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Fate of Dionysis Codex

Fate of Dionysis Codex

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The Campaign system and background for the Fate of Dionysis Warhammer 40K Campaign
The Campaign system and background for the Fate of Dionysis Warhammer 40K Campaign

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Published by: Kettils Keep on May 19, 2011
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  • Introduction
  • The First War For Dionysis
  • Prelude To Carnage
  • The Second War Begins
  • The Pyre
  • The Purge
  • The Relictors
  • The Red Corsairs
  • The Crimson Fists
  • The Death Korps of Krieg
  • The Vorsehung Grenadiers
  • The White Scars
  • The Raven Guard

T h e Fate O f D i o n y s i s

A Kettil’s Keep Warhammer 40K Campaign

Members of the Death Korps of Krieg 67th Siege Regiment hold the line against advancing renegade forces

Chaos Space Marines fight in the streets to defend their world

The Fate of Dionysis
By Shane Will & Nate Markel

Introduction The Planet Dionysis The First War for Dionysis Prelude to Carnage The Second War Begins The Chaos Forces on Planet The Word Bearers The Night Lords The Pyre The Purge The Relictors 3 5 6 8 10 Imperial Forces on Planet The Crimson Fists The Death Korps of Krieg Vorsehung Grenadiers The White Scars The Raven Guard The Grey Knights The Marines Optimi 20 21 22 23 27 28 29 30 34 The Red Corsairs Dionysis Outbreak 18 19

12 13 14 The Campaign Rules 15 16 17

Rules and story for the campaign written by Shane Will and Nate Markel With added story and army background content provided by Josh Check, Paul Anderson, Anthony Hanner, Seth Finkbiner, Russ Baker, Joe Burttram, Greg Shafer, Jason Stoneroad, Colton Anderson, Andy Able, Clayton Headly, and Sam Cromwell


The Fate of Dionysis

the forces of chaos had crushed the poor defenders of the Imperium. Because of this I wanted to create a planet of my own for our campaign. Also you March. I love the history and the models. and how everything goes together to create a rich tapestry that is a joy to add my own stories to. That was 6 years ago. What you hold in your hands is the story of that first war. and the beginning of the second war. To me the universe of Warhammer 40.Introduction A few years back I ran a campaign with the battle tree from an issue of White Dwarf. and everyone that has already contributed to it as well. what’s been going on in the century since it Shane Will fell. and tell a great story that will bring glory and story to everyone.000 is what Introduction 3 . It is the grim darkness of the far future. Let’s all have a good time. and there is only war. 2011 will find the rules that Nate Markel and myself came up with to run the games in an organized manner. thus Dionysis was born. to help the story progress. The players involved used different armies than were in the article (which was the studio teams recreation of the Badab War). has always brought me back for more. The games were played and a victor emerged. Thank you to everyone that is involved in this campaign.


The location of the fortress Dionysis-Prime was in a region that would produce no grown food anyway. 2 Inhabitable (Dionysis 4. The Planetary Governor and Administra. They produce food to feed Imperial Guard regiments who are on battle fields across The Dark Angels never interacted with the people. They offered to provide protection to its people with the Astartes left to pro.5 Billion (As of last Imperial Census) Climate Classification: Temperate Principal Exports: Grown Foodstuffs Known History: See First War of Dionysis (ref. the people of Dionysis-Prime have never missed a tithe. fortress on the surface. The Planet Dionysis 5 . but a member When colonized. They had been on planet from the 30th milplanet would stay a certain distance away. fortress. an Astartes did answer.01G Satellites: 1 Moon (Gambrious) Population: . it was 250 years after the Dark Angels left and requested the Crimson Fists guard the fortress before any human on planet knew they were even gone. members of the Adeptus Astartes of the Crimson Fists who had been charged to profrom the Dark Angels chapter requested to build a tect the fortress and the people of Dionysis. As after one said invitation. Dithyrambos) Size: . They sent out a call to food stuffs would be produced within this distance nearby Astartes and was answered by the Crimson as well.Fists. The planet has stayed out of the attention of the Administratum for this fact. and the Dark Angels built their within.83T Gravity: 1. the entire Segmentum. and had to explain they were not a Dark Angel.Dionysis-Prime Planetary Survey Dionysis System: 9 Planets (I-IX).It is unclear why the Dark Angels left Dionysistect the fortress. and any invitation by the Governor for audience or meeting were ignored. and was to arid for the livestock raised Summery: The planet of Dionysis-Prime is an there. Colonized shortly after the Age of Strife. In fact. 674-812-934-XX-VII-4332) This was not a problem for the peoples of Dionysis-Prime in the least. and no lenium until the 39th. Only they now know what secrets are held tum agreed. Agriworld. as long as the people living on Prime.

Local PDF did not do as well. The ground rumbling beneath system. They were waiting for the imperial ships that were picking up the food stuff tithes to leave system. Quickly reenforceing the Crimson Fists who went on the offensive at the sight. regiments of the Imperial Guard from Cadia landed When night fell one week after the imperial ships left on the surface. their Dreadclaws pock marking the land around the Crimson Fist defended fortress. the heads taken by World Eaters. Also they hit the mountain regions to engage in close combat with World Eaters.The First War For Dionysis Waiting in the cold darkenss of space. and sent out a distress call. With them was a force with one thing on their mind. these were no meteors. But. an evil watched Dionysis-Prime. more corpses for the grinder. A call was made to the Governor’s palace was hailed with the good news. the Word Bearers struck the Capital city. 6 The First War For Dionysis . He Full war had broken out. meeting in firefights with Word Bearers. and their souls by the Word Bearers. but it was not the Governor’s voice that answered. they descended and brought carnage and fire the treads of their tanks. Led by Zhyrehk The Hammer. The answer said “Excellent. The Crimson Fists held out defending the fortress. and the city gates. where they poured through the streets. Invasion. These lights were the atmosphere burning around the Ultramarines Drop Pods. to the quiet planet’s surface. Along with the reenforcing Ultramarines. The farmlands lighting up with lasgun flashes from cultists that dedicated to the Dark Apostle Ealaak. The Ultramarines struck like a hammer on an anvil.” The three days seemed like months to the beleaguered Crimson Fists. They were members of the Word Bearers legion of Chaos Space Marines. They were poorly trained. and the planet of Dionwas not alone. but they held. The Crimson Fists were relieved when after only two days they received an answer to their call. and on that third day the sky lit up with flashes of what would appear to the untrained eye as meteors. and members of the World Eaters legion descended to the planet as well. The Ultramarines Battle Barge “His Divine Grace” was only three days away at full warp travel. and had no actual combat experience. the chaos forces not able to breach the walls. Their corpses piled up quickly. nor was it entirely human.

