Dealing Skills: a. Decoding the topic b. writing introduction c. developing supporting ideas c. connecting the supporting paragraphs d.

writing unified supporting paragraphs e. developing conclusion f. connecting the essay Q1. Some people believe that music should be required part of a school s curriculum, while other believe the opposite. Which position do you agree, and why? Give reasons to support your response.

[a]Music has been a huge part of my life; I enjoy listening all types of music, playing several instruments passably, and being knowledgeable about the music I am listening to or performing. It makes me sad when I hear that my schools are removing the study of music from their curricula because I strongly believe that the study of music should be part of the educational system. I have two different possible reasons for this position. [b]First of all the study of music helps children to develop positively, particularly if they learn to play instruments. Learning the play an instrument requires discipline and commitment, and it also helps to advance a student s knowledge and enjoyment of music. Furthermore, performing an instrument in front of others helps a child to develop self confidence. [c]In addition to the position effect that the study of music has on a child s development, the study of music has a positive effect on a child s understanding of culture. Music is a part of every culture. It is therefore good for a child to study the music of his or her own culture as well as the music of other cultures. This study of music from different societies will give the child a better appreciation of his or her own culture. It will also give a child an understanding of the differences and similarities among cultures.

[d]A question has been raised about whether or not music should be a standard part of a school s curriculum. In response to that question, music can help children to develop in discipline and self confidence, and it can also teach children to appreciate their own culture as well as others culture because the study of music is also important in teaching. I strongly believe that it should be an integral part of the curricula of schools. Q 2 some people have the attitude that winning in sports is extremely important; while other believe that the opposite is true. Discuss this issue in both professional and amateur sports.

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