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What is a Motor Control Centre

What is a Motor Control Centre

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Published by: ajaysitaula8478 on May 22, 2011
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What is a Motor Control Centre?

A Motor Control Centre is a grouping of various motor control & distribution devices in one common enclosure, fed from a common bus system

A Motor Control Centre consists of 4 basic components: -Incoming -Enclosure -Bus System -Units .

Cutler-Hammer manufactures 2 lines of Motor Control Centres Freedom Series 2100 Advantage .

up to 1000 MCM 6 per phase. Top or bottom entry Lugs are connected to Vertical Bus. Screw or Crimp type.Incoming Main Lugs Only MCC fed by upstream CB or Fusible Switch and therefore there is no means to disconnect power at the MCC. which has the same rating as the Horizontal Bus (up to 1600A) .

2000A & 2500A) Frame are stnd with Digitrip RMS 310 Electronic Trip .Incoming Main Circuit Breaker Cutler-Hammer Series ‘C’ Circuit Breakers ‘F’ (150A & 225A) Frame comes standard with Thermal Magnetic trips only K (400A) & L (600A) Frame are available with Thermal Magnetic or optional Digitrip RMS 310 Electronic Trip N (800A & 1200A) & R (1600A.

without short circuit protection .Incoming Main Fusible Switch Cutler-Hammer heavy duty Industrially rated K Switch Available up to 1200 Amps Molded Case Switch Using Hi-Mag CB (MCS) to provide disconnecting means at MCC.

based upon customer supplied bus duct flange drawing . Commander & Sylvania MCC’s manufactured since 1950 Manufactured to suit customer’s bus duct. Westinghouse.Incoming Bus Link to existing Cutler-Hammer MCC’s Transition Sections 10” wide cells provide transition to Switchgear & Transformers Bus Duct Entry Bus links & Transition cells to connect to Cutler-Hammer.

sleet proof) walk in or non-walk in .Enclosure Indoor -EEMAC 1 -EEMAC 1A (gasketed) EEMAC 2 (driphood) EEMAC 12 (dust tight) Outdoor -EEMAC 3R (rain.

not including 1” high channel sill Standard Section width is 20” .Enclosure Standard Section height is 90”.

PLC’s.Wider Sections are available for larger starters. etc. Transfer Switches. 20” 24” 28” 32” 44” .

Enclosure Side View Vertical Bus Location Side View 21” deep Section Units mount on Front Side Units mount on rear on Back to Back MCC’s Units mount on Front Side only 16” 21” Vertical Bus Location 16” deep Section .

to form a 32” or 42” deep back to back design. As an alternate. we can supply 16” or 21” deep (front mounted sections) mounted back to back. with 2 sets of busses.Enclosure Cutler-Hammer’s standard back to back arrangement is a total of 21” deep and employs a common Horizontal & Vertical Bus for front & rear units. Horizontal busses would be cross connected with custom buswork .

Enclosure 9” high top and bottom wireways on Front mounted sections 4 5/8” vertical wireway (larger wireways available on sections over 20” wide) 15” top & 3” bottom wireway standard on rear sections and optional on front 72” of unit mounting space available on Front and Rear of all sections Reduced height sections available in increments of 6” .

Enclosure -ASA 61 exterior finish (ASA 49 and other special colours available as an option) -White interior panels -12 gauge steel sub frame -14 gauge steel doors & covers -lifting eyes Optional features: -Channel sills (adds 1” to overall height) -Bottom plates (stnd on EEMAC 12) -Driphood -Space heater & thermostat -Non conductive handrails -Canopy lights -Corner sections Driphood Handrail .

MCC Bus System Horizontal Bus Vertical Bus Horizontal Ground Bus Option Vertical Ground Neutral Bus Horizontal Ground Bus can be mounted at bottom if no Neutral bus is being used .

Horizontal Bus Copper or Aluminum Tin or Silver plated -600 Amp -800 Amp -1200 Amp -1600 Amp -2000 Amp -2500 Amp -3200 Amp CSA rated for 65 degree C rise .

Vertical Bus Copper or Aluminum Tin or Silver plated -400 Amp (standard on Front mounted sections -600 Amp (standard on Back to Back Sections. the Vertical bus has the same rating as the Horizontal bus (up to 1600A) . optional on front) -800 Amp -1200 Amp -1600 Amp In the incoming section.

Optional 600 Amp (1/4 x 2”) is available Optional Vertical Ground Bus (1/4 x 1”) mounted in the vertical wireway Neutral Bus On 4 wire systems.Ground Bus Horizontal Ground Bus (stnd location at top of section. available at 300A. mounted at bottom of section. 600A and 800A . also may be mounted at bottom of section) Standard horizontal ground is 300 Amp (1/4 x 1”).

