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Drink This to Make Muscle
uscle isn’t actually built in the convenient muscle-building mix than a gym—it’s made later, when you’re shake made with a pasteurized egg substicollapsed on the sofa, watching tute, flavored soy milk, and fruit. Throw reruns of Seinfeld. As you’re resting, your this stuff into a blender and you’ll produce body is busy repairing and rebuilding the a 370-calorie shake with 25 grams of highmuscle tissue you flexed all afternoon. You quality egg and soy protein, only 5 grams can maximize the process by taking in the of fat, and plenty of healthy stuff like fiber, right mix of protein and carbohydrates vitamin C, and other antioxidants. Plus, it within 3 hours of your workout. Your body tastes good, and it’s festively pink. builds muscle faster during this time, and that optimum nutrient combination stimulates the TAKE THIS: hormones needed 1 c ice cubes 1 c frozen strawberries to make it happen. 3 1 ⁄4 c egg substitute, ⁄2 banana There’s no such as EggBeaters 1⁄2 c cranberry juice 3 simpler or more ⁄4 c vanilla soy milk


Power Foods

And then: Put it all in a blender with a tight
lid. Blend on high for 30 seconds. Drink.

The Top of the Food Chain

PROTEIN Daily requirement: 75 g
You know you need protein to build muscle tissue, but all protein isn’t the same. “The more amino acids a protein contains, the higher its quality, and the better your body can utilize it to build muscle,” says Cyndi Thomson, Ph.D., R.D., clinical nutritionist at the University of Arizona. The following foods deliver high amounts of all nine essential amino acids.
Food (3-ounce servings)
Chicken breast Turkey breast Beef (eye round) Salmon Canned tuna

Protein (g)
27 (9/oz) 25 (8/oz) 25 (8/oz) 23 (8/oz) 20 (7/oz)

Fat (g)
3.0 0.8 4.9 6.4 2.5

142 113 149 156 220



9 12. Ph.8 14.500 mg Potassium fights high blood pressure and keeps you from collapsing in the gym.9 4. Want to ward off heart attacks. Food (1-ounce servings) Sunflower seeds 2 Tbsp safflower oil 22 almonds 2 Tbsp canola oil 2 Tbsp wheat germ Vitamin C (mg) 283 (57/oz) 89 (30/oz) 82 (27/oz) 87 (17/oz) 98 (14/oz) Fat (g) 0 0 0 0 0 Calories 40 55 25 55 86 Vitamin E (mg/oz) Fat (g) 14 9 7 6 6 14. Researchers at the University of Tennessee found that the more dietary calcium a group of 11 men ate.0 Calories 79 186 186 196 130 ⁄2 cup Kellogg’s All-Bran (1 oz) 1 cup raisin bran (2 oz) 6 cups air-popped popcorn (2 oz) 4 dried figs (3 oz) 2 slices whole grain bread (2 oz) VITAMIN C Daily requirement: 60 mg Orange juice is tasty. strokes.0 2. Your body produces a hormone called calcitriol when you’re short on calcium. If you’re like most men. it doesn’t pack nearly the payload of red bell peppers. 6 10 POWER REPORTS menshealth.1 5. That’s why you’d better double the 7 mg the average man eats every day. aspirin. prostate cancer. coauthor of the study. Food 1 Calcium (mg) 272 (272/oz) 207 (207/oz) 91 (91/oz) 75 (75/oz) 389 (49/oz) Fat (g) 7. up your RDA to 120 mg.2 15.2 0. so drinking a few glasses is still one of the best ways to get your daily shot of calcium. or a statin drug. If you are a smoker. and your daily vitamin E quota is fulfilled. though. says Michael Zemel.. The banana might be the potassium poster child. Work up to 35 grams (g) gradually.9 1. molasses and dried figs humiliate the phallic fruit. which may encourage you to store more fat.1 5. you probably eat less than half of the daily fiber you need.7 Calories 106 196 135 183 125 CALCIUM Daily requirement: 1.9 Calories 107 79 68 169 194 Fiber (g) 10 (10/oz) 8 (4/oz) 6 (3/oz) 8 (3/oz) 4 (2/oz) Fat (g) 0.3 3.4 11.POWER FOODS FOR MEN POTASSIUM Daily requirement: 3. but talk to your doctor first if you take blood-thinning medication.000 mg While keeping your bones from crumbling.6 0 0.9 2. but for potency. Food 1 slice Swiss cheese (1 oz) 1 slice part-skim mozzarella (1 oz) Canned sardines with bones (1 oz) Handful of almonds (1 oz) 1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt (8 oz) FIBER Daily requirement: 38 g A high-fiber diet will lower your cholesterol level and help keep you thin.com 7 . that’ll give you the same fiber intake as eating 18 slices of whole wheat toast every day.1 Calories 117 140 225 204 165 SELENIUM Daily requirement: 70 mcg Want to cut your risk of prostate cancer? Eat two Brazil nuts every day. Rely on lean beef and sunflower seeds for your daily 15 mg. but with 16 mg of vitamin C per ounce.D.6 15 2.8 0. calcium also helps you stay lean.0 Calories 186 165 220 78 142 Potassium (mg) 410 (410/oz) 540 (180/oz) 503 (168/oz) 702 (117/oz) 539 (108/oz) Fat (g) 0 0.2 14. and even Alzheimer’s disease? Take 100–400 IU of vitamin E supplement (labeled “d-alpha tocopherol”).5 oz) Lean ground beef (3 oz) Sirloin steak (3 oz) Handful of sunflower seeds (1 oz) Zinc (mg) 154 (51/oz) 20 (13/oz) 6 (2/oz) 5 (2/oz) 2 (2/oz) Fat (g) 4. Nonfat milk has 38 mg of calcium per ounce. Food 5 steamed oysters (3 oz) 1 cup Total cereal (1. the less body fat they produced. An 8-ounce glass of orange juice also provides 420 mg of potassium. Start with a bowl of bran cereal and a couple of big handfuls of popcorn.0 28.8 4.75 oz) Boneless chicken breast (3 oz) Selenium (mcg) 839 (839/oz) 23 (23/oz) 113 (19/oz) 15 (9/oz) 24 (8/oz) Fat (g) 18. Food 1 large red bell pepper (5 oz) 1 large kiwifruit (3 oz) 1 cup raw broccoli (3 oz) 1 cup papaya (5 oz) 1 large orange (7 oz) VITAMIN E Daily requirement: 15 mg (30 IU) Toss a handful of sunflower seeds on your salad. utilize testosterone. as it’s critical for muscle contraction and fluid balance. Food 2 Tbsp molasses (1 oz) 4 dried figs (3 oz) 1 sliced avocado (3 oz) 1 baked potato (6 oz) 1 medium banana (5 oz) Food 6 to 8 Brazil nuts (1 oz) Handful of sunflower seeds (1 oz) Canned tuna (6 oz) 1 hard-boiled egg (1. A study at the University of Arizona found that men who took in 200 micrograms (mcg) of selenium daily cut their risk of developing prostate cancer by nearly two-thirds.9 13.1 Calories 165 240 169 248 104 ZINC Daily requirement: 15 mg Your body needs zinc to produce sperm. Chop a few red-pepper chunks into your pasta and you’ll have your daily allotment of C—and a lowered risk of developing heart disease and cataracts.4 1.1 27. and keep your immune system functioning.

and bake for 40 minutes. Cover.6 g fat (29% of calories).Strong Meals for Strong Guys ondering how you’ll stuff down all these superfoods? Easy—throw them all in the same pan. 3. Remove the lid and sprinkle the omelette with cheese. peppers.4 g fat (11% of calories). milk. 12 g protein. then add salmon and broccoli. 13 g protein. skinless chicken breasts (about 1 lb) 1 ⁄2 c chopped dried figs 1 ⁄3 c diced red peppers ⁄2 1 1 ⁄2 2 1 Awesome Abs THE SECRETS OF c apple cider c cinnamon apple butter tsp allspice Tbsp slivered almonds And then: Preheat oven to 350°F. cider. until the eggs are firm. W Special POWER REPORT BREAKFAST: ATOMIC SMOOTHIE 1 ⁄2 1 ⁄2 1 1 c fat-free milk c orange juice c vanilla nonfat yogurt Tbsp peanut butter 1 1 1 2 banana. Top each with 1 ⁄2 teaspoon horseradish. 140 mg sodium LUNCH: OPEN-FACED SALMON OMELETTE 1 4 ⁄2 2 2 1 ⁄3 egg whites c 1% milk Tbsp tomato paste oz salmon. cut into small pieces small kiwi. Serve over rice or egg noodles. 4 servings PER SERVING: 372 calories. 4 g fiber. Chef Vince Steinman designed three power meals that contain ample portions of all the nutrients listed on the previous pages. Pour the egg mixture into the skillet. Cut the omelette into four pieces and place each on a slice of toast. Drink. 10 mg cholesterol. whisk the eggs. mix together the figs. let cook 8 to 10 minutes. 3 g fiber. they’re a perfect day’s menu to prevent heart disease. cut into small pieces Tbsp toasted wheat germ Tbsp sunflower seeds And then: Mix it all in a blender. 4. Coat a 10-inch skillet with nonstick spray and heat it over medium heat for 30 seconds. 2 servings PER SERVING: 303 calories. apple butter.6 g fat (23% of calories). 77 mg sodium 8 10 POWER REPORTS . sprinkle with almonds. 4 servings PER SERVING: 139 calories. and help you grow muscle after a workout. Place chicken breasts in a baking dish coated with cooking spray. In a bowl. Pour mixture over the chicken. 28 g protein. 3 g fiber. 66 mg cholesterol. and allspice. 473 mg sodium DINNER: CIDER CHICKEN WITH FIGS AND RED PEPPERS 4 boneless. lower your risk of prostate cancer. diced c small broccoli florets 1 ⁄3 c shredded part-skim mozzarella 4 slices whole wheat toast 2 Tbsp horseradish And then: In a small bowl. and tomato paste until foamy. 3 mg cholesterol. 9. Together.

