ZTE Multiplay Oriented Access Solution

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• Challenges and Opportunities For Operators • ZTE Success and Achievements In The World • Diversified MSAN,DSLAM,XPON Solutions • Triple-Play Access Network Requirements • Conclusion


Broadband Access Network Challenges


Confidential▲ Challenges: Subscriber Losing & Profit Falling nCompetition from Mobile nSlow ROI How to attract subscribers? How to increase profit? nCompetition nCompetition nIncreasing OpEx nFalling ARPU from New operators from Internet 4 .

The Four Key Enablers of Next Generation Broadband Network Confidential▲ 5 .

1 0.1 0.5G Broadband Service Web browsing & download VoIP Video telephone or meeting On line game Video Surveillance Music and movie on line SDTV HDTV Access Technology ZTE Strength l GPON Mature ADSL2+ application to provide up to 25Mbps bandwidth for home users.5G Downstream (Mbps) 2 0.3 100 1.2 1 0. l VDSL2 to provide up to 100Mbps bandwidth for business users.Confidential▲ Multi-Play Brings You More Bandwidth Upstream Downstream Web browsing & download VoIP Video telephone or meeting On line game Video surveillance Music and movie on line SDTV HDTV PON GE VDSL2 ADSL2+ ADSL SHDSL ADSL ADSL2+ SHDSL VDSL2 EPON Upstream (Mbps) 0. 6 . l GPON to provide up to 1Gbps bandwidth for business/villa users.2 1 1 0.1 2 2 8 Downstream (Mbps) 8 25 2.3 120 1.25G 2.25G 2.1 Upstream (Mbps) 1 1 2.1 0.5 2 0.

PVC.1P. l Perfect QoS mechanism for differentiated service.Confidential▲ Multi-Play Brings You Service Differentiation INTERNET IPTV VOIP Data: I am nothing! IP Core Voice: I am VIP! Video: I am emergent! Access Platform Service aware platform give differentiated service! VOIP Service Data Service IPTV Service CPE ZTE Strength Different kinds of methods (VLAN. l 7 . 802.) to differentiate service. etc.

n Unified NMS system Saving OAM manpower and expenditure Broadband Services Supporting System l l l l l More chance to promote new services Saving service installation time and cost Saving onsite manpower cost Enhancing customer satisfaction rate Saving maintenance time and cost 8 .Confidential▲ Multi-Play Brings You Falling OPEX nVery Fast Deployment Capability Expediting ROI nExtremely What ZTE will bring to you? Low Power Consumption Saving electricity costs nBuilt-in nDiversified DSL online Outdoor Declining OPEX is the dream of operators test card l l l Cabinet Saving room and rent Optimizing broadband O&M procedures Saving maintenance service cost Increasing service quality and capability.

Confidential▲ Multi-Play Brings You Economic CAPEX nGive maximum protection for operators‘ copper wire investment through FTTC What ZTE will bring to you? nGreatly save optical fiber investment through GPON Economic CAPEX is the eternal vision of operators nGreatly reduce cost of networking construction through flexible outdoor cabinet 9 nFully customized DSLAM and GPON equipment .

Confidential▲ 10 .

Confidential▲ Broad band Access : Service Drive Voice ● VoIP Video ● Video ● Video over IP ● HDTV/SDTV ● IPTV ● Video Monitor Residential Area ● Video conference ● Lifeline Building Broadband Access Network School/Government Data ● High Speed Internet ● L2/L3 VPN ● Always On Line ITV Applications ● EPG ● VOD ● Online Games Commercial Area 11 .

XPON Solutions • Triple-Play Access Network Requirements • Conclusion .CONTENTS • Challenges and Opportunities For Operators • ZTE Success and Achievements In The World • Diversified MSAN.DSLAM.

Feb. 2007 n Exclusive sponsorship of 2008 Q3 meeting in Shanghai Plugfest test event for GPON n Lannion. France in May 2007 as an OLT leader n New Jersey. 2007 13 . 2007 n ITU-T interoperability tests l GPON Pavilion Event n ITU-T Hong Kong Expo in Dec. USA in Jun. 2007 n France. USA from Oct 29 to Nov 1. May.Confidential▲ ZTE Successful Tests and Authentications n Authentication tests n Certifications n FSAN activities l l l Active member Meetings n Germany. 2006 n NXTComm show in Chicago.

