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Pendergrass-Diamond Precision Outline
John Pendergrass Lawrence Diamond January 2001


1♣ 1♦ 1♥/♠ 1NT
Forcing, could be 16 balanced 1-2 NV 11-15, 2+ ♦ 11-15, in principle 5+ cards. Exception: KQJx xx xx AQxxx Usually open the major, even with a longer minor 13+-16, 10-13 (1-2 NV) avoid 5-card major, can be 2245 with 5m

2♣ 11-15, 6+ ♣, could be 5♣ in 3rd seat 2♦ 11-15, short ♦, weak two in 3rd seat 2♥/♠ Weak two 2NT

3♣ /♦/♥/♠ Normal pre-empts, rule of 2/3/4 3NT 1st/2nd seat: Broken 7-8 card minor.
3rd/4th seat: Gambling; partner should not remove.

4♣ /♦ 1st/2nd/4th seat: NAMYATS – 8 to 8.5 tricks in major (9-9.5 in 4th)
3rd seat: Natural and preemptive

4♥/♠ Natural, NAMYATS in 1st/2nd seat (< 8 tricks) 4NT Good 5 of a minor opening (ex Ax x x KQJ10xxxxx = 9 tricks) 5♣ /♦ Pre-emptive five-level minor suit opening 5♥/♠ Solid hand missing AK of trumps
Can open very light in 3rd seat NV. Example: KQxx xx Kxx xxxx In 1st and 2nd, opening bids of 1♦/♥/♠ should promise at least 3 controls


Responses to 1♣
1♦ 1♥ 1♠ 1NT 2♣ 2♦ 2♥ 2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♠ 4NT
Artificial, 0-7 pts Positive in ♠ or 11+ balanced Positive in ♥ Positive in ♣ , shows 6+ clubs Positive in ♦, shows 6+ diamonds 8-10 pts balanced Positive with exactly 9 cards in the minors 4-5 or 5-4 Positive with 5m + 4M or 5-5 minors. Positive with 5-5 majors 8-12+ pts, <4 controls if >12 HCP, 4=4=4=1 or 1=4=4=4, GF 8-12+ pts, <4 controls if >12 HCP, 4=4=1=4 or 4=1=4=4, GF 13+ pts, any 4-4-4-1, GF, 4+ controls, suit below singleton

3♥/3NT/4♣ /4♦ 4♥/4♠/5♣ /5♦

Any 7-card solid suit (AKQxxxx or better) Broken 8-card suit, NF

Plain Blackwood

If they double 1♣: Pass = 0-4 1♦ = 5-7 XX = 8+ balanced, 2+♣, now all doubles are penalty If they double 1♦ response: Pass = strong NT hand (16-18) 1NT = 19-20 (also after overcall) XX = 4+♦, now all doubles are penalty Higher bids same as if no double 1♣ (X) 1♦ … systems on 2NT = 23-24 after double or overcall (so 2♥ then 2NT is 25-27) This response structure is also on after 1♣-(1♦).

20+ pts. 1RF 17-18 balanced (16-18 1-2 NV) 5+ cards. 4+ cards. not GF 19-20 balanced Natural and invitational. GF 2♠ 2NT 3♣ /♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4♥/♠ 4NT ♠+ ♣ GF To play “Gambling” Better than NAMYATS Plain Blackwood . containing 23 + balanced OR 5-5 majors invitational OR Game force in a minor OR ♥+ ♣ GF Any 4-4-4-1. NF Artificial relay to 2♠. natural follow-ups 5+/5+ in minors.4 1♣ -1♦ 1♥/♠ 1NT 2♣ /♦ 2♥ Natural.

4+ card fit. no shortness. decent 5+ card suit 2Raise 0-5 pts. new suits are 1-round force Artificial shows 6-7 pts. 3♣ asks location Natural. 6-7 pts.e. NF … if shortness then 0-2 pts Same game try structure as after 1M-2M. 3NT asks location Splinter 6-7 pts. NF … 3N by opener is NF 3♠ (over 1♥) Splinter 6-7 pts. i. 3 level bids are invitational 2♥ (over 1♠) 6-7 pts.5 1♣ -1♦-1♥/♠ 1♠ (over 1♥) 0-7 pts. sets major as trumps Typically 5-4-2-2 or with stiff honor . mandatory with 4+ ♠ unless responder has 4+ ♥ 1NT 2♣ 2♦ 0-5 pts. 0-5 pts. short suit 2♠ (over 1♥) Splinter 3-5 pts. 4♣ asks location Fit Showing 5+ cards. 4+ fit. 4+ card fit. exactly 3 card fit Then 2NT is artificial game force. 6+ cards 6-7 pts. 4+ fit. new suits are 1-round force Then 2NT is artificial GF (3C waiting by responder) 2 level bids are NF. 2NT asks location 2NT (over 1♠) 3 New Suit 3Raise 3NT (over 1♠) 4 New Suit Splinter 3-5 pts. 4+ card fit. <3 card fit Then 2NT is artificial game force. 4+ card fit. <4♥/♠ … structure as above Artificial shows 6-7 pts. 4+ fit.

6 1♣ -1♦-2♣ /♦ Responder’s new suits = NF. opener doubles to show shortness or passes to force responder's double with length. 5+ cards Responder’s 2N = 5-7 pts Responder’s jump = splinter 1♣ -1♦-2m-2N-3M = shortness 1♣ -1♦-2m-2M … nothing is forcing by opener 1♣ -1♦-2♥ Artificial. and then … 2NT 3NT 4NT 3♣ /♦ 3♥ 3♠ 23-24 balanced. If they interfere over 2NT. show 4-7 pts. . responder bids the singleton as a relay to the next suit. Stayman + transfers Natural and GF. 1-4-4-4 20-23. 1-4-4-4 NF Always bid suit below singleton. Bidding a suit directly is a mild slam try. rebids same as after 1♣-1♦-2NT 25-27 balanced. 4-1-4-4 F 24-26. 4-4-1-4 20-23. 4-4-4-1 24-26. to sign off somewhere. invitational ♥+ ♣ GF 1♣ -1♦-2♠ Unspecified strong (20+) 3-suiter … 2N by responder asks for strength and singleton. demands relay to 2♠. 4-4-1-4 F 24-26. 4-4-4-1 NF 24-26. After the 2N ask … 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4♣ 4♦ 4♥ 20-23. Then. 4-1-4-4 20-23. Stayman + transfers + quant + 5♣ Super Gerber 28-30 balanced. next step by responder is waiting 5+/5+ in majors.

4N shows 5-4 in minors balanced. Same structure over 2NT opening (21-22 balanced) or 1♣-1♦-2♥-2♠-2N (23-24 balanced) 3♣ Puppet Stayman … any later 4NT by responder is quantitative. If a nine-card fit is not known to exist add 1 loser or use the lower estimate before investigating game or slam. no 4-card major 3♦/♥ Transfers. 4♣ Gerber (0/4.7 1♣ -1♦-2N 19-20 balanced. With 23-24 HCP partner is expected to have 7 cover cards if a nine-card fit exists. 3♥=Four spades 3♠=Four hearts 4♦=Both majors 3♥/♠ 5-card suit 3NT No 5-card major. Responder rebids 4NT as quantitative.1.2. forces opener to bid 3N. With 21-22 HCP partner is expected to have 6-7 cover cards if a nine-card fit exists.5) to determine whether or not to invite/bid game/slam. if responder is interested in a 4-card major. 4N by either side is to play in these auctions.3) 4♦/♥ Transfers. With 19-20 HCP partner is expected to have 6 cover cards if a nine-card fit is exists. . Then responder bids 4m with single-suited slam try. With 25-27 HCP partner is expected to have 8 cover cards if a nine-card fit exists. any later 4♣ is RKC. Puppet Stayman responses: 3♦ No 5-card major but at least one 4-card major Over 3♦. 4M shows shortness with at least 5-4 in minors. 4NT Quantitative Deduct the number of cover cards expected from partner from your modified loser count (use adjustment for controls and Qxx=2. responder bids the major he doesn’t have or 4♦with both majors. 3♠ Minor suit slam try. Responder rebids 4♠/4NT as Kickback.

support asking bid 4-4-4-1 short in responder’s suit. AK-controls Tend to bid 1NT with all balanced hands Then. sets trumps … responder should Q-bid A or K. <19.8 1♣ -1♥ 1♠ 1NT Higher bids Asks (TAB). 11+ balanced Show ♠ length/strength (TAB answers). 1NT 2 new suit 2NT 3NT Jump Shift Natural. 19+. unlimited. new suit from opener is natural. natural follow-ups 4-4-4-1 short in responder’s suit. 3NT or 4♠. promising 3+ spades. In auctions of the type 1♣ -1♥-1♠-2♣ -2♥-2♠-3♠. . the 3♠ bid offers a choice of games. asking bid. Balanced. this is a trump ask with similar responses as to 1♠. not control ask. If opener can rebid 2♠ after interference. natural follow-ups Natural.

2=2=4=5 3♠= CRASH for Aces 11-13. 4♣ =CRASH For Aces 4♣ = CRASH for Aces 1♣ -1♥-1♠-1NT-2♣ -2♥-2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4 spades 4 clubs 4 diamonds 3=4=3=3 2=4=2=5 2=4=5=2 3♣ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♦=relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♠=CRASH 3♥ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3NT is to play.9 1♣ -1♥-1♠-1NT 2♣ 2♦ 2♥ 2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ Relay 14+. any except 3=3=3=4 11-13. 4♣ is CRASH 4♣ =CRASH . 4 hearts 11-13. 4 spades. 4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH 1♣ -1♥-1♠-1NT-2♣ -2NT-3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 3=3=4=3 2=3=4=4 3=2=4=4 3=3=3=4 3♥ =CRASH 3♠ =CRASH 3NT is to play. 3=3=3=4 3NT is to play. denies hearts 11-13. 5332 hand with 5 clubs 3♦=relay for short suit (natural) 11-13. 5332 hand with 5 diamonds 3♥=relay for short suit (natural) 11-13. 4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH 1♣ -1♥-1♠-1NT-2♣ -2♠-2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4 clubs 4 diamonds 4=3=3=3 4=2=2=5 4=2=5=2 3♦=relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♥ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♠ =CRASH 3NT is to play. 2=2=5=4 14+. no 4-card M or 5-card m 2♥ = Relay 2♠=relay for additional distribution 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 2NT=relay for additional distribution 3♣ =relay for additional distribution 11-13.