Alas he was no match for the Word Bearers general. but on it’s satellite moon of Gambrious. The stage was now set for the final battle and the last push of the chaos forces. The Ultramarines and the remaining few Crimson Fists vowed to hold the line till the chosen three could escape. and as he laid on his back he saw a small glint of light leave the atmosphere as his chest was punctured by the villain’s dark blade. happy to have cleared it out and set the stage for his final assault. and did not retake the Palace. It was quickly decided that three Crimson Fists would leave planet. Meeting Zhyrehk in single combat. The Ultramarines sent a large force there to stop this from happening. The second battle took place not on the surface of Dionysis-Prime. Zhyrehk paid them their prize. The Word Bearers then hit with reserves that overtook and annihilated the sons of Guilliman. just before a boot crushed his skull. believing they were just cleansing a pocket of resistance. The last Imperial to fall that day was an Ultramarine Techmarine named Hephaestus. This made the Ultramarines go on the offensive again and meet the small force. He made a deal with members of the Thousand Sons Legion (who up until this The First War For Dionysis 7 .point had not been a part of the battle). Ultramarines and Cadian Regiments gained ground in the beginning. The Chaos Space Marines striking to quickly for the Cadians to react. The waters of Dionysis ran red with the blood of the fallen that day. Zhyrehk massed his forces at the end of Carthage Bridge. The combined forces of Crimson Fists. and most of the Thousand Sons awaiting them. Zhyrehk had sent only enough of his men to accomplish this task. Pushing back the chaos forces. then two tragic battles took place. he fought hard for over twenty minutes. and even retaking the Governor’s Palace. They began to set up a staging post on the moon. It looked like the heroes of the Imperium were going to win this one. Zhyrehk had made it clear to the Ultramarines that his forces were in disarray and fiented a last ditch effort attack on the Palace. and return to Rhynns World and report on what would happen. ysis would not be an easy prize for the Heretical Space Marines of the Word Bearers Legion. The Ultramarines who had taken it back and were holding it fell for a ruse by the Word Bearers. The other side was the Crimson Fists and thier allies. The battle saw the death of the members of the 2nd Company that went up there. The first was at the courtyard of the Governor’s Palace. With their artillery gone the Astartes knew that they could not hold out long. and they took no more part in the war.

Though they swore nominal allegiance to Dionysis system to retake the planet and the Asthe Word Bearers it was clear to both parties it was tartes fortress on the surface. and a new world was taking shape. the crimson fists arrived in Interloper. Staying mostly out from underfoot the Night Fists were three Regiments of the Death Korps Lords began raising a modest renegade militia force of Krieg. Eventually the attack did come. soon his will would be contested again as various other Chaos warbands flocked to Dionysis as the one safe harbor to renegade forces within the Gerbersian Subsector. though it took the Crimson Fists nearly a century to lobby the sector lords to grant them the crusade and gather their forces. With a free hand to shape a virgin imperial world the Word Bearer Corypheus began a century long pogrom of religious conversion. as the most devout were sacrificed to consecrate the fertile ground of Dionysis to the blighted earth suitable to the construction of great cathedrals and basilicas dedicated to the dark gods of Chaos. Their “volunteer’ guard Within a few decades millions had died. Though Zhyrehk had won the war for the planet. a world on a path to becoming a daemon realm. Though even capitulation was no sure guarantee of survival.Prelude To Carnage Dionysis-Prime now belonged to Chaos. six Vorsehung regiments including the to aid in the defense of Dionysis when the inventible elite 18th. Amongst the imonly an accord of convenience and would not last if perial guard regiments seconded to the Crimson tested. aboard their Strike Cruiser Midnight transports in tow. Among the first of these was a small warband of Night Lords. The beleaguered citizens of Dionysis bereft of their imperial protectors were given no choice but to convert or die. More specifically to Zhyrehk. and three Brevian Centinial regi- 8 Prelude To Carnage . imperial counter attack came.

Amongst these fine formations include tain walked through the doors of Zhyrehk’s mightiest infantry. While the Chaos forces had impressive ground armies their few battle barges and strike cruisers. He would deny the imperials. Zhyrehk of the Word Bearers gathered his forces and sent fast warp runner ships to his al- Prelude To Carnage 9 .lies to support him in holding Dionysis. come to Zhyrehk’s aid for some undisclosed prize. Unable to attack a planet under the sway of traitor marines on their own they had lurked in system planning a daring lightning raid until they had picked up the incoming crusade fleet. As the imperial Fleet approached Dionysis it was clear to both factions that the war would favor the Imperials. Next were the exuberant Pyre. while individually powerful could not contend with the might and resources of the 2nd Gerbersian Navy Attack Flotilla. port. was the 2nd Gerbersian Navy Attack flotilla. A fleet of that size cannot approach in secret. this grand army. Knowing they would be lost in a direct confrontation Zhyrehk ordered his fleet to the perimeter of the system and to wait for an opportunity to strike. armor. this Crusade. To transchurch. then launch his own “Black Crusade”. They had come to Dionysis on some esoteric mission to ring a bell that Zhyrehk had installed in one of his cathedrals. As the dropships massed and the 2nd Attack Flotilla began preliminary bombardment a Relictor Capments. and artillery regiments. First to answer was two understrength companies of Renegade Relictors Space marines and their Battle Barge the Septimus. the Tocsin of Discord. holding a strange hammer. Meeting the Crusade fleet in system was a battle barge of the marines Optimi. On planet the various chaos warlords and their armies prepared for the inevitable planet strike. who had apparently been in chase of renegades marines known as the Purge which had fled to Dionysis.

