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Maviddapuram Kandasamy Kovil Maviddapuram 07 January, 2011.

H.E .Mahinda Rajapaksa President of Sri Lanka Presidential Secretariat Colombo. Your Excellency,
Vice Chancellorship, University of Jaffna.

I am the Chief Priest of the Maviddapuram Kandasamy Temple, the oldest temple and ritually the most important in Jaffna. I am writing to thank Your Excellency for your choice of Professor Ratnajeevan Hoole for the post of VC, Jaffna. He is directly descended from Sankaraplllai Somasundaram, heir to the title Kodimara Sankarar at the temple. We are happy that someone with historical links to this temple will be leading the development of the university. In service, I remain,

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Maha Rajasri Sanmuganatha Kurukkal
Maharajasri , •

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