Then do it all over again for another 4 weeks. ■ EXERCISE GROUPS: The exercises are grouped in pairs. beach-volleyball player. choose the heaviest weight you think you can use for 10 repetitions with perfect form. Goold works hard in the gym three times a week. exercise scientists have known that doing hard. Kleiner. Kraemer. But he prefers the fresh air. swim. “I think you get results a lot quicker if you maintain that resistance.) You may need up to 90 seconds of rest at first. until you’ve done three sets of each. he says. In fact. but try to whittle that down each time you work out. rather than going straight from one to the other as you would in a superset. and you could lose up to 1 percentage point of body fat each week and see results just 9 days into the program. or bike ride. ■ REST: Your goal is to rest 60 seconds after every set of every exercise. ■ SETS AND REPETITIONS: Do three sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise. A ROBERT’S HANGING KNEE RAISES 1 2 3 4 THE CARDIOVASCULAR/ SPRINT PROGRAM You’ll do two types of aerobic exercise— steady-state and interval workouts—and oold’s favorite abdominal workout is with Ab-OrigiOnals elbow-supporting straps. “My favorite part is that euphoric feeling”—the endorphin release that follows a long run. according to exercise physiologist William J. ■ PROGRESS: Try to work with more weight on your first set of each exercise each week. author of Power Eating.” he says. He tries to maintain tension on the muscle throughout each exercise. Aim for a 5 percent increase each week. N THE WORKOUTS THE WEIGHT-LIFTING PROGRAM The two total-body weight workouts you’ll do are adapted from the program used in a Penn State study on growth hormone. Thus. After 4 weeks you should be much trimmer.com for hanging knee exercise gear. Our diet plan. switches to hanging knee raises [4]. Growth hormone plays a huge role in muscle building. Here’s why: Since the classic 1990 study in The Journal of Applied Physiology. he wants his muscles to feel as if they’re flexing. growth hormone takes fat out of your fat cells and makes your body use it for energy. Then you’ll move on to the next group. But growth hormone doesn’t just build up muscles. another study found that growthhormone increases accounted for 50 percent of the muscle growth in trained weight lifters during a 20-week program. but the one you’ll use in this program burns fat by the pound. Decrease the weight on subsequent sets if you need to. 10-repetition sets and following them with short rest periods produces dramatic increases in growth hormone. who worked on the studies mentioned above. which hang from a pullup bar [1].D.D. He usually supersets upper-body exercises for opposing muscle groups—a chest exercise followed immediately by a back exercise. (In an exercise pair. He starts with hanging oblique crunches [2. Ph.T H E S E C R E T S O F AW E S O M E A B S 4 Weeks to a Flat Front THE NO-BRAINER PLAN TO LOSE YOUR GUT—FAST ot all weight-training systems burn fat. the fat cells in your belly shrink because you’re treating them like propane to fuel your workout. It also obliterates flab by making your fat cells smaller. (Check out www. then one set of the other. for example.aborigionals. Men’s Health cover model surfer. After that. Goold looks for exercises and routines that help him maintain his athleticism. This is what happens: During exercise. Ph. you rest between exercises. helps you eat the right foods at the right times to capitalize on the exercise program. and after 10 repetitions to each side. 10 10 POWER REPORTS Ab Tips from a Top Model Robert Goold. If he has a weight in his hands. take a week off. Put the plans together. and triathlete. In the gym. You’ll alternate between those exercises.com 11 . doing one set of one exercise. 3].. ■ WEIGHTS: For the first set of each exercise.) G menshealth. Here are a few particulars.. designed by Susan M.

The workout calendar will tell you how many Your Workout Calendar WORKOUTS WEEK 1 MONDAY Weight workout A: Bench press. followed by 20–25 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise Weight workout B. back extension. you’ll warm up. stick to running. ■ In the first 2 weeks of interval workouts. You can do any type of aerobic exercise—running. Biceps curl. work at 75 percent of your MHR. an anaerobic exercise. swimming. lying leg curl. followed by 15–20 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise SATURDAY Sprints: 8 at 10 seconds each SUNDAY No exercise WEEK 2 Interval training: 9 or 10 1-minute intervals. followed by 15–20 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise Weight workout A. Cable row. squat.com SUNDAY Low-fat frozen waffles with butter Banana Fruit juice Low-fat chips with salsa Cantaloupe Homemade cheese-andmushroom pizza on Boboli bread Blueberries (fresh or frozen) with low-fat ice cream SNACK 1 SNACK 2 LUNCH SNACKS AND SHAKES 12 10 POWER REPORTS 13 . each followed by 2 minutes of recovery WEDNESDAY Weight workout B: Lat pulldown. leg press. Dip. warm up for 5 minutes at an easy pace. cashews Postworkout shake Shrimp over pasta with tomato sauce Mixed-green salad with fat-free dressing Sherbet SATURDAY Pancakes with butter and syrup Orange Fruit juice Hard-boiled egg Pear Grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes Preworkout snack: Low-fat flavored yogurt Postworkout shake Grilled sirloin burger Grilled zucchini and corn Fruit salad Grilled swordfish on skewers with grapes and bell peppers Rice Italian ice menshealth. Dumbbell shrug. cycling. peanut butter Postworkout shake Fish sticks Potato salad Low-fat ice cream Steak and baked potato with fat-free sour cream Tossed salad with fat-free dressing Low-fat ice cream THURSDAY Bran cereal with fat-free milk Banana Fruit juice Low-fat brownie Pear Tuna sandwich Tomato-cucumber salad Cashews FRIDAY Bagel with cream cheese Orange Fruit juice Fat-free chips with salsa Apple Cheese-and-vegetable pizza Preworkout snack: Fat-free milk. rowing. For the sprints. bent-knee incline situp. each followed by 2 minutes of recovery Interval training: 6 or 7 1 1⁄2-minute intervals. then do 1 minute of exercise at 85 to 90 percent of your MHR. followed by 2 minutes of recovery at 60 percent. leg extension. followed by 20–25 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise Sprints: 10 at 10 seconds each No exercise WEEK 3 Weight workout B No exercise Sprints: 12 at 10 seconds each No exercise WEEK 4 Weight workout A. inline skating. followed by 20–25 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise Weight workout B. followed by 3 minutes of recovery at 60 percent of your MHR. each followed by 3 minutes of recovery Interval training: 8 or 9 11⁄2-minute intervals. followed by 15–20 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise Weight workout A. reverse crunch. Dur- ing the second 2 weeks. The intensity of the aerobic workouts is dictated by your maximum heart rate (MHR). then do intervals of 11⁄2 minutes at 85 to 90 percent. Lateral raise. followed by 20–25 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise TUESDAY Interval training: 7 or 8 1-minute intervals. Weight workout A THURSDAY No exercise FRIDAY Weight workout A. crackers. Military press. standing calf raise. which is approximately 220 minus your age. followed by 20–25 minutes of steady-state cardiovascular exercise No exercise Sprints: 14 at 10 seconds each No exercise Your Meal Plan MEALS BREAKFAST MONDAY Bagel with butter Glass of fat-free milk Banana Fruit juice Pretzels Grapes Spaghetti and meatballs Italian bread Preworkout snack: Fat-free milk and low-fat cookies Postworkout shake DINNER Grilled or broiled chicken breast Mixed-green salad with fat-free dressing Low-fat ice cream TUESDAY Eggs Toast with butter Banana Fruit juice Graham crackers Dried apricots Roast-beef sandwich Carrot sticks Preworkout snack: Low-fat flavored yogurt Postworkout shake Cheese quesadillas Mixed-green salad with fat-free dressing WEDNESDAY Cottage cheese English muffin with butter Grapes Fruit juice Low-fat pudding or gelatin Apple Turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato Cucumber salad Preworkout snack: Fat-free milk. followed by 3 minutes of recovery No exercise Weight workout B. ■ For steady-state exercise.T H E S E C R E T S O F AW E S O M E A B S you’ll also do sprints. stairclimbing. Weight workout B.

try using a phone book. Each week- day is equivalent to any other weekday. holding the seat behind you for support. it takes more than crunches. but to define what’s below the waistband. Drink it all day. throw the following items into a blender and whip until smooth: 8 oz fat-free milk. Extend your legs in front of you. Do three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. Crunches are fine for the top half. 1 banana. ■ SERVING SIZES: The bigger you are. right under your chin [A]. every day. Include at least one glass with every meal and snack. says Michael Mejia. your tailbone should rise an inch or two off the board [C]. Here are two exercises that do both at the same time. A INCLINE LEG RAISE WITH A PULSE-UP B Lie on a slant board with your hands gripping the handles behind your head [A]. C. Do three sets of 10 to 12 crunches. menshealth. Finish by lowering your legs slowly. f you really want to etch an impressive midsection. when your muscles are thoroughly warm. THE FOOD The meal plan on pages 12 and 13 gives you a week’s worth of simple meals. followed by 50 seconds of rest. so don’t give yourself a week of Sundays. the harder you’ll be able to work your abs. ■ SNACKS: Eat snacks 1 and 2 whenever you like during the day.C. Place a medicine ball between your knees [A]. a strength and conditioning specialist in New York City. lift your legs toward the ceiling in a controlled pulsing motion.S. Now simultaneously raise your legs toward your chest and bring your chest toward your knees [B]. Always start and finish your sprint workouts with 5 minutes of easy jogging. Hold for a second. Add these moves to your workout routine to develop an even tighter. so if Monday’s meals turn your crank better than Wednesday’s. you need exercises that focus on the hip flexors and the lower half of the rectus abdominis. But note that the weekend meals have more calories. Do three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. Return to the starting position. You need to do exercises that incorporate added resistance or that extend your abdominals’ range of motion. holding your hands behind your ears. and 1 Tbsp peanut butter. Lift your legs and bring your knees toward your chest [B]. 1 packet Carnation Instant Breakfast. To make the postworkout shake. The Secret of 6-Pack Abs I T o make your abs look like speed bumps.. and even help your liver take your stored fat and put it to use for energy. The more limber these muscles are. and have Kleiner’s postworkout muscle-building shake as soon as possible afterward. you can eat Monday’s twice a week for the 4 weeks. then return to the starting position. At home.S. Slowly raise your legs until they form a 90-degree angle with your torso [B]. Crunch your abdominals as you lift your shoulder blades as high off the ball as you can [B]. knees slightly bent [A]. SEATED JACKKNIFE Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair or bench. ■ Your sprints will last 10 seconds each.T H E S E C R E T S O F AW E S O M E A B S intervals to do. stronger middle. wash away the bad stuff that accumulates in your muscles after exercise. A WEIGHTED EXERCISE-BALL CRUNCH Lie with your back on an exercise ball and your feet planted in front of you. Rest a dumbbell (start with 10 pounds) on your upper chest. ■ WATER: Water will help you work out longer and harder. So eat enough at each meal to feel full.com A B B 15 14 10 POWER REPORTS . and be sure to stretch your hamstrings between sets. Next. you can do the same exercise on the floor. If you can’t do that many with a dumbbell. Eat the preworkout snack 2 hours before exercise. the more food you’re going to need. and let the exercise plan do the rest. Always finish with a 5-minute cooldown at an easy pace. start without weights. No ball? Put a rolled-up towel under the small of your back. think of your abs as having two distinct sections. A B C ANGLED REVERSE CRUNCH Lie on a slant board with your head near the top of the board. Do three sets of as many repetitions as you can manage. A couple of caveats: Do this exercise at the end of your workout.

