cycle application. light and heavy distillate oil. along with its extensive experience and reliability record.4 6.653 12. ducts and silencing. the 9E has incorporated Heat Rate Pressure Ratio numerous component improvements. it has accumulated over MS9001E SIMPLE CYCLE PERFORMANCE RATINGS 50 Hz Power Generation Output (MW) (Btu/kWh) (kJ/kWh) 126. auxiliaries. low first-cost machine for peaking service. while its high combined cycle efficiency gives excellent fuel savings in base load operations. With more than 430 units. including natural gas. makes the 9E well suited for IGCC projects.

this 85 MW machine is used in a wide variety of power generation. thermal barrier coatings and a multiple-fuel combustion system. With strong efficiency performance in simple and combined cycle applications. advanced bucket cooling. 11 MS7001EA An MS7001EA is shown on half shell during assembly. and has become a standard for the Oil & Gas industry LNG mechanical drive application.MS7001EA Time-Tested Performer for 60 Hz Applications With over 1080 units in service. low-cost additions of incremental power. With state-of-the-art fuel handling equipment. dry low NOx combustion. In addition to power generation. able to switch from one fuel to another while the turbine is running under load or during shutdown. industrial and cogeneration applications. GT20821 . It is designed for dual-fuel operation. the MS7001 fleet has accumulated over thirty million hours of service and is well recognized for high reliability and availability. its medium-size design lends itself to flexibility in plant layout and fast. the 7EA can accommodate a full range of fuels. It is uncomplicated and versatile. the 7EA has demonstrated its strong capability for mechanical drive applications. 7E/EA units have accumulated millions of hours of operation using crude and residual oils.

226 12.850 6.000 units in service.341 7.850 7.0:1 309 140 5.341 7. RDC24656-03 . combined cycle.1% and reliability at 99.018 548 PG6581B (lb/sec) (kg/sec) (rpm) (ºF) (ºC) (hp) 58.163 1. Like all GE heavy-duty gas turbines.225 7. The rugged and reliable 6B can handle multiple start-ups required for peak load.3 64.380 generation and 50.0% 49.650 12.111 1.960 6. With a Dry Low NOx combustion system.2:1 (lb/sec) (kg/sec) (rpm) (ºF) (ºC) 311 141 5.8% GT Number & Type 1 x MS6001B 2 x MS6001B 4 x MS6001B 1 x MS6001B 2 x MS6001B 4 x MS6001B 50 Hz output ranging from 20 to 400 million Btu/hr. low cost per horsepower and high horsepower per square foot.850 6. It can accommodate a variety of fuels and is well suited to IGCC. heat recovery. With availability well documented at 97.000 hp class mechanical drive service.3%. the versatile and widely used 6B gas turbine has accumulated over 50 million operating hours in a broad range of applications: simple cycle.3 130.850 6.8% 49.7 261.0% 49.3 6.011 544 M6581B in mid-range service. the 6B is capable of achieving less than 15 ppm NOx on natural gas.3 130. It can be installed fast for quick near-term capacity.225 60 Hz tal compatibility.8% 49. the 6B has earned a solid reputation for high reliability and environmen- S106B S206B S406B 64.MS6001B 12 MS6001B Reliable and Rugged 50/60 Hz Power The MS6001B is a performance proven 40 MW class gas turbine.7 261. In combined cycle operation the 6B is a solid performer at nearly 50% efficiency. With over 1.225 7. S106B S206B S406B An MS6001B rotor is seen on half shell. it is the popular choice for efficient. the MS6001B is an excellent fit for selective mechanical applications.642 11. low installed cost power generation or prime movers Heat Rate Pressure Ratio (Btu/shp-hr) 7. designed for reliable 50/60 Hz power MS6001B SIMPLE CYCLE PERFORMANCE RATINGS 50/60 Hz Power Generation Mechanical Drive Output (MW) (Btu/kWh) (kJ/kWh) 42. With its excellent fuel efficiency.225 7.8% 49.1 10. and mechanical drive. It is also a flexible choice for cogeneration applications capable of producing a thermal Mass Flow Turbine Speed Exhaust Temperature Model Designation MS6001B COMBINED CYCLE PERFORMANCE RATINGS Net Plant Heat Rate Output (MW) (Btu/kWh) (kJ/kWh) Net Plant Efficiency 49.950 6.

Consistent with GE’s evolutionary design philosophy. The 6C also features an F-class modular arrangement and a Mark VI Speedtronic control system. the 6C incorporates technologies that have been validated in service worldwide. district heating. fast and reliable starts in 13 minutes. and mid-sized combined-cycle power plants. NOx emissions are limited to 15 ppm dry when operating on natural gas. PSP30646-02 . and also incorporates key features of GE’s advanced F technology. Improved operability features include less than 50% turndown while maintaining emissions guarantees. The Frame 6C builds on the experience and performance of GE’s Frame 6B technology.MS6001C High Efficiency and Performance in a 45 MW Class The 6C meets the need for low-cost electricity production in heat recovery operations for both 50 and 60 Hz— including industrial cogeneration. The turbine includes components that provide high reliability and maintainability. This evolutionary approach ensures users of the 6C that they are receiving advanced but well-proven technology. and 42 ppm when burning light distillate with water injection. and three stages of compressor guide vanes for high efficiency at part load. proven in more than 50 million hours of service. 13 MS6001C Akenerji Kemalpasa-Izmir Turkey 206C Combined-Cycle—COD since November 2005 Rigorous field validation tests conducted at the Kemalpasa 6C launch site confirmed the outstanding operability of the turbine—high efficiency and low emissions. such as a 12-stage compressor with fewer parts and removable blades and vanes.

