Id-Fitr is a celebration for Muslims, the follower of Islam throughout the world. It happens after Ramadhan, a 30-day fast. The Muslims celebrate it to thank Allah (God) after the fast. It is a time to forgive each other. It is a time to have fun.

Usually they pray Id in the morning before they have a feast. They wear new clothes and perfume to pray. In the Muslims world, men and women cannot pray together.

Yesterday, mommy and I went shopping. We went to Mega Supermarket. Mommy bought many things there. She brought a kilo of sugar, a box of milk, and a bottle of ketchup. She also got two tubes of toothpaste, two bags of detergent, and three bars of soap. Mommy also took three rolls of tissue.

Then, we went to the vegetables corner. She took some vegetables. She bought three bunches of spinach and a basket of potatoes. We also went to the food corner. I took some loaves of cake and a can of coke. Mommy bought some slice of bread. Mmmmh. She got a lot of things from the supermarket.

The first person to understand white light was English scientist Isaac Newton. He made his famous experiment in 1666. He used a prism glass to produce a spectrum of colors. Before Newton, people believe that colors were added to white Sunlight. Newton was the first to realize that all the colors are present in the sunlight, and the prism simply separates them all.

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