and with the ships that had been lurking at the edge of the system drove the crusade fleet of the Crimson fists away. 10 The Second War Begins . belted in and toothless.The Second War Begins As the drop ships broke the atmosphere and the drop pods of the Crimson Fists and Marines Optimi fell. As the Chaos strike fleet fell into chase of the imperial fleet a drop force of Red Corsairs bearing the blessings of Tyrant of Badab landed on planet to aid Zhyrehk and increase Huron’s prestige in the sector. Though wasteful of his vassal’s lives it did succeed. and the Raven Guard third company and a contingent of Grey Knights there to purge Blood Hunter’s Demon army. No less than three Space Marine chapters answered the call and immediately landed their own forces on the planet: the White Scars third company. Triumphant from their victories at the landing fields the Imperials strike out from their beachheads into Chaos controlled zones as the defending armies redeploy and stream towards the combat areas. rag clad and poorly equipped they were massacred by the Crimson Fists and their Imperial Guard allies. a time buying manoeuver. Though the fleet action is still undecided the war on Dionysis has begun. Meeting the attacking imperial forces was a host of rebel militia. Landing ships veered out of formation and struck one another. and damnation to the defeated. two entire regiments of the Brevian Centenials never even made it to the planet. This demonic incursion had actually been destined for a battlefield in the neighboring Gothimos sector but had been waylaid and hijacked by the ringing of the old bell. This rabble was merely Zhyrehk’s diversion. Calamity struck the landing imperial army. They would fight now instead on Dionysis under the rule of the frustratingly ambivalent demon prince known only as Blood Hunter. murdered within their own ships. A demonic incursion coalesced with their own drop ships and begun to slaughter the occupants. A chaos strike force had arrived in system. Cut off from their support fleet the crusade sent out an astropathic call for all available imperial forces to divert to Dionysis. the Relictors Captain Geta struck the hammer against the old and filthy bell. Glory to the victors.


Forces Of Chaos The following pages list the seven armies aligned with Chaos on the surface of Dionysis-Prime. The official commanders. Their reasons for being involved. How many warriors they have. Also. and involved with the on planet campaign. 12 Forces Of Chaos . and their moral. as well as other key officers. It breaks down who they are. you will find the force disposition of each army on planet.

along with demonic armour and equipment. is the Dark Apostle Ealaak.The Word Bearers Legion Official Name: The Host Ealaak Word Bearers 17th Legion Torkal the Gluttonous fiend. Also. and use it as a by chaos irrevocably. Overall Goals: Create a nexus of chaos Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: High. possibly whispering in Zhyrehk’s ear. energy on the planet. and none shall stand staging point for a black crusade. Force Disposition: 14 Companies.population of Dionysus secundus. in their way. Word Bearers 13 . Lord Subjugator of Dionysis southern continent when they would not listen to orders. a word bearer entombed in a dreadnought who killed the Armies Commander: Zhyrehk The Ham. Reason For Being Involved: Zhyrehk’s Word Bearers are the rulers of Dionysis. to fully consume it in they own the planet and it shall be touched chaos as a demon world. the mer. and it is his plans that the other Chaos and has not been seen in the last century forces on planet follow.

Each Regiment has five companies (three light infantry.Reason For Being Involved: Drawn to Dionysus to embezzle manpower from the Official Name: Hoplite Stygian civilian population of the Word Bearers domain while nominally supporting the Dark Armies Commander: Brother Sgt Moez Apostle. each division having three regiments. one support. Crusev 16th Company 8th Legion. Night Lords Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: The Hoplite is hungry to a chance to fight and Stratukar Tarrare the Famished. and make the imperials pay dearly for their hypocritical sophistry. Force Disposition: Brother Sergeant Crusev has forty three marines remaining of the 16th company. Heretic prove their metal to their Night Lord masters human leading the renegades. and one heavy infantry). 14 Night Lords . The Hoplite Stygian is a militia army consisting of three cores of six divisions each. The Night Lords Legion The Night Lord demigods look to increase their standing amongst the traitor legion forces within the Gerbersian Sector and loot power armor and Gene Seed from the loyalists attacking the planet.

Seconded by Lord mander Sidonius Com- The Pyre 15 . along with the 7th Assault Brethren and the Ascendent.The Pyre Official Name: The Pyre Armies Commander: Prince Dionysius Reason For Being Involved: Promised some undisclosed prize for their assistance by the Word Bearers. and Exuberant Force Disposition: A combination of remanent armour and infantry forces from the original chapter with demon allies. Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Highly Extravagant. Roughly 80% of a company.

Force Disposition: About 100 of the 350 remaining Purge are on planet. they have become possesses with his demonic energies. to become Plague Marines.The Purge Official Name: The Pestilent Host of Captain Tor Mograhn Armies Commander: grahn The Decayed to survive the vicious ground battle with the Marines Optimi. Who have been gifted by their God Nurgle. This squad is the only one of The Purge 16 The Purge . a squad of Chaos Marines so devoted to Nurgle. The Bubonic Reborn. a squad of Chaos champions in terminator armour. landing near the south pole. They were given refuge by Zhyrehk in exchange for service in the coming war. Known units include The Defiled. and have Captain Tor Movery little going into Dionysis. Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Low going into the conflict. After their battle with the Marines Optimi they lost most of their motor pool. and break out. and nothing more larger or powerful than a rhino Along with former Codicier Librarian Galthor Reason For Being Involved: Regrouping after disasterous encounter with the Marines Optimi.

This will bring about the demonic army. and becoming more proactive. and begin to change the planet to a demon world. Force Disposition: The remanders of 5th battle company. They look at this as an opportunity to gain allies within the forces of chaos. and they come to ring the Tocsin of Discord. Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: High.The Relictors Official Name: The Covenant of Discord Armies Commander: Lord Carcalla 5th Company Captain Geta 8th Company Reason For Being Involved: The Relictors have the Hammer of Resounding. Arriving on one battle barge (The Septimus) The Relictors 17 . because of newly joining up the 5th and 8th companies. and the 8th assault company.

to Official Name: The Bones of the Bloody gain favor with the forces on the planet for Court when he arrives to lead. The Red Corsairs Armies Commander: Gorothrim the UnMoral At Beginning Of Conflict: High entombed 18 Red Corsairs .Reason For Being Involved: He’s down on Dionysis leading troops for Huron.

Dionysis Outbreak 19 . because proper rituals were not observed. summoned to Gothimos but a word bearer intervention ritual brought them to Dionysis instead. and their Reason For Being Involved: Was to be link to the warp is weak. Force Disposition: Unstable.Daemons of Chaos Official Name: Dionysis Outbreak Armies Commander: The Daemon Prince known Blood Hunter Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Angry for not being on the field of battle they were destined to be on.

Also. and their moral. It breaks down who they are. 20 Imperial Forces . The official commanders. and involved with the on planet campaign. Their reasons for being involved. as well as other key officers.Imperial Forces The following pages list the seven armies that are part of the Imperial Crusade on the surface of Dionysis-Prime. you will find the force disposition of each army on planet. How many warriors they have.

