Spencer Connerat replies to Congressman C.W. "Bill" Young with damning evidence of Treason.



May 18,2011

via V.S.P.S. Certiii.ed Mail

HOD .. C .. W. BiH Young, U.S. Representative Chairman - House Committee on Appropriations 2407' Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515-0910

Thanks for your intriguing letter, dated March 9,,2011. With all of the fanfare generated by Barack Obama's so-called birth certificate, never averred, what may have been lost on the People are our mumalconcems regarding the eligibility ofthe man erroneously claiming to be President, regarding the citizenship of his parents, in particular his father, Barack Hussein Obama, who was listed on the purported birth certificate image as being from Kenya.which, as you wen know, was a protectorate of the British Empire, before gaining its independence, In 1961, when the junior Obama was born, the British Nationality Act of 1948 applied, as did a subsequent Act, legislating that all male children of subjects were considered themselves born subjects of the U.K. In addition, the junior Obarna was born with split and competing interests, I stated in my Petition to the Florida Supreme Court, to stay the Electoral College vote, in Tallahassee, The case SC08~2338 was ultimately dismissed, due to my lack of demonstrating a "clear legal right."

In reality, my contention is less complex. Obama is not President because he admitted such, in a court of Law. Enclosed is a Certified Copy of such Tacit Admission of Ineligibility.Tiled in our Pinellas County Courthouse,

Finally, I promised one of our military leaders, Col. Greg Hollister, USAF, that I would convey some information (all of which I have only cursory knowledge). regarding a faux Social. Security number, Chairman Young, 1 ask that you not spend one thin dime, until this admitted usurper "comes clean." Please contact me if I may help you, as my honorable elected servant, and man of character most high. Article II, Section I is not an issue of race, but rather as an issue of the Constitution. Others have been reticent to face this unpleasant Truth, regarding a most important tune, in America.

- -


W. Spencer Connerat, III 13584 Feather Sound Cir., W. Apt. 2009

Clearwater, FL 33762-5559

WHEREAS Defendant Barack Hussein Obama II received a Certified Letter of Redress dated 2/26/2009 from Plaintiff

. William Spencer Connerat ill, on 3/25/2009, and numbered 7008 1830'0000 2749 6597 by United States Postal Service,

.: t,



The final paragraph reading:

.r+ ~ '.'0

"If and when a second rebuke of this Citizen's humble request is

manifested, then I shall seek to record a true and correct copy of (_,_;> -

such tacit admission of ineligibility to the Office of President of the United States of America in the Pinellas County Courthouse. n

WHEREAS aforementioned Letter was met with ignorance and capitulation, the Defendant neither responding, nor appearing in Court"

And WHEREAS the Plaintiff seeks to fulfill his promise to record,

BE IT THEREFO'RE RESOLVED, that this document represents

a recorded ADMISSION (jF INELfOffiILITY by the Defendant, A CONFESSION IN OPEN COURT, AND THE BASIS FOR AN ACTION OF TREASON, in this State and in any other jurisdiction which may deem such tacit admission as fact.

RE: 522009SC005522XXSCSC Connerat vs. Obama

FHed March 18, 2010 Pinellas county, Florida





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Dear Registrant:

Plea keep thil> letter as I g-al proof of your registration. )r. you may ke p only the waller sized reg] tration acknowledgment provided belo 'r' for your convent 'nee.

e the LOp portieu of this leuer to update ant or correct rOUT into marion. Please review it 'CfiJllr Mark rhn ugh an) mi ... rake .. anrl write in the corn r:l information. If you made any chang s, cut off . top portion of this leuer and mail it [Q the Selective ervice ' ystem w;.ing the envelope pruvided, If your urmatinn is eerrect, do not return th' form, 1-I00'e e. \\ hen any of) our in formation changes, you are prired [0 nmify the Selective ervi e System within 10 da 151. If changin only your addres . ) ou may go to rw.~ ~.gov.

IR NO ~IMMIGRANT AUE.N ; [fyo are on a valid vi,,, a ,) 1 ·r -v that ' u w re registered in error;

td this enu form and a copy of your 1·9 . I-a5 .'. or Border C, )sing ard (DSP-150) .

Selective ervice ,-,~'l'l 'In. P.O. Box 9463 ,P.cllatillc. ruin. is 60094- f1~8.

nil S, ~lemj. call [-8 7-6 1-6888.

ank You'

r--------~ ~_· __ ~ ·w ~_~w~~~ __ - -r----------~--~-.------R---------~-------


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