4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH After 1♣ -1♥-1♠-1NT-2♣ -2♦-2♥-2♠-2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4 clubs and 4 spades 4 diamonds and 4 spades 4=4=2=3 4=4=3=2 4=3=3=3 3♦ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♥ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♠ =CRASH 3NT is to play. Responder’s 3♣ =fit. asks for SUPPORT responses Clubs. then opener’s 3♦/♥/♠ shows shortness.10 1♣ -1♥-1♠-1NT-2♣ -2♦-2♥ 2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4 spades (can have 4 hearts) 4 hearts. 4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH Other rebids over 1NT response: 2♦ 2♥/♠ 2NT 3 Level Natural. responder’s major suit rebids show concentration 5+. denies 4 spades 5332 with 5 clubs 5332 with 5 diamonds 2=3=4=4 3=2=4=4 3=3=4=3 2NT=relay 3♣ =relay 3♦=relay for short suit 3♥=relay for short suit 3♠=CRASH 3NT is to play. 3♦/♥/♠ by responder denies fit. 4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH After 1♣ -1♥-1♠-1NT-2♣ -2♦-2♥-2NT-3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4 diamonds and 4 hearts 2=4=3=4 3=4=2=4 3=4=3=3 3♥ = relay for residual 3♠=CRASH 3NT is to play. show values Sets trumps .

but can play in 3N 3NT 19-20 balanced 1♣ -2♣ Similar to 1♣ -1NT 1♣ -2♦ New Suit Support ask 2NT Shape ask 3♣ No major. then 3♦ asks for stoppers 3♦ Both majors.11 1♣ -1♠ 2♥ trump ask. 12+ HCP 5 diamonds + 4 clubs. 8-11 HCP 2♠= Relay 3♣ =relay for residual (2-2 / 1-3 / 3-1 / 0-4 / 4-0) 5 diamonds + 4 clubs. 12+ HCP . 8-11 HCP 3♦=relay for residual (2-2 / 1-3 / 3-1 / 0-4 / 3♥=relay for residual (2-2 / 1-3 / 3-1 / 0-4 / 4-0) 3♠=relay for residual (2-2 / 1-3 / 3-1 / 0-4 / 4-0) 3♣ 4-0) 3♦ 3♥ 4 diamonds + 5 clubs. sets trumps. then 3M is jack ask 3♥/♠ Responder bids the major he doesn’t have 3NT No major 4-3-3-3 1♣ -2♥ After 1♣ -2♥ 2NT 4 diamonds + 5 clubs. other bids support asks and as above. 1NT control ask. 1♣ -1NT 2♣ 2♦/♥/♠ Trump asking bid Support asking bid 2NT 16-18 balanced 3JS Natural.

as follows: 1st step shows a minimum hand with 8-11 HCP. starting with 22. 1-3.e. 1-3 means a singleton in the higher ranking side suit and 3 of the lower ranking suit.e. i. i. 0-3. ne can skip minimum step and go directly to distribution. 2nd and further steps are 2-2. residual is shown in steps. 0-4. 12+ HCP 2=1=5=5.12 1♣ -2♠ After 1♣ -2♠ 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 5 clubs + 4 hearts 5 clubs + 4 spades 5 diamonds + 4 hearts 5 diamonds + 4 spades 5-5 minors. 12+ HCP 0=3=5=5. 2-1. In this and other contexts. 3-0. 1-3. 3-1. the step responses show 1-2. Skipping the first step shows the residual distribution with extra values. etc. (12+ HCP). e. After a 3NT response and a 4♣ relay. the suits are counted the way we would describe them from the top down. 40. . the 1C hand uses the next step other than 3NT as a further relay for the rest of the steps. 8-11 HCP 1=2=5=5. 12+ HCP 3=0=5=5. After the first step (minimum) response.g. If responder is a paseed hand. 12+ HCP 2NT = relay 3♦=relay for residual (see below) 3♥=relay for residual (see below) 3♠=relay for residual (see below) 3NT is to play. 4♣ =relay for residual (see below) 4♣ =relay for residual (see below) 4♦=CRASH for Aces 4♥= CRASH for Aces 4♠= CRASH for Aces 4NT=CRASH for Aces 4♣ 4♦ 4♥ 4♠ After the relay over a 3X response.

if possible. 3-0) 3♠=CRASH 3NT=natural.5. 1♣ -3♥/3NT/4♣ /4♦ Bid shows suit below singleton … forcing to 4NT 4♣ /4♦ RKC over 3♥/3NT Step 1 = asking for controls over 4♣ /4♦ (4. 4♣ /4♦ RKC.7. or void Plain Blackwood outside of suit. 1♣ -3♦3♥ asks which singleton … 3♠: 4=4=1=4. followed by back on track specific King ask. Responses natural. stiff. 2-1. 3♠: 1=4=4=4. 0-3. If followed by 4NT. 4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH 4♦=CRASH 3♦ asks which singleton … 3♥: 4=4=4=1.etc.) 1♣ -3♠ 7-card solid suit 3NT Nonforcing 4♣ asks for the solid suit. 3NT: 4=1=4=4. asks for outside aces. K. 4♦ “I know your suit” … make a natural Q-bid of A. 4NT .13 1♣ -2NT and higher After 1♣ -2NT 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4♣ 1♣ -3♣ 8-11 HCP 5=5=1=2 12+ HCP 5=5=2=1 12+ HCP 5=5=0=3 12+ HCP 5=5=3=0 12+ HCP 3♣ =Relay 3♥=relay for residual (steps 1-2.6. 4♣ /4♦ RKC.

Therefore. If overcall was 1♦ and advancer does not bid then all systems are on.          If double was 2NT or higher. then the “Q-bid” is natural and GF If opener bids NT. no stopper or awkward After any overcall. unusual style. play Unusual vs. we play strong NT systems ignoring any opponents suits Jumps in competition are forcing If they make a 2-suited bid. double is usually any 5-8 After 2♣ or higher overcall. 1♣-(1♠)-P-(2♠)-? 1♣ -(1NT=minors)-? 3♣/♦ = game-forcing splinter 3♥/♠ = preemptive 4♥/♠ = preemptive 2-level calls by either player are unusual vs. new suit is 9+ natural (5+cards) GF. For example: 1♣ . except over opener’s minimum NT Once they have been doubled (or passed) for penalty. responder is in a "mandatory" re-opening position.(DBL for majors) 1♥ = GF ♣ 1♠ = GF ♦ 2♣/♦ = 5-7 pts NF All actions by opener are game invitational.14 Interference over 1♣   After any overcall through 1NT. all doubles are for penalty Direct Q-bid of one level overcall shows balanced game force with no stopper If the overcall does not guarantee 4 of the suit. Unusual style. double is 5-8 any hand OR 9+ and 4-4-4-1 OR Balanced 9+. both directly and after double. . sets up GF 1C-1D-1H-(1S) systems are on with double “stole my bid” Double guarantees a rebid at 1-level.

all doubles are penalty If we have already doubled or passed for penalty. 1♣-(1♠)-X-(2♠) … now this is a Lebensohl situation from both sides.15 Interference over 1♣ Doubles – General Rules          First double by either player is takeout unless he has already had a chance to make a takeout double Second double by partnership is takeout Third double by partnership is penalty If we are in a game force. Double should try to show length in the unbid major(s). all doubles are penalty 1♣-(2any suit)-X … Lebensohl style by 1C opener. . 1♣-(2♠)-X-3♥ opener's call is invitational. including promising or denying stopper. 1♣-(P)-1♦-(2♠)-X … now this is a Lebensohl situation for responder.

4♣ by opener would ask for controls. . Then. KQJ or AQJ). this shows 6+ spades semi-solid. 4♣ by opener would ask for controls. opener’s rebid of NT at the minimum level is forcing and asks for responder’s distribution. If responder originally showed ♠. this shows 6 hearts and 5 spades. After either use of the AK-control ask. etc.16 Asking Bids AK-control Ask The AK-control ask applies in the sequence 1♣-1♥/♠-1NT and 1♣ -1♥-1♠-2any-2NT. Otherwise. 5+ clubs. opener bids 3♠ to ask for controls. 3♦: asks for controls 3♥: 2 controls 3♠: 3 controls 3N: 4 controls. 3♠: If spades was responder’s original suit. or bids NT with 5-3-3-2 distribution. He shows a second suit if he has one. After the AK-ask. After opener determines the number of controls. 3M by opener asks for shortness with void responses. then the bid shows 5-5 in the majors with 2 of the top 3 honors in each suit. 2 kings 3oM: at least 4 cards in the suit. Responder bids naturally. bidding responder’s known major below the level of game is a TAB. After 1♣-1♥-1NT. 3♦: Natural 5+ diamonds. With 6-4 show 4-card suit first. K=1) 2♦: asks for clarification 2♥: 0 or 1 king 2♠: 1 ace 2N: 5-3-3-2 distribution and 2 kings 3♣: at least 4 clubs and 2 kings 3♦: at least 4 diamonds and 2 kings 3M: at least 6 of responder’s major. rebids a 6-card or major. 2 kings 2♦: 3 controls 2♥: 4 controls 2♠: 5 controls 2N: 6 or more controls 3♣: asks for clarification 3♦: 6 controls 3♥: 7 controls 3♠: 8 controls 3♣: Natural. Shows 2 of top 3 honors in both suits. shows 6+ cards semi-solid (AKJ. Responder bids as follows: 2♣: 0-2 controls (A=2. no 4-card suit. Opener asks for controls by bidding 3oM 3♥: If hearts was responders suit. Shows 2 of top 3 honors in both suits. a 3♠ response to the 2NT shape ask shows 6+ ♠.

a direct rebid of the trump suit (non-game if 1st step) asks for length. 5 cards 1 top honor. 6+ cards all 3 top honors no top honor 1 top honor. 6 cards 2 top honors.17 Trump Ask When partner has shown 5+ trumps. 7+ cards all 3 top honors When partner has shown 6+ trumps. responses to the ask are: 1st step: 2nd step: 3rd step: 4th step: 5th step: 6th step: 1st step: 2nd step: 3rd step: 4th step: 5th step: 6th step: no top honor 1 top honor. After the 1st or 6th step.… Sequences where jack asks apply: . responses to the ask are: 1st step: 2nd step: 3rd step: 4th step: 5th step: 6th step: no top honor 1 top honor. 6 cards 1 top honor. no J 1 top honor with J 2 top honors. Sequences where trump asks apply: 1♣-1♥-1♠ 1♣-1♠-2♥ 1♣-1NT-2♣ 1♣-2♣-2♦ Jack Ask When partner has shown exactly 4 trumps. no J 2 top honors with J all 3 top honors 1♣-2♦-2NT-3♦-3M 2♣-2♦-2♥-2♠. 6+ cards 2 top honors. 5 cards 2 top honors. 7+ cards 2 top honors. responses to the ask are: New suit bids are now CAB These are on including the 3-level in case of interference.

other calls are natural. extras 3-card support. responses to the ask are: 1st step: 2nd step: 3rd step: 4th step: <3-card support. then on up. When partner may or may not have support. it is a trump ask. If that distinction is already known. Responses are: 1st step: 2nd step: 3rd step: 4th step: no control 2nd round control 1st round control AK A re-bid of the CAB “suit” asks whether the control is length (1st step) or high-card (2nd step). no extras 3-card support. P=1st step. Interference: X suggests penalty. pass is first response step. a new suit is a control ask. then a re-bid of the “suit” asks for the next level of control (cheapest step = no). P = 1st step. If no support. . support asks are on only at 2-level. otherwise step on up. If they double a CAB ask. extras Extras are defined as 4+ controls or 11+ HCP and 3 controls or 13+HCP Sequences where support asks apply: 1♣-1NT-2 any suit 1♣-1♥/♠-2 new suit 1♣-2♣-2M If support is shown then new suit bid is CAB. CAB After any kind of trump ask. otherwise step on up. no extras <3-card support. XX=natural. If they bid over any ask.18 Support Ask With interference. Other sequences where control asks apply: New suits after a 4♥/♠ opening or NAMYATS 4♣/♦ opening. If opener doesn't get support and reverts to responder's suit. X=penalty.

