C++ was originally developed by Nicolas Wirth Ans : 3 Donald Knuth Bjarne Stroustrup Ken Thompson

2. The standard c++ comment / Ans : 2 // /* and */ None of these

3. The preprocessor directive #include is required if Console output is used Ans : 3 Console input is used Both console input and output is used None of these

4. The operator << is called an insertion operator Ans : 3 put to operator either a or b None of these

5. The operator >> is called an extraction operator Ans : 3 a get from operator either a or b get to operator

6. When a language has the capability to produce new data type, it is called Extensible Ans : 1 7. The C++ symbol << perform the action of sending the value of is used to indicate is adopted to expression listed as its the action from right resemble an arrow right to the outputs to left strewn as the left. Ans : 4 8. C++ name was suggested by Rrick Mascitti Ans : 1 9. What is a reference? an operator Ans : 2 10. A constructor is called whenever a reference is an alias for an object used to rename an object None of these Bjarne Stroustrup Donald Knuth Ken Thompson Overloaded Encapsulated Reprehensible

All the above

a object is declared Ans : 1

an object is used

a class is declared

a class is used

11. State the object oriented languages C++ Ans : 4 Java Eiffel All of the above

12. Overload function in C++ a group function with the same name Ans : 1 13. Operator overloading is making c++ operators works with objects Ans : 4 giving new meaning to existing c++ operators making new c++ operator both a& b above functions with all have the same same name and same number and type of number and type of arguments arguments

All of the above

14. A constructor is called whenever a object is declared Ans : 1 an object is used a class is declared a class is used

15. A class having no name is not allowed Ans : 3 16. The differences between constructors and destructor are constructors can take arguments but destructor can't Ans : 3 17. A destructor takes one argument Ans : 4 two arguments three arguments Zero arguments constructors can be overloaded but destructors can't be overloaded can't have a constructor can't have a destructor can't be passed as an argument

both a & b

None of these

18. Constructors are used to initialize the objects construct the data members both a & b None of these

Ans : 1 19. In C++ a function contained with in a class is called a member function Ans : 1 an operator a class function a method

20. The fields in a class of a c++ program are by default protected Ans : 3 public private None of these

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