Application Team Tryouts Name Address City Telephone (home) Telephone (other) E-mail (s) Age Birth date Sex

: M F State Zip Date

School/Grade or Occupation Reason for joining team How long have you been skating How frequently do you skate Where do you skate How frequently do you skate at local skateparks Who is the best local skater you know Participated in any organized skateboarding contest (where/when) Did you rank Every belong to a skate team (where/when) Rate your skating 1-bad/10-great: Street Ramp/bowl/park

By signing this form I attest that I an aware of the responsibilities, requirements and time commitment when joining the “team” and I am capable of fully complying. I further confirm that there I have no physical restrictions or impediments that my participation in team try-outs or exercises would endanger my well being.

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