AP US History Name: Political Parties Quiz Period: F.

A. George Wallace (need I say more?) created and led by Eugene V. Debs; heavy government regulation or ownership of production first national party opposing slavery & its expansion farmers and unionists demanding inflationary currency party of former Whigs & Free Soilers, abolitionists, etc. party of Hamilton, strong central government, and the National Bank

Name: Period:

O. Democratic-Republican

J. National Republican N. Democratic I. Whig C. Liberty M. Conscience Whig L. Free Soil E. Republican P. American (Know-Nothing) D. Greenback-Labor H. People’s (Populist) B. Socialist G. Progressive (Bull Moose) K. States’ Rights (Dixiecrat) A. American Independent




G. TR splits away from the Republicans to oppose Taft H. free silver, government ownership of utilities, political reform revival of federalist ideology to oppose Jacksonian democracy old Federalists and others favoring internal improvements & the Second National Bank opposed Truman’s efforts promoting integration and civil rights opposed the further spread of slavery into the Mexican Cession





M. they joined with the Liberty Party to form the Free Soilers N. Jackson and Van Buren revive the party of Jefferson

O. party of Jefferson, limited government, & the yeoman republic P. No Irish allowed

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