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Wholesale Tea Dealers. brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley founded Joseph Tetley & Co.. The Tetley Group has its headquarters in Greenford. an overseas subsidiary of Tata Tea. the company was ready to take its next major step-an agreement with American agents to distribute Tetley¶s teas throughout the United States. Tetley took his son Joseph "Junior" into partnership. It has commercial operations in Australia. They eventually parted. Poland and the U. consumer products and chemicals. The group is in the worldwide branded and packaged tea business. The business operations of the Tata Group currently encompass seven business sectors: communications and information technology." In 1871.. the Czech Republic. By 1888. It comprises 96 companies. The manufacturing facility is located at Eaglescliffe.000 people. in the northeast of England. energy. engineering. they moved the company to London²then the center of the world¶s tea trade. materials.Tetley Tea History Tetley Tea maintains a tradition of quality begun over 160 years ago in England.S. near Darlington. tea-buying operations in Kenya and Malawi and joint ventures in Pakistan and Bangladesh. and Joseph unveiled the newly named "Joseph Tetley & Co. operates on six continents and employs 350. The Tata Group is one of India¶s oldest. Canada. largest and most respected business conglomerates. The Tetley Family Tree Tetley USA is owned by The Tetley Group. West London. In 1856. At the beginning of the 19th century. The group was acquired by the Tata Group in 2000. in 1837. services. The group¶s businesses are spread over seven business sectors. and Tetley is the second-largest teabag brand in the world. Business flourished and the company extended its services to include blending and packing. after successfully selling tea off the back of their pack horse for several years. .

S. Tetley continued to innovate with the introduction of the round tea bag to the U. taste up to 1. Tetley tea tasters. but the foundation was laid for the launch of the Tetley Tea Bag in Britain in 1953. Our team of buyers and blenders are acknowledged as one of the most expert in the world. Tetley further revolutionized the industry with the unveiling of the first drawstring tea bag. Tetley & the Tea Bag Though sales of tea in tea bags accounted for only 5% of Tetley¶s sales by the 1930s. the company accurately pegged them as the future of tea commerce. in 1997. Tetley selects only the finest tea leaves to produce our exceptional quality blends. About Tetley: Tetley a fully own subsidiary of Tata tea limited.000 different teas per day to determine their suitability. Tetley drawstring tea bags have become a favorite with lovers of hot tea. who are responsible for buying and blending our teas. These teas come from as many as 35 different countries and as many as 10. It is the largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada and the second largest in United States by volume. . War interrupted immediate production plans.000 different estates. in 1992.Tetley Expertise Tetley purchases millions of pounds of tea each week for our different blends of tea. is the world¶s second largest manufacturer and distributor tea. that literally changed the shape of the market. Owned by India¶s Tata Group Tetley¶s manufacturing and distribution business is spread across 40 countries and sells over 60 branded tea bags. with over 80 years of experience between them. Designed to squeeze every possible drop of flavor into every cup.

Even in UK tea is preferred more over coffee which caters to a different cultural set.After Tetley purchase b y Tata Group in 2000. most of its business in Asia has been integrated with Tata Tea. Similarly. Vision Statement: y To become the leading µgood for you¶ beverage company. Value: y Our company values add up to something unique that gives a sense of responsible irreverence in all that we do. tea is more of a South Asian concept. What happened with Tetley in Pakistan is an interesting story. Company Mission: y To make the world a better place through life-enhancing sustainable hydration. with interests in tobacco and consumer goods. but in Pakistan The Lakson group. it is consumed in a totally different . Tetley in Pakistan: Brands often witness the start of their journey coming to a standstill when they fail to facilitate the cultural aspects and norms of a society no matter how successful they have been in ages in their own country. deal with Tetley Tea and not directly with Tata Tea company. it failed to do well despite it¶s established existence in the UK since 1837.

