Sub Topic: Describing the naming words Learning Objectives:  To appreciate the importance of describing words in our day to day language.  To identify the describing words in the given text.  To describe the naming words related to his/her immediate surroundings.  Enable to use the new describing words in their language. Teaching Strategy: y y discussion method object talk

After recapitulating the naming words with reference to their immediate surroundings, the students will be asked to add more description to the identified naming words. For example: Big book, new book, heavy bag««.& so on. After this, an activity will be done. Activity: A handout with a small paragraph written on it will be distributed to the students. The students will read it a loud and identify the naming words in it. After identifying the naming words, they will add one word to it, which will tell something more about the given naming word. These words which add something to the naming words, which tell us more about the naming words are called describing words. For example: ---------Cake ---- delicious cake --------Apple -----juicy apple & so on. ICT Tools used Building background knowledge:  Asking the probing questions like: Name any five things you see around you & so on«.  Recapitulation of naming words through classroom objects.

Words which describe the naming words are called Describing Words.

Prepared by: Ruchira Ahlawadi

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