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Required Sales Executives from all over India

Required Sales Executives from all over India

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Published by Dr. Izzat Husain
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Published by: Dr. Izzat Husain on May 21, 2011
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2500 Fresher/Experienced

Required Customer Sales Executive
Job Description: 2500 Fresher/Experienced customer sales executive required who has the technical and practical knowledge of customer service/relationship management process in a retail environment. The ideal candidate should be from a retail environment (online/superstore/discount), should be a proven self-starter who understands the nuances of customer service in a retail environment, for several fashion product categories (apparel, watches, eyewear, footwear, jewelleries) The executive should have experience good communication skill in multiple customer service support channels e.g. in-bound/outbound calling, e-mail, web chat etc. The customer service manager will collaborate with internal teams for a satisfactory user experience.

Responsibilities: Help customer to buy & provide various services as per their needs withholding function, handle customer queries, complaints, suggestions and requests on multiple support channels e-mail, phone, web chat etc. Collect and collate customer feedback for inputting into further development of product and technology. Optimize the customer service function to provide best service at low cost (minimize the cost per service) Ability to provide feedback on website from the customer's point of view. Help the IT team on an on-going basis by making suggestions for enhancing the web shop, and IT middleware from a customer service perspective. Requirements:


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Fresher or2 years of experience in customer service/relationship management. Successful experience in customer service, in multi-product, multi-channel (inbound / outbound phone, email, chat, etc.) retail environment. Excellent Verbal and Written communication Ambitious in nature Love for fashion and lifestyle products Strong understanding of customer psyche and issues in retail purchases and the ability to manage/reduce customer service costs Ability to create/analyze reports and give recommendations. Ability to remain flexible and willing to change strategies Ability to be self motivated and create an exciting workplace Retail (online/superstore/discount) experience strongly preferred People s Person!

To apply directly, mail your resume to: izzathusain@gmail.com

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