Armour from the motor pool.The Crimson Fists Official Name: Crimson Fists 4th Company Armies Commander: Alrik Captain Reason For Being Involved: To retake the Fortress they lost in the first war for Dionysis. Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Grim and resolute. Crimson Fists 21 . Ready to do their duty. As well as saving the planet they were charged to protect when they took over as watchers of the Fortress from the Dark Angels. and make up for their failure the first time. Force Disposition: The entire 4th battle company. Also attached is Librarian Horatio.

at the beginning of the conflict over the mission by the Administratum for their 6. Each Krieg Siege Regiment) squad containing 10 Krieg soldiers. Field Commander. and ability to cluding support) make planetfall. Platoons with 6 infantry squads. the Krieg 67th and the 92nd. fight in toxic air conditions. The Death Korps of Krieg Reason For Being Involved: Assigned to In total. Armies Commander: Field Marshall Khyron Haig. Their primary objective is to bring the walls down and create holes the Astartes can exploit. Force Disposition: The Krieg Siege Brigade stationed on Dionysis is divided into 2 Regiments. Official Name: Krieg Siege Brigade “The and Cavalry groups composing of Death Anvil of Death” Riders and Grenadiers mounted in Centaurs. they live to die. Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: They are the Death Korps of Krieg. 22 Death Korps of Krieg . of the 67th teams. Attached Lord Commissar MaxiThese companies are then divided into 7 milian Von Ludendorff. They have also been attached with members of the Krieg 435th Armour Battalion.000 Death Korps of Krieg soldiers (Not inexpertise at siege warfare. weapons Colonel 458-12 (Stuart Halifax.Each siege regiment is made up of 2 battalions of soldiers with 6 companies each. and armoured transport.

Reason For Being Involved: Due to their Force Disposition: The entire Royal 18th reputation for lasting heroic long without Company of the Vorsehung Grenadiers supplies.tum. Vorsehung Grenadiers The Vorsehung Grenadiers Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Proud Armies Commander: Colonel Commissar and Irwin Rammelmeir excited. who knew that supply lines in the beginning would be sparse. and the guard on Official Name: The Royal 18th Company planet would be without for some time. they were sent by the Administra- Vorsehung Grenadiers 23 .

they would be bled dry long before the templars could arrive. A distress call was made to any imperial forces in the sector able to lend aid. the industrialized nations agreed to form a new coalition at the historic Friedengelt Conference. was characterized by a largely agrarian economy. 24 Vorsehung Grenadiers . It was instead inhabited by a multitude of semi-cooperative nation states. most of Vorsehung's industrial production took place in the south. the Brythanic Commonwealth prepared for a war of attrition of the grandest scale. the templars explained it would be at least two decades before they would be able to make planetfall. were the sickly orange banners with heathenous sigils adorning the Friedengelt armour. these products took the form of sturdily constructed Vorsehunginate whaling anchors and sailing instruments. Afraid of the Commonwealth's influence. due to fickle warp travel and other military engagements. Brythanica was regarded as the cultural and intellectual center of the planet due to a millenia old Schola Theologica complex of interplanetary renown located in the capital city. bearing a more moderate climate than their southern neighbors. the only working star ports on the planet were under Bloc control. their arms were primitive and their industry simply could not compete in a wartime economy with the numerous Friedengelt foundries. To make matters worse. A war of attrition began to take shape among the rolling plains of Brythanic pastureland. and theologies which over time granted Brythanica cultural dominance in the north. Border patrols and check- points became the only real contact between the two coalitions. the bloc quickly mobilized colossal artillery divisions that they had been amassing in secret. The closest imperial battalion able to assist was none other than the Black Templars Space Marine chapter. Brythanic emissaries and tradesmen were forced to endure heavy tariffs and were only admitted beyond Friedengelt borders under heavy escort. Burke and two fellow students entered the Bloc in secret on a missionary journey to visit the faithful among the Friedengelt. The commonwealth were not expecting such a lighting quick display of force. The Bloc had rejected the Imperial Creed as a symbol of Commonwealth oppression and yolked themselves to foul foreign idols of waste and fever dreams. essentially isolating the northern coalition.History of The Vorsehung Grenadiers The Glorious History of the Royal 18th Company Vorsehung Grenadiers – Founding and notable activity For the majority of it's history prior to the planetary civil war. His tongue and thumbs had been removed and the word “PROSELYTE” carved into his chest. and the abundance of iron deposits to be found there. Concerned about the spiritual health of his southern brothers. the individual nations within the Friedengelt Bloc had already prepared for this eventuality. the northern agrarian nation states came under the influence of the commonwealth of Brythanica. The southern nation states however struggled to hold on to their individual cultural identities. (Friedengelt scrimshaw totems remain popular feast day gifts) and elaborate transcontinental rail systems used to facilitate trade between the various factions on the planet – which for the most part coexisted peaceably. Ideological conflict between the two superpowers drew a stark line that grew over time. Under a web of protectorates and military allegiances. In large part. and several of the smaller border states were captured within the first months of the conflict. However. Brythanica considered this an act of war and quickly amassed troops at the border. The lesser kingdoms would frequently send their brightest pupils to the Schola for training as imperial Ecclesiarchs and bureaucrats. while at the same time compete against Brythanica's overwhelming agribusiness. The Friedengelt Bloc prohibited the sending of youth to the Schola in order to prevent further “ideological infection. culture.” Trade Bloc products began shipping off world via an exclusive contract with Khaldeansburg – a seafaring hive in a nearby subsector that would fall to traitor incursion only a few decades later. and the relationship between the two hemispheres became solely economic. Even more startling than the dubious speed of the Bloc's attack. Burke was returned to the commonwealth along with the corpses of his brethren. This new allegiance became known as the Friedengelt Trade Bloc. Due to the harsher weather typical of the southern hemisphere. and only long enough to finish their business. However. However that would change after an incident involving a young Brythanic seminarian named Theophilus Burke. But given the natural resources in the available territory. Under the traitor blockade. Realizing they lacked the mobility or firepower to seize the initiative versus the Bloc. which had pulverized dozens of commonwealth villages and towns. The Commonwealth was desperate to stop the Bloc's advance and built vast trench systems alongside the newly formed border between the two powers. while at the same time compete with each other industrially. and the pace of the war set within the first year. Eventually. Here they agreed to adopt a common currency between them with which they could maintain their nations individuality. After centuries of cultural and territorial gains. While the commonwealth had a sizable military. Commonwealth Quartermasters and Munitorium Officers calculated that the Imperial forces only had enough supplies and munitions to last six or seven years under the Friedengelt siege. the imperial world of Vorsehung lacked a central governing agency. The nation states of the northern hemisphere. Much ground had to be abandoned due to the Friedengelt artillery batteries. Yet after three months. The six or so centuries leading up to the civil war however saw these once largely autonomous nation states galvanize into two primary allegiances. to put it simply. tourist visas to Brythanica were no longer obtainable in the Bloc. Satellites of the commonwealth quickly swore allegiance and lent their aid as well. who would then return to their homelands with Brythanic sympathies. barring the occasional trade or territorial conflict.