000 Amps 65.000 & 100.000 Amp bracing are available as options .Bus Bracing Bus braces mechanically hold the bus in place and prevent bus deflection caused by a short circuit Standard Horizontal and Vertical Bus bracings are 42.

Bus Isolation All MCC power busses are isolated to prevent accidental contact Horizontal bus is mounted behind steel barriers the top wireway Glass Polyestor Barriers with stab covers Vertical bus comes with glass polyester barriers with removeable stab hole covers .

Bus Insulation Horizontal bus is available with optional Insulating boots. up to 2500 amp Bus boots on the Horizontal bus An optional Labyrinth Insulating barrier is available on the Vertical bus. Optional automatic shutters are available. Labyrinth barriers on Vertical bus .

600 Amp or 800 Amp Horizontal Ground Bus can be mounted at bottom if no Neutral bus is being used .MCC Bus System Horizontal Bus 600 Amp to 3200 Amp Vertical Bus 400 Amp to 1600 Amp Horizontal Ground Bus 300 Amp (1/4 x 1”) or 600 Amp (1/4 x 2”) Option Vertical Ground 300 Amp (1/4 x 1”) Neutral Bus 300 Amp.

Incoming Cables Main Circuit Breaker Open MCC bus not Energized .

Incoming Cables Main Circuit Breaker Closed MCC bus Energized .


STARTER TO MOTOR Main CB Closed Main CB Closed MCC Bus Energized MCC Bus Energized Starter CB Closed Starter CB Closed Starter coil not energized PLUG ONTO MCC VERTICAL BUS M START STOP R M OL M TO MOTOR .

STARTER TO MOTOR Main CB Closed MCC Bus Energized Starter CB Closed Momentary Start PB depressed Starter Coil energized Motor Starts PLUG ONTO MCC VERTICAL BUS M STOP START M M OL TO MOTOR .

STARTER Main CB Closed MCC Bus Energized Starter CB Closed Seal in Contact closes Momentary Start PB released Starter Coil energized Motor Runs PLUG ONTO MCC VERTICAL BUS M TO MOTOR START STOP M M OL TO MOTOR .

STARTER TO MOTOR Main CB Closed MCC Bus Energized Starter CB Closed Stop Pushbutton depressed Starter Coil De-energiaed Motor Stops PLUG ONTO MCC VERTICAL BUS M START STOP M M OL TO MOTOR .

Units Common MCC Units -Combination Motor Starters -Fusible & CB type Feeders -Panelboards -Distribution Transformers -PLC’s -Metering -Hydro Metering Compartment -Transfer Switches -Clipper TVSS units .

consisting of a Starter and a disconnect device.Motor Starters Motor Starter units are Combination Starters. either a Circuit Breaker (HMCP or Thermal Mag) or Fusible Switch .

Freedom Starters Size 1 to 6 EEMAC rated. or optional IEC starters. c/w adjustable bimetallic overload relay Compact 6” size 1 (IEC size F) and 18” Size 3 & 4 (CB type) are available .

Advantage Starters Size 1 to 6 EEMAC Starter c/w Electronic Overload Relay Various control. metering & ground fault modules are available as well as PONI communications modules Compact 6” size 1-2 and 18” Size 3-4 (CB type) are available .

12 units in a Front mounted Section & 23 in a Back to Back -Available with Freedom NEMA. Freedom IEC or Advantage -HMCP or Fusible Switch -Up to 25 HP in some configurations .6” Compact Starters -Provides space savings.

Optional Units Developed based on feedback from various MCC users -Slider operator mounted on RH side (mandatory in many industries for safety) -Rugged Industrially rated K Switch with visible contact blades -Full accessibility to Power Fuses .

Simple programming with a standard or graphic keypad or through a PC 50 HP VFD’s mounted two high in an MCC .SV9000 Drives Currently available in MCC’s up to 250 HP at 690Volts. with larger sizes in development.

easy to program and advanced functionality .IT Solid State Starter Intelligent Technology (IT). requiring 30-63% less space Up to 900 HP at 690V 125 HP IT Starter in 18” high MCC unit Compact. the industries most compact MCC Solid State Starter design.

Used in conjunction with C306 Freedom Overload in MCC’s Provides long service life and low maintenance requirements . 270 & 540 Amp ratings.Vacuum Contactors Available in 135.

up to 1200 Amps Available in 6” compact (up to 60A) and Dual (up to 100A) configurations .Feeders Thermal Magnetic CB type Feeders from HFD to RD Frame Available in 6” compact and Dual configurations (maximum 150A) Dual Mounted CB type Feeder Fusible Feeders using K-Switch.

