Steven B Clark



Sword of the Spirit Communities:

Null Sets
A document from the Thomas Yoder Papers, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Following this introduction is a copy of a document written by Steven B Clark, founder of the Sword of the Spirit (SOS). The SOS is a non-denominational "Christian" movement that actively recruits "leaders" of smaller covenant communities so as to obtain control over them and then, with the assistance of those same leaders, bring the members of those communities into formation and submission under the Sword of the Spirit. This document was written in 1964 by Clark while he was at the campus of Notre Dame. It predates his baptism in the Holy Spirit by three years. The ideas contained in this document formed the basis for the creation of the Word of God Covenant Community and subsequently, the government and structure of the Sword of the Spirit. In the document, Clark identifies the leader of this group as "The Dictator." Clark is an intelligent man with a graduate education and a penchant for being , exact when it comes to what he means and writes. (See his epic tome, MAN AND WOMAN IN CHRIST.) His view of the leader ofa Christian community as a"Dictator" goes against the scriptural view of Christian leaders as "the Good Shepherd" who lays down his life for his sheep. Dictators, on the other hand, are noted for their ability to have everyone else lay down their lives for the Dictator . . The term "Null Set" is used to define the community that Clark envisioned. Governed by the Dictator and his Lieutenants, the Null Set contains many similarities of Sword of the Spirit Communities investigated by Catholic Bishops in Akron OH, Baltimore MD, Newark NJ and Steubenville OH. A review of the term via online searches will produce such fmdings as "a set that is negligible" or a "set that has no members." Either definition seems to take a very dim view of the men, women and children that comprise Sword of the Spirit Community. Finally, of interest in the document is the role of the Catholic priest. The reader can investigate that peculiarity for themselves.

John Flaherty May 20, 2011 Grand Island, NE

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