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1) Name of the Firm:

2) Date of Establishments:

3) Number of Stores:

4) Present Formats:

5) Name & Designation of the Person Interviewed:

6) Number of Employees:

7) What is the profile of Human Resources in Firm?

• As per Functionality

• As per Education

• As per Gender

• As per Experience

8) In what way does the management of human resources play a vital role in a retailer’s

9) How do retailers build a sustainable competitive advantage by developing and managing

their human resources?

10) What activities do retail employees undertake, and how are they typically organized?

11) How does a retailer coordinate employees’ activities, and motivate them to work toward
the retailer’s goals?

12) What are the human resource management programs for building a committed

13) How do retailers manage diversity among their employees?

14) What is the objective of HRM with respect to Short term Productivity & Long term

15) What are the main HRM issues which the Industry is facing & the firm as well?

16) And what are the challenges as per Work Environment & Employees?

17) What are the ways through which Croma is solving the problems?

18) What is the attitude of a fresher towards the life of Retail Employee?
19) Which points are undertaken to judge the proper candidate who can prove themselves
as an asset?

20) And what about Part timers; are they really an asset to the retailers? How many part
timers are working in Croma?

21) Any comments on Shrinkage and Pilferage?

22) How the Employment Marketing is or rather branding is done in Croma?

23) How empowering employees is carried? (Viz. decision making.)

24) At what intervals the interaction is done between the management and the employees?

25) How bonding and relationship is is made and maintained in Croma?

26) What does HR does to make store atmosphere to be congenial and

worker friendly?
27) Do women are gaining lot of importance in Retail Industry?

28) How fairer sex is better than male as an employee in Croma?

29) How the above issues which you said, can be solved?

30) Is Job hopping done at all the levels of Management? And how serious is the issue?

31) How Croma is winning the Talent War?

32) Any live example of employee issue which Croma wants to share as a part of learning
experience for everyone?

33) One Good & One Bad, on the part of company as well as on the part of employee?