the Commonwealth Infantry believed it was the deliverance of the Emperor that brought them through. They arrived on the third night at a ridge just behind the crashed drop pod of the High Marshall in a long abandoned trench section. salvaged. watched as the Templars drop pods plummeted from the heavens like the prophesied meteors of Erastus.” Some believing that the Commonwealth quartermasters had gotten their original calculations wrong. dental fillings. rife with poison gas. Khanbiata and Helbrecht together planned an attack on the Malaise pocket. The six year mark passed. to organize an orbital drop to break the Friedengelt lines. and the tenth. and razor wire. The great Commonwealth cities were gutted for anything that could be used at the front. The no mans land which developed between the lines was equally massive. anything that could be smelt and re-smelt into ammunition was cannibalized. a trench-fortress located deep within Friedengelt lines.Trench lines sprawled for hundreds of kilometers across the borders. silverware. would rest atop iron palanquins carried on the backs of the captured faithful or those unwilling to submit to the ruinous powers that had provided for them. As the decades passed the lines shifted back and forth. and the twentieth. the Black Templars announced their imminent arrival. fervently petitioning the Emperors saints for deliverance and stewardship. the Templars were scattered and isolated across the traitor lines. Truly. and had actually only bothered to pass by the world for the possibility of recapturing the Friedengelt foundries for the sake of bolstering the supply lines of nearby theatres. Whispered orders to affix bayonets. crawling through the treacherous mud. Kaiser Fleischbach. The once verdant pastureland became a blasted Emperor forsaken wasteland. Statues of previous regents and heroes. Worst of all. barracks and field hospitals. punctuated by pockets of artillery batteries. the Commonwealth staunchly refuting any quarter. pinned down by enemy artillery. others that the Brythanics were simply immaculate stewards of their resources. several kilometers wide in some places. He contacted the Arch-Tactician of the Commonwealth forces. the poison night sky red with thirty years of afterglow and anti-flak explosions. and detonated frequently. and the entire coalition developed a spartan lifestyle. the deliverance of the Emperor had arrived. The grenadiers. and the assault times were miscommunicated to the infantry. minefields. rail lines. while at the same time the Brythanic Grenadiers. The Trade Bloc however. but not gaining any ground. The years wore on. And after a grueling thirty two years of attrition. and other traps – devoid of any life. Even the great royal houses were not exempt. would exploit the hole made by the Astartes. graciously donating their pleasure barges and mirrored courting aprons to the cause of the faithful. hearing of the miraculous survival of the commonwealth. adorned their armour and vehicles with ornate bronze filament and gilded draperies – decadent in their resplendence. In the dread blackness the Colonel Commissar rallied his men for the final charge. the Templars were astounded to find any remaining faithful alive on Vorsehung. The Royal 18th led by the Veteran ColonelCommissar Irwin Rammelmeir began a three day crawl across the wastes into the Malaise Pocket. and rationed. Baron Ananias Khanbiata IV. The templars would make planetfall among the complex. and sapper tunnel entrances. in grotesque mockeries of the commonwealth scarcity. When they arrived. Labyrinthine tunnel sections mirrored their above ground counterparts. the Friedengelt troopers quickly became a hated symbol of treachery. Their officers. Everything was counted. prepared to make planetfall himself. The ecclesiarchy raised hundreds of front line tabernacles which hosted twenty four hour prayer abbots. and they were to be the instruments through which he would bring it forth. the Friedengelt unable to gain the initiative. Mechanicus Statiticians argue to this day over what became known as the “Vorsehung Providence Anomaly. the High Marshall and his retinue were stranded amidst the trench-complex of the Malaise complex. or vast portraits of the Great Saint spelled out in fresh ammunition discovered in no mans land. Companies of scavengers were conscripted to scour no mans land for spent shell casings. However. and then the seventh. Rammelmeir pointed to the sky and said “As the stars of judgment fall Vorsehung Grenadiers 25 . reused. Together they would march into the supreme Friedengelt Headquarters. with new sections being dug. due to a mix of Friedengelt spies and a fierce atmospheric tempest. neither force gaining ground for too long before being pushed back again. The grenadiers were left flat footed and began the advance much too late. discovered. The anomaly is currently under investigation by the Sisters Sororitas. veteran companies of the Commonwealth forces. and force the submission of The Blaspheme Kaiser and his retinue. park benches. High Marshall Helbrecht. A number of legends still circulate of soldiers in the midst of battle removing empty clips only to find them full to the brim again. grenades primed. Led by the traitor warden. often the fattest and most satiated among them.

the traitors were unnerved. Fighting against horrendous traitor and xeno alike. Royal Vorsehung Grenadiers. an experimental unit composed of refugees from the 18th's last campaign on Golgotha has been trained at the Schola Psykana for use as Sanctioned Psykers. Vorsehung once again was under uncontested imperial rule. Their supply lines cut. For the Emperor. For Helbrecht. and the long road of purging the remaining populace began. Their most recent involvement in the battle for Dionysus will see the deployment of the 18th. alongside the 72nd and 9th Artillery Batteries and the 55th Royal Army Ordnance Corps. the 18th participated in dozens of theatres across the sector and beyond. Helbrecht and the 18th continued on toward the Friedengelt reserve capitol. with the rest of the grenadiers exploiting the long awaited hole in the Trade Bloc lines. and 41st. so our fists fall upon the traitor legions. and will be seeing action in the upcoming theatre. gaining for themselves a reputation for their small supply requisitions and stubborn denial of territory – specializing in resisting siege warfare and battles of attrition.upon them. The Templars were impressed by the nigh emaciated supply structure of the Commonwealth forces. 26 Vorsehung Grenadiers . In addition. Dubbed the Royal Vorsehung Grenadiers. Helbrecht personally oversaw the founding of the Royal Grenadiers as a legitimate Imperial Guard Regiment. and bestowed upon the 18th a number of Holy Bolters as a gift for their daring advance. OVER THE TOP!” A withering array of grenades fell upon the startled traitors. and soon a hail of bayonets accompanied by the advancing swords of the Knights Templar along with them. and soon the supreme headquarters was in imperial hands. The 18th and Helbrecht swept through the enemy trench complex with a fury of sword and flame. surrenders came easily – pardons did not. The time is now. For the Commonwealth. as well as their as- tounding faithfulness. 40th.

