Assignment 2- ITD12102 Group AMD ± TECHNOLOGY Muhammad Aiman B MD Ghazali Muhammad Hazran Hafiz B Ahmad

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Questions 1. Your grade report came in the mail today. On the grade report. Your grade point average (GPA) is not what you expect. After computing it manually, you discover that the GPA on your grade report is incorrect. What might be causing the error? Specify your answer. [5 M] Answery Incorrect formula used to calculate grades -technically there are known formulae to calculate the GPA , when the formulae which is entered is wrong , therefore the result in calculating GPA will be deflected ..

y One or more of your grades is higher or lower than you expect -Basically when one or more grades is higher or lower than we expected that it will affect the results for GPA calculation

2. Assuming there are blind students in your college, what are the suitable forms of computer input and output for use of document processing with blind students? Describe briefly how these devices work. [ 10M] Answer Using Voice output for blind student Voice output is very important for blind student as they can¶t view what is projected on the screen [monitor] , Voice output basically explain in detail using narrative which is easier to be understood by blind student Speech output systems can be used to read screen text to computer users who are blind. Special software programs (called screen readers) "read" computer screens and speech synthesizers "speak" the text. The availability of earphones for individuals using speech output systems can reduce the distractions for others nearby. . However student still may face few obstacle as they are not in real-time viewing the display output but just receive the output in hearing.  Using Braille¶s Key label KEYBOARD Most individuals who are blind use standard keyboards, however, Braille input devices are available. Braille key labels can assist with keyboard use. Aid by the Braille codes , a person must be prepared with Braille Code knowledge in order to use this feature.

3. You insert an optical disc with digital photos from your most recent family vacation, and discover that your computer will not read the optical disc. What might be wrong? [5M] Answer Inaccessable Media
y Disc might not have been finalized - A non-finalized disc can be played on a CD recorder, but it will not play on a CD-ROM

or CD audio player.
Disc format is not compatible with your operating system -There are few types of data format in a disc , might be cant be read due to incompatible format



Computer requires additional drivers -Optical drive requires certain driver in order to read information on certain type of data format eg. 6.1.7600.16385 by Microsoft is used to read and edit media from both DVD and CD

4. Recently, you purchased a USB flash drive that you plan to use store work related files. When you attempt to store a file on the USB flash drive, the computer displays an error message indicating that the file will not fit. How could a brand new USB flash drive not have enough room to store the first file you attempted to store on it? [8M] Answery File might be too large for the drive -There are various amount of the size of the data that can be stored on a USB FLASH Drive , for eg. 2GB , 4GB , 8GB , however there is a space reservation allocated on the drive for filesys. File that attempted to be stored might be larger that the drive capacity .


Drive might be bad -Drive may be corrupted due to bad file process in the disk , it may be formatted if the filesys is not yet corrupted , since the drive is bad , Data cannot be stored on the drive until it is fixed.


Drive might be write protected -This are basic feature in certain drive to ensure data protection to prevent data from being overwrite or deleted .

5. Your company has just given a new computer to replace your current, outdated computer. Because of the negative environmental impact of throwing the computer away, your supervisor has asked you to suggest options for its disposal. How will you respond? [ 7M]  I will suggested him to : a ) proper disposal of Monitor parts ± the monitor contains about 4 pounds of lead and I cant be disposed easily , therefore , it must be disposed according to its proper method , all parts of the monitor which is recyclable should be recycled whenever possible. b ) Ask around to see if anyone could use the old computer ± in order to continue using the old computer , I should ask around for any person that is interested in using the computer , although it is old , but it is still useful and it provide benefits to user until it is fully broken . c ) Organize second hand selling day ± in order to collect small amounts of profits , we don¶t we organize this ³ second hand selling day ³ which is might be a hot deal among user that prefer to used second hand item . at least there is a small amount of profit that may be useable for maintenance work for the new computer in the company

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