Rescue 1122 a ray of hope for citizens: Lahore²Rescue 1122 has proved to be a ray of hope for citizens of Punjab and the service is also providing a sense of safety to other provinces through technical support and training. This was stated by Ch Muhammad Sarwar, first Muslim British Parliamentarian and Chairman U Care Foundation/ Pakistan International Foundation while visiting the Emergency Services Academy here on Friday. Addressing under-training fire rescue staff from 24 districts of Punjab, Ch Muhammad Sarwar praised the management of Rescue 1122 especially the vision of Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer for success and professionalism of the service.


The Punjab emergency service was started as an emergency ambulance service pilot from Lahore in 2004. Keeping in view failure of repeated attempts to revitalize and monetize the existing emergency service, everyone was very skeptical about the project¶s success. Therefore, the establishment of this service was a great challenge, especially when there were no trained emergency personnel or emergency training institute available in Pakistan and even the emergency department of teaching hospitals did not have trained emergency paramedics. Against all odds, the service was established after successfully completing all the challenges which included recruitment of right staff and training on modern lines ; acquisition of appropriate land for rescue station; construction of rescue stations; development of international standards ambulances, rescue and fire vehicles in Pakistan, acquisition of toll free emergency number 1122 and wirless frequency, development and establishment vehicles tracking and call monitoring systems for control rooms for effective monitoring. After third party evaluation which revealed this service to be exemplary in terms of training quality care, response and professionalism, the service has been established in all major cities of Punjab, and shall soon become functional in all the 36 districts of Punjab. The service has so far rescued 396,995 victims while maintaining its response time of less than 7 minutes. Today, rescue 1122 is not only a model for other provinces but also for all SAARC countries. This exemplary performance has been possible only due to the quality of training imparted to its motivated staff on modern lines and the effective management and monitoring systems. Rescue 1122, which was just an idea five years ago has now turned into a reality of an effective system of emergency preparedness, response and prevention. Although an international standard emergency service is available for rescue of emergency victims, the alarming increase in the number of avoidable road traffic accidents and fire incidents necessitates the need to work together for prevention of such emergencies to build a safer Pakistan.


Vision Statement
Rescue 1122 is a regional leader providing the highest level of fire, rescue, emergency medical, and prevention services to a diverse and growing community with:
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Mission-essential staffing and training. State-of-the-art facilities, equipment and technology. A strong, diverse, and sustainable funding base, while maintaining stewardship of taxpayer resources. A safe environment for our citizens of Pakistan through effective and comprehensive prevention and public education programs. A safe and healthy workforce.

Mission Statement
Meeting the needs of an ever-changing community by providing them with a prompt, professional, broad based public safety service safeguarding their health and well being and ensuring a safe environment through public education, prevention, mitigation and training.


Our community and our employees are our most important resource. We are committed to:
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Doing the Right Thing o Integrity, Trust, Respect and Commitment Everyone Must Make a Difference o Individual and Organizational Responsibility, Accountability, Teamwork, and Collaboration Anticipating and Meeting Our Community¶s Needs o Proactive Planning, Innovation, Creativity, Responsiveness, and Excellent Customer Service

Create a culture where excellence is the only acceptable standard. Foster an environment of unrestricted thinking where all member's views and ideas are valued. Instill a leadership style which recognizes and rewards risk takers willing to take on traditional and cultural barriers to becoming a 21st century public safety organization. Community, Department before Self (CDS) Instill an attitude of community before self within the department. Create an environment among the RESCUER which fosters the attitude and commitment of community before personal gain or convenience. Organize, train, and maintain all department resources to deliver the highest possible level of public safety to the citizens of PAKISTAN. Ensure personnel are properly trained and equipped to perform all service delivery aspects to meet or exceed community safety expectations. Emphasis on: fire suppression, pre-hospital emergency medical care, hazardous material mitigation. Responder safety is paramount. Work together as a cohesive part of the over-all city team to enhance the quality of life for our community.


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Intermediate or General Equivalency Diploma Valid Driver¶s License Minimum 18 years of age. Registered from NADRA Pre-employment Medical Exam and Psychological Test (post offer of employment) No tobacco use on the job (as a condition of employment) Residency Restriction ± must live within 30 minutes of rescue 1122 point, Mechanical Aptitude/Ability preferred

Career Preparation
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Associate Degree in Fire Science Nationally Registered E.M.T.-Paramedic Background in Math & Physical Science Public Speaking Writing Skills Problem Solving Skills Computer Skills People Orientation & Community Involvement

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Maximum exertion during fire combat operations Rescue of trapped and injured customers Public expectation of professional fire service Critical decisions made with no discretionary time Shift Work Working from ladders at heights exceeding 65 feet Working under extreme weather conditions Exposure to hazardous materials

Rescue 1122 Duties:
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Support the community by being a good citizen on and off duty Learn and train for success Lead the way and set a positive example Think clearly and act decisively Survive - take care of you and your team Do no harm Treat others well and with dignity


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Develop a rapport with other employees throughout the City of pakistan. Never abuse your position or authority

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Opportunity for Advancement Salary: depends on the desugnation. Health Insurance: includes medical, dental & vision benefits, Pension: (based on gross income± for pension benefits only) ± Vacation Accrual: 10.6 hours/month Sick Leave Accrual: 8.5 hours/month Holidays: 10 per year

Personal Qualities
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Strong ethical character Desire to serve the public Maintains a vigorous level of physical fitness Empathetic, compassionate Mentally tough, emotional maturity Community minded, people oriented

In the service area: 
        Total Number of Career Officers and Firefighters: Career Firefighter-Paramedics: Career Firefighter-: Total Number of Volunteers: Volunteer Firefighters: EMS-only Volunteers: Number of Staffed on Station: Number of Volunteer Fire Station: Water Rescue Facility for the Marine Unit: 09 41 58 76 70 06 06 06 01


