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Published by: prezo98 on May 19, 2011
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Chris Brogan... @chrisbrogan http://humanbusinessworks.com/contact

Thursday, May 19, 2011

location-independent location-friendly simple to stock sales while you sleep easy to search

Thursday, May 19, 2011


listen be where they are create interactions build relationships encourage true loyalty

Thursday, May 19, 2011


2011 4 .com Thursday. May 19.WHO ARE YOU? you are translators and storytellers and teachers humanbusinessworks.

2011 5 .WHO YOU ARE NOT you are no longer the voice of the company humanbusinessworks. May 19.com Thursday.

May 19. 2011 6 .com Thursday.WHO AM I i’m an owner humanbusinessworks.

16:00 humanbusinessworks. 2011 7 .14:45 break 3 .A ROUGH AGENDA i can’t do agendas.11:30 lunch . May 19. instead: break 1 .com Thursday.14:00 .

com Thursday. 2011 8 . May 19.WHY I CAN’T DO AGENDAS because we don’t have FUN learning that way! humanbusinessworks.

com Thursday. May 19.HUMANKIND’S GREATEST NEED do you know it? humanbusinessworks. 2011 9 .

2011 10 .com Thursday.WHERE DO YOU START? social media doesn’t COST a lot except time let’s talk about some good starting points humanbusinessworks. May 19.

WRITE IT DOWN list out the various places you think your audience spends time online humanbusinessworks. May 19.com Thursday. 2011 11 .

com Thursday. humanbusinessworks. May 19. not your client. 2011 12 .WRITE IT DOWN list out (without jargon) what your client’s customer really wants. their buyer.

May 19. 2011 13 .GROW BIGGER EARS listening is the new black most campaigns talk about talking be the superhero of listening humanbusinessworks.com Thursday.

com Thursday.BREAK OUT let’s try listening and searching humanbusinessworks. May 19. 2011 14 .

LEVELS OF ENGAGEMENT can you dip your toe into the water? humanbusinessworks. 2011 15 .com Thursday. May 19.

2011 16 .TOOLS OF ENGAGEMENT if your tools were: youtube facebook twitter blogs mobile email humanbusinessworks.com Thursday. May 19.

BREAK OUT talk through some engagement scenarios humanbusinessworks. 2011 17 . May 19.com Thursday.

PASSPORTS passports are your access to communities humanbusinessworks. 2011 18 .com Thursday. May 19.

WORKSHOP list out potential passport accounts for the class humanbusinessworks.com Thursday. 2011 19 . May 19.

BE WHERE THEY ARE are you designing for the 15” screen? what about 3/7/9? we’re a world of face-downers humanbusinessworks. May 19.com Thursday. 2011 20 .

SOCIAL MEDIA AS WIRING replace “social media” with “telephone” humanbusinessworks. 2011 21 . May 19.com Thursday.

com Thursday.SOCIAL MEDIA AS WIRING yammer video blogs email newsletters unified system humanbusinessworks. May 19. 2011 22 .

com Thursday. 2011 23 .OBJECTIVES AND GOALS what can and should you aim at? humanbusinessworks. May 19.

May 19. 2011 24 .com Thursday.STALACTITE / STALAGMITE three roles that merge in the new world humanbusinessworks.

humanbusinessworks.com Thursday. use it that way. 2011 25 .CREATE INTERACTIONS it’s a two way medium. May 19. be human and talk about them. give them reasons to talk about.

2011 26 .com Thursday. May 19.MEASUREMENTS this doesn’t just tack onto your spreadsheet humanbusinessworks.

May 19. 2011 27 .com Thursday.WORKSHOP what measurements really matter to your client? how would various social/digital levels move them? humanbusinessworks.

SOCIAL MEDIA/SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY cause marketing’s new superpower humanbusinessworks. May 19. 2011 28 .com Thursday.

May 19.cc/re ) talk about them 12:1 rule interview them be there before the sale humanbusinessworks.com Thursday.BUILD RELATIONSHIPS referrals are gold. 2011 29 .hris. (buy http://c.

.. humanbusinessworks.CONTROLLING SOCIAL MEDIA if the US air force can do it with one page. 2011 30 .com Thursday. May 19.

2011 31 .com Thursday. May 19.ENCOURAGE TRUE LOYALTY the three a’s real insider information help them be the hero humanbusinessworks.

com Thursday.3 MAJOR BUCKETS OF SOCIAL listening connecting publishing humanbusinessworks. May 19. 2011 32 .

4 BEST THINGS SOCIAL DOES connecting referrals attention presence humanbusinessworks. May 19. 2011 33 .com Thursday.

com Thursday. May 19.HOME BASES AND OUTPOSTS what each means to communications humanbusinessworks. 2011 34 .

2011 35 . May 19.SOCIAL MEDIA AND STRATEGY do you have a telephone strategy? humanbusinessworks.com Thursday.

com Thursday.LET’S BUILD A FRAME goals actors & resources actions sources reporting humanbusinessworks. 2011 36 . May 19.

2011 37 . humanbusinessworks. May 19.com Thursday. build a simple strategy or 3 for a client (real or sample).WORKSHOP using that simple frame.

com/in/chrisbrogan http://chrisbrogan. May 19.com Thursday.com/contact humanbusinessworks.EXTEND THE RELATIONSHIP @chrisbrogan http://linkedin. 2011 38 .

2011 . May 19.humanbusinessworks.com/contact humanbusinessworks.com Thursday.

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