Confidential▲ Recipient of BBWF Europe 2007 InfoVision Award GPON: ZXA10 C220 VDSL2: FSAP 9806H p Higher OPEX consumption savings with best in class power p Increased revenues with efficient dynamic bandwidth allocation p Overreaches environmental European Commission code High capacity & compactness of conduct p Unified software platform design p Unified network management system HIGHLIGHTS nPowerful research & development with over 1200 R&D employees engaged in fixed broadband nInnovation nTime to market solutions with high production capabilities nSuccessful with over 250 patents applied & contributions to standards for broadband access technologies interoperability tests with major FTTx vendors 14 .

FTTH mode(Villa) Sichuan Netcom: Data: FTTB+LAN mode Xinjiang Telecom: Data. data. Data. FTTH mode n Free Internet (Thailand) Shandong Netcom n ITESS (Holland) Sichuan Netcom n Algeria Telecom (Algeria) Liaoning Netcom n TIME dotCOM (Malaysia) Jilin Netcom n PCCW (Hong Kong) Shanxi Netcom n Telecom Italia (Italy) 15 . Internet Cafe Fujian Telecom: Voice. Data. video and other type of applications. The deployment includes FTTH. n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Wuhan Telecom: Voice. FTTH mode Guangxi Telecom : Voice. providing services such as voice. FTTC+FTTH mode( PON in MSAN) Zhejiang Telecom: DSLAM Shanxi Telecom Guangdong Netcom: Voice. Data. FTTB+LAN mode Shanghai Telecom :Voice.CATV. IPTV. Data. FTTB+LAN.IPTV.Confidential▲ ZTE xPON Deployment ZTE FTTX total solutions have been widely deployed in some operators’ networks since 2004. Data. FTTB. FTTH and FTTB+LAN mode Guangdong Telecom :Voice. FTTC. Data.

742.Confidential▲ No.000 village DSL lines scheduled to deployed by the end of 2008 • Operating consultant of BSNL. • Customized indoor rack & outdoor cabinet. ZXFSAP 9806H. • 1.1 DSL Provider in India About BSNL • The 1st largest fixed operator in India. Solutions • ZXFSAP 9800. • 40 million wire line users. • 6. ZTE • NO. • 40% percent DSL market share.000 villages to Internet 16 .000 city DSL lines and 1.143 lines applied to date. Benefits •Upgrade average access bandwidth from 256kbps to 2Mbps • Access 20.500.000.1 DSLAM provider in India.

CEO of CSIT. Solutions • Provide VDSL2 • Extremely low power consumption and flexible outdoor cabinet to cut down CapEx and OpEx • To be rolled out in CSIT entire network over the next 6 months in about 20 cities in Western Sweden.” . • A good VDSL2 platform that is easy to manage and works with current equipment is needed.Confidential▲ Mantra Goes Ahead with ZTE VDSL2 in Sweden About Mantra • A communication systems equipment distributor and network design and implementation company founded by Qamcom and CSIT • CSIT: a leading internet operator in Sweden with 10. Absolutely amazing! This would never happen with X. 17 .Roy Forslund. • Over 20 mini DSLAM (9806H) applied commercially to date Why ZTE? “They delivered the product on Tuesday and by Friday they were ready to deliver services to the customers.000 DSLAM deployed Sweden Challenges • Existing products of radio links are very complicated to handle.

and FYROM. Albania.Confidential▲ ZTE Served 2004 Olympic Games About OTE • The 1st largest fixed operator in Greece. Romania. ATM DSLAM to IP • Customized outdoor cabinet for Greece. combined with MDF Benefits • Internet services for Olympic Games •Migration of existing ATM DSLAM to IP protects investment • 9806H provides ultra high access bandwidth • 4 and 8 Mbps access bandwidth provided for subscribers 18 .000 lines deployed to date • Deployed DSLAM for Athens Olympic Games in 2004 • 9806H under testing and scheduled to deployed in 1000 sites Solutions • ZXFSAP 9806H. ZTE • 160. Bulgaria. extremely low power consumption • ZXDSL 8220v3. • Represent in Greece.

XPON Solutions • Triple-Play Access Network Requirements • Conclusion .CONTENTS • Challenges and Opportunities For Operators • ZTE Success and Achievements In The World • Diversified MSAN.DSLAM.

