Derek Prince s Secrets of a Prayer Warrior By Abe Martinez

by Abe Martinez As a successful hospital system manager and executive these past two decades, I have undertaken substantial expansion, construction, and employee retention initiatives while overseeing daily facility operations. I am an avid reader and lifelong Christian, counting Derek Prince s Secrets of a Prayer Warrior among my favorite books. Born in Bangalore, India in 1915 to British parents, Prince studied Philosophy at University of Cambridge under the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. As a Greek and Latin scholar, Prince wrote his Master s thesis on Plato, which won him a fellowship at Cambridge when he was only 24. Refusing to contribute to the violence of the Second World War, Prince served in the Royal Army Medical Corps and began reading the Bible during this time, finding within it his true calling. He married Lydia Christensen, a Danish woman 25 years his senior, while he was stationed in Palestine. Lydia was an impressive figure in her own right, having established an orphanage in the Palestinian city of Ramallah and adopting eight oprhaned girls. Resigning his fellowship in 1949, Prince committed himself to work on behalf of his own Pentecostal church. Spending time as a school principal in Kenya, Prince and his wife moved to the U.S. in 1962, participating in ministries across the country. Recognized for his cassette Bible lectures, Prince established Derek Prince Publications in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1971. After his first wife s death in 1975 Prince remarried; he and his wife Ruth oversaw a tremendous expansion in his ministry throughout the next decade. Published six years after Prince s 2003 passing, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior explores the teachings of Jesus and other prophets of the Old Testament. Prince focuses on the dynamics of purposeful and biblically informed prayer, offering practical techniques for aligning one s life with Christian spiritual belief. Prince stresses life-affirming strategies such as intensive Bible study, fasting, and discipline. I recommend Secrets of a Prayer Warrior book for those of faith and for those searching for new spiritual directions. The same love of knowledge that informed Derek Prince s early life as a Cambridge Fellow inhabits his open reflections on the place of religion in daily life.