Achmadiyah Citizenship Identity in Indonesia

by Yahya Tirta Prewita, 26 March 2011.

Background of the topic: 1. Achmadiyah began its activity in Indonesia in 1920 (Zulkarnain, p.14), even number of the Achmadis in Indonesia are relative small, but they are alive and exist. 2. The Achmadiyah movement develops in all the world, has International nets with centre of organization in London and Lahore. 3. Indonesian constitution (verse 29) guard the right of the people to choose and to do their own religious or beliefs. And the government protect the people right to live according their faiths. 4. But serious accidents in attacking and even killing Achmadiyah members in Indonesia gave us serious question about the right of the people who choose Achamadiyah as their belief/faith/religion. 5. Etnis Chinese, people and family that associated with 1965 tragedy as communist member, and some different and minority groups also has same question on their citizenship identity. Provocative problem statement: 1. Are the Achmadis in Indonesia have their full citizenship rights as Indonesian? Do they have protection and basic human right as Indonesian citizen during the attack and intimidation to them? 2. What is the meaning to have identity as citizen in Indonesia? 3. How is contestation Achmadiyah identity in the latest news according to incidents to them? Who says what, how, and why? And what is the recommondation? Objection of the study: 1. To understand the policy of identity in Indonesia, especially the acknowledgement of official religion. 2. To study the implementation of the Indonesian policy of identity in Indonesia, review by the basic human rights. Methods: 1. Literature study. 2. Analyses. 3. Presenting in paper. Framework: 1. Introduction on the topic, problem, objection of the paper. 2. History and identity of Indonesian Achmadis. 3. Cases and incidents in relation with Achmadis in Indonesia. 4. Contestation of Achmadiyah identity in Indonesian news. 5. Conslusion: The meaning to have identity of Indonesian citizen for Achmadis. Literature: 1. Iskandar Zulkarnain, 2005, Gerakan Ahmadiyah di Indonesia, Yogya, LKIS. 2. Laporan Tahunan Kehidupan Beragama di Indonesia, 2009-2010, CRCS, Yogyakarta. 3. Martin Ramstedt & Fadjar Ibnu Thufail (eds.) 2011, Kegalauan Identitas, Jakarta, Grasindo. 4. Class textbooks.

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