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The Pentagon Papers (Beacon Press)

The Pentagon Papers (Beacon Press)


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trade house meant that Beacon would continue struggling to define its

unique niche in the rapidly evolving landscape of American publishing.

Beacon’s list of publications during the transitional years, from 1913

to 1945, includes a marked emphasis on global affairs: America, Save

the Near East(1918), by Paris Peace Conference attendee Abraham

Rihbany, which agitated for “Syrian independence under U.S. protec-

tion”; Racial Conflict in Transylvania(1926), by John Moors Cabot;

and Zola and the Dreyfus Case(1937), by Lee Max Friedman. Another

notable title from this period is the Reverend George L. Thompson’s


Young George Washington(1932), the first Beacon book to be “offi-

cially taught in New York schools.”15

To realize his dream of a “liberal press,” Frederick Eliot brought

aboard Mel Arnold to serve as Beacon’s first director and editor in chief

in 1945. In the words of Arnold’s assistant, Edward Darling, Arnold

was “a born crusader and a committed religious liberal” who walked

around with “pockets stuffed with notes written on torn pieces of news-

print or on the backs of envelopes.”16

Eager to modernize Beacon’s list,

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