2♠= P/C. 3♣ = ♦inv+. 1NT (after 1♥) usually denies 4♠ 2♣ promises both minors 2♦ = 5+ ♦ 3♣ by responder is game force 1♦-1♠-2♦-2♥ = invitational 1♦-1♠-2♦-3♥ = forcing Jump reverse to 3-level = good 6-5 1♦-1♠-1NT-2♥ = pass or correct (at least 5-5) 1♦-1♠-1NT-3♥ = Slam invite. 3♦= NF. NF (then 3M=GF) 3Raise guarantees side stiff/void Next step asks: S1 = void somewhere S2 = stiff ♣ S3 = stiff other major 3NT = long diamonds. 4♦=♣RKC. 3M=GF. 3♣ = ♥. promising void After 1♦-1X-1Y. but not 3♣ ) are slam invitational either a 6-card suit (responder repeats his suit) with at most one loser. 3♦= ♠. 3♣ = ♦inv+ 2Raise 4-card support or 3 with a singleton 2NT (or 2♠ over ♥) is an asking bid using the Garozzo 5-step responses Other steps are natural short suit tries 1♦-1♠-2♠-2NT-any-3♠ = NF 1♦-1♥-2♥-2NT is SSGT in spades If any comp after raise. responders jumps in an already bid suit (or 3♥. even with a weak hand. or 5-5 in two suits with at least 2 of the top 3 honors in each suit. then 2NT is natural. OR 3♠ with max 2NT asks. 5+ ♦ … 2NT is natural + forcing. max. with 3-card support. at least 5-5 with good suits 1♦-1♥-1♠-3♣ = weak 1♦-1♠-2♣-2♥ = GF (4sF) 1♦-1♠-2♥ = natural.19 1♦ 1♥/♠ 3+ cards. 4♦=RKC) 3♣ = 5-5 NF (then 3M=F. 3NT = bar bid After 2NT ask. Responder’s 4-level jump = length slam try (w/5 in major) 2NT = 6♦. gambling Higher Jumps super splinter raise. . 3♥ = ♠+♥ feature. 4♥=♦RKC) 3♦ = 6♦. 3♠ = ♠+♣ feature 1♦-1♥-2♠ = 3♥. Responder will “always” bid. no 3-card support (then 3♦=NF.

2♣ =NF. no major Can stop in 2NT or 3♦ if it’s next bid by either player 1♦-2♦-3♥/♠ short. no 4-card major. 4♣ 3NT 13-15 4M 4♥/♠ To play (also in comp) 4NT Blackwood . We must assume diamonds are unstopped. 1♦-2♦-2NT-3♥/♠ short 1♦-2♦-other-3♥/♠ notrump probe 1♦-2♦-3♣ Natural and forcing. but can play in 3♦ 5♠ + 4♥. extras.20 1♦ 1NT 0-6 to “less than enough to make game opposite balanced max” 2♥/♠ 3♣ 3♥/♠ Natural. off after double (after double = fit) Soloway-type strong jump-shift 3♣ forcing. off in comp. weak… 2NT asks fragment. 3♥/♠ short 2♦ 2♥ 2♠ 2NT Invitational 3♣ 3♦ Invitational (fit in comp) … 3♦signoff Preemptive Weak (fit in comp) Shortness 3♥/♠. 1♦-2♣ -2♥-2♠ may be a probe. without 4 cards in other major By PH. semi-solid suit or better. natural follow-ups Inverted. on by PH. 3♦signoff. Any 4-card major is shown. NF 5-5 NF Shortness 2♣ Natural GF 2♦ Most hands with 5+♦ 2♥/♠ Not specifically 4-4 in ♦+M. 3NT is to play 2NT Natural. thus 4+♦ 3♦ Natural. 3m = correction On by PH. sets trumps 3♥/♠ Splinter. so after 3♠.

(After 1♦-1♠-1NT) Highly invitational with 5-5 in the majors (After 1♦-1♥-1NT) Highly invitational with 6 hearts 3♠ -. No Sing. 1♦-1♠-1NT-2♥ Weak 5-5 ----------------------------------------------------------------1X-1Y. 6+♦ 2oM game invitational with both majors 2M mild game invitation with 6-card suit 2NT game invitation with a 5-card suit 3♣ game invitation with 5-card major and clubs 3♦ game invitation with 5-card major and diamonds 3♥ -. UNBAL then relay  1/2 steps = MIN. the responses are: Pass weak.(After 1♦-1♠-1NT) Highly invitational with 6 spades 1♦-1♥/1♠-1NT-2♦ GF opener makes the cheapest possible rebid that would show any of the following holdings: 3-card support.21 1♦ 2-way checkback These also apply to 1♥-1♠-1NT and 1♦-1♥-1♠ 1♦-1♥/1♠-1NT-2♣ Forces opener to bid 2♦. No Sing. MIN (always the trump suit) 5) 4-card raise. hi/lo sing 3/4 steps = MAX. MAX 4) 4-card raise. or a 5-card minor 2NT shows (2-3)-4-4 and responder can bid up-the-line for a 4-4 minor suit fit. in 5 steps: 1) 4-card raise. either invitational or weak with ♦ Over 2♦. . the relay asks for info about opener's hand. hi/lo sing 2) 3-card raise. 4-cards in the other major. 2Y Structure (Garozzo 5-step responses) After opener raises responder's response. MIN 3) 3-card raise. MAX This applies to 1♥-1♠-2♠ also.

3 trumps Cheapest call forcing inquiry (natural SS tries). Responder has either 1) a self sufficient suit (1-loser or less). then 3♥ from opener is natural 4-card suit Responses to inquiry = shortness on 3-level. otherwise. responder’s jump to 3♥shows ♥and minor-suit fit (usually 5-5). off after overcall 3♣ 3♦ Bergen constructive raise (on after double) 9-loser Fit-showing in comp or by PH Bergen limit raise(on after double) 8-loser Fit-showing in comp or by PH Preemptive Unspecified splinter. 6-loser spade splinter 6 or fewer losers splinter (also by PH if no comp). the major is set as trumps If responder makes a GF 2/1 and jumps rebids opener's major to 3. 4-level bid is length slam try (same thing for 1♦-1M-2M) Strong jump shift. game forcing Jump rebids in major = semi-solid. 2♠(over 1♥) 2NT Jacoby game forcing raise – on after double. 6-card major Opener’s 3NT = usually solid 7-card major Responder’s reopening 2NT = takeout Double from either side is takeout BART (see separate section) 2♣ /♦ Natural. source of tricks on 4 level 1-2-3 = good 6-card suit at any colors (but weak in comp) After raise. Also 3NT over 1♠. Soloway style. 2) a strong notrump (16-18 pts). Opener bids the next step (3S over 3H or 3NT over 3S) to ask for the shortness. fit in comp 3Raise 3♠(over 1♥) 3NT(over 1♥) 4♣ /♦ or 1♠-4♥ .22 1♥/♠ 1NT Semi-forcing. it shows 3 trumps with shortness somewhere. NF Opener’s jump shift = 5-5 NF Opener’s 2NT = invitational. can play in 3NT (no serious 3NT here). includes 3-card limit raise If 1♠ opener bids a minor. 2Raise Constructive. 7 losers. 8-10/11 pts. can be minimum. or 3) good spades and 4-card heart support – if responder bids a 2nd suit next round it is a stiff or void.

NF Short suit game try in hearts 6+♥.. If opener JS. 6+ ♥ Can’t play in ♠ unless next bid is 3♠ Now 3♥and 4♥ are natural and nonforcing.23 1♥/♠ 4♥ (over 1♠) 4♠ (over 1♥) 1♥-1♠ 1♥-1♠-2♠-4♥ 1♥-1♠-2♠-3♥ 1♥-1♠-3♥ 1♥-1♠-2♠-2N 1♥-1♠-1N 1♥-1♠-2N 1♠-2♥-3♥ 1♥-1N-2♦-3♦ cuebid first.. 3♠ Garozzo single raise inquiry 11-15 balanced. responder’s 3♥ is NF Natural. 6 or fewer loser splinter. natural in comp Always to play Should be alerted as only promising 3+ if responder has less than invitational values. 2-way checkback is on Plain natural. to keycard one must Jumps to 3-level by PH are fit-showing in or out of comp 1M-(preempt)-4M … responder is in control of auction 1♥-(any ♠)-4♥-(4♠) 1♥-1♠-1NT. Double = 5-level desire 2-way checkback is on .

