The five regional correspondents for Uncut, Index on Censorship’s free speech blog
Alice Xin Liu is an editor and translator at, an English-language website that covers Chinese media. She has served at The Guardian’s Beijing bureau, and has produced several translations of the poet Senzi. Currently, she is completing literary translations for Chinese publishing houses. Read Alice Xin Liu’s blog

Ana Arana has worked extensively in Latin America; in the 1980s she reported on the Central American civil wars, and in the 1990s, she covered Colombia for United States news outlets. In 2007 Arana arrived in Mexico as a Knight International Fellow to train newsrooms, and in January 2010, Arana spearheaded the Fundación de Periodismo de Investigación (MEPI), an organization that promotes “investigations and work with journalists” in the United States, Mexico, and Central America. Read Ana Arana’s blog

Dina Gardner began her journalistic career in 2000, in Hanoi. The following year she moved to Hong Kong, where she served as a correspondent for CNN and Agence-France Presse. A reporter on East Asia for publications like the New Statesman and Asia Times, Gardner has also co-authored numerous travel guides, including Footprint Borneo and Beijing Smart Guide. Read Dinah Gardner’s blog

Little Black Fish* began her career at the Camden New Journal, and has since worked for a variety of news organizations — including The Point Newspaper in The Gambia, Colors Magazine in Italy, and the BBC Monitoring Service — in a variety of capacities. She is also an experienced social worker, and has traveled extensively with youth development charity Raleigh International. * Little Black Fish (also the title of a famous Persian children’s story) is an alias. Read Little Black Fish’s blog Ashraf Khalil is the former Editor-in-Chief of Cairo Times magazine, and the former Baghdad and Jerusalem correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. A Middle East-based journalist for more than a decade, Khalil’s articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, the Chicago Tribune, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Boston Globe, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Economist. Read Ashraf Khalil’s blog


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