Pride in Work Essay (10 pts) Using one piece of work: Photostory Slide, Poster, or Flyer you will describe

your work, progress, accomplishment, success or growth as a student. Give Advice Essay (10 pts) Looking back on what we accomplished you will give advice to a new student in Ms. George’s class so that they can succeed from the very beginning of the class. Class Feedback Questionnaire (10 pts) Looking back on what we accomplished you will describe what you liked and disliked about the class so that it can be improved for the next year. Contents of Portfolio Pride of Work Essay10 points Give Advice Essay10 points Class Feedback Questionnaire10 points Each item will be worth 1.5 points + 2 extra points for a total of 20 points in this category. 2 Text Drafts from ANY Project 2 Graphics from ANY Project 2 Sieves from ANY Project 2 Uses of the Ladder Method from ANY Project 2 Sets of Handwritten Notes from ANY Project 2 Activity Pieces (Whether it was done in class or at home.) Exam (Total of 50 pts) ONLY the Dailey Quizzes can be used: NO notebooks. NO worksheets NO textbook NO note cards NO anything else

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