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Lets Go Green

Lets Go Green

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Published by Khalid R Wani

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Published by: Khalid R Wani on May 22, 2011
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Save the earth, be the agent of change.


´Products and services that reduce the health and environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.µ ´Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment



As global temperatures continue to climb and scientists worldwide warn of an impending climate crisis, the world also faces a financial crisis. The switch to a green economy is especially important as more information is released that the risks and potential costs of continuing business as usual are even greater than originally thought.



Turn off un needed lights even when leaving a room for a short time. € turn off appliances when you are not using them. € use a ceramic coffee cup instead of disposal ones. € say NO to plastic bags whilst shopping and buy reusable jute or cloth bags.

Small steps to save ENERGY

What is in our Hands«!!!!
How to make EARTH GREEN....!!

Change light bulbs to highly efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.. (CLFs)

Drive less«.pollution emission vehicles« Drive eco friendly vehicles«.

Plant more trees:

more oxygen+shade+prevents soil erosion.

Plant more trees and avoid depleting the green Earth.

M.S.RIT M.C.A Students motive.



* Because ´Greenµ cleaning IS PROVEN:


€ €

- safer & healthier for cleaning workers, building occupants and the environment - easy to start and making a difference is quick and gratifying. - there are various ways to start with products that work as well as or better than traditional products - for the most part

Why Go Green«.???

to be an effective tool to differentiate your offering and therefore hold & keep your customers and grow new ones to be no more costly over the short term and can mean savings over the long term as ´Green Cleaningµ improves productivity


Implementing Green
€ u u u u u

Recycle programs: Paper Cans Plastic Water energy conversation A forestation

Recycle +

green appliances =

Green Earth

¾ Going ´Greenµ has proven over & over that there are

many benefits

Improved health & safety of the users of the products and the occupants & visitors to the building is the most important The benefits to the environment, the positive effect on overall long term cost, the potential increase in productivity, are other important benefits.
Do not overestimate what you have - and underestimate the value of what you may gain - by



giving up the old

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