Services provided in 2010 by rescue 1122:
Total Number of Emergency Calls in 2010: Percent Increase since 2008: Percent of All Calls That Were Medical in Nature: Number of Patients Transported to Area Hospitals: Number of Fire Investigations: 7,655 5.6% 74% 4,112 87

Number of Community Events the Fire Department Attended: 41 Elementary School Students Receiving Fire and Life Safety Classes: 5,712 Citizens Receiving CPR Training: Teens Graduating the SafeSitter Program: Bike Helmets Sold: Life Jackets Sold: Car Seat Inspections: 2,581 66 512 121 63


Rescue 1122 operates four divisions of pakistan, including:

Operations Provides fire suppression, emergency medical services and technical rescue response to the district.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) ±
Provides clinical oversight of emergency medical services, analyzes department performance on medical aid calls and works with the Training Divsion to conduct on-going medical education and training programs.

Training ±

Provides training for rescures to maintain and improve skills and abilities. All career and volunteer personnel must undergo monthly rescures and emergency medical training to maintain skills.

Volunteer ± Oversees the volunteer members who respond to all emergencies, including residential and commercial fires, medical emergencies and motor vehicle crashes.

Fire Prevention ± Provides plan review, code enforcement, Also includes public education services for all residents served by rescue 1122 pakistan.


Safety Division ± Ensures the safety of all rescurers and officers.

Budget and Finance ± Continually reviews and analyzes finances and budget preformance to ensure that district residents receive maximum value and service from rescue 1122. Emergency Managment ± Works closely with law enforcement and local, state and federal agencies to prepare and manage large-scale emergencies.

PROVIDES clinical oversight and analyzes department performance on medical aid calls through a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program. EMS Division staff work with the Training Division to conduct education and training programs. Insurance and billing information is utilized to bill insurance and third-party payors. Rescue 1122, aid car and medic unit is staffed with firefighter-emergency medical technician (EMT) and firefighter-paramedics .EMTs provide basic emergency care including splinting, bandaging, spinal immobilization, oxygen and airway management, and automated defibrillation. The EMTs work in conjunction with the paramedics to prepare patients for transport. A paramedic has additional medical training to stabilize a critically ill or injured patient at the scene before transporting him or her to a hospital. Paramedics are certified to administer medications and intravenous fluids, insert breathing tubes and defibrillate patients.Rescue 1122, each staffed station always includes at least one firefighter trained as a paramedic.

Easy dialling number as 1122.



Call will be trasferred to nearest station of rescue 1122. Confermation call will be given to the injured Average standard time for reaching at the point is 7 minutes. Mikes, siron, hooters are available on the vans Fully equiped vans with first aid facilities. Representitives of rescue 1122 are available on all the hospitals


Overall review of rescue 1122 in pakistan:
LAHORE - 29,156 individuals were rescued during 29,078 rescue operations in April with an average response time of seven minutes, a Rescue 1122 performance review issued on Friday stated. The 29,078 rescue operations include 5,495 operations in Lahore, 2,438 in Faisalabad, 946 in Rawalpindi, 1,334 in Bahawalpur, 2,260 in Multan, 958 in Dera Ghazi Khan, 748 in Rahim Yar Khan, 907 in Sahiwal, 910 in Sialkot, 2,349 in Gujranwala, 282 in Murree, 915 in Sargodha, 985 in Jhang, 421 in Toba Tek Singh, 471 in Muzafargarh, 452 in Rajanpur, 340 in Mianwali, 473 in Pakpattan, 476 in Kasur, 425 in Gujrat, 484 in Bahawalnagar, 259 in Jehlum, 393 in Attock, 424 in Khanewal, 320 in Vehari, 214 in Chakwal, 480 in Okara, 290 in Hafizabad, 487 in Sheikhupura, 542 in Lodhran, 325 in Nankana Sahib, 217 in Khushab, 190 in Mandi Bahaudin, 310 in Narowal, 279 in Layyah and 279 in Bhakkar. The emergency calls to which Rescue 1122 responded include 11,495 road traffic accidents, 14,996 medical emergencies, 1,014 fire incidents, 37 building collapse incidents, 1,396 crimes, 60 drowning incidents, 61 special rescue operations and 19 explosions. Punjab Emergency Service Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer urged citizens to drive carefully in bad weather. Lahore²Rescue 1122 has proved to be a ray of hope for citizens of Punjab and the service is also providing a sense of safety to other provinces through technical support and training. This was stated by Ch Muhammad Sarwar, first Muslim British Parliamentarian and Chairman U Care Foundation/ Pakistan International Foundation while visiting the Emergency Services Academy here on Friday. Addressing under-training fire rescue staff from 24 districts of Punjab, Ch Muhammad Sarwar praised the management of Rescue 1122 especially the vision of Director General Dr Rizwan Naseer for success and professionalism of the service. He said that he was proud to be connected with Rescue 1122 which was a model for SAARC countries. He pledged his continuous support for the training of personnel and officers. He assured the Pakistani people of support from the people of the United Kingdom, especially to the service with equipment and fire engines. He admired the efforts of Rescue 1122 in rescue and relief of flood victims where Rescue 1122 had rescued over 40, 000 victims in boats, set up model tent villages and provided emergency medical assistance at site and in medical camps to over 43, 000 flood victims. Dr Rizwan Naseer briefed Ch. Sarwar about emergency services reforms in Punjab as a result of which the first professional Modern Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) was established in Punjab which was impossible without support of a Glasgow team and Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Service, UK. Syed Sajjad Haider, Director Pakistan International Foundation, and Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf, Trustee Pakistan International Foundation, were also present.

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