Howerd Hols McLydik BSEd-English Trolling University Basic Education Department Name: Year/Sec.

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Reading Comprehension Directions: Read the letter below and answer the questions that follow. Encircle the letter of your answer. 1. What event is going to happen based on the letter? a. Anniversary b. Birthday c. Baptismal d. Seminar 2. What is the relationship of the letter sender to the receiver of the letter? a. Sister b. Friend c. Cousin d. Daughter 3. Whose address should appear in the heading? a. Receiver b. Sender c. Post-office d. Postman 4. What other possible complimentary close can be applied in the letter? a. Respectfully, b. Forever yours, c. Your friend, d. Goodbye, 5. What type of letter is the given example? a. Letter of excuse b. Letter of invitation c. Letter of inquiry d. Letter of application

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