and sit with your back against the bench. Your body stores fat around your waist for easy access. ■ BUTT (flabby) If you’ve been carrying around a little extra heft in your Hilfigers. Do three sets of six to eight repetitions. ■ ARMS (skinny) Ben Velazquez. For triceps. For the second set. or at least babysit them on Saturday nights? Here’s how to fix the body problems you can fix. do the last set with the bench at 90 degrees. Let your arms hang down. the butt flab is for long-term emergencies. 3 seconds down). Grab a pair of light dumbbells. set the bench at a 45degree angle. Now slowly curl the weights as high as you can without moving your elbows forward. lie on a decline bench at a 30-degree angle. your elbows in line with your hips. and take the same amount of rest. according to Steve Farrell. Do the same number of sets and repetitions as in the biceps exercises. when you look in the mirror. ■ BELLY (made possible by beer) Wearing your pants at your natural waist. a trainer in New York City. and slowly lower the weights behind your head. with each repetition lasting 6 seconds (3 seconds up. place an incline bench so the back is at a 60-degree angle to the floor. Bend at the elbows. ride hard. and buttocks that made women want to bear your children. Grab a pair of light dumbbells. draw attention away from it. and lie with your back on the bench.D. To further de-emphasize your gut. Ph. Physical Fixes INSTANT F Hold your arms straight up toward the ceiling. you’ll be able to do productive sets even when your muscles are exhausted.com 17 . and stand proudly behind what just can’t be ignored. use a flat bench. Yet.Special POWER REPORT Your Body Problems Solved FLABBY BUTT? CHICKEN LEGS? WE HAVE THE ANSWERS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR or the most part. and not tucked under the gut? Good. palms facing forward. Wear a V-neck sweater or a shirt with a contrasting (preferably lighter) collar. it should come as no surprise—and certainly no comfort—to know that lower-body flab is much harder to lose than abdominal fat. Just the right amount of blood. But a proper fit will only help so much. Regular bouts of intense exercise—whether you lift hard. hide the ones that can be hidden. work around the unsightly ones. or the speed at which your body burns calories.. all the fingers and toes arranged in multiples of five. Return to the starting position and repeat. or do almost any fitness activity that menshealth. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if you had wider shoulders. For the second set. an arm in each sleeve. You’ve got that bilateral-symmetry thing nailed: one eye on each side of your nose. imperfection glares back. Thus. Slowly straighten your arms and repeat. For the third. run hard. recommends these moves for your biceps and triceps: For biceps. Rest 2 minutes between sets. Changing the angle of each exercise allows you to go from the angle at which your muscles are weakest (the first angle) to the position at which they’re strongest (the last). raise the bench to a 75-degree angle. thighbones and hipbones perfectly paired. a powerful chest. you’re a perfect guy. director of curriculum of the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research. The best way to burn away lower-body fat is to raise your resting metabolic rate.

run hard for 1 minute. You’ll use the same weight on each exercise. Or do a somewhat easier routine: After a thorough warmup. founder and director of the Conselle Institute for Image Management in Provo. your body uses up calories processing the calories you’ve just eaten. As you slowly lower the weights straight out to your sides. Second. Berning. along with thicker shirts—flannel. a fitness consultant. wear dark colors and make sure your clothes fit properly—no baggy hip-hop styles. If you have fair skin and dark hair.com 19 . Sit up and rest the weights on your thighs for 10 seconds. UT. let’s face it. Press the weights up over your chest. says Lenny Marcus.” Here’s one more tip to speed up your weight loss: About 10 percent of your metabolism is devoted to digesting the food you eat.S. Here are two menshealth. do the next exercise for 30 seconds. Perform as many repetitions as you can. Perform as many repetitions as you can. Pause for a second. ■ FACE (thin) Judith Rasband. a carbohydrate-based fuel stored in your muscles. It all depends on which kind of pale you are. Moore. excluding your warmup and cooldown. rest the weights on your thighs for 10 seconds. says Rasband. Wear tonal or monochromatic colors. use muted color combinations.D. creating the illusion that your face is wider. or white. The more frequently you eat. and so on. while others make you look as if you’re on your deathbed. Stick to longer workouts at a lower intensity. for instance). And you’re more likely to splurge at Wendy’s if you skip a waistline-friendly turkey sandwich and an apple.D. then lift the weights back to the starting position. Jerry Telle. Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Avoid pastels—they’ll make you look washed out. ■ HAIR (gray) To flatter the salt-andpepper look. your palms turned toward your feet. choose black or silver frames.” says Telle. then lie down and begin the last exercise. designer and author of Style and the Man. black. screams.C. lower them. These draw attention away from your face.” If you’re really aggressive and have a lot of exercise experience. You’ll look like a conehead. Try for two or three circuits of 10 to 12 exercises. rest for 3 to 4 minutes. if you have a baby face. See the chart at right to perform the dumbbell bench-press flyaway sequence. you have multiple everything. even if you’re not totally hungry.. if you’re trying to lose weight. “You can’t stay at this level of intensity forever. Sit up again. then lie down again and begin the next exercise. a sequence of exercises designed to keep your chest muscles under greater tension for a longer time. “The average set takes 20 to 40 seconds and uses the same resistance for the entire set. ■ FACE (pale) You’ve probably noticed that some colors look fine on you.” says Jacqueline R. for instance. A blue suit and medium-blue shirt. First. It really stokes the metabolic fires. R. Both sets of muscle fibers will adapt to the exercises by growing bigger and stronger. and lie on your back on a flat bench. but this time bend each elbow to a 90-degree angle as you lower the weight. Ph. a strength coach in Denver. you’ll achieve two things you nor18 10 POWER REPORTS mally can’t. But by performing three slightly different exercises in a row. and repeat as many times as you can. Put down the weights. And don’t slick your hair back.I N S TA N T P H Y S I C A L F I X E S leaves you gasping for breath—can help increase your metabolism for several hours afterward. run or cycle using the same 30-30 intervals. ■ HANDLES (love) When you exercise strenuously. which is why he recommends just 4 weeks on this program. Ph. and this is what Wide-angle fly: Grasp a pair of dumbbells. all with the same heavy weight and very little rest in between. carefully bending to the same elbow angle each time.. with your arms straight and your palms facing each other. charcoal gray. 1 90-degree fly: Hold the dumbbells over your chest. “Eat something every 3 hours or so. Try for 20 to 25 minutes of this.” When you’re dressing for a night out. to eat many small meals each day. you’ll fatigue more of the individual muscle fibers normally used in chest exercises. That’s why it’s important. 3 I’m supposed to wear. Timothy J. whether it’s when you propose an idea at work or when you hand the bouncer your ID. You’re fat. the higher you can crank up this part of your metabolism. and repeat the entire sequence twice more. if you have a history of heart disease. ■ FACE (baby) If no one is taking you seriously. most of the calories you burn come from glycogen. if you can get away with it at the office—and houndstooth or tweed jackets. you need to try something more drastic than your normal sets of presses and flies.. So check out the info stored under “Handles (love)” and “Butt (flabby). rest for 30 seconds.D. will complement your complexion without overpowering it. jog for 3 minutes. the costume supervisor for General Hospital. keeping your arms straight. you can do work/rest intervals of up to 3 minutes each. ■ CHEST (scrawny) If your chest muscles stubbornly refuse to grow. of the University of Colorado. contrasting colors—like black and red—will look best on you. “I’m just out of school. On the other hand. If you wear eyeglasses. wear dark blue. On two other days. Skipping meals has the opposite effect—it shuts off this calorie-burning mechanism. suggests this 4-week program: Two days a week. this isn’t a good way to exercise. 2 Bench press: Hold the dumbbells at the sides of your chest. says Alan Flusser. recommends a fuller hairstyle (if you have hair). you’ll recruit and exhaust more of the muscle fibers not normally stimulated in typical exercise routines (those you’d use to lift the Buick off your mom.) Hold the weights together over your chest. A blue suit and white shirt. do circuit weight workouts in your gym..” Moore says. suggests dumbbell bench-press flyaways.S. and so on. ■ CHIN (multiple) If you have multiple chins. If both your skin and your hair are light. “But it’s a quick fix. Do the exercise the same way as before. bend each elbow until it forms an angle of 135 degrees (halfway between 90 degrees and straight). That is. you need a more grown-up look. C. That’s about the longest a guy can lift if he’s working with heavy weights. (Use a weight you could normally lift six to eight times in this exercise.

really long. ■ PENIS (smallish) Don’t even consider penis-enlargement surgery unless you’re less than half the average length. producing more clitoral stimulation. your shoulders and elbows should both be bent 90 degrees. and the thighs don’t get as much work as they need. then lower them to the 90-90 position. FL. or nose job. Raise the other dumbbell the same way. ■ NECK (skinny) Most muscle-heads in the gym will tell you that doing specific exercises for your neck is futile. Push your head to the right for 5 seconds. the other men’s neck girth stayed the same.” Rasband says. Far easier and cheaper is minimizing the effect that an oversized olfactory organ has on your appearance. But the way many guys do them. “But it’s very difficult to isolate that muscle. you can do the 20 10 POWER REPORTS same exercise against a heavy punching bag. and both groups grew considerably bigger and stronger. relax. open-collared shirt. preferably a woman with cleanly shaven legs. If you can’t find a woman willing to let you push against her thigh.” says Juan Carlos Santana. the longer you exercise at moderate intensity—55 to 75 percent of your maximum effort—the more your body uses fat. Rest for 2 minutes between sets. ■ THIGHS (chicken) Squats are the greatest thigh builder known to man. This forces you to keep your torso upright throughout the exercise. Have your partner steady the bag. Keep your wrist relaxed. then return to the starting position.” Santana recommends that you perform the following three shoulder exercises as one long set—one right after the other. Take 7 seconds to perform each repetition: 4 seconds down. Slowly press the weights up until your arms are straight. can cost up to $5. making your thigh muscles do more of the work. according to Randall B. hitting the entire shoulder area: front (anterior). then repeat on the other side. If you’re caught short. according to researchers at the University of California.) The risk of complications is just too great. the more she’ll like it.000. “In order to make the nose appear somewhat smaller. That means fuller hair around the sides of your face. director and CEO of the Institute of Human Perfor- mance in Boca Raton. According to an article in the journal Frontiers of Bioscience. the emphasis goes to their gluteus and lower-back muscles. Your partner shouldn’t move when you do this. Lean forward slightly. The next time you do squats. Do four to six repetitions. 2 seconds up. You’ll need a training partner. The female-on-top position gives your partner the chance for more clitoral stimulation and leaves you free to use your hands on her breasts.S. Face your palms forward. Here’s a neck-building move recommended by Jeff Watters. 90-90 dumbbell press (works the front deltoids and triceps): Hold the dumbbells so your upper arms are parallel to the floor and your lower arms point straight up toward the ceiling. It also allows for some serious pelvis mashing. menshealth. Pause for a second. Slowly extend your arms out to the sides. 1 2 3 Alternating dumbbell upright row (works the rear deltoids and trapezius): Stand holding the dumbbells in front of your thighs. try to make each repetition last 5 seconds. Start early. Do four to six repetitions.D. Slowly raise one dumbbell along the front of your body until it reaches the side of your chest. palms toward your body. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco. or any other place that might distract her from your modest manhood. They favor the less-endowed man. If they point behind you during the exercise. chief of plastic surgery at St. Pause for a second.. with your palms facing in. erect. “You need to take a shotgun approach. In other words. that only lifting consistently heavy weights for a long time will make your neck bigger.C. But a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology compared a group of men who did neck-targeting exercises with a group who didn’t. or sport coat). if you’re alone. Hold for a second. Still. Do four to six repetitions. Do three sets once or twice a week. since it’s an isometric exercise. The immediate repercussions will probably include black eyes and other swelling. your body is more likely to be low in glycogen and burn fat instead. watch where your elbows go.03 inches from base to tip. Standing lateral raise (works the middle deltoids): Stand holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides. then slowly lower the dumbbell.. layered clothing (T-shirt. But only the men who performed neck exercises increased their necks’ muscle mass.I N S TA N T P H Y S I C A L F I X E S ways to trick your body into using more energy from fat. says Moore. Weil. clitoris. Get down on all fours. and rear (posterior) delts. with your head flexed toward your left shoulder and your right ear and temple against your partner’s leg. so the exercise won’t be strictly isometric anymore. jacket. raising the dumbbells until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. ■ SHOULDERS (narrow) The only way to make your shoulders appear wider is to build the muscles that surround your shoulder bones. This will stress your shoulder muscles to the maximum and produce the biggest gains. Try to keep your elbows roughly in line with the bar and pointed down at the floor. The legs-over-shoulders position (hers over yours. Go long—really. particularly the meaty outside portion of the deltoid muscle. C. for whom thicker necks are an occupational necessity. Gumby) allows you to get closest to the back of her vaginal wall. using the same weights and taking no rest in between the exercises. Do 10 repetitions. add these sexual techniques to your bedroom repertoire. you’re leaning over too far and your back and butt are lifting the weight. and your recovery could prevent you from exercising for up to a month. The closer her thighs come to her chest. What’s more. “You want to draw someone’s visual attention downward and outward. middle.S.” says Rasband.com 21 . (Average. wider shoulders in your suits and sport coats. you need to make everything around the face appear somewhat larger. ■ NOSE (big) A rhinoplasty. a 1-second pause. is 5. it can take as long as 6 months for all the swelling to go down so you can see the results. the bag will move. If you do aerobic exercise before breakfast. and do 10 on each side. then push again. All else was equal—both groups did heavy weight routines over the same period of time. a Detroit-area trainer who uses this exercise with boxers. M.