Panelboards Pow-R-Line panelboards. up to 42 Circuits thru 600 Volts Distribution Transformers Single Phase up to 50 KVA Three Phase up to 45 KVA .

TVSS Clipper Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) Surge ratings 100kA to 500kA .

PLC’s Wide ranging experience in mounting & wiring Cutler Hammer PLC’s as well as all competitive PLC’s .

etc) mounted & wired by the OEM -Special heights available . VFD’s.OEM Basic Class 1 Type A Sections & Units supplied to OEM’s c/w -Blank panel (with or without Circuit Breaker & operating mechanism -Devices (PLC.

Digital Metering Cutler Hammer Power Management Products -IQ Analyser -IQ DP-4000 -IQ Generator -IQ Data -IQ 200 IQ DP-4130 Digital Meter .

Metering Standard Analogue Meters Service Entrance Sections c/w Utility Metering Compartments .

Transfer Switch
Designed to control Emergency & Standby Power Systems Available as type A (not intended to provide short circuit & overload protection) or type B (c/w short circuit & overload protection) Available up to 1200 Amp in MCC’s

MCC unit features
Bus Stabs Unit Latch Grounding Clip

Operating Mechanism

Terminal Block

Circuit Breaker

Pivot Tube

Contactor & Overload

Device Panel

MCC unit features
Operating Mechanism
Grey Toggle
-Indicates position of the Disconnect Interlocked with door so that: -When ‘ON’ door cannot open and unit cannot be withdrawn -When door is open, operator is held in ‘OFF’ -Unit cannot be withdrawn unless in ‘OFF’ position -A Defeater mechanism is provided for Authorized personnel -Padlockable in ‘OFF’ position


floating stab fingers -Tin plated (silver optional) copper/steel alloy stab Unit ground clip Grounds unit to structure prior to engaging the MCC bus .MCC unit features Bus Stabs -Plugs units onto the Vertical bus up to 400A -Fully shrouded.

PB’s Selector Switches) -Mini Meters (Ammeter.MCC unit features Unit Device Panel Mounted on MCC unit Hinges down for unit access Holds up to six devices: -30mm Pilot Devices (Lights. ETM) . Voltmeters.

MCC unit features Unit Latch locks unit in position Latches & locks in 3 positions: -Fully engaged -Test or detent position -Withdrawn Heavy duty 1/4 turn latch provides positive door closure and latch position indication Door Latch .

Unit Wiring # 16 TEW control wire as standard # 14 and other wire types also available Sleeve type or Heatshrink wiretags 7 Point non pull-apart Terminal Block is standard (mounted on RH unit side) 7 Point pull-apart TB also available (mounted on RH unit side) Other TB’s are also available (mounted on elevated channel) .

Control TB’s in Starter units Type C .Control TB’s in Starter units which are wired to master control TB’s at the top or bottom of each MCC Section Class I .complete control system including control drawings showing remote devices and/or interwiring between units.No terminal blocks Type B .No interwiring between units Class II .Unit Wiring Type A . .

Unit Wiring Class I Type A STARTER Class I Type B STARTER Class I Type C Field wiring onto master TB’s (at top or bottom) which are wired to TB’s in Starter Unit Field wiring directly onto Starter Field wiring onto control TB’s. which are factory wired to the Starter STARTER .

Unit Wiring Class II factory wiring between two or more units in the MCC STARTER STARTER .

Unit Wiring H1 600V FU TR X1 X2 120V Class I I wiring diagram showing remote devices X2 REMOTE STOP HAND 1A OFF 2 AUTO PLC 3 FIRE ALARM M OL 1 .

open standard Specification controlled by ODVA .DeviceNet MCC DeviceNet is an open communication network that connects intelligent control devices DeviceNet is built around a published.

DeviceNet MCC DeviceNet MCC’s -Reduces total installed costs -Provides advanced diagnostics -Reduces or eliminates downtime .

DeviceNet MCC Shipping split on DeviceNet MCC Shipping split on standard MCC with interwiring to a PLC .

FVNR Size 1 WPONIDNA 24VDC POWER SUPPLY DeviceNet MCC Conceptual View Terminating Resistor Trunk Cable (thick) Tee Connector Crop Cable (thin) MAIN CB FVNR Size 2 WPONIDNA FEEDER FVNR Size 4 SV9000 VFD PANEL MATE WPONIDNA FVR Size 1 WPONIDNA IT Solid State WPONIDNA WPONIDNA .

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