Fifth Legion planning The White Scars Armies Commander: Korsoro Khan. silver plated.Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Leery of being committed to a poorly planned impeOfficial Name: White Scars Third Comrial offensive of which they had no part in pany. Champions of the opposing forces on Dionysus after the crusade fleet was defeated will have their skulls cleaned. and used to decorate the bikes of their slayers. scattered. Reason For Being Involved: ReinforceKhan has granted the right of trophy to his ments for the initial crusade wave landed troops. White Scars 27 . Force Disposition: Third Company White Commander of the Third Company Scars plus supporting elements. bronzed.

The Raven Guard Official Name: Raven guard 3rd Company Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Battle wary but determined. and Techmarines Librarians and Chaplains. along with armour from the motor Shrike pool. Reason For Being Involved: On Crusade in a nearby system and answered the call Led by Shadow Captain Shrike. Force Disposition: The entire third comArmies Commander: Shadow Captain pany. and supto help the Crimson Fists ported by Captain Jacob Peregrinus 28 Raven Guard .

Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: High at the beginning Force Disposition: Third Task Force Grey Knights 29 .Grey Knights Commander: Grand Master Co’llun Reason For Being Involved: A grand surge of demonic energy alerted him to the planet. and they must purge it.

ninth scout company. The chasing remnants of The Purge from a pre. The entire 3rd company. Official Name: Marines Optimi Task Force Moral At Beginning Of Conflict: Very Maximus high. coming off a campaign of victory against The Purge. vious campaign who have taken refuge on 30 Marines Optimi .Marines Optimi Dionysus. Armies Commander: Grand Chaplain Maximus Force Disposition: Members of the first Dreadnought Company (Brother Librarian Reason For Being Involved: They are Zachrous).

Undaunted by thousands of years aboard ship. Originally tasked with the defense of the expansion fleet and the settling of an outlying system planet the chapter was pulled mostly from existing scout and assault squads from the Blood Angels Legion assuming training and requirement would happen in route.M41) Traitor’s Punishment .M41). The main idea to found a forge world chapter home that could be an outpost for far reaching ships and a foot hold for explorers and Rogue Traders. During the 10. The fleet commander. 2 days into their first warp jump the fleet was dumped out of the warp by a major shockwave.Marines Optimi – Blood Angels Lost Second Founding Created as part of an exploratory and expansion force in 021.M41) Golden Protector – Nova Class Frigate (finished 497. the Imperial Forge Ship Glorious Hammer set sail from dock at Titan with her battle barge escorts tailing behind. and began to send the fleet out seeking to crush the enemies of the Emperor of Mankind.M41) Loyal Wrath – Strike Cruiser (finished 625. Chapter Master Zachele Kiegle declared the Forge ship Glorious Hammer to be the chapters new home.Nova Class Frigate 3rd Fleet: (commissioned 755.Strike Cruiser (finished 553. which killed all the astropaths aboard the fleet. After a long period of trials and questioning the chapter was approved loyal by Inquisitor Cail Markos (250.M41) Heaven Bound – Gladius Class Frigate (Under construction 002.Strike Cruiser Loyalty’s Seal .000 years since they had set out.M31 between the Adeptus Astartes and Adeptus Mechanicus. The only hints of what may have happened lay in large biomass sections found floating in the area closest to the lifeless star. and set about doing what his chapter had been tasked with nearly 10 thousand years earlier.Hunter Class Destroyer Rights of Blood .Gladius Class Frigate Traitor’s Demise . Tasked with completing the mission they first were tasked they set off once more to find their home. A short and uneventful trip later found them looking at a set of dead worlds stripped bare of the life that had once thrived there.M34.Gladius Class Frigate Glorious Battle – Nova Class Frigate 2nd Fleet: Blade of Blood .Hunter Class Destroyer 1st Fleet: Wings of Blood . The first (and only) ship in its class.M41) Titan’s Soil – Gladius Class Frigate (finished 955. The first warp jump would prove to be their undoing. This only deepened the wound when finding a loyal planet. unlivable and destroyed in the 10. each Optimi Angel constantly fighting the rage that built inside of them for thousands of years. Optimi Battle Fleet: Home Fleet: Forge Ship Glorious Hammer (Fortress Hammer of the Emperor) Population 230 Million Glories’ Shield – Strike Cruiser Hammer’s Blow – Strike Cruiser Fist of Blood – Hunter Class Destroyer Ancients Fury . Smooth sailing to the warp jump point set the crews at ease for a quiet and clean journey into the unknown.Gladius Class Frigate Reason’s Fire . Her destination the new supposed home in the Dominion of Storms area of Segmentum Ultima.M42) Optimi Armory: Led by – Tech Brother Ukobach 40 Techmarines 250 Servitors 40 Predators 25 Baal Predators 20 Vindicators 40 Whirlwinds 17 Land Raiders 43 Stormraven Gunships Optimi Forces of Battle: Chapter Commander: Zachele Kiegle – “High Commander of the Host” Grand High Chaplain: Jobe – “Keeper of the Faith” Chief Librarian: Ayperos Botis – “The Master of Time” High Blood Pact Priest: Malacai – “Saint of the Blood” 13 Blood Pact Priests 7 Unassigned Librarians Marines Optimi 31 .Battle Barge (finished 755.Gladius Class Frigate Blessed Rampage .Battle Barge Moment’s Excellence .M41) Hand of Redemption . as the forces of the Emperor didn’t recognize them.000-year transit time between the point they dropped out of warp space and the time they finally found a loyal planet to report changed the chapter’s marines.Battle Barge Fist of the Heavens – Strike Cruiser Angry Spirit . the chapter was forced to slowly begin the process of selecting new recruits from the forge ship’s crew to replace the few dark souls who succumbed to the rage in their hearts. being that the chapter had been declared lost and destroyed in 401. with no other real option began to run at full cruising speed toward the nearest inhabited sector.