1♠-1NT-2♥-3m is to play . Bidding 2♦ and then over 2♥ bidding 2NT or 3♣ cancels showing five hearts and shows the strongest possible raise to 3♣. responder bids 2NT with a four-card or five-card (weak suit) raise. 1♠-1NT-2♣-2♠ shows two spades with up to 8 HCPs or three spades with up to 7 HCPs. 1♠-1NT-2♣-2♦-2♥-2♠ cancels showing 5 hearts and shows 9-11 HCPs with exactly two spades.24 1♠-1NT-2♣ … (BART) 2♦ 2♥ Artificial. With a five-card (strong suit) or six-card raise. responder bids 3♣. Opener bids 2♣ over 1NT even with 5-3-3-2 and a doubleton club. A direct raise shows a minimum raise to 3♣. “shows” 5 hearts Shows 6 hearts Responder can differentiate between a weak or strong preference to 2♠. Responder can also differentiate between a weak or strong raise to 3♣. Since opener might have only two clubs. If responder wants to play diamonds. he must bid 3♦ over 2♣.

etc. jumps = long suit 3NT = balanced maximum. 3♠ natural void ask (show even if no room) 3♠ = any 5-4-2-2. 5-3-3-2 (14+ HCP with 4+ controls) 4X Non-minimum. other bids retain meaning . A or K in their suit Pass = nothing to say. 6-card suit. XX =defensive.25 Jacoby 2NT 3♣ All minimums (then after sign-off it shows void) 3♦ then asks: 3♥ = shortness somewhere. pass = nothing. no shortness 3NT Non-minimum. pass = step 1. second 5-card suit (Kxxxx minimum) 4M Awful 5-3-3-2 (minimum with less than 4 controls) Follow-ups other than CABs as listed are natural cue bids Unusual sounding suit bids after 4M signoff tend to be voids INTERFERENCE Double = shortness in suit Nonjumps (below 3M) natural. shortness somewhere 3♥ natural void ask 3♠ and higher = CAB 3♥ Non-minimum. 3NT asks natural for 4-card suit 3NT = 6-3-2-2 minimum 4X = second 5-card suit (Kxxxx minimum) 4M = medium 5-3-3-2 (minimum but 4+ controls) 3♥and higher = CAB 3♦ Non-minimum. If they double 2NT. X = penalty. now responder’s double is penalty If they double asking bids. XX = business. If they bid over asking bids. etc. 5-4-2-2 3♠ natural asks for 4-card suit 3NT and higher = CAB 3♠ Non-minimum. pass = step 1.

he can pass minimum NT rebid. Responder’s new suits on 3-level are GF = FP. fit showing jump = FP if we bid past 3 of our suit (not if we overcall). After 2/1 response in comp. New suits in comp by PH at 3-level or higher promise fit. then we can’t play doubled in a new suit. In comp. Bergen is still on. up to mixed strength. 1♦ (1M) 3M = splinter Return by opener to 3 of his suit over invitational 2NT is NF. FP are on at 3-level (below responder’s suit) and at 5level. After DBL. old minors are NF. Jumps in comp are fit except for 4♥/♠.2♥) 4♥ (4♠) … double says “I want to bid 5♥” (1♦)-1♥-(1♠)-2♠-(3♣ )-X shows a SSGT. If responder rebids his suit it is NF even if opener has bid a new suit. however.1/2/3♠.1NT. After 1♦ opening. 3-level = NF. responder’s 2NT = scrambling. if responder raises opener’s major on his 2nd turn it is GF. responder’s new suits are 1-round force on 2-level. Also 1♦(P)1♥(X) P(1♠)2any=NF If opener makes support double. After our invitational 2NT bid … new minors are forcing.1♥/♠ . This also applies after game tries.  If they overcall after 1M (P) 1NT then double is takeout from either side                       If we have an agreed trump suit. However. responder’s double is penalty. Negative double of 3♣ and higher sets up FP if we get to game. minimum suit rebid. Jump raise of 1M opening in comp: 4 trumps. If opener reopens with double after WJO. 1♦ (P) 1NT (2M) … 2NT is good-bad from opener. he has real ♦. If we open 1♦ and later double their ♦ Q-bid. but we can play redoubled. If 1♦ opener voluntarily shows a new suit in comp. responder’s new suits on 2/3 level are NF. or a raise. . then: 2-level = NF.  If they overcall 2m after 1♦ . But.26 Interference after 1♦/♥/♠  If they overcall after 1♦ (P) 1NT then opener’s double is penalty. a jump to 4 of a major does not set up a FP. If we respond 1/1 and 4th hand overcalls. it shows good diamonds (could be minimum) … doubling their major suit Q-bid shows good hand. even in further comp. In comp. passed back around to responder. 1♥ (3♠) 4♣ = artificial raise better than 4♥ (slam interest) 1♥ (X.

but not over their jumps Pass.27 Interference after 1♦/♥/♠ They overcall with natural 1NT Double Penalty Bids That suit + a higher suit (not counting opener’s suit) 2NT Bigger 2-suiter (or limit raise +) Raise Natural. forcing Jumps = splinter in their suit. unusual vs unusual If one suit is known: Q-bid = limit+ in our suit New suits = natural. not 2 suits 3-level Preemptive They overcall with Michaels or Unusual 2NT Double Sets up 1-round force. then double = takeout If both suits are known. otherwise fit NT = natural .

3♣ would presumably guarantee 4-card support.X 2♦ 2♥ 2♠ raise to 2♥. no ♠ support. Opener responds 1NT if he would have passed a 1NT response (then with minors responder makes a pass-or-correct bid). 5-4-3-1 with ♠ support 14-15 HCP with ♠ support. transfer to 2♣ transfer to 2♦ raise to 2♥. values for a 2NT call without a stopper. 3+ card support. 5-4-2-2 1♥-(1♠)-1NT 1♥-(1♠)-2♣ 1♥-(1♠)-2♦ 1♥-(1♠)-2♥ 1♥-(1♠)-2♠ 1♥-(1♠)-3♣ /♦ 1♥-(1♠)-4♣ /♦ 1♥. Again. constructive or better. 5+ ♦ 11-13 HCP with ♠ support 14-15 HCP. responder passes or takes a natural stronger action. or a 1NT response. no ♠ support. Responder may pass or take another (natural) call with inv+ values. no ♠ support. opener's possible rebids are: 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4♣/♦ 4♠ 11-13 HCP. invitational If responder rebids 2♠ after the transfer. forcing one round. or else makes his normal rebid. 1♥-(2♣)-X-2♦-2♥ show 2 hearts. transfer to 2♠. After 1♥-(2♣)-X-2♦-2♠. Higher bids by responder are normal. 5+ cards. no stopper fit-showing splinter transfer to 2♦. follow-ups are ss game tries trash raise to 2♥ values for raise to 2NT. no ♠ support. no stopper 11-15 HCP.28 Interference after 1♥/♠ 1♥-(1♠)-X both minors.(2♣ ) . it cancels diamonds and shows inv+ values with exactly 4 spades. or values for 3NT but would like to give opener a chance to declare the hand. ♣ stopper 14-15 HCP fragment. to play or natural rebids showing inv+ values. no stopper guarantee 14-15 HCP. .

Again.X Like 1♥-(1♠)-X. 5-4-3-1 with ♠ support 14-15 HCP with ♠ support. 5-4-2-2 2♥ 2♠ transfer (!) to 2♠. responder passes or takes a natural stronger action. 5+ cards. forcing one round. no ♦ stopper guarantee 11-15 HCP. 3♥ would not. non-constructive raise to 3♥ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . no ♠ support. 3+ card support. it cancels hearts and shows inv+ values with exactly 4 spades. 5+ cards. 3+ card support. opener's possible rebids are: 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4X 4♠ 11-13 HCP. no ♠ support.(2♦) . 5+ cards. Opener bids 3♣ with a minimum hand or 2NT to pre-accept. analogous to similar auction over a 1NT opening.29 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1♥. no ♠ support. After 1♥-(2♦)-X-2♥-2♠. If responder rebids 2♠ after the transfer. no ♠ support. ♣ stopper 14-15 HCP fragment. Again. this shows either a 2NT response or a normal negative double.X transfer/raise to 2♥. 3♣ /♦ would show extra values. Again. transfer to 3♣ . Opener bids 2NT if he would have passed the 2NT response or chooses his most natural rebid. responder passes or takes a natural stronger action. responder passes or takes a natural stronger action. Responder may pass or take a natural stronger action. 5+ cards. constructive/invitational raise to 3♥. Natural 2NT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1♥.(2♠) . transfer to 3♦. 5+ ♣ 14-15 HCP. no stopper 11-13 HCP with ♠ support 14-15 HCP. transfer to 3♣ .

♣ stopper 14-15 HCP fragment. forcing one round. no ♥ support. If responder rebids 2♥ after the transfer. no stopper guarantee 11-15 HCP. Responder may pass or take another (natural) call with inv+ values.(2♦) . Natural Higher bids by responder are normal. to play or natural rebids showing inv+ values. 5-4-3-1 with support 14-15 HCP with support. no ♣ stopper 11-15 HCP.(2♣ ) . opener's possible rebids are: 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4♣/♦ 4♥ 11-13 HCP. 5+ ♦ 11-13 HCP with ♥ support 14-15 HCP. no ♥ support.X transfer to 2♦. to play or natural rebids showing inv+ values. no ♥ support. opener's possible rebids are: 2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4X 4♥ 11-13 HCP. 3+ card support. 3♣ would presumably guarantee 4-card support. no ♥ support. 5-4-2-2 2♦ 2♥ 2♠ 2NT transfer to 2♥. responder passes or takes a natural stronger action.X transfer to 2♥. forcing one round. After 1♠-(2♦)-X-2♥-2♠. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1♠.30 1♠. no support. no stopper 11-13 HCP with ♥ support 14-15 HCP. no stopper guarantee 14-15 HCP. it cancels long hearts and shows inv+ values with exactly 4 hearts. 5-4-2-2 . 5-4-3-1 with ♥ support 14-15 HCP with ♥ support. no ♥ support. 5+ cards. If responder rebids 2♠ after the transfer. After 1♠-(2♣)-X-2♦-2♥. Again. 5+ ♣ 14-15 HCP. ♣ stopper 14-15 HCP fragment. no ♥ support. (!) values for a 2NT call without a stopper. or values for 3NT but would like to give opener a chance to declare the hand. no ♥ support. it cancels diamonds and shows inv+ values with exactly 4 hearts. raise to 2♠.

it cancels the support (!) and shows 2-3-4-4 or 2-4-(3-4) inv+ values with no ♥ stopper. analogous to similar auction over a 1NT opening.31 2♥ 2♠ raise to 2♠. responder passes or takes a natural stronger action. If responder bids 2NT after the transfer. transfer to 3♣ . . 5+ cards. transfer to 3♣ . Again. analogous to similar auction over a 1NT opening. Opener bids 3♣ with a minimum hand or 2NT to pre-accept. 5+ cards. 2♠ 2NT Natural 3♣ transfer to 3♦. 5+ cards. Opener bids 3♣ with a minimum hand or 2NT to pre-accept. Again. Natural 2NT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1♠.(2♥) . responder passes or takes a natural stronger action. 3+ card support. 3+ card support.X transfer/raise to 2♠.

