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(last week)

With in the first Ninety minutes of landing in Las Vegas I had managed to kick a cab door closed as I screamed "Go fuck yourself" to a dick ass Cab driver, drink four beers and a double shot of Jack, down one coffee, yelled "Go Sharks" to a pack of Red Wings loyalists on accident (I'm not even a hockey fan) get a blister on my left ankle, walk into two farts, tried to kick another car that had ran a red light(and missed, which pissed me off even more) and got propositioned by one of the oldest prostitutes on Las Vegas Boulevard that may have been a man in drag.

I went to bed that night and all I could think of over and over in my mind (besides being pissed that I had forgotten my Melatonin) was God Bless America.

Welcome to Nielzine #79

I was sitting in a Bar the other day with a drinkin' buddy and out pops from his mouth "Name the top five Frontman of all times"(Rock/Metal). These questions always bring "loud banter" of complete drunkin' bullshit. I love that. Nothing better than wasting 45 minutes of your life on really important shit. The funny part is I'm not sure we came up with just five. We seemed to branch off in all directions at the end. Was limi Hendrix a Frontman? I say "yes" but my buddy says "no". In my opinion he was the ultimate. Frontman and lead guitarist. Super gnarly. But then again I probably don't know the rules of "Banddom" (is that a word?) because I can't bang two rocks together. My Buddy seemed to put him in another category. Another branch of the Rock Family Tree.

My drinkin' buddy (Who is the lead singer (frontman) for The Down Valley Kings) put out his arms and hushed me with the "O.k, here goes mine. O.k my personal favorites alright" (Those pints of "Waldo" by Lagunitas kicking in) "o.k, first ok, is by far Freddie Mercury, o.k" then points and bends back his pointer finger" Second o.k , is Jim Morrison, o.k". ( and then well I forget the order myself. I too was on the 'Waldo" and was trying to listen to him while I tried to compile my own list). It somehow ended with (In no particular order) Robert Plant, Bon Scott and Steven Tyler. But like I said before, we never really nailed just five, We said Axl Rose and David Lee Roth. We said Dio and Bruce Dickenson. I veered off and said Joey Ramone and Lemmy (as usual).

In the end we both agreed that it was David Lee Roth and wanted to go listen to Fair Warning (Lord, strike that poor boy down) and drink more beer while doing ninja kicks in the air.

At the end we just got soar throats trying to prove our points on who was "The best Frontman ever". Again a complete waste oftime that I would like to pass on to you the reader.

Just Some Dude, Nielzine

Name the top five (Rock/Heavy Metal) Frontmen of all time!! Results next issuel! Stay tuned for more Rock and Roll Radio!!

Velveeta Libido by

Nick Sex

Who's the man with the indoor tan smoking that shit from Disneyland?

His corduroy moves and alligator boots his slicked back hair and thrift store suits.

He'll taxi uptown and he'll taxi downtown just to find the right party just to boogie down.

He's the man in leather at the handle bar he's the boy with his hand in the cookie jar.

Who's the dude with all the moves? Listen up fools I'll tell you who.

If it's Friday night and he's in a pink tuxedo .... he's the one they callVelveeta Libido.

Who's the cat with the waxed mustache at the airport bar with a fistful of cash?

Tea bag eyes and smoke stained knuckles in aqua Velva and gold belt buckles.

He can't be seen in daylight hours the mirror ball gives him all his powers. He'll dance the tits off all the chicks with flailing limbs and the grinding hips. Who's that dad with the two left feet?

Wake up son its plain to see!

He's the pai gow shark of online casinos ... he's the one they callVelveeta Libido.

Who's that gent with the odd accent smell of sweet and peppermints? All night long and nothing to lose.

High on dope and filled with booze.

Who will stop this sex machine?

He's on a of hit of gasoline.

Grabbing ass and popping pills then waking up in Beverly Hills. Who's the man getting shown the door?

Listen here I know the score ...

He's behind the wheel of a grand Torino ... He's got a coke connection in Escondido ... He's the pai gow shark of online casinos, Friday night he's in a pink tuxedo,

An introduction no necesito ... he's the one they call Velveeta Libido.

A political piece (unedited) by, Danielle Britt Pearl

"I have two college degrees and the only way I'll be able to make enough money to rise above the poverty line, on my own, is to sell myself." She had said it aloud and it confussed her more than she had expected it to.

At the time she was sarcastically referring to prostitution, but when she thought about it, she realized there might be a deeper meaning behind it. She thought that selling her body would be easy if she was desperate enough since she wouldn't need to have any money up front, do a lot of business type paperwork, or get permits, She could just decide to do it one day. Though she did understand that the idea of being a whore would be really hard on her psychologically. You know, the shame, the VD's, the self esteem issues, and whatever.

