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Logical Fallacies / Intellectual Self-Defense

Logical Fallacies / Intellectual Self-Defense


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1. One day Bill wakes up with a fever. A few hours later he finds red spots on his
skin. he concludes that the fever must have caused the red spots. His friend
insists that the spots and the fever are caused by some microbe. Bill laughs at
this and insists that if he spends the day in a tub of cold water his spots will go

2. Over the course of several weeks the needles from the pine trees along the
Wombat river fell into the water. Shortly thereafter, many dead fish washed up on
the river banks. When the EPA investigated, the owners of the Wombat River
Chemical Company claimed that is it was obvious that the pine needles had
killed the fish. Many local environmentalists claimed that the chemical plant's
toxic wastes caused both the trees and the fish to die and that the pine needles
had no real effect on the fish.
3. A thunderstorm wakes Joe up in the middle of the night. He goes downstairs to
get some milk to help him get back to sleep. On the way to the refrigerator, he
notices that the barometer has fallen a great deal. Joe concludes that the storm
caused the barometer to fall. In the morning he tells his wife about his
conclusion. She tells him that it was a drop in atmospheric pressure that caused
the barometer to drop and the storm.

Fallacy: Middle Ground

Also Known as: Golden Mean Fallacy, Fallacy of Moderation

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