but 2NT is also takeout. When we get doubled in 1♦. Must alert failure to XX on 1-level. Our double to deny a lead is only by the person who has first introduced the suit. it’s weak.e. normal runouts i. Redouble of 3NT is always business. Rosenkranz redoubles are mandatory on the 1-level unless you decide to raise. so double should steer leader away.32 Doubles and Redoubles  If they Q-bid our suit and it is clearly their hand. XX = 1 suit) Redoubles in the middle of our Precision asking sequences are an attempt to play there. It is assumed we will try to lead 3rd hand’s suit. Redouble of their double after 1M-2M does not force us to the 3-level if we’ve already stopped in 2 of our suit. Optional on 2-level. intending to show a good raise to 4M at next turn. it could just mean “they’re dead. Responder’s doubles are usually “cards” and responder’s 2NT is takeout. lead normally”. Shows A or K. If we jump after our takeout double is redoubled or bid over. then double says to lead a different suit. But 1X (any) 1NT and responder later doubles = cards/penalty. Negative and responsive doubles after 1♦opening through 4♦ only (1m)-2m[Majors]-(3m)-X = “responsive” Michaels bidder cannot pass. Double of 3NT usually for dummy’s suit. (exception: if we overcall 3NT over 3-level opening and it’s doubled. If opener doubles after they’ve overcalled and raised it’s pure takeout.            . it is “last man’s” job to run. Pulling a 3-level double to 3NT is playable unless puller cannot logically have enough to make. However.

. Misc Auctions (1♥) P (P) X (2♥) X Penalty 1♥ (X) P (1♠) P (P) 1NT Minors 1♠ (P) 2♠ (X) XX Forcing to double or 3♠ (but not if we’ve passes 2♠ response) (1♦) P (1M) P (1NT) P (P) X takeout (1♥) P (1any) X (2♥) X Penalty 1NT (2suit) X (P) 2NT Natural 1♦ (1♥) 1♠ (2♥) P (P) X (P) Now 2NT = natural Penalty (2♥) P (3♥) P (P) X Penalty or light 1any (X) P (any bid) P (P) X Penalty … double is also penalty if they overcalled General rule: opener’s 2NT is natural. If we respond in comp. Must double or cuebid to force (even if they preempt and we reopen on high level). it is NF.33 Support Doubles and Redoubles Through and including 3 of our major. responder’s actions (except Q-bid) are never forcing … a new suit is an attempt to play there. If they bid 2 of our major: Double = penalty if natural Double = 3+ card support if Q-bid After a support double. Support doubles are not on when responder negative doubles. and then reopen(non-jump). potentially weak hand’s 2NT is takeout.

2NT by responder asks for natural shortness If opener doesn’t show minimum.s. 3 or 4 trumps Drury: 2♣ = 1-Way Reverse Drury 2NT by opener asks for natural shortness If opener shows minimum. always Bergen by UPH even if they double They Double All single jumps = fit. 2NT by responder is natural NF No artificial game tries If Drury bidder continues over signoff suit bids are natural s. must play in major opened 2NT is limit raise 2-level is same as by UPH Suit/Lead applies (1NT is clubs. not transfer to Drury) They Overcall same as by UPH They Pass Single jump as over double 2NT = minors 3Raise = semi-preemptive. game tries .34 Passed Hand Actions Passed Hand after 1♦ Jumps = fits (can pass a jump to a major … promises 5+) Passed Hand after 1M Never Bergen by PH. usually 5 cards Double jumps = splinters 2Raise still constructive.

2♦ No major 2M Invitational 3m Invitational with a major 3M Invitational (probably w/4 in other major) 2♦ GF Stayman 2♥ 4 hearts 2♠=relay 4 spades. we might use 2♣ if it is less likely to be doubled than 2♦. denies hearts no 4-card M or 5-card m 5332 hand with 5 clubs 5332 hand with 5 diamonds 2=2=4=5 2=2=5=4 for additional distribution 2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 2NT=relay for additional distribution 3♣ =relay for additional distribution 3♦=relay for short suit (natural) 3♥=relay for short suit (natural) 3♠= CRASH for Aces 3NT is to play.35 1NT (10-13) Try to avoid opening 1NT with a 5-card major 2♣ NF Stayman With some simple game forcing hands. 4♣ is CRASH . 4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH After 1NT-2♦-2♠-2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4 clubs 4 diamonds 4=3=3=3 4=2=2=5 4=2=5=2 3♦=relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♥ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♠ =CRASH 3NT is to play. 4♣ =CRASH 4♣ =CRASH After 1NT-2♦-2NT-3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3=3=4=3 2=3=4=4 3=2=4=4 3♥ =CRASH 3♠ =CRASH 3NT is to play. 4♣ =CRASH For Aces After 1NT-2♦-2♥-2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 3NT 4 spades 4 clubs 4 diamonds 3=4=3=3 2=4=2=5 2=4=5=2 3♣ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♦=relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3♠=CRASH 3♥ =relay for residual (steps 2-3 / 3-2) 3NT is to play.

opener should try not to raise. double is Stayman but 2♦ is to play. but responder’s new suit is NF 2NT = 5-5 any 2 suits 1N (P) P (X) P (P) … now DONT style for responder’s bids and XX All jumps to 3-level in comp are Rubensohl After 1NT (bid) … Rubensohl is on same as strong After non-Landy 2♣ overcall. systems on After 3-level overcall.36 3NT 3=3=3=4 4♣ =CRASH 1NT (10-13) 2M To play. sets up FP. cheapest bid from responder is takeout and double is penalty. any 6-card suit (opener bids lowest rejection) 3X To play 4♣ Gerber 4♦/♥ Texas (on through 3♣ overcall only) Interference over 10-13 NT After 1N (penalty X). . After non-penalty X. Zia suggests never bid 2♥ unless ready to hear opps bid 2♠ 2NT Invitational. Direct bids are natural XX = business. opener’s double is penalty. pass forces XX to show cheapest of 2 suits (or to play). could be semi-psychic. our 3-level bid is GF If they balance.

may or may not have a 4-card major 3♣ GF. 4♥ = spades 4♣ RKC Gerber 4♦ Balanced slam try in ♥ 4 or 5♠. 4-card major longer clubs 3♦ GF. 4-card major longer diamonds 3M Smolen 4♣ Gerber 4♦/♥ Discuss 5♣ and higher Exclusion RKC in ♦ 2♥ 4 or 5♥. there is room to show voids + 2♠ 2♦ Transfer to ♥ 2♥ Opener can super-accept with 4 hearts and maximum 2♠ 5-5 invitational 3m Natural GF (but NF by PH or after 1♣ -1♦) Jump to 4M = fast arrival (weaker) 3♠/4m Splinter 4♥ Balanced slam try. 3NT asks (do not show voids): 4♣ = clubs.37 1NT (13 -16) 13+ means a 5-card minor suit if 13 HCP 2♣ Stayman 2♦ No major 2♥ P/C (weak with both majors (4-4). denies 4 spades 3♣ GF 4♠ and 6+♣ 3♦ GF. (4-5) or (5-5) 2♠ weak with exactly 4 hearts and at least 5 spades 2NT Invitational. 4♦ = diamonds. invitational 2NT Invitational. 4 spades and 6+ diamonds 3♥ Invitational 3♠ Slam try in ♥ with unspecified shortness. may have 4♠ 2♠ 4 spades. denies 4♥ 2NT Invitational. 6+♥ 4NT Balanced slam try 2♠/3m Super-accept with a worthless doubleton in the suit . 4 hearts with longer clubs 3♦ This and all higher bids are same as over 2♥ response Over 3♥ showing shortness. may or may not have 4 hearts 3♣ GF.

GF GF Splinter. may have 4♠ Opener bids 3♠ with 4 of them. then responder’s 4m = natural Opener’s 4m = natural … be wary about jumping Gerber Texas transfers. at least 5-5. 3♣ to deny Responder’s new suits are shortness with slam interest Both minors . at least 5-5. initiates FP. 3♣ to deny Responder’s new suits are shortness with slam interest Transfer to ♦ … opener bids 2NT to accept. weak Both minors. If responder bids on at 5-level it is a void slam try 3♠ 4♣ 4♦/♥ . responder pulls to 3NT w/o spades or Q-bids 4m Opener’s jump to 4♠ promises 5 spades Try not to splinter with slam interest or stiff AKQ GF Splinter. must have 4♥ If opener bids 3NT.38 1NT (13 -16) 2♥ Transfer to ♠… same structure as 2♦ above Transfer followed by 3♥ is 5-5 GF Transfer followed by 4♥ is splinter + Note: 1NT-2♦-2♥-4♠/5m is Exclusion RKC 1NT-4♦-4♥ … 4♠ is RKC 4NT and higher are SPL RLY void slam tries 2♠ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♥ Transfer to ♣ … opener bids 2NT to accept.

If we overcalled a 1C opening earlier. pass shows king. So. Opener’s direct XX is penalty. Slow following XX (re-ask) shows stopper. If they double Transfer: XX = attempt to play (by opener only) Pass = <3 trumps. transfer to ♠ and then 3♥ by PH is forcing. then: Responder’s bid of his suit = invitational XX by responder is retransfer (then new suit is F) Direct actions (no retransfer) are NF Acceptance = 3 trumps Other bids = normal meaning If they double a re-transfer: redouble shows ace. If they double Stayman. fast denies a club stopper. we have a stopper. If they overcall Stayman: opener bids 2NT with a stopper in their suit or passes without. accepting transfer shows neither.    . so a direct 2♦ shows 5♦.39 1NT (13+-16)   Weissberger by PH: 1NT-2♣ -2♦-3♦ is 5-5 majors invitational. Transfer to major and then 3m by PH is NF.

