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Agreement of Rent

Agreement of Rent

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Published by Sharavanan Lingesan

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Published by: Sharavanan Lingesan on May 21, 2011
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AGREEMENT OF RENT This Agreement of rental is made and executed on this 28th day of December 2010 (28/12/2010) by and

between:MR.S.PRABHAKARAN. Aged about 37 years, Residing at No.2, Meenakshi Nagar, Ranganathan Road, Villupuram, Tamilnadu—605 602. Hereinafter called the LESSOR/OWNER of the first part. Miss. SWARNA SARASWATHI, d/o M.LINGESAN, Residing at No.498, 4th Cross, Veenesheshanna Road, K.R.Mohalla, Mysore—24. Hereinafter called the LESSEE/TENANT of the second part. which term wherever the context so requires shall taken to mean and include their heirs, executors, legal representatives and assigns of the other part witnessed. WHEREAS, the Lessor is desirous of letting out the said flat more fully described in the schedule written hereunder, on a monthly rent of Rs.10,000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand Only) for a period of (11) eleven month only commencing from 1st January 2011 And in pursuance of the said acceptance. the lessor does hereby grant the Lessee a lease of SCHEDULE premises to hold the same for the Lessee subject to the following terms and conditions. The Lessee has paid an advance of Rs.40,000/(Rupees Forty Thousand Only) vide cheque no. dated of Bank to the name of Lessor, and remaining 50% of advance of Rs.40,000/(Rupees Forty Thousand Only) vide cheque no. dated of Bank to the name of Lessor, total Rs.80,000/(Rupees Eighty Thousand Only) which will be refunded by the Lesser at the time of vacating the flat.

2. either parties give 1(one) month notice to vacate the premises. 3.000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand Only) per month exclusive of electricity. The Lessee shall pay the monthly maintenance charges to the Chithramala Land and Flat Owners Association before 10th of every month. the premises shall be occupied only by the Lessee with her family. The lessee shall not cause any damage to the building. water and pump charges shall be borne equally by the Lessee and other occupants as mutually agreed. if not the repair expenses will be deducted from the advance amount. revised increase will be at the rate of 5% per year. The Lessor has put the Lessee in possession of the schedule premises this day.80. It is agreed that if necessary. 11. It is agreed that in case both Lessor and Lessee agreed to . There is separate meter for Electricity. 12. That the lessee shall pay the rents regularly every month.10. 5. The lessee shall not damage the Flat and the contents in any form during her stay and in case of any damage will be rectified by the Lessee on her own cost before vacating the Flat. 6. 7. The Lessee shall not carry out any alteration or additions to the schedule premises either permanent or otherwise. That the Lessee shall not sublet underlet or part with the possession of the Schedule Premises or any portion thereof to anybody whatsoever under any circumstances.NOW THE OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LEASE ARE AS FOLLOWS:1. . 8.renew the lease Agreement further. The Electricity and water charges shall be borne by the Lessee only. 13. 4. The Advance of Rs. 9. will be refunded at the time of vacating the said premises (with no interest). That the duration of this lease shall be for a period ll months specifically commencing from 1st January 2011. on or before the 5th of each month for which the rent is payable. if there is any such damages he shall get it repaired at his own cost and deliver vacant premises of the building. 10.000/—( Rupees Eighty Thousand Only) by way of cash. That the premises should be used only for the purpose of the residence and for no other purpose.That the agreed monthly rent of the schedule premises shall be Rs. maintenance and water charges.

Curtain Rods : 5 NOS. II. Dining. LESSOR (S.14. CFL lamps : 8 NOS. accordingly painting will be done. month and year first above written.SWARNA SARASWATHI) . Chithramala Apartments. here to on the day. Decision will be taken mutually by Lesser and Lessee. Bed room lofts : 2 N0S.common toilet situated in the Flat No203 Ground floor. Bangalore—560 011. Fixtures and Fittings:— Ceiling Fans : 4 NOS. WITNESEES:1. At the time of vacating the Flat. Geyser : 1 N0.PRABHAKARAN) 2. the Lessor and Lessee have set their respective heirs. LESSEE (L. Calling bell : 1 NO. Jaynagar. Byrasandra. One bath with attached toilet . wardrobes : 1 NO. East 1st Block. SCHEDULE Residential bearing of Two Bedrooms. hall. Kitchen. IN WITNESSES WHEREOF.Block. the Lessee will paint the Flat (or) will pay the painting charges at actuals. wood works with focus light in the kitchen.

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