Dependent variable: Employee retention: the increasing turnover is a problem area of management and the organization should do measures

to retain their best and most desirable employees. Independent variables: 1. Job security: This variable here means that the person job is secure and there is a little or no chance for him to become unemployed. 2. Intrusting and challenging work: Interesting and challenging work is absolutely essential to keeping good employees. If the work isn’t interesting or challenging, typically organization has to pay a lot to find people willing to do the job. 3. Reward for good performance: The rewards that the organization gives on good performance is a variable of employee retention. Also what reduces turnover is that the reward system is fair and distributive justice is there. 4. Setting targets for subordinates: Here it means that authority should be given to employees. Article: Employee retention and turnover: using motivational variables as panacea. BY: Michael A Samuel and Crispen Chipunza Methodology: The variables in the research are measured by comparing the chi-square value and p-value of the variables between public sector and private sector.

71 0.81 20.00 .52 0.76 good performance Setting 7.04 10.03 Intrusting 11.03 Private sector Chi-square p-value 9.09 and challenging work Reward for 7.15 0.10 0.Job security Public sector Chi-square p-value 8.07 targets for subordinates 0.00 0.13 19.04 0.90 0.

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