A University of California study shows that men who exercise 3 days a week have three times more sexÑand bet ter sexÑthan those who donêt. drop the Chalupa. Investigate with light kissing and a gentle massage using the heel of your hand. SCHOOL OF GEOGRAPHICAL STUDIES CONQUERING MOUNTAINS. EXPLORING VALLEYS. bundle of nerves that serves as a catalyst for orgasms. in her eyes. the Next Big Thing. but it also shortens your penisÑy ou lose a half inch for every 15 pounds you gain. too. So take a look at our enticing curriculum. you can always stay on course by trying to point the tip of your penis toward the inside of her belly button.. Study hard and we guarantee that. A better diet and more exercise means more where it counts. SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO WORK UP A GOOD SWEAT 101: Exercise your right to more sex. women admitted fantasizing about sex up to twice as often as men do. the northern part from roughly 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock. hers are lengthy. the Next Big Thing that comes along will be. We didnêt like gym class any more than you did. The good news: Your çspontaneousé erections in the shower will get a better response now than they did then. Austrian researchers have found that an oft-neglected region of the breast. Hereê why: The fat pad s that protects your pubic area creeps over the shaftê base as you get fatter. 201: Point your compass toward her true north.com 23 . provides even more arousal than her nipples. the newest technology. says menshealth. 201: To extend your manhood.even in bed. you and your buddies probably aren’t comparing notes and sharing insider secrets anymore. not the fingers. interactive scenarios. because there’s much more to learn..you. So how come sheê not constantly jumping your s bones? Because unlike your fantasies. After all. That’s too bad. He’s always curious about the latest trend. if you do that you’ll be close to her G-spot—the SCHOOL OF PSYCHOLOGY EXPLORE HER DEEPLY HIDDEN DESIRES. You know extra weight is bad for your heart. unlike in high school.. The palm gives even sensation without causing pain. work out.. The way her vagina is positioned. PRESERVING WETLANDS 101: Find the secret of her twin peaks.Special POWER REPORT Graduate from Sex School THE BEST CLASSES YOU’LL EVER HAVE Sizzling Sex THE SECRETS OF A wise man never stops learning. Problem is. a thousand tips and tactics have been developed since you and your girlfriend first did the mystery dance in the back of your Subaru. In one survey. But before you lather up. COUCH OPTIONAL 101: Master her mind games. Even if you find yourself upside down and disoriented during sex (happens to us all the time). obscuring s perfectly good penis.

301: Make her adore a vacuum. of the Institute for Psychological and Sexual Health.. have your part. and back off again. slow down and take deep breaths 101: Tantalize her with chemistry. Difficulty: 3 Payoff: 7 This position allows more gentle rocking than in-and-out thrusting—a change she’ll love. Not only does it reduce the messy cleanup. Toss her a line like this at lunch: “If anybody would look amazing in a French maid’s outfit. and relaxation— power to your takeoff. So do it often. but it involves practicing through masturbation. mint in her mouth. your testicles ascend like times before climaxing. These are variations we bet you’ve never seen before. The downward angle of entry will target the elusive but highly sensitive dime-size spot inside the front wall of her vagina. and it’s one of the few rearentry positions that puts your heads together. This will heighten your arousal and add intensity to your orgasm.” and you up your chances of her breaking out the feather duster after dinner.without ejaculating. For better sex. “These muscles squeeze the two blood-filled erection tubes in the penis. Good luck. math can be to the wise: Peppermint oil can sting her. ask her to give you a hand. Some may seem familiar at first glance. before it turns to pleasure. She can use a pillow for support. don’t just lick. The combination of eye contact and dialogue—that direct connection during sex—is an incredible turn-on for women. (Hey. you can train these muscles to get stronger. try multiplying strong mint while you’re giving her oral sex your orgasms. You enter her vagina from behind. 201: Hypnotize her with your eyes. This technique is better for you. A little practice and you’ll be able to feel the orgasm—racing an aircraft’s landing gear to provide more pulse. but a lot of women find powerful thrusting menshealth. a Mayo Clinic urologist. “Guys don’t like to hear this. to Bob Schwartz.D. orgasm. Do this three 201: Defy gravity with your genitals. To increase your control—and keep your climax at bay—use a technique called “peaking. Do this until you can reach 8 or 9 before climaxing.) This is also a tight position. Elliott says the friction on the G-spot may cause discomfort THE “X” POSITION How to do it: You sit on the bed with your legs in front of you.D. In fact. but pay close attention to the details. which creates extra pressure on the clitoris.THE SECRETS OF SIZZLING SEX Karen Donahey. You can get more action simply by giving her a scenario to spin.. By simply squeezing and releasing the muscles you use to stop urination. author of The One-Hour Orgasm.” says Schwartz. but you’ll remain erect ner gently press upward on your testicles and ready for more action. BUILD STRONGER ERECTIONS! M SCHOOL OF MATHEMATICS CALCULATING MOVES FOR IMPRESSIVE FIGURES en might think they only need one thing in order to have an erection: a penis. so you won’t pass the G-spot by. FLAT REAR ENTRY How to do it: She lies facedown on the bed with her pelvis slightly raised. they found that potent guys were 17 percent stronger than the guys who had trouble with erections. according how it’s going. 101: Count on yourself to last longer. the way most guys do.D. Difficulty (on a scale of 1 to 10): 4 Payoff: 8 You’ve heard about the G-spot? This is one of the best ways to go after it. You love until it diminishes. says Mark L. The stronger these muscles are.com 24 10 POWER REPORTS 25 .D. too. yodeling in the gully. which should more than make up for the lack of depth. with the palm of her hand just before you Please resist the urge to write us and tell us ejaculate. and when contrasted with the usual friction can lead to more and better orgasms. Elliott. she straddles your torso. giving you a cool thrill. (Tell your partner not to be discouraged if this doesn’t feel great at first. SCHOOL OF NATURAL SCIENCES Rock Star Sex Positions S he’ll forget you’re just a banker when you rock her world with these moves—guaranteed to stimulate her in all the right places. Then let your arousal it when she gives you oral sex with a breath build to 5 or 6. Next time you’re. fun!) Build yourself up to the brink of Stick to the original wintergreen flavor. the more pressure they’ll create in the erection.. You can train yourself to be can lead to a curiously strong orgasm? Note multiorgasmic. Want to drive her wild with desire? Look her straight in the eye during sex. you’ll have shallow penetration. allowing snuggling and kissing. Just before ejaculation. Add in a little playby-play of the action and solicit her opinion. waves of euphoria. rate your BETTER LIVING THROUGH SEXUAL CHEMISTRY AND arousal on a scale of 1 to 10. Ph. Ph. associate professor in the psychology and behavioral sciences department at Northwestern University. it’s you..” As you’re thrusting. To give your equipment an even bigger boost. then throttle back. “Sucking on her clitoris and labia creates a unique feeling. Ph. Broderick. she’ll have a tight grip on your penis. Here’s why: The 201: Multiply your satisfaction. one Italian study shows that the strength of the muscles surrounding your penis may also play a part. But did you know that popping a curiously (orgasm). When researchers studied the strength of two pelvic-area muscles in 390 men. The usual mucous membranes that line your penis let Saturday-night equation is You + Her = 1 mint pass through. you know. And because the padding on her butt is blocking at least part of your access. What’s in it for you: If she keeps her legs together.” says Gregory A. M. When it builds QUANTUM PHYSICALS to 3 or 4. and for best results. too—you’ll get fewer tongue cramps.

switch to a position that hits you in the right spots. 10 times. ■ Don’t finish where you started. Concentrate on wriggling the base of your penis against the upper part of her vaginal opening.” one tester reported.” says Mark Elliott. Then we’re all for them! That’s why we sent a sex writer home with 40 X-rated videos. additional clitoral stimulation.” says Weston. the result is deep penetration that not only feels great but looks great.THE SECRETS OF SIZZLING SEX distracting and simply prefer to be ‘filled up’ while they concentrate on stimulating the clitoris. Difficulty: 5 Payoff: 6 Since you’re supporting her entire weight on your lap..D. She slides on top of your erection. unless of course you can learn something from them. he was still conscious enough to bring us these lessons for the bedroom. Try using the palm of your hand to rub in circular motions along her mons pubis. CA. SEX TRICKS FROM SKIN FLICKS e’re not huge fans of adult movies. Three minutes is about as long as you’ll see any two (or more) actors in the same sexual position. What’s in it for you: Since there’s little steady motion to wear you out and only moderate stimulation to the head of your penis. ■ Thrust one at a time.. That can be a little tricky. supporting the bulk of your weight. ■ Touch and tease. you could like it so much that you finish before you’re ready. She straddles your midsection and uses her legs to thrust. it’ll be up to her to provide the motion by using her arms to push up off of you. she’ll have a hard time resisting this invitation to ride. speed. use two fingers to stroke up and down to stimulate both sides of her clitoris without actually touching it. with her feet by your ears and her hands on either your legs or the bed behind her. “This allows good access. you’ll slide in and out. hold hands with each other and lean back so you’re connected only at the hands and genitals. Your mate doesn’t have to rely on your figuring out where she likes to be touched—she can stimulate whatever needs it on her own. W THE COWGIRL How to do it: You lean back with your shoulders against the foot of the bed and your feet on the floor.” says Elliott. You should.D. then withdraw completely. she also has complete freedom of movement. That’s a good thing. ■ Use her legs.com 27 . too. When you move up and down. One caution: Some women tend to get weak in the knees during orgasm. “Both of us had a terrific view of the action. Ph. What’s in it for you: You can’t beat the view. THE HOT SEAT How to do it: You sit on the bed with your back against the headboard. she’ll get lots of clitoral stimulation. but because her legs are still together. (Maybe second favorite. Once she’s had her fun. the other leg should be pulled in toward her chest. ■ Bounce. Have her lie on her back with one leg straight. Straddle her straight leg and support yourself with an arm hooked into the crook of her bent knee. grinding against her clitoris. depth. “Insertion is everyone’s favorite part of intercourse. they’ll reconfigure several times during a scene to keep things interesting. That’ll create indirect stimulation along her clitoris. It can keep you from ejaculating too soon. so brace yourself for a little extra weight once she peaks. For a different sensation. Be careful. and rhythm of the thrusts. What’s in it for you: She’ll be doing all the real work. Ph. Bend your knees and use your thigh muscles. It also leaves your hands free to help out with 26 10 POWER REPORTS menshealth.” says Louanne Cole Weston. Difficulty: 6 Payoff: 10 Even if she’s never been the jockey type. To make this position really rock. have her sit still so you can do the bouncing—and control the speed of the friction. If she’s on top.) Repeating the initial insertion will help you savor the feeling. but once she’s used to it. but because she supports her own weight. a sex therapist in Fair Oaks. wait a second and start over. the soft. Stay in control so she doesn’t slide all the way off. you should be able to last longer than usual. hair-covered mound just above her vagina. should she want it. Not only does she control the angle. Penetrate slowly. When he emerged 3 days later broken and empty. a sex therapist. “This is as close as you can get to having sex in a swing set without having to install hardware in your bedroom. so you can lie back and enjoy.