Systems on. If they bid 2♣ or 2♦ for majors: Pass. Rubensohl applies. No stopper in the enemy suit. All subsequent doubles are penalty. higher bids FOC.40 Interference against our Strong 1NT            No negative doubles Opener tries hard to reopen with any strength and weak doubleton in their suit If they balance (natural). or followed by 3M to show stopper 3m = natural. 2NT then a cuebid shows the other 4-card major and no stopper. XX sets up 1-round force through 2♠. responder’s X is 3 with cards 3-level bids forcing after 3-level jump overcall 1NT (3m) 4m = majors Gerber in comp is a jump to 4♣ or 5♣ Texas in comp through and including 3♣ overcall (sets up FP) If they artificial Double we totally ignore it.e. XX=one-suit. then balancing double = takeout Dbl = cards. invitational 3M = shortness 2♦ = natural. then responders bids are DON’T (i. "Help" bid. Direct 3NT shows a stopper in their suit. Direct 3-level bids are x-fers showing suit above inv+ Transfer to their known 4+ card suit = inv+ in unbid major(s) 3♠=transfer to NT. Later doubles are penalty 2M = tying GF in minor 2NT = Lebensohl to get out in 3m. . opener’s X is penalty. NF Over any other suit interference at the two-level. If they penalty double responder’s 2-level bids are natural and pass forces redouble. opener is “forced”. Rubensohl – 2NT is a relay to 3C starting a weak takeout. suit=that and higher) If they bid 2♣ (no matter what it means – except Landy) … double = Stayman.

other bids = natural void slam try Transfer to their major after our 2NT overcall = inv in other major Jacoby followed by 4m promises slam interest: Opener’s 4NT or return to either suit is NF Opener’s step 1 (of remaining bids) is RKC in minor. then one over for kings . RKC Jacoby followed by 4NT above trump = Quantitative Texas followed by one over = RKC.41 Strong 2NT Auctions Jacoby followed by 4 of a new suit above trump = Excl. then one over for kings Opener’s step 2 (of remaining bids) is RKC in major.

as responder is more likely to pass the 2♣ opening than any other (Rigal). could be very light Fit-showing Preemptive To play . 2♦ 2♥/♠ 3♣ Artificial inquiry (responder’s later 3M = forcing) Natural 1RF. Shows 6 cards. forcing Good raise (suit/lead) Raise. to play.42 2♣ When in doubt. “Lean towards 10 HCP. 5-3-3-2 or 5-4-2-2 2NT Relay to 3♣. to play or slammish one-suiter Invitational (by PH or in comp. if slammish. open 1♣with a hand on the strong side. not 16” (B-C). but could often have 5 in 3rd seat. never promises fit 3♦/♥/♠ 4♣ 4♦ 4♥/♠ IF THEY DOUBLE 2♣ XX 2♦ 2M 2NT 3♣ 3X 4♣ 4M They are in trouble (FP) Still artificial ask Natural. or slammish 2-suiter Relay to 3♦. fit showing) Preemptive RKC To play.

non-minimum. 2♣ -2♠-3♣ -3♥ is 5+/5+ inv 2♠ 2NT 3♣ 2NT 3♣ 3♦ 3♣ 3♦ 3♦ 3♥ 3♠ 4♦ 3♠ 3NT 2♣ -2♥/♠ . 3♠=♦+♠. balanced. forcing 3♣ 4♠. no major. RKC 4♣ F ♣ RKC Artificial. 3NT=♥+♠ or all 3 suits Minimum.43 2♣ -2♦ 2♦ Artificial ask … if followed by 3♣ = NF If followed by 4♣ =GF except after 2♣ -2♦-3♦ 2♥ 2♠ Any strength. if slammish. maximum 3♠=♠ Jack ask (natural cuebid followups) Maximum. so 4♠=excl. natural responses (GF) NF (opener’s continuations show shortness) Maximum. minimum 3♣ =NF 3♦=♥ Jack ask (natural cuebid followups) 3♥=NF 3♠=Natural. 5-3-3-2 or 5-4-2-2 2NT Natural. no major Stopper ask natural responses Natural. 4+♦ (Opener’s 4♦= ♣ RKC) Natural. 5+♥ Sets ♥ as trumps. minimum 3♦=♠ Jack ask (natural cuebid followups) 3♥=Natural. forcing 3♥ 4♠. maximum 3♥=♥ Jack ask (natural cuebid followups) 3♠=Natural. 5+♠ 4♣ F 4♦ ♣ RKC 4♥ Sets ♠ as trump Natural 1RF. 6+♣ . usually 2 stoppers NF Stopper ask: 3♥=♦+♥. forcing 3♠=NF 3♦ 4♥. shortness somewhere Asks. 4-card major Asks 2NT 4♥. NF 3♣ Minimum. solid ♣ 6+♣ . 6+♣ .

XX= business. GF 2♣ -3♣ Interference If they double after 2♣ -2♦. P=1st step. after which Pass To play 3M Natural. 4♦= ♣ RKC) 4♣ Natural. Our free bid in comp = 1-round force on 2-level. otherwise system on If they bid a suit over any asks. NF 4Raise Stronger than 3Raise. X=business. extras. GF 6+. then step on up If they double over asks. GF on 3-level If we make negative double. after which Pass To play 3♦ ♦+♥ 5-5 GF 3♥ ♦+♠ 5-5 GF 3♠ ♥+♠ 5-5 GF Follow-up: no 4♣ /4♦ RKC Relay to 3♦. can splinter with 3 trumps Relay to 3♣ . opener’s 2NT could be minimum with a stopper 2♣ -(2♥)-4♦ is splinter Passed Hand 2♦ 2M 2NT 3♣ 3X As above Natural. NF Natural NF Fit. pass = S1. XX ix business. etc. can play in 3NT Opener’s 4♦ = good raise 3NT/4♣ /4♦ Diamonds. decent hand .44 2♣ -2NT 3♦or 3Raise NF 3NT Stronger than 2NT (4♣ =NF.

willing to play 2♦XX. invitational. . all bids other than 3♦are NF. Other bids = same as if no double If 2♦ opener is on lead. XX = they are in trouble. none of the suits are “his” as bid suits 2♦-(P)-2NT-(3♦). stop bid 3♦ Non-minimum 4-4-1-4 3♥ and higher As above. After a 3M response. 4+. forces 3NT opposite 3 or raise opposite 4 Then 4C/4D RKC over 3NT or RKC Kickback over any other.e. in 3rd seat. but non-minimum (3NT = stiff honor) After the 3♣ response to 2NT. 6+♦ Forcing. NF. then 4♣ /4♦ RKC with 4♦ relay. playable. After a 3♦ response.2nd. showing 4-5 in blacks) Natural. No 4♣ /4♦ RKC. after which 3♦ re-asks 3♥ 3-4-1-5 3♠ 4-3-1-5 3NT 4-4-1-4 4♣ 4-4-0-5. pass = diamonds. opener must pull with only 3♥ Signoff (opener can raise 2♠ to 3♠ via 3♣ . Double by opener replaces 3♦bid. sets up FP. After the 3♦ re-ask and answer on 3-level (3-4-1-5 or 4-3-1-5). we always play 4♣ /4♦ RKC... To play Asking 3♣ All minimums. Weak 2 2♥ 2♠/3♣ 3♦ 3M 3NT 2NT 3+♥. we play 4♣ /4♦ RKC. Over double. 3M = GF.45 2♦ In 1st. i.4th seat: 3-suiter with short ♦. But RKC is on 4-level. then pass shows all minimums and X by responder is a re-ask.

or 3.Bids Theory: Do not open a weak two with trash in 1st/2nd seat.level opener. all new suits forcing over 3+ level. .46 Weak 2. forcing if Red. otherwise. Good hands don’t open 3 when NV. sort of feature ask not forcing pass If they bid after XX. 4♣ immediate or delayed is preempt keycard All new suits NF if White. new suits forcing). Jump response = forcing if white (when red. Three-level preempt can be real garbage if NV. the strength does. but. opener passes with minimum. then 3NT by responder gives choice. natural shortness 2♥-2NT-3♥-3♠ asks 2NT followed by 4♣ = preempt keycard If they double. or double shows 2+ with cards 2M-2NT-3NT Solid suit 2NT. Being 6-4 does not determine whether it’s a 2. Direct 3NT is bar bid. 2NT asks feature (A/K with at least a middling hand). 2NT and higher bids are Suit/Lead XX shows good hand. 2♥-3♠ Forcing if White. invitational if Red. followed by next step (not NT or suit opened) asks for shortness: trump suit = no short.

3C-3D asks for a 3-card major. pass or bid 4M depending on which hand should declare redouble = 5-level interest (ex Axx Axx xxxxx xx) We play above asking bids over 4M opening – can’t play in new suit Do not play above asking bids after our 4M overcall – new suit is natural cuebid/slam try (But one over is still RKC) 4NT-5NT is pick-a-slam . 1st) (exception to 5♣ rule) Ask with substitution (4♣-4NT = ♠ ask) After double: in-between bid is still slam interest otherwise. 4NT over a preempt is plain Blackwood. 2nd. 3NT = 4 of a minor opening in 1st/2nd seat … any minor suit bid is P/C 4M = to play 4NT = preempt keycard Over double Pass is to play opposite ace or king Redouble is business Bids are all pass/correct 3NT = gambling in 3rd/4th seat with no restrictions … never run from this 4♣ = good 4♥ opening 4♦ = good 4♠ opening In between step shows slam interest One over trump suit is RKC Must play in opener’s suit NAMYATS sets up forcing pass Other bids = asking for control (none.47 Higher Preempts After a 3-level preempt and response. Ex: 3D-3S-4C. a new-suit rebid by opener shows shortness with support for responder's suit.

one under = good raise. playable 3M (X) 3NT = Suit/Lead (♣ ) … must XX with good hand . maybe 3 cards and limit +) On after our weak two bids are doubled (or 2♥ with 2♠ overcall) 2M (X) XX = any good hand Raise via one under = invitational B) C) 3♥ (3♠) 3NT = natural.48 Suit/Lead A) On after 1M opener gets doubled: 1♠ over 1♥ = natural 1NT = ♣ 2♣ = ♦ through 2 of suit (raise = garbage.

opening was weak two] Examples: If we have not bid a game yet. we are never in a force Otherwise. we are never in a force (4C)-4H-(5C)-P [not forcing] 1D-(1H)-X-(4H)-4S-(5H)-P [not forcing] If the game was a jump bid. we are in a force only if we have shown game invitational values Example: (3C)-3S-(5C)-P [not forcing] If the opponents bid to 4M. or bid after an opponent’s pass.49 Forcing Passes Vulnerability is irrelevant If we are in GF auction then all passes are forcing If we have already bid a game. then: If the game bid was a non-jump bid in competition. we are in a force only if we have shown game invitational values and have established a fit If the opponents bid to below 4M. 4H was preemptive] 2H-(2S)-4H-(4S)-P [not forcing. then: If opponents jump to 5M and we are in the auction. but above 3 of our primary suit. passes are forcing if we have shown game invitational strength but not forcing if we have not shown game invitational strength Examples: 1H-(2D)-X-(3D)-P [not forcing] 1H-X-XX-(3D)-P [forcing] . 2H was weak] (1S)-4H-(4S)-P [not forcing. we are in a force Example: (3H)-3S-(5H)-P [forcing] If the opponents bid 5m. we are in a force unless the bid was a preemptive bid or the partner of the bidder has shown a weak hand Examples: (3C)-4H-(5C)-P [forcing] 1H-(1S)-2H-(2S)-4H-(4S)-P [not forcing.