Then, she considered the other ways of selling herself - it proposed a decidedly more frightening alternative. Selling herself to some faceless company, to debt, to some hopeless, crooked dream or, to a mainstream she didn't believe in was more frightening than even the foulest of pimp/ho situations out there. Selling your soul like that would be such a let down, such a frustrating process, so tiring that she would be left numb and speechless.

The young girl with the pretty smile had begun to abuse herself with honesty. She had tried to ignore the awful truth staring her in the face for too long and began to say aloud what she had been stuffmg deep down inside her. Her own words, said aloud, were what she unconsiously used to destroy herself, but she couldn't stop because it made her feel so free.

"Too much freedom can be debilitating" she told Herself, but then shut Herself up as quickly as she could.

" The people in the nice car gave us a dirty look as they drove by. They judged us because we were poor, desperate, and stupid. 'Thanks a lot'. As if we didn't know that already. As if we worked really hard at it because we wanted it this way."

"Wham! She threw herself across the room and bruised her head when she said this one. Her own comment left her weak for days. She wished she could stop because the abuse was really getting to her. She shook herself back into reality and began to think about the people in the nice car. She thought that some people would actually sell themselves just to be the one's judging others instead of the one's being judged, that the people in the nice car probably sold their soul to an awful company in order to have that car and live that dream. She wished that she could tell them that the religious, political, and corporate corrupted dream was wicked and it made them wicked too because they bought into it with their own lives.

"I'd rather fuck someone I didn't know for a living than work for McDonald's or Microsoft." Boom. Smash. Crack. The girl checked to see if she had broken any bones but everything seemed in tact. Her friends nervously laughed and she wondered if it meant anything to them. She wondered if they would sell their bodies or their minds though she secretly knew the answer to the question. She shook the thought out of her head and began to get angry with the people who would do this to her friends, who would buy them for so cheep. She thought of the protesters who vomited on the steps of the federal building during the anti-war protests. It was a happy thought for her.

"This life is murder. I feel like the life is being sucked out of me with every forty hour work week that goes by." Fhew, that was actually an easy one. She sighed softly and

savored the low impact moment. A lone black bird flew across the red-orange sunset sky and her heart soared with it at the beautiful sight. The girl sang the sun goodnight and felt very light. The moon rose to the west of the sunset in a gesture of gratitude and it made her smile. But then ....

"I'm fucking trash as far as they're concerned. If I ever tried to rise above my corporate created caste they would shoot me in the fucking face. Besides, I'm too fucking weak to struggle through this life like that. I'd rather become a drunk." She awoke in the hospital and she couldn't explain to the nurses what had happened. They just shook their heads like they'd seen it happen too many times already, that these people would never learn. They told her about all the ways to get help and left her with a list of 24 hour hotlines.

The girl had to stop the comments because she had become so broken that she couldn't even see anyone anymore. She felt ashamed and worthless; friends and family had already been so nervous around her before the "accident". But what could she say now, , I fell down the stairs' ? It would all be too cliche and nobody would believe her anyway. The girl broke down and talked to someone from one of the 24 hour hotlines who told her to watch lots of 'feel good' movies and television, try to go out on a date, concentrate on the good things in life. She decided to say nice things. Yes, nice things. Saying nice things is what girls should do. At least maybe then the boys would like her.







I finally started my own band! Heavy Rescue! The Baddest Heavy Metal band in the Universe! Sometimes I am the lead singer and sometimes I am the lead guitarist. I am also proud to announce a Summer North American Tourl

Did I mention this is an "out of body experience" band? The other night I was laying on my back in the living room and enjoying the vibrant fruits of Northern California and I suddenly drifted up the chimney. Catapulting through the sky on a Flying V guitar. Galloping thunder as my heart beat and crystal clear lightning as my blood. The great Thunderbird as my hell bent vocals! Destruction. Desecrations.

! curved straight up to the heavens and jammed on Uranus for five spectacular hours. Knocked Uranus off its axis seven degrees. Destroyed Uranus.

The awesome part is the tickets to all Heavy Rescue shows are free! And you all have backstage access!