Hit something. menshealth. please consult the first Rocky disaster movie. and. but you Instructions below are for right-handers. done any irreversible damage yet. sting like Ali. W The Best Shape OF YOUR LIFE THE 30S GUY You’re beginning to wonder why you were in such a hurry to grow up. You just have to start training for your later years now. left fist beside your left eye. According to the apart and diagonal to the bag. left foot forNational Heart. endurance. you’ll burn 1. right fist alongside your young men who are only low or moderately chin. but every workout you miss seems like another concession to your inner fat guy. You haven’t some muscle mass in your upper body. A Lift weights intensely for 20 minutes 164 calories couple of years Play tennis for 30 minutes 287 calories ago.S. sure don’t want to see the end of this lefties. “It’s so vigorous.” says Tom Seabourne. It’s nature’s way of ensuring that babies have babysitters.. and even 29 .011 calories Now the most innocent-looking chicken burrito takes your belt out a notch. the house in the ’burbs—you have good excuses to miss every workout. Lung. and continue like that for 20 minutes. Sound hard? It’s not. rotate your fist so Work outside the gym. Plus. Ph. it builds power.C. the new baby. elbows in. If you can’t work your palm faces down at impact. find some other way to burn off extra Stance: Set your feet shoulder-width calories—and stress. Here’s the best stressbusting exercise we know: boxing. at least not in the traditional sense. Here’s how to pull off the ultimate retirement plan. Do the five things in the box below.000 calories. C. out. you don’t have time to think about your problems. a sports psychologist in Mount Pleasant. Try this: Pull on the gloves and hit a heavy bag for 3 minutes.” says Seabourne. movie. and Blood Institute.com and diabetes—major risk factors for heart disease—than those who are very fit. TOTAL: 1. The promotion at work.Special POWER REPORT “Grampa! Show Us Your Abs!” YOU HAVE AN INVESTMENT PLAN FOR YOUR MONEY—HERE’S ONE FOR YOUR BODY e all have to get older.D.S. you could Chop wood for 15 minutes 123 calories scarf bacon Move furniture for 20 minutes 164 calories cheeseburgers Ride a bike at 13 mph for 25 minutes 273 calories with impunity. if you’re a typical 180-pound guy. TX. Float like fit have twice the risk of high blood pressure a butterfly. “Hitting a heavy bag has a cathartic effect. On all punches. ward. But getting older doesn’t necessarily mean getting old.. rest a minute.

and an 8-ounce steak.” says Dave Pearson. 11 college-age men took either a placebo or 1.S. See page 5 for a quick.” says Wayne menshealth. On top of its flab. according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. who researches antioxidants at Tufts University. Push your hips toward the floor. and a cup of yogurt. with hands. Jab: Shoot your left arm straight out and back. your ability to recuperate after a weightlifting session decreases. This fires up your metabolism and better conditions your cardiovascular system. Smooth your moves. So to give your body more time to repair itself. you’re not getting the most out of your workouts. Use weight machines instead of free weights. arch your back. Bend over backward. with no time for banter.. Ph.com 31 . Take your time.uh. maybe you really do find them hilarious. says Blumberg. Your wife’s doctor will tell her to get enough calcium to head off osteoporosis. To get 100 g. As you age. and hold for 15 to 20 seconds. That’s two 8-ounce glasses of milk.. with free weights your forearms and gripping muscles will give out before the biceps you’re working do. Take the anti-soreness vitamin. But when you wake up in the morning. it would be halftime now. with only a slight hesitation at the end of the contraction.” says Bruce Craig.” says Bruce McMillan. Instead buy tea bags and brew 2 cups a day with hot water.D. Lifting weights s-l-o-w-l-y puts your muscles under stress. Don’t buy the prebottled green tea—it doesn’t provide the same benefits. and all your friends make “over the hill” jokes that you pretend to find hilarious. only better. old athletic injuries. and you’re up to 150. Weight-training machines force you to focus more on form and less on how much weight you’re using—a good thing— while protecting you from injury.200 international units of vitamin E and went on a weight-lifting regimen for 3 weeks. Try one of these workouts (exercise descriptions can be found at www. In the study.. the physiologist who conducted the research. “For example. THE 40S GUY They throw you that great surprise party on 30 10 POWER REPORTS your 40th birthday. Ph. If you jerk like a Monday Bench press Incline dumbbell press Pullup or lat pulldown Bent-over row Swiss-ball crunch Wednesday Squat Stiff-legged deadlift Calf raise Twisting crunch Friday Dumbbell shoulder press Upright row Triceps extension Incline dumbbell curl Incline reverse crunch spawning salmon on every lift.and cobwebfighters. Coffee is our friend— particularly on mornings when beer was our friend the night before. Try incorporating these five strategies during your next workout. Do slow repetitions. The few remaining pro athletes your age are shadows of their former selves.. a bowl of cereal. If you’re lifting weights—and trying to watch your weight—you might be shorting yourself on protein. Hit each body part only once a week. Besides the nice buzz.S. 4 down—are slow enough to spur an increase in strength. do three workouts a week instead of four. Try this: Get into a modified pushup position. which can boost the strength and size of the muscles. Eat another 8-ounce steak. stinking bastar. Your goal is to get at least 1. according to a Swiss study. you’ll reduce compressive stress on your spinal disks by up to 40 percent. research suggests that 8-second repetitions—4 up. If your back pain extends down through your legs. according to research from Ball State University. don’t stretch—see a doctor. Try moving the weight smoothly.C.D. and make sure to take a day of rest between workouts. But green tea does the same thing. Get plenty of calcium. And if you have enough to drink. “Back pain can be caused by weight problems. Ph. says Jeffrey Blumberg. Here’s why they should: Researchers at the University of Tennessee have found that calcium appears to decrease fat storage and increase the use of fat for energy. you can’t help but acknowledge that the sell-by date on your youth has officially expired. The average 180-pound iron worker needs a lot of protein—between 110 and 140 g a day to build and repair muscle. Take it slow. director of Ball State University's Strength Research Laboratory. not at it. Antioxidants like vitamin E reduce muscle soreness caused by lifting weights. poor flexibility. C. and feet resting on the floor. Take some time off. however. Move quickly from one exercise to the next. knees. green tea contains flavonoids —as much in 2 cups as in one serving of vegetables. A study found that people who consumed a protein-shake diet lost more weight and body fat than those who ate the same amount of calories in food with 60 percent less protein. Feed your muscles. “But the intensity of your workouts can be the same. caffeine also helps mobilize fat cells to be used for energy. 4 ounces of chicken breast (about the size of your palm). Cross: Pivot on your right foot as you strike with your right hand and pull it back. two glasses of milk. Four out of five Americans experience back pain at some point in their lives.. “The vitamin E users showed statistically lower levels of free radicals after working out. Rest a minute between sets. but no one will extend that courtesy to you. Hook: Pivot on your left foot as you bring your left arm around to strike the side of the lousy.000 milligrams of calcium a day. a physical therapist in Ronan.menshealth. and your kids’ friends call you “Mister. Stop chatting. This will put more stress on the muscles you’re working and decrease your chances of injury. But research has shown that if you bend backward. the bag. you could have two large eggs.” But look on the bright side: If your life were a football game.D.. and poor musculature. Tea it up. which translated to less soreness after lifting.T H E B E S T S H A P E O F YO U R L I F E Punches: Hint: Aim as though you’re trying to punch through the bag. we recommend adding a daily protein shake.com)—do three or four sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of each exercise. delicious recipe. Since you’d be insane to eat like that. MT. Here’s how to kick some butt in the next two quarters.

by working your chest at different angles—with virtually no rest between sets. do a set of incline presses with a weight that will fatigue you after 8 to 10 repetitions [A]. then switch arms.T H E B E S T S H A P E O F YO U R L I F E A Better Body in Minutes BIG BICEPS IN NO TIME FLAT ig biceps are built by doing multiple sets of curls with one arm at a time. says Michael Mejia. Do as many repetitions as possible— usually three to five more than on the incline [B]. drop the angle of the bench. Rotate your palm up before you raise the dumbbell again. an Australian strength coach who works with Olympic and professional athletes. The reason? Your biceps will fatigue faster. Keep your wrist straight and your upper arm by your side. so the bench is tucked into your armpit. C.com 33 . then do as many decline presses as you can [C]. and do a flat press with the same weight. Try doing these three exercises with the same arm. you’ll stimulate more muscle fibers in your chest in about half the time. 32 10 POWER REPORTS menshealth.C..S. too. make sure your entire upper arm is on the bench.S. Rest for 2 minutes. LOW-PULLEY BICEPS CURL Hold the low pulley so it’s in line with your arm and shoulder. Curl up and down. You can. To start. A BIGGER CHEST IN HALF THE TIME eometry students and pool hustlers aren’t the only ones who benefit from understanding sharp angles. C. and repeat. At the top of the move. and push your elbow into your inner thigh. Rest for 10 seconds. B G ANGLED DROP SETS A B CONCENTRATION DUMBBELL CURL Sit on a bench. with only 10 seconds of rest between sets. Rest for 10 seconds. Do 10 to 12 repetitions of each. The benefit of doing these “angled drop sets” is that by working from the hardest to the easiest press positions. a trainer in New York City..S. C A B SINGLE-ARM ZOTTMAN CURL ON PREACHER BENCH Curl the dumbbell with your palm facing up [A]. keeping your elbow still and shoulders back. so they’ll grow more. rotate your palm so it’s almost facing down. then lower the dumbbell [B]. To avoid injury.S.C. says Ian King.