DSL FSAP9800 TDM ACCESS ZXA10 OLTA/ONUA MSAN ZXA10 OLTB/ONUB ZXA10 MSAN MSAG ZXMSG 5200 ZXMSG 5600 Uplink: GPON EPON. POTs Remote DSLAM: ZXDSL9806H GPON OLT EPON OLT ZXA10 C200 ZXA10 C220 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 20 . DSL. POTs ZXMSG5200 GPON.Confidential▲ Evolution of ZTE Access Products FTTX Products ATM DSLAM ZXDSL8220 ZXDSL8203 ZXDSL8426 IP DSLAM ZXDSL9210 ZXDSL9203 ZXDSL9806A/E NG DSLAM FSAP9800 ZXDSL9806H EPON. EPON. GE Line: DSL.

35/E1 E1 DDN O L T S 3 0 0 S 2 0 0 MSTP/SDH 155M/622M/2.5G O N U ADSL/2/2+ SHDSL VDSL/VDSL2 DSL FE/GE IP FE/GE LAN ATM155/622M ATM Structure of ZXA10 MSAN System SFU EPON ZXA10 MSAN family members include: • OLT equipment T600 in PSTN solution • ONU equipment U300 in PSTN solution • Built-in MSTP transmission product S200/S300 • Medium capacity access gateway ZXMSG5200 (can be upgraded from ONU U300) • Large capacity access gateway ZXMSG5600 (can be upgraded from OLT T600) 21 .24/V.Confidential▲ ZXA10 MSAN Family Members PSTN V5.2 POTS/ISDN V.

ISDN. DDN. ADSL: 928L (Per Standard Rack) Call Control Protocol: MEGACO/H. FE/GE. Broadband Protocol: PPPOE/PPPOA/IPOE/IPOA/802. VDSL2.2. STP/RSTP.1X L2/L3 Protocol: 802.999% Front access Rear access Switching Capacity: l Capacity: l Protocol: l l l n Interface: l l n Reliability: l 22 . EPON Network-Side Interfaces: E1. FE/GE Availability: 99.RTP/RTCP. SHDSL.248/MGCP. ACL User Interface: POTS.1P/Q.Confidential▲ Medium Capacity ZXMSG5200 (U300 in PSTN Solution) n n n n Processing Capability: l AG:50K BHCA 48G POTS: 1856L.V5.1/V5. STM-1. IGMP V1/V2/SNOOPING/PROXY. ADSL/2/2+.

RTP/RTCP. ADSL/2/2+. DDN.Confidential▲ Large Capacity ZXMSG5600 (T600 in PSTN Solution) n n n Processing Capability: l AG:200K BHCA 48G POTS: 23040L ADSL: 11520L Call Control Protocol: MEGACO/H. STM-1.999% Switching Capacity: l Capacity: l l n Protocol: l l l n Interface: l l n Reliability: l 23 . Broadband Protocol: PPPOE/PPPOA/IPOE/IPOA/802. ACL User-Side Interfaces: POTS.248/MGCP. ISDN. FE/GE. SHDSL.1/V5. EPON Network-Side Interfaces: E1.1X L2/L3 Protocol: 802. IGMP V1/V2/SNOOPING/PROXY.V5.2. FE/GE Availability: 99. STP/RSTP.1P/Q. VDSL2.

Confidential▲ MSAN to Access Gateway Migration P DP D D D D GGE E D D D D D W TW T T T T NNSST T T T T R 1R 1 2 3 4 UUUU5 6 7 8 9 K 0K OLT OLT Migration P DP D D D D G G E E V VV D D W TW T T T T N N S S CCC T T R 1R 1 2 3 4 U U U U DDD 8 9 K 0K ZXMSG5600 P L L L L L L G G L L L L W C C C C C C C I I C C C R 1 K 1 2 3 4 5 6 S S 7 8 9 0 ONU L C 1 1 L C 1 2 P W R K MM L L L P P L L L L L L GG L P P C C CW ONU Migration W C CC C C CI I C R RR 1 1 1 R 1 2 3 4 5 6 SS 9 K BB 0 1 2K ZXMSG5200 Steps of OLT & ONU migration to access gateway: • Add packet and resource processing card (VCD for OLT and MPRB for ONU) • Upgrade software 24 .

