GENERIC NAME: Zinc Sulfate BRAND NAME: Zincate CLASSIFICATION: Mineral and electrolyte replacements/supplements ACTION INDICATION


Serves as a cofactor for many enzymatic reactions. Required for normal growth and tissue repair, wound healing and sense of taste and smell. Dosage: 10 mg/ml 2 ml OD

Replacement and supplementation therapy in patients who are at risk for zinc deficiency.

Hypersensitivity or allergy to any components in the formulation. Use cautiously in renal failure

• • •

Gastric irritation Nausea Vomiting

Monitor progression of zinc deficiency symptoms during therapy. Encourage patient to comply with the diet recommendation. Ask the patient to notify any of the healthcare team if the he feels nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or tarry stools occur Emphasize the importance follow up exams

. Measure intake and output. Assess location and severity of edema 2. EVALUATION .Name of patient: Andrei Bendita Age: 3 years old edema Gender: Male Chief Complaint: Periorbital ASSESSMENT Subjective: “Medyo namamaga po yung mata ko kahapon pa” Objective: • Periorbital edema • Input is greater than output Measurement: • T: 36. 3. Daily weight 5.9 C • CR: 132 bpm • RR: 25 cpm • BP: 110/70 DIAGNOSIS Excess fluid volume related to failure of regulatory mechanism (inflammation of the glomerular membrane inhibiting filtration)as manifested by swelling of the cheeks. Measure edematous face 4. In PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION 1.