keeping your back homa State University found that 40 perstraight and upright throughout the exercent of older men failed to take in the cise. Researchers at the Oklaoriginal position. Now push back up to the Eat breakfast. and no one in your family has says Seabourne. solid career. Do 10 to 15 repetitions. add weights—you can either hold The reason? They weren’t eating breakfast. ing—is good medicine for osteoarthritis. not more. Warm up by doing eight repetitions with says Miriam Nelson. Exercise—particularly resistance trainthe most you can curl—100 pounds. say. Take time to recover. and bone mass. Cheerios. Take a break for 5 months. Here are five that California found that a zinc-magnesium measure up: Wheat Chex. you can set a personal record in It’s been a good five decades. try doing less work. Keep going for 4 to 6 weeks. body absorb folic acid and is high in fiber Become an alpha male. Best of all. and All-Bran. Whole supplement called ZMA increases testosGrain Total. you might wake up with a whole new attitude. Work up to three that’s rich in B12. in Your right knee should almost touch the your immediate vicinity. Another way to raise testosterone is to feel like a winner. floor behind you.D. scientist at Tufts University. Try this: Pick a weight you think is 50s.Westcott. a with your right foot forward. then repeat recommended daily amount of folic acid. terone levels. muscle mass. Set a record.) It works while you sleep. and then one with 100. a vitamin that helps the sets once or twice a week. Here’s something you can set a record in you actually have time to exercise again. and 11 milligrams of B6—before bed.arms against a wall. Unless you were an elite-level athlete in your THE 50S GUY youth.. You have a almost any physical endeavor you choose. then start in again. senior fitness and research director of the South Shore YMCA near Boston. so whatever you lift Grease your hinges. twice a year. This is a barbell biceps you start now.f.. dumbbells at your hips or hold a barbell Try spending the morning with a cereal across your shoulders. You can shatter your own records and your left thigh is parallel to the floor. easy. too. you can turn back the clock curl performed while you lean your back and by increasing your metabolism. growth hormone. Ph. ever appeared on Jerry Springer.D. they can curl once. And feel like the baddest m. If today: the strict curl. add The split squat helps strengthen all 5 pounds to each of your sets and do it your lower-body muscles and improve again. brands at any health-food store. Wheaties. testosterone. And if you reach a plateau. The beauty of it is that almost nobody knows how much weight ibility. A week later. Make sure your muscles have 48 hours between strenuous workouts. so if you take the recommended dosage—30 milligrams of zinc. flex. 450 milligrams of magnesium. The average guy begins to have trouble with his knees in his today will be a personal record. Lower your body until your left knee is bent 90 degrees week. or until flexibility. four with 75. Stand with your left foot about you stop breaking your own record each 3 feet in front of your right. two with 90. When that’s vitamin that helps prevent heart disease. (You can find it in several 10 POWER REPORTS Special POWER REPORT Leanness THE LAWS OF 34 . Researchers in and low in sugar. Ph. an exercise 50 pounds.

and require no special preparation or refrigeration. try for about 30 to 50 percent carbohydrate in your diet. you’ll have more amino acids available to your muscles during exercise. Americans consume twice as much sugar a day as they should. although that’s less important. whichever is less. Making radical changes to your diet—starving yourself to lose weight or stuffing yourself to gain—is futile. instant rice. that means taking in 120 to 164 grams of protein each day. Say you choose 150 grams as your daily goal. AND EAT AFTER YOU LIFT. Lunch could be tuna on whole wheat. But the carbohydrates in fruits. If you’re trying to gain. Fat and fiber slow digestion. you’ll slow your metabolism to a crawl. Grilled-chicken salad would be a good dinner. count the slices or weigh the turkey breast you put on your sandwich. but the most reliable research shows that you need 0. REMEMBER: MEAT IS MUSCLE. you want to wolf down some muscle chow containing both carbohydrates and protein. In either case. add up the bananas and dried apricots and Kit Kat bars. We’ve hit you with a lot of math here—500 calories of this. Repeat your measurements every 4 weeks. The reason is simple: Animal protein builds muscle better than soy or vegetable protein does.6 to 0. Your goal: Maintain or reduce the size of your waist while increasing the size of everything else. BE A NUTRITIONAL BOY SCOUT. Or try the shake described in tip 6. How much is enough: If your main goal is to be lean. it works after exercise. repair. Without this type of fuel. pork. Here’s a more sensible strategy. TAKE NOTES. so limit them before a workout.T H E L AW S O F L E A N N E S S The 10 Laws of Leanness THESE ARE THE COMMANDMENTS THAT REALLY MATTER f you want to control your waistline and eat your way to better health. YOU MUST EAT FAT. according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. you may need some food right before sleep to keep your body from breaking down muscle tissue as you snooze. In fact. and fish. calves. here are 10 things you need to do—starting today. chest. Planning this snack will help you resist the temptation to inhale chocolate fudge cake at midnight. If you know you’re going to be away from decent food. How much protein you need is always debated. You’re going to get hungry every 2 to 3 hours. And the faster you digest the carbohydrates you eat. And research has shown that men eating a diet with high fat have higher testosterone than those eating less fat. Write it all down. If you’re trying to lose weight. and put it someplace where you’ll have to look at it every day. try this: Measure everything you eat. To gain weight: Increase your daily intake—and we mean every day—by 15 percent or 500 calories. 6 7 8 take some healthy snacks with you. You increase muscle mass in two ways: by building up muscles and by preventing them from breaking down. arms. PRETEND YOU’RE A TAILOR. Don’t make this snack too high in protein. pull out a measuring cup and see how much cereal you actually eat. Breakfast might be two eggs. 0. 9 10 36 10 POWER REPORTS menshealth. Fat still occupies that tiny prison cell at the tip of the Food Guide Pyramid. but its health benefits are hugely underrated. We all know what we eat. waist. limit this snack to about 500 calories. If you’re trying to build muscle while losing weight. too. If you need to pack something more meal-like. yogurt. whichever is less. A half cup of ice cream with some nuts and fruit is a nice way to end the day. EAT BEFORE BED. you’ll live longer and have more sex. Measure everything—your neck. Not only will you enjoy your food more. and oatmeal. All of which is meaningless unless you know how much you actually consume. that can kick your brain into overdrive. Split it up so you eat 25 grams in each of six small meals.82 grams of that. Consumption of highfructose corn syrup and other sugary sweeteners has possibly done more to expand America’s waistlines than anything else. Nuts and dried fruit are clean and compact. easily digestible carbohydrates. try a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich on whole grain bread. So be prepared. After a workout. poultry. and help you build and repair muscle after workouts. your muscles are more sensitive to insulin. YOU NEED CARBOHYDRATES (BUT NOT THE FUN KIND). Insulin is the rapid-transit system for the protein and carbohydrates your muscles need for growth. and calculate the total. Now write it all down. though. your bedtime snack will help you maximize muscle growth. the faster your body can put them to use. give you energy. Here’s why: After exercise. such as white bread. This is the one time of day when you benefit from eating fast-acting. The perfect preworkout meal: Make a small shake with juice or fruit. according to a Penn State University study. TO CHANGE YOUR WEIGHT. guaranteed. FOLLOW THE 15/500 RULE. but most of us have no idea how much. If you eat some protein an hour or two before your workout. and whole grains are crucial to your health.com 37 . milk. If you weigh 200 pounds. For 1 day. 4 5 EAT BEFORE YOU LIFT. too. If you’re trying to gain weight. if you make it through one a day. milk. your muscles could break down the amino acids in your muscles for energy. The best muscle-building diet includes beef. the excess calories will include a lot of fat. and fuel. the pectin will keep you too full to crave anything really awful. A diet with 21 percent of its calories from monounsaturated fat reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease by 25 percent.82 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day to build muscle during a strength-training program. creating intense dreams and waking you up. So chomp on I 1 2 3 those macadamia nuts and drench your salad with olive oil. Drop apples in hand’s reach everywhere you go. and/or a scoop of protein powder. thighs. That’s right. and baked potatoes. vegetables. The best postexercise meal: Try a shake made with a meal-replacement powder containing protein and a fast-moving carbohydrate like maltodextrin. You also need pre-exercise carbohydrates to ensure you’ll have enough energy during your workout. This prevents the muscle tissue from breaking down as much as it otherwise would. To lose weight: Cut your daily food intake by a maximum of 15 percent or 500 calories. Record your weight.

To fix that problem. fat.1 175 1 sandwich 2. and you'll lose a pound a week. Multiply line 2 by 20% if you currently get no exercise. EAT WET.0 1..0 means the food is “dry” (eat sparingly.1 264 HOW MUCH FOOD YOU NEED 1.7 1. director of the nutrition sciences program at the University of Washington. It means eating the right real food. “wet food”—food with a high water content—will do it with fewer calories. author of Volumetrics. a scale is a lousy way to measure your progress if it’s the only tool you use. the less room there is for calories..6 1. Subtract your neck size from your waist size. Subtract 500 (so you can lose 1 pound a week). So while equal amounts of any food will fill you up. and vital organs—as humans have invented to become fat. beef Quantity 3 oz 1⁄ 4 ED 5. Eat enough to save 500 calories a day. science has invented almost as many ways to measure body composition—the amount of fat on your body in relation to muscle. 40% for moderate exercise every day.9 2. The more water in a food..4 3.. 30% for light exercise (2 hours a day on your feet). As you’ve noticed by now. an ED of 2. 2.500 = ________ Dinner Cheese ravioli Hamburger Hot dogs Quantity 2 1⁄2 c 1 medium-size 2 dogs ED 3.2 2. it possesses the power to help you lose weight as you eat—water! According to Barbara Rolls. Multiply line 1 by 11: ________ x 11 = ______ 3.4 58 265 128 Snacks Potato chips Raisins Salami. Physical activity. And when you’ve dropped so much weight that you’re finally satisfied. bone.7 3. watercress. 3. GIVE YOUR FOOD THE “WET TEST” here's a secret ingredient in food. because there’s nothing here you can’t keep doing for the rest of your life. Quantity Ham Low-fat yogurt w/strawberries 1 oz 6 oz Calories saved Breakfast Bacon Bagel w/strawberry jam Quantity 5 slices 1 bagel ED 5. Repeat this calculation every 4 weeks. Ph. If it’s going in the opposite direction. Ph.9 1 wrap 2.) T T THE BEST WAY TO MEASURE YOUR FAT-BURNING SUCCESS Muscle vs.. Your weight in pounds: _______ 2.0 340 81 115 c c 3 slices 12 38 10 POWER REPORTS menshealth.. you take in roughly the same amount day in and day out.7 3.com 39 . The result is your ideal daily calorie intake: _______ .5 is good (eat as much as you want). no matter what you eat. This is because it can’t distinguish between fat and muscle.0 2.. Here’s the simplest method to determine weight loss progress: 1. and water chestnuts.6 Potato salad Grapes Shrimp Quantity 3 oz 1⁄ 2 ED 1.T H E L AW S O F L E A N N E S S Drop Pounds Fast. Add line 2 and line 3: ________ + ________ = ____ 5.. the same food that Adam Drewnowski.5 Vanilla ice cream Chocolate pudding Frozen fudge bar Quantity 6 oz (3⁄4 c) 4 oz 1 bar ED 2. An ED of 0 to 2.8 1. In the right amounts.2 3. Your daily calorie needs. If the number is going down—if your waist is getting smaller relative to your neck— you’re losing fat. INSTEAD OF EATING DRY. and the lower the energy density (ED) This doesn't mean you should go on a diet of watermelon. you need to beef up your workouts and slow down your fork. You can also use the method of dividing calories by weight in grams to determine ED.D. or 50% for intense exercise 3 or 4 days a week: _________ x ________% = _______ 4.and Keep Them Off THE TRICK TO WEIGHT LOSS IS KEEPING IT OFF. Measure your waist.D. HERE’S HOW TO MASTER THAT TRICK he following program will help make you a big loser in the only place where you want to be one: your waistline.8 ED 1.0 334 78 111 Desserts Cheesecake Chocolate cake Chocolate-fudge cookies Quantity 1 slice 4 oz 3 ED 3. picked for the substitutions below.3 0. you’ll be able to keep it off.0 131 189 Lunch Beef bologna w/light mayo on whole wheat bread Double cheeseburger Quantity 3 oz bologna ED 3.1 Tuna fish (packed in water) w/light mayo on whole wheat bread Steak wrap w/vegetables Quantity 3 oz tuna ED 1.1 1.2 Lasagna w/meat Meat loaf Pork chop Quantity 1 serving (3 1⁄2"x 4") 3 oz 3 oz ED 1. Basic calorie needs.6 to 6.0 2. Measure your neck.