Opps Open in a Suit
We Takeout Double        Q-bid by advancer is forcing to 2NT or suit agreement (on by PH). After advancer Q-bids, his new suits are forcing, and his raise is invitational only Jumps to 4NT after they preempt and we double are natural. Must Q-bid first to ask for aces. Our 3NT when it can’t possibly be our hand suggests a save – a raise is not savesuggestive. If we takeout double and then raise from 1 to 2 it doesn’t promise extras. Raise from 2 to 3 in comp not extras if Q-bid was available and RHO bid. New minor by doubler after NT response is NF … new major is extras but NF If we takeout double and respond with a jump, the doubler’s new suit is GF If we takeout double and convert a non-jump in clubs to diamonds, then it is NF (ELCD). But if you takeout double and convert a free bid or jump bid in clubs to diamonds then it is forcing with extras. (1♦)-X-(2♣)-2♦ is a Q-bid After our takeout double we play responsive doubles in all suits. If responder to the takeout double bids their responder’s suit, it is natural. If he bids opener’s suit, it is a Q-bid. If takeout doubler acts after a jump response or a free bid, then all bids are forcing (1NT/2NT promise extras), but … Doubler’s non-jump NT after responder’s Q-bid does not promise extras (1M) X (2M) 2NT = natural, X = responsive (1any) X (2any) Jump = extras  (1NT) ? (P) P (1♣ ) X X=Penalty, 2C=pick a major invite, 3D = preemptive

 

   


Opps Open in a Suit
We Overcall         (1M) bid (2M) … 2NT = natural and X = responsive If we have 2 Q-bids, cheaper one shows less We overcall and they respond 1NT or 2NT … double by advancer is responsive Jump Q = mixed raise Overcaller’s repeat of his suit on the 2-level does not necessarily promise more than a WJO If we Q-bid and they double, return to suit is weakest New suit is forcing by UPH. Jump response to overcall: if their next hand passes, then jumps to next level are forcing. (Jumps to 2 levels higher are fit-showing). If their next hand bids, then jumps show fit. Direct Michaels Q-bid = 2 highest unbid suits. Michaels is also on if they open one of a suit and respond 1NT. Balancing 3♣ is natural and intermediate. Sandwich 1NT always for 2 unbid. We are never showing their minor even over short club or diamond. Passed hand can never show a new suit at the 3-level … it is always forcing with a fit. If they open weak 2, passed around to our balance, then advancer’s 3-level bids all promise a fit and are forcing (treat advancer as PH) Ruben’s advances apply. All bids between/including the cue-bid of their suit and one less than our suit are transfers. Transfer to our suit shows at least a good raise (about 3 cover cards). Transfer followed by a bid of our suit shows 5+ cards in the suit transferred to and two-card support. Ruben’s advances also apply when we have overcalled in the balancing position and opener passes.

   


Opps Open in a Suit
Other              Jump to 2NT in balancing seat = 18-20 … front of card (2NT responses) including runouts if doubled. FOC after 1NT in the balancing seat, including runouts if doubled. Our splinter or fit-showing jump after overcall does not set up forcing pass If they open 1m and overcalling seat passes, then later bids that minor, it’s natural If they make weak jump response, double = takeout; 2NT = natural They open and raise: try to “balance in direct seat” … doesn’t promise HCP, just shape. 2NT overcalls can show any two suits. 2NT after our WJO asks naturally for shortness (but after balancing JO, it’s natural) If we overcall 4M, jump or not, we can’t play in a new suit. New suit is a natural cuebid … except 1 over is RKC. If we overcall 1NT, responder’s x-fer into their major is invitational in the other major (not on if we’ve opened 1C). (1D) P (1NT) P (P) D = Penalty, 2D = natural (1D) X (1NT) 2D = majors, could be very light, no rebid promised. Cuebids of their minor in competition are natural if it is conceivable they might be natural … however, two of their minor after an overcall is always a cuebid. If we overcall their opening, overcaller’s cuebid is never natural, even if advancer bid 1NT. Only exception: if their 1D opening was Precision or could have been shorter than 3. They open, we preempt, they bid (or raise) … advancer’s double is penalty. Over our Michaels, if they double: Pass = pick a suit (equal length) XX = Relay to cheapest suit (showing preference with no high honor) Direct bid of suit = Queen or better This applies only when we are scrambling to 2 known suits Jump responses are preemptive

 

all “strong” NT (top of range is 15+) and strong 2NT: (By PH or UPH) Double = 1 suit (if spades. double asks for our suit if 2♥ or lower was their bid) All other bids show that suit plus a higher suit 2NT = big major/minor 2-suiter 3NT = big hand. longer/better ♠ 3M = maximum. both majors In response to 2♠ overcall. longer/better in that suit (1N)-P-(P)-2♦-(P)-3♣ Splinter in support of either major . good hand) (if they bid. 3♣ = minimum. maximum After 2♦ overcall and 2NT ask. 3♣ = minimum. new suits are also raises with values They open 1NT and we’ve made a 2-suited overcall … responder’s new non-touching suit is to play (unless he is PH). 2NT = good raise. Responder’s double at any level asks for other suit. longer/better ♥ 3♦ = minimum.53 They Open “Strong” 1NT Vs. 2NT is asking: After 2♣ overcall and 2NT ask. and 2NT is a good raise. If opener doubles and then shows his suit. advancer’s new suit bids are game try fits. Over DONT overcalls. Responder’s bids are non-convertible. 3♣ = minimum with ♥ 3♦ = minimum with ♠ 3M = that suit. then 3♦ is P/C 3X = that suit. maximum After 2♥ overcall and 2NT ask.

then our pass=values and sets up penalty doubles If they business redouble. If overcaller has less than solid opening values. Double of their response = cards Jump overcall after (1NT) P (bid) is intermediate 2NT by advancer is natural On in all seats. but by a passed hand we play DON’T (1NT) X (P) now FOC – but opener can reject transfers or bid 2NT with 17-19 (then FOC) … doubler’s new suit jump after a transfer is forcing. DONT bids by advancer and pass forces 2♣ with 1-suiter All jumps in competition after we have doubled are forcing After (1NT) X (any): X by either side is penalty … other actions are FOC but pass is forcing below 2♠.54 They Open “Weak” 1NT Vs. Advancer’s direct bids could be yarboroughs … 2♣ = any scramble. Otherwise. he rebids his minor. FOC. semi-natural Transfer and new 3-level suit = NF … pass=values If their pass forces redouble. all “weak” NT (top of range is <15) Cappeletti (1N)-2M-(P)-2N asks for overcaller's range. Discuss Meckwell version of Cappelletti . (1N)-2M-(P)-3C is P/C. (1NT) P (any) 2NT shows strong NT. he makes his most descriptive higher call.

2♣ Precision. stronger than 3NT Cuebids. 2♦ 2NT = 15+ to 18 (FOC. 4♥ natural slam invite 4♣ = ♣+♥. 2NT responses) 3♦ = majors (not GF) … 4♣/4♦ tying slam try raises 3M = intermediate NF (FP if they bid to 5-level) (3M=weak over 11-15) 3NT = to play … 4♦/4♥ transfers. 2♠ 2NT = 15+ to 18 (FOC) … x-fer to their major = inv in other major 3♠ = asks for stopper (long minor) 3NT = to play … 4♦ transfer. stronger than 3NT Vs. 4♠ natural slam invite 4♣ = ♣+major. 4♠ natural slam invite 4♣ = ♣+♠. GF … 4♥ = good ♠. 4M = own suit 4♦ = majors.55 They Open Natural Preempt These are also on where applicable over (2X) P (2NT) Vs. 5♣ = good ♦ 4♥ = minors GF 4NT = natural. 4♦=Leaping Michaels. 4♥ = good ♣ 4♦ = ♦+♠. GF … 4♦ asks major. good hand 4NT = natural. 2♥ 2NT = 15+ to 18 (FOC) … x-fer to their major = inv in other major 3♥ = asks for stopper (long minor) 3♠ = intermediate 3NT = to play … 4♥ transfer. GF 4♦ = ♦+♥. GF … 4♦ = good ♠.e. diamonds + Major Balancing 2NT by our passed hand is always takeout Forcing pass if their PH jumps to game over 3rd seat preempt (3♣) X (5♣) by their UPH is never a forcing pass After 3NT overcall: 4♣ asks: 4♦ = minimum 1-suiter 4♥ = maximum 1-suiter 4♠ = minimum balanced 4NT = maximum balanced . i. GF 4♠ = minors GF 4NT = natural. 4m jumps all set up forcing pass except (2♦)-3♦. stronger than 3NT Vs. Vs.

weak 2’s we play Lebensohl in all seats and by PH. Slow Q-bid shows 3NT bid with 4 cards in other major(s).56 They Preempt – More They open 3♣ 4♣ = both majors … 4♦ = pick a major 4♦ = ♦+M. 2NT is running with 2 suits. 2♣ intermediate) Vs. GF … 4♥ = P/C … also on in balancing seat 4NT = natural They open 3♦ 4♣ = natural 4♦ = any 2 suits 4NT = natural They open 3M 4m = natural 4Qbid = any 2 suits 4NT = natural They open 4♠ 4NT = takeout X = takeout. but not if we are both PH (then 2NT is scrambling). but flatter   Leaping Michaels must be a jump to 4m (on vs. Fast 3NT shows doubt (1 stopper). Jump to 3M after takeout double is invitational with 5 cards.   . (2M) X (XX) … our pass says nothing.