Gaafa and folks are to the tea target audience in UK. Tetley internationally has a trendy positioning.. Supreme had been successful because of it¶s cultural association while Lipton too had been doing well till is associated with Basant. For any brand to be known well awareness needs to be created when it is launched while the key to success is based upon three important factors: y y y Differentiation Doing something with an Impact Creating publicity / Advertisement Tetley Comparison with Lipton & Tapal: At the end of the day perception matters a lot. the tea folks have names as well. that comprised of innovation and younger. upbeat and lively brand. that is why flavoured tea doesn¶t strike us well into it¶s consumption. this animation would work well in Pakistan as well. Creative with strategy is called Advertising. its execution and ideas are quite local.manner as compared to the UK market. Perhaps. if . the cultural phenomenon cannot be ignored. On the other hand. orange tea or strawberry tea and that too a hot beverage cannot relate to the Pakistani market. the rule of a good brand is to bring itself down to a local level to talk and relate to the ultimate consumers. Lipton had been targeting the youth with their tea bags which is also going through a shift to target house wives and offices. the association of these three characters has done wonders in striking a conversation among the consumers. what Commander Safeguard is to the target audience here in Pakistan. Tetley and its Animated Characters: µCreative without strategy is called Art. This is the reason why Tapal has always been successful. if the perceived positioning is tainted the brand image would have a negative impact.¶ Tetley had a brand building activity through it¶s animated characters known as µExperts in Branding¶.

hence. At that point in time. we are a dedicated tea consuming nation. Tetley TVC: Tetley's ads in Pakistan with that of their international campaign. let the imagination run wild to think about what could happen and marketing would accost a new story altogether.´ now that¶s the story.´ is not the story.the idea is skeptical let¶s wait to see the target audience of Commander Safeguard/Safeguard grow up to accept Tetley¶s animated ads. hontoun sey jo pee tou jannat milee!". giving a feel of this particular brand. Tetley deviated from their international campaign taglines that could have worked well locally as well. Tapal Safari tea is the only brand here that uses animation. What Tetley failed to show was their core differentiation built upon heritage. everything was as blue as Nestle Everyday. The concept of tea in Pakistan is a very interesting one which makes one wonder about what could possibly happen if tea was to vanish away just for one day. these words are pretty lame.. positioning and innovation (tea bag). Why Tetley Failed in Pakistan: ³THE CAT IS ON THE MAT. Supreme was airing "Teen ka Kamaal". Looks like this ad was getting people right to their graves and finally the Hereafter but a good end towards heaven altogether. however. ³THE CAT IS ON THE DOG¶S MAT. One of the first few ads had a jingle which says: "Pehlay aankhon sey pee. it has been a disastrous story mostly . With the concept of the celebration of tea time coming from England the brand has a good range of products coupled with good marketing through international campaigns that they could have capitalized upon but in vain. Lipton had their Hadiqa and Ali Haider campaign. their culture.. Everyday was also playing their jingle. Eventually Tetley let go of . saansoun sey phir pee.

Tetley introduced a consumer promotion and that too for every pack they sold. While every brand had increased price because of an increase of import duty. they had included a lot of 'Me Too" ideology in their TVC and in others later on. Not creating a brand identity. In a nut shell they didn't do what a new entrant was supposed to do in the market and they also didn't talk about their history that could have left an impact on the target audience and engaged them in with the story. Failure to do a SWOT analysis.. therefore. something to . An attempt at suicide followed and it was very successful at killing the brand. Ramzan offer including two Tang sachets with Tetley was evident of the fact that people would buy it because of Tang since cold beverages have high sales in this particular month. Whether it was about competitive advertising targeting Brooke Bond Supreme or Tauqir Haider shown in the market place comparing other brands. Not talking about their heritage and strong presence since 1837 which is own. Four months after it's launch in Pakistan. in totality it was a combination of a hot beverage with a cold one. to highlight the brand as a cheap one coupled with odd strategies. The brand was head on with it's challenger strategies while the leaders were not bothered to respond because they didn't feel threatened or bothered by as small a brand as Tetley was considered. at the same time 'Apnapunn vs. Tetley spoke highly about price reduction but later on they also increased their prices. Soutailapunn' was much highlighted upon.. the idea was the same .it's 'heritage concept' and jumped on to the stuff that everybody else was doing. the focus was lost while letting go off differentiation. Reason for Failure in Pakistan: y y y y Not doing an analysis of the market to identify what could have been applicable.

Thus. Fair practice is a strong belief for Tetley. Tetley's soft pack didn't work in Pakistan because people prefer to let it remain in the package and have it as a reusable thing while. compared to the UK market where the concept of tea jars prevails. were not commercially viable in Pakistan and had to be taken off the market. Tetley¶s 'Draw Strings' tea bags are an energizer for the brand. For instance. hard packs were the need for our market. The brand also focuses on its 'Ethical Tea Partnership' which emphasizes upon the need for a responsible tea industry and shunning down tainted ethics. what works in other cultures doesn't necessarily mean it would have worked over here as well. including stems to be worth discarding. . a wrong practice often includes child labor obviously but other than that. however.Conclusion: As mentioned.

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