WDM Clearing out the System Log

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December 2008

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Wyse Customer Support
Summary One of the symptoms of Wyse Device Manager running slowly is the System Log is full and needs to be cleaned up. The System Log can become full is the Logging Services in WDM is set to Debug. This Tech Note covers clearing out the System Log for Wyse Device Manager as well as setting Logging Services off of Debug. Audience Customers, 1st / 2nd Level Support, and Systems Engineering Group. Affected Products Wyse Device Manager Issues If Wyse Device Manager is running very slowly, the System Log may need to be cleaned up Procedure/Solution 1. Verify the System Logs are not set to Debug. From the Wyse Device Manager console -> Configuration Manager -> Preferences -> Logging Preferences. Make certain all of the Logging Services are not set to Debug. (the default settings is Warnings)

2. Clear out the System Log with MDTools. Note that the completion of these steps will require a reboot of the WDM server. Download MDTools from this site:

Note that .NET is required for MDTools to run. If it is not on the WDM server, install .NET. Extract the .exe file and copy MDTools to the desktop of the Wyse Device Manager server.
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Wyse Customer Support
Run MDTools. Click on the “Browse” ( ) button to select the Database Server name

Enter Username of sa Enter the password of ThinMgmt_451 Under the “Select which table to view” window, select “Server” and press “View”. Under the “Select which table to Clear” window, select “System Log” and press “Clear”. Type in the word “DELETE” to confirm Reboot the server.

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