MSAN Solution: Higher bandwidth Solution with EPON&VDSL2 SHLR NMS APP Server Confidential▲ Soft Switch IP CORE GE ZXMSG 5200 GE ZXMSG Splitter VDSL2 FE DSL DATA VDSL2 SFU SFU SFU IPTV VOIP • EPON interface card can be mix-inserted in ZTE MSAN system to provide higher bandwidth for few customers who has special higher bandwidth requirements. 25 . • ZTE is the first vendor to integrate VDSL2 and PON into MSAN system. • Latest DSL technology VDSL2 also is available now in the same platform.

Confidential▲ Backplane Capacity Mini IP DSLAM : ZXDSL 9806H---MDU n Large DSLAM – FSAP 9800: 280Gbps Power Supply User Board FAN n User Board User Board CORE Board User Board Mini DSLAM – ZXDSL 9806H 3.2Gbps ZTE IP DSLAM- FSAP 9800 26 .

could be extended to 96Gbps Medium DSLAM – FSAP 9800(Mixed): 48Gbps.could be extended to 96Gbps Mini DSLAM – ZXDSL 9806H 3.Confidential▲ Switching Fabric n n Large DSLAM – FSAP 9800: 48Gbps.2Gbps n n n n 27 .

Confidential▲ Pots Per Slot n n n n Large DSLAM – FSAP 9800: ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+: 64 VDSL2: 48 SHDSL: 32 Medium DSLAM – FSAP 9800/Mixed: Same as FSAP 9800 Mini DSLAM – ZXDSL 9806H ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+: 24 VDSL2: 16 SHDSL: 24 n n n n n n 28 .

Maximally. 29 .Confidential▲ Uplink Interface n n n Large DSLAM – FSAP 9800: GE (Electric/Optical). n n n n Medium DSLAM – FSAP 9800/Mixed: Same as FSAP9800. FE (Electric/Optical) Maximally. 6GE on CSC board. 2GE uplink interface. Totally. FE (Electric/Optical) The uplink interfaces are provided from the 2 sub-cards set on the CSC board. n n n Mini DSLAM – ZXDSL 9806H GE (Electric/Optical). 14GE uplink interface. it can accommodate 4 Ethernet Cards with 2GE respectively. Furthermore.

3ad link aggregation standard. Port Trunk Protection in one card Support IEEE 802. Active & Standby Control Card Protection Mode Support UAPS (Uplink Automatic Protection Switching) 2. 30 .Confidential▲ Protection in Uplink 1.

1.1x and Radius protocol is adopted for the AAA services. 2. 31 . DSLAM will transparently pass these packets between end users and BRAS. 3. Radius protocol is used between BRAS and AAA server. PPPoE/802. PPPoE/802.Confidential▲ Authentication by Operators existing AAA Services 1.1x is used between end user and BRAS. 3. 2. 4.

Support VLAN Stacking. 2.Confidential▲ 4000 VLAN per port 1. 3. Support MVLAN. Support QinQ VLAN. Support 4 K VLANs based on 802. 5. 4. 32 . Support PVLAN.1Q.

Confidential▲ Multi PVC Support FSAP 9800 ADSL/ADSL2+ port: 8 ADSL over ISDN port: 8 SHDSL port: 1 ZXDSL 9806H ADSL/ADSL2+ port: 8 SHDSL port: 1 n n n n n 33 .

25Gbps Downstream:1.5Gbps NRZ BPON ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Upstream: 155~622Gbps Downstream: 155~1.Confidential▲ Comparison of EPON.BPON and GPON EPON Line rate Line code Upstream :1.25Gbps 10B/8B GPON ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Upstream: 622~2.25/2.25Gbps NRZ Split ratio Reach 1:64 1:128 60km 1:64 10km/20km 20km DLL TDM Ability Security OAM Complexity Ethernet GEM and ATM ATM TDM over packet Native or CES mode Downstream encryption: AES128 PLOAM +OMCI TDM over ATM Not defined ETH OAM(+optional SNMP) Churning or AES(am.2) PLOAM +OMCI Simple Complex Complex 34 .5Gbps Downstream: 1.

Confidential▲ FTTx Mode FTTH/O fiber FTTB/C fiber copper FTTCab fiber Copper NT NT ACCESS SNI FTTx —— FTTCab,FTTB/C,FTTO,FTTH OLT : optical line terminal ONU: optical network unit ONT : optical network terminal NT : network terminal 35 UNI .