gov/fnic/foodcomp YOUR FAT BUDGET 1. circuits are hot.T H E L AW S O F L E A N N E S S THE EASIEST WAY TO LOSE A POUND A WEEK Let’s say you’re a 200-pound guy who walks for a half-hour a day at a moderate pace. you aren’t a blue jay. you can find most of your information here. One more benefit: “Because of the intensity and then the volume of repetitions. Try three squares one day. ■ They soak up surrounding water like a sponge. Bran Flakes (about 6 grams). Make a list of all the foods you eat in a day. Fiber plays an important role in weight management. If you’re trying to lose weight. A quarter-cup of either contains between 2 and 3 grams of fiber. Another easy fix is to keep frozen or canned vegetables around the house and add them as side dishes to whatever you’re having for dinner. so why bother? Because for weight loss. What matters is how much you eat. Go to: www.” says Vern Gambetta. and simply eat fewer calories in your other meals that day. To most men. Train in stages. then figure out the number of calories they contain using these resources: ■ Food labels. If you cut 500 calories daily. The truth is that nobody is on full calorie alert every day of his life. for example). ■ Restaurant Web sites. six little bites 40 10 POWER REPORTS the next. and you’ve increased your fiber intake from 3 grams to 7. canned and frozen foods are fairly comparable. Divide by 9 (the number of calories in a fat gram). Most of us find a menshealth. but that’s a myth. This is your daily fat budget. But hell. so if you know you’re going to crave a candy bar at 4 p. circuit training—moving quickly from one exercise to the next with very little rest in between—is the misbegotten offspring of weight lifting and aerobic exercise.usda. calculate it into your daily fat budget. 1⁄2 cup of red kidney beans has 8 grams. It’s not as good as either of those forms of exercise for building muscle or strengthening your heart. you’ll improve muscular definition. Whatever makes you feel fuller is the one to follow. There are really no forbidden foods. you’re usually told to eat five or six small meals a day instead of three big ones. Can’t go a week without pizza? Plan on it. you don’t want a dietary indiscretion to end in a love handle. and one thing is 99. It’s possible to lose weight no matter how often you eat or when you eat. which you can easily do with a few simple tweaks to your meal choices. a conditioning coach in Sarasota. The bottom line is that fresh. and trade the pretzels for an apple. Sauté frozen or canned varieties in a teaspoon of olive oil (don’t forget to count the 4. Here are three reasons to eat fiber-rich foods: ■ They generally take longer to chew. an orange (3 grams). Many of us believe only fresh vegetables are good for us. A few other ways to eat more fiber: ■ Have soup for lunch. frozen broccoli has 2.7 grams per half-cup) for breakfast.580 calories a day— a decent amount of food for a regular guy—and lose a pound a week.3 grams of fiber in a half-cup serving. ■ Eat Raisin Bran (8 grams per cup). Almost any food you can think of will be listed here. and do all this faster than with traditional weight lifting or cardiovascular exercise alone. If you eat at home most of the time. In essence. or a kiwi (21⁄2 grams). Practice safe snacking.nal. ■ Finish lunch or dinner with a pear (4 grams of fiber). A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reported that people had the most trouble sticking with a diet plan when they were told to increase or decrease meal frequency. Calculating every calorie you take in isn’t easy. in grams: _______ ÷ 9 = _________ EATING SMARTER Eat when you want. or All-Bran (an intestine-scrubbing 9. which means more time will pass before you feel hungry. Multiply line 1 by your desired percentage of fat calories (. meaning you’ll eat more slowly and probably eat less. The secret: Plan your indulgences.S. Just see what works best for you. Fiber is your friend.m. ■ They take longer to digest. you’re going to get cut.99 percent certain: He eats something that’s “bad” for him. You’ll incinerate calories. but it is useful.5 grams of fat in your daily budget). each workday. Change that to a turkey sandwich on whole grain or rye bread. You do the preceding calculations and realize you can eat 3. Still. 38): _______ 2.com. gain strength.com 41 . add some muscle. making you feel fuller. For example. and nobody should be. Everybody slips up. Pick the leanest guy you know.” on pg. Your ideal daily calorie intake (from line 5 in the box “How Much Food You Need. . Let’s say your normal lunch fare is a turkey sandwich on a roll and a few pretzels on the side. You’ve already calculated how many calories and how much fat you should eat in a day. ■ Snack on peanuts or sunflower seeds.3 for 30 percent): _______ x ______ = _______ 3.2 for 20 percent. and they’ll even taste good.080 calories a day and not get any fatter. EXERCISING BETTER Integrate circuits.mcdonalds. ■ The U. you can still eat 2. Many chains have nutrition information on the Internet (www. Try taking in 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day. and the latter two are certainly much more convenient and are easier to store than fresh vegetables. who often trains Olympic and pro athletes using circuits 3 days a week and interval runs 3 days a week. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Web site. FL. A bowl of lentil or split-pea soup contains 5 to 6 grams of fiber.

At first.workout that works for a month and stick with it for the next 17 years. and how much rest they take between sets. They change everything they can to make sure that their muscles never grow so accustomed to exercise that they stop responding to it. until your body does what you want it to. ■ ADD CARBOHYDRATES. after all. or low-fat yogurt. how many sets and repetitions they perform. peanuts. 99Health Secrets YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT 42 10 POWER REPORTS . according to a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology. But they should be foods with a low glycemic index. say). But eventually they’ll get used to the routine and start using less and less muscle mass to do the same thing. trying to change the way your body looks and performs—it follows that you should frequently change the way you exercise. to be exact. ■ ADD SNACKS. LOSE MORE ere’s the typical weight-loss formula: Eat less. the amount of weight they lift. Try low-fat chocolate milk. they change the exercises they do. and you always use 135 pounds. and you always do three sets of 10 repetitions. those levels will drop—and you’ll be more likely to binge. Penn State University researchers have found that men who ate mashed potatoes prepared with oil high in monounsaturated fat (like olive oil) felt fuller longer than when they ate potatoes made with oils rich in polyunsaturates (like vegetable oil). It works for a while—2. it’s eating the foods that’ll keep you full. So let’s say you bench-press every time you train. your muscles will respond the way you want them to—by getting bigger and stronger. Special POWER REPORT EAT MORE. That’s why serious athletes constantly change their workouts over the course of a year. it may help keep you from overdoing it at the taco bar later. But in a couple of hours. To become faster and stronger. then another (burning fat). If you look at weight loss as an athletic event—you are. But a muscle that’s asked to do the same thing over and over again will eventually use fewer fibers to do the job. your body will release serotonin. focusing on one goal for a while (building muscle. Try light popcorn to keep your serotonin levels even. If you eat a lunch that’s rich in carbohydrates. The key to weight loss isn’t depriving yourself all the time. Start here: H ■ ADD FAT. Just make sure it’s the monounsaturated type. a feel-good chemical. Use olive oil as salad dressing.4 days. or have a peanut-butter sandwich at lunch. meaning they won’t cause your insulin levels to spike and your hunger to follow.

The key to dyeing your hair safely? “Stay away from products that lighten more than three shades. If you can check off all eight of these qualities. Worse. So it tends to wilt once you get going. Your hearing. and your feet will be less likely to roll to the inside or outside. strawberries. says William J. and most important. says Laurence Levine. Too much work. experts say. Your waistline. Your hair. Shorten your rests between sets in the weight room to 60 seconds. and you’ll just continue to tear down muscle fibers. But this can lead to a shiny bald head. Balkany. and they’ll give you this important checklist.D. director of the human performance laboratory at Ball State University. Dr. you may need 2. That means you’ll be properly centered when your feet hit the ground. healthy cuff is highly resistant to tears and degeneration. Here are the best ways to get the most out of.D. it can act like a pulled thread in a sweater. never dye and perm your hair on the same day. Your chronically sore back may be responsible for your poor hearing.. the small band of muscles in your shoulder that allows you to rotate your shoulder to throw. (That’s what your boss calls “synergy. siphons lard from your fat cells. a sports-medicine specialist in New York. So you get a big chest and a slim waist from the same workout. then you’re more than a good guy—you’re a physical A specimen possessing rare genetic gifts. Lifting faster stimulates the production of growth hormone. A morning erection. a clinical associate professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Ph. in addition to building muscle. Your arteries. Researchers looked at 80 men with a history of premature ejaculation and found that when the participants took 90 mg of 44 10 POWER REPORTS I Prozac weekly. not more. Instead of taking 1 day off between gym sessions. While a young. Kraemer. Keep your elbow bent. Eat blueberries.000 men die of heart disease every year—nearly one and a half times the tally killed by cancer. You have extremely high cholesterol. Now bend your knees 30 degrees. An animal study at Tufts University in Boston found that a diet rich in these foods improved short-term memory. Your lungs. their problems were either cured or improved.D. is easily injured.D. which. Here’s a good exercise to do just that: Lie facedown on a bed. If you tend to shoot first and ask questions later—like “Why does this always happen to me?”—a 2003 study at the University of Barcelona may have the answer. your surging libido. and imagine a line from the center of each kneecap straight down to the floor. Your shoulder. It’s even better at lowering cholesterol and keeping your arteries free of fatty plaque than the roughage you get from breakfast cereal. The gentle inhaling and exhaling required to make music works the chest muscles and may help keep air passageways clear of debris.. especially for those with existing problems. Make sure your shoes and orthotics have enough stability. Put your left arm out at shoulder level with your elbow bent to 90 degrees and your lower arm dangling over the side of the bed. Our advice: Strengthen your rotator cuff so you can play catch with your grandkids. “But if you have an HDL (high-density lipoprotein—the good stuff) count of 90 mg/dl or more. There’s evidence that taking too many antiinflammatory drugs can cause hearing loss.com 45 .. more guys are dyeing and highlighting their hair. and spinach. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? sk a man if he’s healthy. you have very little worry of developing heart menshealth. Take up the harmonica. and slowly raise your left hand to shoulder level..9 9 H E A LT H S E C R E T S YO U C A N ’ T L I V E W I T H O U T Make It All Last ALL GOOD STUFF MUST COME TO AN END? NOT IF WE HAVE A SAY f you want to make something last. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago.) If your shoes offer the proper motion control. the line should land between your big toe and second toe on each foot. and other foods containing the fiber pectin. your memory— so you can remember these tips. and he’ll say. make a plumb line by tying a bolt to a piece of string and dangling it. We may have you stuffed for posterity. Load up on grapefruit. From rap groups to aging businessmen. Take acetaminophen instead. says Lewis Maharam. The rotator cuff. leading to damage in the rest of the cuff..” says Thomas J. But. you’ve got to act now. M. and always leave at least 10 days between these procedures. (If you have trouble eyeing it. Taking adequate time for recovery is more important as you reach 40 and beyond. “Sure. Most important. you’ll need new shoes or orthotics. Ask your doctor about it. age and disuse turn it brittle. 8 Signs You’re a Healthy Guy ONLY 1 MAN IN 100 CAN PASS THIS TEST. chairman of the department of otolaryngology at the University of Miami Ear Institute. That will help your muscles repair themselves and stay strong. Men naturally lose muscle as they age. Then switch arms. causing injury.D. Your muscle.” This weakens hair shafts. There’s a reason you don’t see many fastball pitchers or star quarterbacks over the age of 40. oranges. We talked to dozens of experts and found the simplest ways to prolong the life of some irreplaceable items. M. M. About 432... Repeat until your arm is tired. carrots. engage in foreplay for at least 10 minutes before pressing it into action. To give your pal a fighting chance. apples. the key to hanging on to what you have is doing less. but eat something with it so it won’t bother your stomach. says Zoe Draelos. But ask a dozen physicians to define exactly what it means to be in “excellent health” (like we did). like your lungs. M. Your sex life. Draelos says. Stand in them with your toes pointing forward. such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Your back.” And he’ll say it even if there’s blood coming out of both ears. surprisingly. If you don’t pass the test. Therapists use it for people with lung disease and breathing problems. Lower the hand slowly. “Some of the drugs that can cause hearing loss or tinnitus are the most common headache medications. Because its purpose is to nourish your penis with oxygen-rich blood. director of male sexual function and fertility services at Rush-Presbyterian-St. a morning erection isn’t there to help you have sex. if you tear just one muscle fiber there.”) Your memory.

