Edward James Hughes [17 August 1930 28 October 1988] was an English poet and children s writer known as Ted

Hughes. Ranked one of the best poets of his generation Married from 1956-63 to the American poet Slyvia Plath, who committed suicide in 1963 at the age of 30.

The Laburnum Top Laburnum Tree .

Goldfinch .

. The poem describes the situation of the tree before the goldfinch sits and after it sits.1. y Why has the poem Laburnum Top by Ted Hughes been titled so? Answer : The poem is titled as Laburnum top because the main character of the poem the goldfinch settles in the tree and feeds its young ones in it .

Hughes is trying to convey the message that life is a process of exchange and transformation. He describes the visiting of goldfinches on the Laburnum tree and how she has made a nest on it. it brings alive the tree as the chicks start to rustle and chirp. the poet has used the Laburnum tree and goldfinches as a symbol of life and its fluctuations.y The Poem "The Laburnum Top" is a beautiful poem by Ted Hughes. When the goldfinches have chicks. In this poem. People are alive because they undergo exchange of energy. without the goldfinches and the chicks the laburnum is just another tree . The goldfinches transform the tree and make it alive.

The Laburnum Top by Ted Hughes .

launches . whistle y Movement words . enter. stoke. starts. chittering. comes. fallen. trilling whisper.twitch.Literary Devices y Sound words - Chirrup.subsides . trembles.

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