The Tour dates are below. I'm looking for people to review one or two (or all) of Heavy Rescues shows. Plus, looking for interviews and writings on backstage chaos all to be printed in upcoming issues of NIELZINE. If you're in the crowd feel free to sit in on some electric mind slaying out of body pure metal.

lilA ,y ItI!tUI

North American Tour 2011

5/3-5/4 - San Francisco, CA

5/25 - Orlando, FL

5/5 - Los Angeles, CA

5/27 - Greenville, NC

S/7 - San Diego, CA

5/28 - Buffalo, NY

5/9 - Las Vegas, NV

6/1 - Ottawa, ON

5/11-5/12 - Mexico City

6/4 - Philadelphia, PA

5/17-5/18- Dallas, TX

6/7 - Baltimore, MD

5/22 - Houston, TX

6/9 - Fargo, ND

5/23 - New Orleans, LA

6/10 - Seattle, WA

5/24 - Richmond, VA

6/13 - Portland, OR

Again, the line up each night is a free for all. So if you would like to split ears with me all ya gotta do is jump up on stage. Hope to slay with you soon! l!l!

Forever Metal, Lord Lightning Nielzine

Heavy Rescue! The first out of body experience Heavy Metal Super Group Ever!

Rust Destroyer

Rust eating my soul. Rust stripping my soul. Rust taken my soul. Metamorphosis! Killlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!

You can't eat my soul! You can't strip my soul! You can't take my soul f KilllIllIlIlIlIllIIlIllIlI lilt II I III !!!! Thunderbird!

My talons rust destroyers.

Alii want is to DESTROY YOU!




No more will you eat my skin No more will you eat my muscle No more will you eat my bone Attack I



I rest in peace

Lord lightning Nielzine (First single on Heavy Rescue's self titled Album)


Falling before feeling, Feeling before falling. Thunder which never came, But we made it seem so,

So much more real.

It failed us,

But we lived

For a moment in anticipation of a feeling, T a not be shared,

Knowing the failure,

Sensing our own,


Mistaking wanting for waiting, Changing for compassion. Damn.

The storm never came. No lightning in the sky. No hale,

No rain,

Nothing to share. Static gone stale.

They did not take the car, Health was resumed,

You simply fell asleep while art kept me ... Awake



We've succumbed to the feeling of listlessness, The growing nothingness.

But for a silver moment We felt,

We assumed,

the frightening frenzy was sure to follow.

And yet, In the end,

Sleep became the thrill, The letting go.



__ ----------------~o






Silently thinking, composing a ball of dust, inserting mine judgement into matters

I don't deserve to wander about. The swine,

whoever would

chalange my misconceptions, must be


Don't ye dare to look back. What repose.

I, the truthfull storyteller say nay to

your own truth.

You, the nincompoop. You've no right to

do whatl do,

to question my ignorance. Screw your truth,

my lies defeat.

Lip-syncing Chicken

Hope is Moms Apron. Reality is Dads Belt.




o 00 0 0

o 0 0 0

Drink 0 0 0 drink 0 0 0 drink

Good friends are hard to fmd. Team mates, brothers cohorts, true allies, where do they come from and why do they go?

The 'stage' is a clown car filled with the neediest, most insecure, self indulgent, self gratifying, oddest cons and delusional geeks in the circus all clambering to get inside for' a ride around the big tent. I enjoy their company above all others.




o 00 0 0

o 0 0 0

Drink 0 0 0 drink 0 0 0 drink

Things I learned will waiting for water to boil. - Being a bachelor is for pussies

- Time is a rapist

- Death row inmates pay taxes

-Lip syncing creates anti matter, not to mention harmful positive ions

-And the number one reason the chicken crossed the road. .

I'll tell you later.

Nick Sex.


AIT, !IIIT 'TOltll', MIIIIID ~OO, !!IIP 'lOP 8AIIII'11 0' DIATII, MAMA" APPIIPUtCIUI 'l1li1"1l1li' ItAIIIIT' 0l1li PA" ll\'I' .. DAND'? VI' TIIIT MIAIII! YOU .. PIIIII PAIPO'TfADD' 'IItOM UIIAJIIU', MAlt' ANDMIXltO. eaOD \,IDI' AND DlllflOU' KADMA Wit." fOYlltID ... YAlUAllA '.Ufl. 'tItIAM nOTlllMAIIIID 'I"IM 0' 'PAfl.ltl\'IIW' 'Olt NIA" IIKUI TOUft.UNlla'II.J'lll. WAITI"~.

Nielzine, p.o, box 723, santa rosa, California, 95402


www.scribd.com/nielzine/shelf www .. etsy.com/people/cyclopsco




CHROME RUBBER: STARING-Beaver Hensley The 4 V's :FEATURlNG- Beaver Hensley

:IN DA HOUSE- Beaver Hensley

Start wi vodka 2-3 shots

Mix wi vicodin 2-3 pills

Stir wi vietnamese vixon's 2-3

Now Repeate 1000 times (or as many as you can)


Sluring of words and driving may be cause for arrest!!!

.-,,-- www:bloodartgallery@AOL

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