Confidential▲ ZTE Total Solutions for Access Layer LAN Service Network Fiber FTTH/FTTB/FTTO Splitter FTTC/ FTTCab ISDN/DDN Service Dispensing Point POTS Rack/Cabinet VoIP E1/STM-N/FE/GE/10GE Service Network Fiber ONU ONU SDH/MSTP ONU ONU xDSL Modem E1/PBX STB IPTV Service Network Copper Line HDTV CATV SNI NMS UNI 36 .

ONT is deployed in the curb. which is the nearest position to user. Different FTTx. different service and interface. E1/T1 FTTC. FE/GE FTTB. ONT is deployed in FTTB FE/GE ADSL2+/VDSL2+ E1/T1 MTU OLT splitter FTTO SBU the building or corridor. ONU is deployed in the home or office indoor. FTTH/FTTO. FTTH SFU CATV POTS FE 37 .Confidential▲ FTTx In PON Solution FTTCab ONU FE/GE POTS VDSL2 ADSL/ADSL2+ SFU: single family unit SBU: single business unit MDU: multi-dwelling unit FTTC MTU/MDU FE/GE ADSL2+/VDSL2+ E1/T1 MTU: multi-tenant unit ONU is deployed in different location far away from user. FTTCab: ONU is deployed Cab.

Confidential▲ FTTH Solution CATV Voice H. and FE.248/MGCP or V5 OLT SFU IPTV PC Internet FE/GE Video combiner FE/GE Phone RF EMS CATV IPTV Home 1. SFU is used for FTTH. 38 WIFI . 3. SFU is deployed in home to supply service to home network. Fiber is paved into home 2.RF is provided.POTS. WLAN.

SBU LAN Switch 39 . TDM.248/MGCP or V5 SBU PC OLT Wifi Internet FE/GE splitter FE/GE EMS OFFICE IPTV LAN Switch PC 1. ONT is deployed in office 3. Wifi is provided. Fiber is paved into office 2.Confidential▲ FTTO Solution office PB X Voice H. SBU is used for FTTO. and FE/GE.

FTTB + LAN can cover 100m distance MTU PB X 2. Fiber is paved into building. 3. Different distance supply different bandwidth. and FE. around ONT. EMS FTTB + XDSL can cover different distance around ONT according to the service. ONT is deployed in low voltage box in corridor.VDSL2 /TDM is provided. MDU or MTU is used for FTTB/C.POTS. MDU RF VDSL Modem PC CATV PC FTTB + XDSL MDU Voice H. 2.248/MGCP or V5 POTS IAD POTS OLT Internet FE/GE Splitter FE/GE FTTB + LAN LAN Swtich IPTV 1. 40 .Confidential▲ FTTB/C Solution 1.

Confidential▲ ZXA10 xPON Product Series q OLT side l ZXA10 PON —— Pure optical access v C200: Small capacity OLT (640/1280 × ONT) v C220: Medium capacity OLT GPON: 1280× ONT FSAP —— mixed PON(PONC/PONR/9806H) ZXA10-MSAN —— mixed PON( EPOL) l l qONT side l l EPON terminal GPON terminal q Management l l l l l SFU: Single Family Unit SBU: Single Business Unit MDU: Multi Dwelling Unit MTU: Multi Tenant Unit NetNumen ( Universal Platform for GPON/EPON/MSAN/MSAG/DSLAM/Softswitch…..) 41 .

CONTENTS • Challenges and Opportunities For Operators • ZTE Success and Achievements In The World • Diversified MSAN.XPON Solutions • Triple-Play Access Network Requirements • Conclusion .DSLAM.

Confidential▲ Triple-Play Requirements to Access Network Controllable Controllable Multicast Multicast QoS Guarantee QoS Guarantee Reliability and Reliability and Security Security High Bandwidth High Bandwidth Triple-play Triple-play Good Management Good Management Flexible Flexible Networking Networking Multi Service Multi Service Differentiation Differentiation 43 .

248 also can be used at the same time in load sharing mode.248 IP CORE ZXMSG 5200 ZXMSG 5200 DSL DSL DSL FE Subscriber A Subscriber B • When the connection to softswitch is broken or softswitch is down. • V5 and H. 44 .Confidential▲ PSTN & Softswitch Dual Homing SHLR NMS APP Server PSTN Soft Switch LE V5 H. ZTE MSAN can connect to PSTN network through V5 interface as lifeline.