714 225.D U T Y a n d A E R O D E R I VAT I V E G A S T U R B I N E S A Broad Portfolio of Packaged Power Plants GE provides a broad range of power packages from 10 MW to nearly 100 MW for simple cycle. combined cycle or cogeneration applications in the utility. LNG. Marine applications for these machines range from commercial fast ferries and cruise ships to military patrol boats. petrochemical and distribution systems. storage. transportation.758 10.1 952 511 .292 17. frigates. Oil & Gas GE is a world leader in high-technology turbine products and services for the oil & gas industry. MS5002E 31. refineries. PSP30533-03 We offer full turnkey systems and aftermarket solutions for production.100 9.Small Heavy-Duty and Aeroderivative Gas Turbines 14 S M A L L H E AV Y .0 102. private and mobile power industries. LMS100 flexible power.0:1 5. destroyers and aircraft carriers.

15 S M A L L H E AV Y .D U T Y a n d A E R O D E R I VAT I V E G A S T U R B I N E S GE Energy’s Oil & Gas products are installed in major upstream. midstream. downstream and distribution applications around the world. PSP30305 GT06543 .

Experience GE engages experts from throughout the gasification industry at both operating and research levels to develop the most economical and reliable approaches to IGCC technology. PSP30502-01. GE GAS TURBINES FOR IGCC APPLICATIONS Gas Turbines Model GE10 6B 7EA 9E 6FA 7FA 9FA 7FB Syngas Power Rating 10 MW (50/60 Hz) 42 MW (50/60 Hz) 90 MW (60 Hz) 150 MW (50 Hz) 90 MW (50/60 Hz) 197 MW (60 Hz) 286 MW (50 Hz) 232 MW (60 Hz) IGCC Model GE10 106B 107EA 109E 106FA 107FA 109FA 207FB Syngas CC Output Power 14 MW (50/60 Hz) 63 MW (50/60 Hz) 130 MW (60 Hz) 210 MW (50 Hz) 130 MW (50/60 Hz) 280 MW (60 Hz) 420 MW (50 Hz) 750 MW (60 Hz) Optimal Performance For each gasifier type and fuel. there are vast numbers of technical possibilities. Pioneered by GE almost 30 years ago. Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) systems can be optimized for each type of fuel as well as site and environmental requirements. where low cost opportunity feedstocks such as coal. Designed by GE Energy — Creative Services.5 GW and can be applied in almost any new or re-powering project where solid and heavy fuels are available. Inside Cover Photos: RDC27191-05-05. Cover Photo: PSP30502-03. And IGCC technology produces low cost electricity while meeting strict environmental regulations. IGCC technology can satisfy output requirements from 10 MW to more than 1. PSP30120 . heavy oils and pet coke are the fuels of choice.IGCC 16 I G CC The Next Generation Power Plant Making Environmental Compliance Affordable Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology is increasingly important in the world energy market. The IGCC gasification process “cleans” heavy fuels and converts them into high value fuel for gas turbines. This 550 MW IGCC is located at the Saras oil refinery in Sardinia. Using knowledge gained from successfully operating many IGCC units. The three GE 109E singleshaft combined cycle units have accumulated over 12. Using the same combined cycle technology for IGCC that we use for conventional systems.000 hours of syngas operation. GE offers extensive experience and high levels of reliability. GE has optimized system configurations for all major gasifier types and all GE IGCC gas turbine models.

combined with Six Sigma quality methodology. with an installed base of spectrum of the energy industry. products and services provide enhanced performance. combined with Six Sigma quality methodology. energy services and management Industries Served: I 17 GE Energy provides innovative. technology-based energy industry. energy services and management systems.GE Value GE Value GEis a leading global supplier of power generation technology. assures that customer needs are defined up front and that performance against customer expectations is measured and managed every step of the way. Our Customer-Centric approach. . Our Customer-Centric approach. competitive life cycle costs Industries Served: and continuous technological innovation with unmatched experience. GE is a leading global supplier of power generation technology. products and services provide enhanced performance. competitive life-cycle costs and continuous technological innovation with unmatched experience. products and service solutions across the full spectrum of the provides innovative. GE Energy systems. power generation equipment in and service solutions across the full technology-based products more than 120 countries. assures that customer needs I I I I I I I I I Commercial and industrial power generation Distributed power I I are defined up front and that performance against customer expectations is measured and managed every step of the way. Oil & Gas Petrochemical Gas compression Commercial marine power Energy rentals Energy management I Our people. with an installed base of power generation equipment in more than 120 countries. I I Commercial and industrial power generation Distributed power Energy management Oil & Gas Petrochemical Gas compression Commercial marine power Our people.

GA 30339 gepower.GE Energy 4200 Wildwood Parkway Atlanta.com GEA 12985G (05/07) .

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