First Company – Dreadnought Company– “Glorious Dead” Captain – Koi High Chaplain – Sirgento Librarian – Zarcharis 50 Dreadnoughts 10 Veteran Tech Marines Second Company – Veteran Company – “Defenders of Reason” Captain – Obi Vious “the Bold” High Chaplain – Maximus “the Strong” Librarian – Thomas “the Stout” 6 Tactical Squads 3 Assault Squads 1 Devastator Squad Third Company – Battle Company – “Knights of Blood” Captain – Obadiah Cain High Chaplain – Peter Santhem (MIA 001.M42 at Medusa V) Librarian – Mathew Desantos 5 Tactical Squads 5 Assault Squads 2 Dreadnoughts 4th Company – Battle Company – “Iron Wall” Captain – Jonah High Chaplain – Rath Librarian – Underlene 5 Tactical Squads 5 Assault Squads 2 Dreadnoughts 5th Company – Tactical Company – “The Armored Fist” Captain – High Chaplain – Librarian – 10 Tactical Squads 6th Company – Assault Company – “Thrusting Spear” Captain – High Chaplain – Librarian – 10 Assault Squads 7th Company – Assault Company – “Rending Teeth” Captain – High Chaplain – Librarian – 10 Assault Squads 8th Company – Devastator Company – “Death’s Reach” Captain – High Chaplain – Librarian – 10 Devastator Squads 9th Company – “The Learned” Captain = Roy Davies Chaplain – Cory Steves Librarian – None Assigned 10 Scout Squads 10th Company – “The Unwashed Masses” (Captain) Brother Sergeant – Valafar Chaplain – None Assigned Librarian – None Assigned 10 Veteran Sergeants 500 Training Neophytes 32 Marines Optimi .


The points limit per faction will be 14. 2.Dionysis Campaign Rules Format: The campaign will last a total of ten weeks. 3. Their break down is as follows: 7 Battles Zones each worth up to 10 CVPs each Sector War worth up to 20 CVPs Total Final Apocalypse game worth up to 10 CVPs The outcome of the war on Dionysus will not only determine fate of the planet itself but also the campaign footing (and factions involved!) for the next Kettil's Keep 40k campaign. The campaign will last five two week turns. The scenario used for a Sector Battle can be chosen by the players in any manner that they wish. Games played for Zone battles will use armies of 1500 points. Sector Battle: These battles take place in the same sector of Dionysus but not necessarily on Dionysus herself. 4. the give and take of territory and so forth. In other words as long as you keep winning your list remains the same. there will be a final apocalypse battle involving the armies committed to the ground battle on Dionysus. At this time these battles are TBA. and its effect on the imperial war effort. Sector Battles will be recorded on a "Sector Battle Results Card" provided by the Keep. The results of this battle will be recorded by Shane and Nate and added to the campaign total.000 points. culminating in a final apocalypse battle. These battles will be fought on a scheduled time line for specific territories and involve only those armies committed to the ground conflict. There will be up to 100 CVPs available during the course of the campaign. Battles here represent the stability of the Gerbersian sector as a whole. Set Piece Battles: This last type of battle will be specially organized home brew scenarios that may award minor boons and small advantages to the winner(s). The armies involved can be any selected from any legal army list and up to any agreed upon points limit. Zone Battle : These battles take place on the planet Dionysus herself and represent the tactical ground war. Battle Zone games will use the victory track described later in this book to determine scenarios played. Results of Zone Battle games will be reported to Shane or Nate. Victory on Dionysus!: The winning faction of the campaign will be whichever faction has the highest total Campaign Victory Points (CVPs). and lists cannot be changed unless the player wishing to change his army list has lost his last game. Final Apocalypse Battle: As the name suggests. If any on planet force cannot make the apocalypse game and/or a faction cannot come up with sufficient points appropriate armies from the sector war may be used. There will be basically four types of battles taking place during "The Fate of Dionysus" campaign: 1. Additionally top performing armies may even gain some special benefits if their army participates in the next campaign as well! 34 Campaign Rules .

This battle is a "Annihilation" battle fought with a deployment type chosen by the defender as his army fights a rear guard. the defending player's retreating army fights for its life against the "attacker". they have longer supply lines. instead of going to victory points the draw counts as a win for the defender.battle missions book with the defender taking on ment type used. There can be no draws so use victory points as detailed in the back of the rulebook to break ties. The "attacker" picks an adjacent tile to a jacent tile to a tile they control in their zone and tile they control in their zone and fights a battle to fights a battle to gain control of it. This battle is another "Capture and control" mission with once again the deployment type chosen by the defender. These victory tracks are attached to each zone. Additionally. The winner of this game has cracked the front lines of their opponent and moves to Position "I" as the attacker. their territory captured. Progress along each track will be recorded in the campaign folder by Shane or Nate.ing army is amongst the defender's reinforcements tacker" pushes into enemy controlled ground intent and has perhaps operated too long without respite. The "attacker" picks an adtacker.Bowed but unbroken the defender rallies and fights inforcements to try and halt the advance of the at. The defending army brings up re. Position "IV" Holy throne this "attacker" is an absolute crusher! Position "I" This "attacker" though may be too bold.Victory Track Victory Track: This campaign uses a victory track that is progressed as more and more games are won by a single faction in a single zone. If the "attacker" wins the defenders rear line is broken just as the first was. If the "attacker" wins then he the roll of the tau. As one side wins more and more battles it becomes more difficult for them to keep winning as their forces are stretched out over more territory. the "attacker" gains the tile for his faction in that zone and continues to position "III" Position "III" The "Attacker's" army has reached a hastily constructed rear line of the defending player's army. and in order to maintain momentum they cannot reorganize. This mission gain control of it. so if a winning army is transferred away from the zone where they won three games their track stays with that zone and they will pick up the track position at the new zone they've been deployed to. This battle is a "seize ground" takes the form of the "fighting withdrawal" from the mission where the attacker chooses the deploy. on capturing it. Note that kill points are not used at all. The defenders on the other hand are closer to their supplies and can reorganize to defeat the attackers army. The "attacker" picks an adjacent tile to a tile they control in their zone and fights a battle to gain control of it. and the army being deployed to the vacated zone would play the next game there at position "III". the attackTrying to capitalizing on previous success the "at. Additionally if the game is a draw. gains the tile for his faction in that zone and continues to position "II" as the attacker. the "attacker" gains the tile for his faction in that zone and continues to position "IV" Position "0" No side has the advantage and neither one is deemed the "attacker". As soon as a victory streak is broken then the track resets to position "0". instead use the rules for victory points exclusively. The game is a "capture and control" scenario using a randomly chosen deployment type as detailed in the warhammer 40k rulebook. If the "attacker" wins the retreating army is badly mauled and scattered. instead of all mem Campaign Rules 35 . The "attacker" picks an adjacent tile to a tile they control in their zone and fights a battle to gain control of it. Position "II" Their line shattered.to finally halt the blitz.