• When the active softswitch is down. 45 . ZTE MSAN can automatically register to standby softswitch without service interruption. one is active and the other is standby.Confidential▲ Softswitch & Softswitch Dual Homing SHLR NMS APP Server SoftSwitch A Heart Beat SoftSwitch B IP CORE ZXMSG 5200 DSL DSL DSL FE ZXMSG 5200 Subscriber A • ZTE MSAN dual homing to two softswitch.

46 .Confidential▲ Self-switch Function in case of Disconnection with Softswitch SHLR NMS APP Server SoftSwitch IP CORE ZXMSG 5200 DSL DSL DSL FE ZXMSG 5200 Self switch Subscriber A Subscriber B • When the connection to softswitch is broken or softswitch is down. MSAN can support self-switch so that subscribes in the same MSAN can communicate. MSAN can automatically register to softswitch to restore normal state. • When the connection to softswitch is recovered.

47 . hair-pin technology is adopted so as to switch directly by TDM switch.Confidential▲ Hair-pin Function to Provide TDM Quality Voice Service SHLR NMS APP Server IP CORE ZXMSG 5200 ZXMSG 5200 DSL DSL FE TDM Switch Line card Line card Self switch Subscriber A Subscriber B • For the communication between the subscribers in the same MSAN. no need the procedure of VOIP transformation.


Reliable T.38 Fax Service Support

Redundant fax packet N



Redundant fax packet 1 New fax packet Packet sequence no
T.38 fax packet


Fax data T.30 encapsulation G.711 UDP/IP
Transparent mode

Fax data T.38 encapsulation UDP/IP T.38 mode
ZXMSG 5200


Fax data T.30 encapsulation TDM

ZXMSG 5200

Fax data T.30 encapsulation TDM


• The packet loss of IP network will lead to failure of T.30 transparent fax service. • There are redundant packet mechanism in T.38 mode, so in spite that packet loss exists on the IP core, the fax service on MSAN still runs well. 48


Modem over IP Service Support


ZXMSG 5200 Modem



Dial-up service POS Service POS Terminal



• ZTE MSAN smoothly inherit legacy modem dial-up service, POS (Point of Sale) service from old PSTN network. • Support VBD (Voice Band Data) technology which adopts redundant packet mechanism to eliminate the effect of packet loss and jitter of IP network. So in spite that packet loss exists on the IP core , MoIP service can still run well. 49


Differentiated Priority & SLA Calls

Synchronize subscriber attribute data SoftSwitch
Class of Service Equipment Physical Port Priority

VIP Ordinary

13817563 13524620

High Low
ZXMSG 5200


ZXMSG 5200



VIP Higher priority

Emergency call higher priority

Ordinary Subscriber

• ZTE MSAN can support service priority based on physical port or emergency number (such as 110, 119 etc) to guarantee better quality for higher priority service. • Physical port priority: VIP customer port is set higher priority while ordinary customer port is set lower priority who will get busy tone in case of traffic congestion. • Emergency number priority : No matter from VIP or ordinary customer, emergency call always can call successfully even when MSAN is overloaded.

248 Signaling Internet IP NETWORK SP ZXSS10 S100 VoIP AAA E1 ZXSS10 M100 BRAS PSTN IPTV/VOD System MSTP/RPR Video Transmission Network FSAP 9800 EPON WIMAX IAD FSAP 9800 EPON MODEM Residential Community User 1 User 2 51 .Confidential▲ Multi-play Service built upon FSAP SCP/DB/APP/Policy Server Service Management/OSS Softswitch Speedy Surfing VOD Stream IPTV Stream VoIP Traffic H.

• Optimizing the usage of bandwidth and multicast management 52 . • 3-level replicating architecture ensure highly efficient distribution for multicast traffic.Confidential▲ Highly Efficient Multicast Replication for IPTV User 1 User 2 User 3 Line IPTV Switch fabric card …… …… IP Core Multicast Router Uplink card Line card Main MSAN User N … Subtended MSAN • Multicast is the basic technology for IPTV service.

• Give operator more control right to allocate the network resource 53 .Confidential▲ Service Aware Access Platform for Differentiated Service INTERNET IPTV VOIP Data: I am nothing! IP Core Voice: I am VIP! Video: I am emergent! ZXMSG 5200 Service aware platform give differentiated service! VoIP Service Data Service IPTV Service Modem • It is mandatory for the integrated platform to be a service aware platform so that it can provide different quality of service according to the requirements of different service.