1♦=Rank. (1♣) P (1♦) CRASH still on using X.57 They Make Artificial Bid Vs. 1NT. 2NT asks for shortness If they open an either/or club (could be strong). 1NT. Versus strong artificial 2♣. playing tricks. After our natural 1-level bid. Big Club: CRASH (X=Color. 1NT= SHape) Advancer bids notrump (or redoubles) with his own single-suiter … all other calls are P/C. but X is penalty. we use CRASH direct and over 2♦ response Versus Flannery Double = cards 2♥ = 3-suit takeout 2♠ = natural 2NT = natural. 2♣ when 1M is artificial (1♣) P (1M natural) X = takeout 1NT = minors (1♣) P (1NT) (1♣) P (2X) DONT bids X = takeout if natural. over this 3m=NF 3m = natural . we use DONT in both positions. treat as natural If they bid 1♣-1♦-1NT. that suit if artificial 2NT = any 2 suiter If they double or redouble our CRASH bid Pass = attempt to play there Bids = P/C Redouble or NT = 1-suiter Passing then bidding over 1♣ shows good hand (except in OBAR situations). 1NT = Q-bid After our natural 2-level bid. 2♣ (1♣) P (1M) CRASH still on using X.

natural. Precision 2♦ Double = cards (13-15 or 19+) 2NT = 16-18 Vs. Their 4M Opening Double = takeout 4NT = any 2-suiter Vs. same system if they respond 3♣ … 3♦= majors Vs. 2♠ Random Preempt 3♣ = majors 3♦/♥ = transfer 3♠ = long minor if they respond 2NT. double is generally cards (13-15 or 19+) 2NT is natural (16-18) FOC All subsequent doubles by either are cards with 2+ in suit doubled Vs. Splinters Double by us asks for lead of highest suit BUT if only 1 other suit in picture it asks for lead of splinter suit Double of 3♠ splinter suggests sacrifice. NF Balancing doubles are light takeout (2♦) X (2M) X = cards (2♦) X (2M) 2NT = minors (2♦) P (2M) X = penalty OR takeout … also applies if they bid 3M or 4M Vs. if we had no chance to mention spades (1♠) 2♥ (4♥) X = save suggest Double of artificial shortness-showing bid asks for lead of that suit Vs.58 They Make Artificial Bid Vs. Other Artificial Preempts Over multiple meaning bids. NAMYATS Double = light takeout Pass then double = stronger takeout Q-bid = 2-suit takeout . bid of other major is Q-bid Jump to 3M = good hand. Multi 2♦ Double = 13-15 (Jump by advancer after their responder acts is GF) 2M = natural All other bids = natural (FOC after 2NT overcall) If we overcall in a major.

59 They Make Artificial Bid Vs. Drury and other artificial raises Double = the artificial suit Q-bid. or pass then double = takeout Vs. Precision Diamond Treat as natural. with two exceptions: (1♦) P (1M) … our double is takeout of major (1♦) 1any (1NT) … diamond bids from either side are natural .

he can no longer bid BW … his BW sounding bids become replacement cuebids or D-I. This applies to (1m)-2m-(3m)-4m-4H-4S. guaranteed 8-card fit) We have introduced suit for 1st time at 4-level We takeout double and then bid 4NT over partner’s response When hearts are agreed. Do not treat singletons as kings when responding to KB. 4NT is a queen ask unless there is another available. he may only show it if Blackwooder will know where it is. When they double 4NT: XX = business Pass = extras. after 4♦ Kickback. is very serious try for seven (failure to fake ask for queen is just a “courtesy” try) With clubs trump. If responder has a void. Over (0. Keycard IF AND ONLY IF: Suit is bid and raised Jump to one-over (onto 4-level) Support has been implied (preference. 4D is RKC for diamonds and 4H is natural. then XX re-asks Bids = normal meanings. or it may be taken as natural or something else. jump to 4NT is never ace asking … must Qbid and then bid 4NT. If we are on 3-level. 4♠ is always kickback and 4NT is a spade cue-bid. He shows a void by making his normal response 1 level higher … next step is then an invitation to 7.1)/(3. but no extras . There are never two trump suits. with agreed trump suit. Immediate jump to 4NT is quant. Q asks: return to trump suit denies. followed by one over. Responder can never bid past 6NT on his own. In auctions involving hearts and diamonds. Six of unplayable suit after KCB asks for 3rd round control for grand. K asks.4) responses and signoff. Fake queen ask. responder must bid on with 3 or 4 (except 2NT opening).60 Slam Conventions Kickback RKC Note: Using 1430 Responses General: try to cuebid to set the suit before bidding kickback. If one player voluntarily bypasses BW.

If the splinter bidder hears encouragement. Soloway Jump Shifts (only 1♦/♥-2♠) Responder’s second new suit shows shortness with fit for opener’s suit. STEP 1 0 keycards STEP 2 1 keycard. try to be careful and logical in responding. 4♣ is Gerber if they bid 2NT or lower. trump queen After which one over the trump suit is “back on track” for king ask. his ace-asking bid is not exclusion. no trump queen STEP 3 1 keycard. no trump queen STEP 5 2 keycards. in competition.61 Slam Conventions After NT. Responses are 0. not GSF Exclusion BW Must be a jump above game. Assume 5NT is “always” pick a slam. 4NT replaces Kickback calls as Exclusion: 1D-2C-2D-4N is Exclusion keycard in hearts. otherwise 5♣ is Gerber. the less you bid. Preempt Keycard 4♣ after preempts except 4♦after 3♣. Why? 5NT Pick a Slam Used frequently. If opener raises responder’s major. Bids over 4NT are natural … 5X then 6X shows 5 cards. etc. 4NT after 3NT. If in doubt.1. “never” GSF. 6X directly shows 6 cards. or any ace-asking bid by the person who voluntarily made a splinter bid as his previous call and heard a sign-off.) through and including 5♦ DEPO at 5♥ and higher . trump queen STEP 4 2 keycards. DOPI (D=1.4 P=0. Not on in any competition.2 keycards … no queen. 4NT Quantitative Bids over this are forcing to at least 5NT … if 4NT’ers next bid is 5NT that’s pick-aslam. then new suit is Q-bid not splinter. 5NT is pick-a-slam. Grand Slam Force must be a jump to 5NT.3 Bid=2. 6 of trump suit = no honor The more you have. Opener should not rebid NT at his first turn with a singleton.

3NT is natural. 2)  Nonjump raise from 4 to 5 shows worry about their suit 4♣/4♦ RKC Usually used over 4x1 with known HCP Not used over unlimited hands 4♣ forces 4♦to make a natural slam try 4♦ forces 4♥ to sign off 4♥ is RKC in lowest suit partner has shown 4♠ is RKC in middle suit 4NT is RKC in highest suit 5 level shows # of keycards and desire to play in singleton suit Follow-up If possible to get “back on track” (i. 1-4. same color 2. or ♦ + ♠) . If not possible to bid one over. Example 1♣-3♣-3♦-3♥ shows 4-4-4-1. majors or minors) 2. then repeat of the RKC ask suit asks for plain # of kings. ♣ + ♥.e. same rank (i.62 Slam Conventions Our Jumps to 5-level  Jump to new suit above game is exclusion RKC  Jump to 5 of trump suit asks for control in unbid suit 5NT = guarded king 6 of trump suit = stiff other responses show 1st round control and show #KC outside asked suit (0-3.e. CRASH for Aces. so 3♠ is natural F. bid one over the trump suit) then that asks for specific kings.e. 4-level is these RKC asking methods. Kings and Queens after relay sequences 1st step 2nd step 3rd step 4th step 5th step 1 or 4 0 or 3 2. same shape (i.

when 4NT is obviously not blackwood. do not make advance cuebids … just raise the suit immediately If in a GF. if available. the focus is on the first suit cue-bid. can show the shortness. denying slam interest. If we do bypass and then bid again. If a suit is bypassed. Other Jumps to 4M in auctions where we have already bid the major are always fast arrival. Cuebids of their suits when it is definitely our hand: Usual priority is assumed to be stopper search for 3NT If in a GF. In GF fit situations. cuebid your cheapest A or K (not shortness). 4NT is D-I meaning continue cue-bidding as cheaply as possible. partner will sign off when lacking a control in that suit. .63 Slam Conventions Not playing Serious 3NT Cuebidding Never bypass a control when cue-bidding at the 4-level or higher. the “advance” cuebid followed by support denies primary support … it shows a “futzing around” type of hand. In the middle of a cue-bidding sequence. Later cuebids in a suit.

S3=1/3 + J. S5=6/2. S5=2/3 + J. S2=strength We can play in 3NT after TAB or Jack ask. S6=3/3. S7=3/3+J Control Asking Bids Ask below 5♣: S1=none. but not after Jacoby 2NT asks Other 1H-1S-3D-4C is a cuebid in support of diamonds (no new trump suits at 4-level). S4=AK Subsequent ask in same suit: S1=length. S3=1st. S6=5-6/3 1♣-1NT-2♣-2♦/♥ or 2♣-2♦-2♥-2♠-3♦/♥ … JACK ASK when suit bid S1=0/3. S2=5/1. . S3=5/2. S4=2/3. S2=2nd.64 Asking Bids Trump Asking Bids Only in big club auctions: 1♣-1M-2M (on in comp as long as opener got to raise 1M to 2M) S1=5-6/0. S4=6/1. S2=1/3. 1H-1S-3D-4D is keycard because no other unambiguous ask.

including from interior sequence Trick 1 vs. always play the most encouraging card – no logic allowed! Trick 1 vs. NT 4th best Rusinow honor leads. except: If count is critical (long suit in dummy w/o entry). except on shifts to the king in cashout situations give upside down count. Even if holding is already known. low even more encouraging than high even. Leads against Suit Low from odd. Follow with 9 from J98x. give upside down attitude. 8 from 98xx. lower of touching honors except with a doubleton Q from AKQ Leads vs. subsequent discards current count. if ruff is possible. play lowest unless trying to send unusual message. Low odd is most encouraging. Suits High-low in trumps is usually upside down suit preference. . 10 from 1098x. If continuation is impossible or unlikely (partner is out) then give upside down suit pref First Discard When in doubt. First discard odd-even. odd-even prevails. 9 from 109xx. J from J109x. we use total odd-even principles. When splitting honors. NT Always give upside down count except: On lead of Aor K give upside down suit preference On lead of 3rd hand’s “suit” give upside down suit preference If dummy has suit triple stopped give upside down suit preference Later Carding vs. During hand. signal low from xx to “encourage”. give attitude (upside-down) in middle of hand. Rusinow honor leads. An odd discard in a suit that is known to be “worthless” just says there is no real preference between the other suits. Suits If can’t beat dummy give upside down suit preference With a doubleton.65 Defensive Carding Upside down count. only exception is when ruff is possible In general. Lead of K from obvious AK followed by switch shows singleton. Later Carding vs. In middle of hand. attitude and suit preference. Only card that demands count in middle of hand is king. In middle of hand shift to current 3rd and 5th. 3rd from even. NT Reverse Smith Echo – Low-High means we like suit lead.

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