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Latest developments in Misurata, May 18, 2011
Last night (May 17) freedom fighters readied themselves in case of a possible surprise attack by Gaddafi forces. This morning (May 18), freedom fighters launched an attack against Gaddafi forces from both the west and east. There was heavy fighting between both sides. Freedom fighters advanced through the eastern region, reaching until downtown Taorghae. They reclaimed a large amount of goods that were stolen from Misurata. Gaddafi forces then attacked freedom fighters with GRAD missiles and mortar rockets, forcing freedom fighters to withdraw and take position on the outskirts of Misurata.

One of the freedom fighters was martyred during the fighting yesterday, and several others were injured. A number of Gaddafi's forces were captured. Current Situation

Calm in Misurata City Misurata has been calm for the past few days with no instances of indiscriminate shelling of neighbourhoods. Any fighting is limited to the borders of Misurata. Yesterday, women and children demonstrated in central Misurata and the youth cleaned the inner streets and main roads. There are continued efforts to return the city to what it was. Some Services Restored Water and electricity has been returned to most areas of the city. The city, however, is still suffering from shortages in communication and the cut in supply of cooking gas. The sewage system remains completely broken down. The hospitals are still short of medicine and medical equipment, and the number of wounded continues to increase each day due to the fighting between freedom fighters and Gaddafi forces. Google Map Links 1. Zlitan , Souk Al-Thulatha and Naimah

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