802. DSCP. u u Traffic policy and metering Traffic marking: modify DSCP or 802. • ZTE MSAN system provide different kinds of methods to differentiate service. MAC. 54 . TCP/UDP Port.Confidential▲ QoS Mechanism for Differentiated Service Queue 0 Queue 1 Traffic Classification Queue 2 Scheduling Egress Ingress Queue N u Classification according to: IP. L2/L3 protocol type.1P field Traffic shaping • ZTE MSAN system realize perfect QoS mechanism for differentiated service.1P etc. VLAN ID. u u u Congestion avoidance : ED/RED/WRED Queue Scheduling: SP/WRR/SP+WRR etc.

Confidential▲ Highly Efficient Multicast Replication IPTV INTERNET FSAP(Full Service Access Platform) FSAP Multicast Router USER 1 ATNG USER 2 Multicast Router ASVG Subtended DSLAM Switc h Fabri c ATNG USER n USER NETWORK ACCESS NETWORK 3-level replication architecture ensure highly efficient distribution of multicast traffic Optimizing the usage of bandwidth and multicast management 55 .

Confidential▲ QoS Guarantee for Services IPTV system INTERNET IP NETWORK Dedicated multicast transmission for large-scale launch of IPTV Internet access PSTN VOD traffic IPTV traffic VOIP SS BAS Unicast traffic MSTP/RPR SDN Multicast traffic FSAP N*FE/GE uplink IAD MODEM Residence A User Y User X 56 .

Confidential▲ Comprehensive Security Guarantee Internet IPTV Unified NMS IP CORE NMS security Security log Network protection Port location Port mirroring Limit operation right to prevent illegal activity Record any activities on configuration Uplink interface protection to rise reliability Tracing and location on illegal user Permit administer to monitor traffic state Based on L2.L3 and L4 related information Block broadcast virus attack like worm Prevent from illegal use and cheat of account and ID ZXMSG 5200 Packet filter Packet suppress Address binding Port isolation MAC learning limitation 57 Modem PVLAN ensure L2 isolation in the same VLAN Limit the number of MAC learned at port .

another fiber can be enabled via RSTP 58 Port Trunking Dual Fiber Redundancy . When a fiber fails. When a certain physical link fails. no impact on the whole system in case of any single component failure System still works normally when one of power card fails services switch to standby control card smoothly and seamlessly in case of active card fails With software backup locally. any equipment failure due to version updating are avoided completely Watch dog technology supervise running states of software and hardware of the system Bundle multi physical links into single logical link to build a high speed connection.Confidential▲ Strong Equipment-level Reliability Bus Architecture Power Supply Redundancy Core Board Redundancy Software Version Redundancy Watch Dog Mechanism Dual-star bus architecture. traffic can be transferred to other links.

and service brand be corroded. The staff assigned to user’s home check line.Confidential▲ Broadband Running Challenges Telcos’ Existing O&M System SPLITER ISP BAS MSAN MDF CPE PC 10% Issues arise from NE 25% Issues arise from line 65% Issue from home Challenge 25% line-side issues and 65% home-premise issues can’t be handled just by Telcos’ existing O&M platform. churning increase. Result Service activation. 59 . CPE. fault identification and fault disposal cost a lot. PC and home network to identify fault and handle it. generating huge challenge to Telcos. Current Measure Mainly rely on man-labour.

Confidential▲ ZTE End to End Intelligent Broadband O&M System SPLITER ISP BAS MSAN MDF CPE PC NMS & TEST SERVER Service Support Server PC DOCTOR Network O&M Network O&M CPE Mgmt CPE Mgmt Home network Home network Mgmt Mgmt OSS CSR Health database Health record database Expert knowledge database • ZTE ESS (Easy Service System) includes 3 function module: network O&M platform. home network management platform. • MSAN is integrated into ZTE ESS system which will relieve Telcos from tough maintenance burden. CPE remote management platform. 60 .

DSLAM.XPON Solutions • Triple-Play Access Network Requirements • Conclusion .CONTENTS • Challenges and Opportunities For Operators • ZTE Success and Achievements In The World • Diversified MSAN.

Confidential▲ Competitive Iran in Future 62 .

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