is attached to the zone. This turn follows the normal rules for the victory track (this Week 1(March 31st): Thursday nights will be means that all zones will either be at position "0" campaign nights. There will be seven zones to be deployed Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. If any of the two zone battle games allowing options: per zone remain to be played at this time and no arrangements have been made to complete the 1. After both factions have the night of April the 21st will count as winning the turned in their deployments they will be deployed unplayed game(s). he gains the tile for his faction paign turn.game(s) then any appropriate fill in army can be versal special rule. on the campaign map as marked.Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. All defending units have the "Hit and run" uni. Games do not need to be played or position "III" with the imperials as attackers). plete the game(s) then any appropriate fill in army can be used. Chaos victories will merely deployments they will be deployed on the campaign map result in no change of territory. All defending units have the "Stubborn" univer. If any of the two zone battle as detailed later. game(s). Week 4(April 21st): The second week of the secEach tile will be worth a certain amount of CVPs ond campaign turn. on this night. in. 36 Campaign Rules . Note that the victory track the campaign ends. After both factions have turned in their in that zone and continues to play this mission in deployments they will be deployed on the camsubsequent games until the defender can win or paign map as marked. Once per game at the start of one of his shoot. Regardless if they win or loose Week 5(April 28th): This week forces may be rethat first game they will move to position "II". Six of these zones will consist of seven planetary empire tiles and one of the zones will have six. Starting number of tiles controlled games per zone remain to be played at this time by each faction is set from the start. If no fill in army can be found or arranged then the faction whose player is present the night 2.of April the 7th will count as winning the unplayed sal special rule. After both factions have turned in their capture any territory. For the rest of the turn Week 3(April 14th): This week forces may be reall defending units have "furious charge" and "fleet" deployed. Due to the imperials successful planet fall the imperials will Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. Each faction will note down secretly that though they move on to the next position on where each army will be deployed for this camthe victory track they still must win the game to paign turn. Note deployed.bers of the defenders army having "hit and run" Week 2(April 7th): The second week of the first universal special rule they may choose one of the campaign turn. 3. Each faction will note down secretly where each army will be deployed for this camIf the "attacker" wins. Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. used. but this is when deployments will be decided. Two games and no arrangements have been made to commust be played per zone per each two week turn. ing phases the defending player can execute a devastating counter attack. If no fill in army can be found or During the first week each faction will in secret note arranged then the faction whose player is present down their deployment. not the army. begin as the "attacker" and begin at position "I" on the victory track.

Note that the victory track is attached to the zone. Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. not the army. not the army. Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. Week 8(May 19th): The second week of the forth campaign turn.as marked. After both factions have turned in their deployments they will be deployed on the campaign map as marked. If any of the two zone battle games per zone remain to be played at this time and no arrangements have been made to complete the game(s) then any appropriate fill in army can be used. Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. This turn follows the normal Campaign Rules 37 . Note that the victory track is attached to the zone. Week 6(May 5th): The second week of the third campaign turn. Week 7(May 12th): This week forces may be redeployed. If no fill in army can be found or arranged then the faction whose player is present the night of May the 19th will count as winning the unplayed game(s). This turn follows the normal rules for the victory track. If any of the two zone battle games per zone remain to be played at this time and no arrangements have been made to complete the game(s) then any appropriate fill in army can be used. This turn follows the normal rules for the victory track. Note that the victory track is attached to the zone. Week 9(May 26th): Forces may be redeployed. If no fill in army can be found or arranged then the faction whose player is present the night of May the 5th will count as winning the unplayed game(s). Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. After both factions have turned in their deployments they will be deployed on the campaign map as marked. not the army. Each faction will note down secretly where each army will be deployed for this campaign turn. Each faction will note down secretly where each army will be deployed for this campaign turn.

This CVP is included in the ten available CVPs in each zone. If any of the two zone bat. Any number of Sector Battle games can be played. If no fill in army can be found or previously. Week 10(June 2nd): The second week of the fifth and final campaign turn.Last bits: If a faction gets completely ousted from tle games per zone remain to be played at this time a zone it will fight on in that zone but without holdand no arrangements have been made to com. 38 Campaign Rules .Final Battle: The final Apocalypse battle will be scheduled as soon as possible to allow the maxiAny number of Sector Battle games can be played. If it wins a position "I" game as plete the game(s) then any appropriate fill in army the "attacker" it will retake the last territory it lost can be used. For each zone that is controlled entirely arranged then the faction whose player is present by one faction at the end of week 10 that controlthe night of June the 2nd will count as winning the ling faction will receive an extra CVP.ing any territory. mum number of committed ground war armies to attend. rules for the victory track. unplayed game(s).

. Land Speeders of the Raven Guard perform hit and run attacks against Chaos Marine outposts.Death Korps of Krieg Engineers meet resistance underground from Bedlam Hoplites as they attempt to get thier Hades Breeching Drill into position.

Pyre. standing with them are members of the White Scars. the Word Bearers legion of Chaos Space Marines have held dominion over the beleaguered world of Dionysis-Prime. The Crimson Fists. & More . The Word Bearers have not spent their time idle. and two Imperial Guard armies. K ettil’s Keep Games. have since regrouped and prepared a crusade to retake the planet. and heretic Relictors. having built an army of Daemons and recruited Night Lords. Movies. Raven Guard. War has begun. Hobbies. Marines Optimi. Grey Knights. Red Corsairs.For over a century. The Crimson Fists are not alone. The fate of a system and perhaps even a sector hangs in the balance. Purge. who lost a fortress during the first war for Dionysis. the Death Korps of Krieg and Vorsehung Grenadiers. Miniatures.

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