a cardiologist at the Harvard medical school.... M. Louis. That’s the quota you nailed at age 20. BURN 300 EXTRA CALORIES A DAY Add: 2 or 3 years An impressive number of animal studies show that decreasing calorie intake by one-third can lower cholesterol levels and increase life spans by a third or more. your quadriceps and hamstrings should have a 3:2 strength ratio. “Exercising at moderate intensities for long periods will lower your resting heart rate over time. KEEP YOUR CHOLESTEROL BELOW 200 Add: 4 years Whatever it takes—diet. a pathologist and medical director at North Austin Medical Center in Texas. Graboys.D. we’ve rounded up research on dozens of ways to live longer.5 nanograms per milliliter. According to Swedish researchers. exercise. you need to keep your resting heart rate below 60 beats per minute.C. You can ejaculate a teaspoon of semen (5 milliliters) or up to a tablespoon on a particularly good day.EVEN YEARS iologists estimate that the human body has the potential to last 120 years. Your heart will beat a fixed number of times before it shuts down. a prostate-cancer specialist and professor of urology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. A normal HDL score is about 40 mg/dl.com 47 . you should be able to do exactly 10 leg presses with 100 pounds. menshealth. Maintaining a vigorous walking pace for a longer period of time is actually a better measure of your fitness. 500 milligrams of vitamin C. says Dr. and how you live determines 75 percent of how far you go. or a job— the mistakes that lead most men to be friendless by their 40s. To help you bank an extra decade or two. you should have a 1:1 strength ratio for your biceps and triceps. YOU CAN CHEAT DEATH BY DAYS. change your workout. Instead. You can walk 2 miles in 28 minutes.586 Israeli men for 21 years found that those with the highest HDL cholesterol levels were least likely to die of strokes.” says Dr.5 years Research from the UCLA school of public health indicates that men with high vitamin C intakes live longer than men with low intakes. I’ve learned that if you 46 10 POWER REPORTS can answer ‘yes’ to both of these questions. then go all out for 1 minute. You can answer “yes” to two career questions: 1. You have an athlete’s heart. Ph. a Los Angeles psychologist who studies the impact of male friendship. but also a low risk of the PSA progressing above 4 ng/ml (the danger level) within the next 4 years. Catalona. TAKE IN 300 MILLIGRAMS OF VITAMIN C EVERY DAY Add: 5. Do you look forward to going to work? 2. To increase your HDL cholesterol levels.5 years longer than a man whose daily intake is less than 50 mg. it means you have far healthier social ties—and a better chance at living longer—than two-thirds of all men. Vitamin C may not get all the credit—high intake is often a sign of B healthy habits—but getting enough C from fruits. the greater the chance that you’ll be alive and well at the turn of the twenty-second century. says Dr. or anyone who you know only as “the guy who’s always at the end of the bar. Catalona. You have two close male friends. or row slowly for 3 minutes.” If you pass this test and you’re over 35.D. multiply the beats in 15 seconds by four. And if your level is in the 300-plus range. of the American College of Exercise. Anybody can run a mile in 10 or 12 minutes. R. Add Years to Your Life NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE. Bringing down moderately high cholesterol (up to 239) will buy you an extra 6 months. If you can do 10 leg curls with 65 pounds. hitchhikers.. To maintain an effective workout pace. Passing this test means you don’t base all your friendships on the foam pillars of convenience. run. the more out of shape you are. Do you look forward to going home in the afternoon? “After being in practice for 30 years. says William Catalona. and supplements is definitely a smart move. dropping down to 200 can extend your life by more than 4 years. you’re in excellent shape. according to research.” Research bears this out: A study that followed 8. A 35-year-old man who takes in 300 milligrams (mg) or more of C a day has a life expectancy 5. Most men overdo pushing exercises like bench presses and squats... Those two people can’t be current coworkers.S. so you should never develop significant blockages. 200 micrograms of selenium. That number indicates not only a very low risk of prostate cancer. vegetables. Randy Eckert. the more hours you’ll spend wheezing afterward. you should still be able to hit it at age 50. so it’s rare to find a man with balanced muscular strength. Graboys.D. As for your legs. If your prostate is healthy.9 9 H E A LT H S E C R E T S YO U C A N ’ T L I V E W I T H O U T disease or arteriosclerosis.. Eating key nutrients can help lower your PSA count. and 200 international units of vitamin E. according to Dr. drugs—drop your total cholesterol below two bills. If you can cover that ground in under 28 minutes. you should be able to do triceps pushdowns with 50 pounds for 10 reps—no fewer or more. So you don’t blow your quota by age 50.” says E. You have a PSA score less than 2. says Dru Sherrod. The more of these steps you take. neighbors. you work to maintain friendships based on common interests and compatibility.. If this quick test shows that you have uneven strength.” explains the appropriately named Dale Huff.S. For example.D. your goal is to at least double that. C. “You have an ample supply of HDL to keep your arteries clean. MONTHS.D. The weekly prescription: at least four 40-minute aerobic workouts. Though researchers aren’t sure whether two-thirds the food translates into 20 or 30 more years in humans. you have a very low risk of dying of a heart attack or any other heart-related problem. M. You have balanced strength. Find your resting rate by taking your pulse in the morning while you’re still in bed. geography. use a heart-rate monitor or keep varying your intensity. He spikes his daily diet with the following four nutrients: 10 milligrams of lycopene. along with how many years each fix might carry. That means if you can curl a 50-pound barbell 10 times. M. and drop at least 5 pounds from your gut. says Thomas Graboys. To have good muscle harmony. bike. you need to exercise at a moderate intensity for about 20 minutes at least four times a week. there’s an easy way to buy yourself at least a few more healthy. a fit 40-year-old man should be able to walk 2 miles in under 30 minutes.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Gastoenterology.000 eccentrics (subjects include a man who rappels from buildings while dressed as a pink elephant. curing your ulcer adds 2. their lives were 1. GO TO CHURCH TWICE A WEEK Add: 7 to 14 years A study reported in Demography found that whites who attended religious services more than once a week lived an average of 7 years longer than whites who didn’t attend services at all.700 or increase his exercise by 300 calories a day. Of course. and a fellow who built a lectern on his rooftop so he could sermonize to his sheep) found they live 5 to 10 years longer than more-normal people. among blacks.000 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C and 800 mg of vitamin E before you eat a high-fat meal—like a cheese omelette. EAT MEAT NO MORE THAN THREE TIMES A WEEK Add: up to 9 years Replacing some of the meat in your diet with soy.D. Plotnick. there are some exceptions. “The lower dosages of the vitamins found in food may still have a protective effect. a study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine suggests that taking 1. M. the less heart disease you’ll suffer. says Elizabeth Somer. that’s 2 to 3 years. Mr.6 years less than average.. and a colonoscopy every 10.D.” says Somer. having it checked could be a life-extending strategy.D. pylori bacteria that cause many ulcers) and acid-blockers can handle the problem. cancer. professional men live up to 2. Hummer. says Robert A. HAVE YOUR COLON CHECKED Add: 2 to 3 years The male tendency to avoid doctors may be one reason women live longer.3 years If you have stomach pain. melon) and E (nuts. on average. GET YOUR OLD BODY BACK Add: up to 1. “Just increase your intake of beans and legumes. Men who took these powerful antioxidants before they splurged on McDonald’s chow (they ate an Egg McMuffin. and beans can increase your life expectancy by up to 13 percent. a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin. According to one analysis.com 49 . If your diastolic (bottom number) reading is 90 to 95. “You don’t necessarily have to give up meat entirely to see a benefit.4 years Taking steps to lower your blood pressure can add years to your life. Keeping that doctor’s appointment can be the key to preventing death from a variety of causes.6 years longer than average.. a Sausage McMuffin. “If a man usually consumes 3.3 years An analysis of 560 death certificates of Tokyo dentists found that.. Your screening should include an annual fecal occult blood test starting at age 50 (earlier if you have a family history of colon cancer). but actually see more health benefits with the exercise.. then limit your meat intake to 3 or 4 ounces. The churchgoers’ lower rates of smoking and drinking certainly account for some of this gain. and two hash browns—for a total of 800 calories and 43 g fat) maintained normal blood-vessel function compared with the men who skipped the supplements. KEEP THE BOTTOM NUMBER OF YOUR BLOOD-PRESSURE READING BELOW 80 Add: 2. CUT BACK TO A SIX-PACK A WEEK Add: 2 to 3 years Government researchers have estimated that a moderate level of drinking (one to two drinks per day) could increase an individual’s life expectancy by 3 percent. researchers found that 18 healthy men produced about 60 percent more blood-clotting agents after they ate meals with about 55 grams of fat.4 years. However. GIVE UP YOUR DREAMS OF ATTENDING DENTAL SCHOOL IN JAPAN Add: 1. He’ll get the same calorie deficit.3 years to your life.6 years That springwater delivery dude may be turning female heads in the office. does it really matter? There seems to be a “dose-response” relationship between orgasms and heart problems—the more sex you have. two or three times a week.) menshealth. he can either cut back to 2. while unskilled laborers live 4. Researchers found that men who saw every personal setback as a catastrophe had a 25 percent greater risk of death and died an average of 2 years earlier than men who addressed their failures more positively. but their strong social ties and other behavioral factors may also play a role. If you’re more than 30 percent heavier than you should be. A study tabulated that getting screened for the disease can help you live 2 to 3 years longer. STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF Add: 2 years Hey. eat foods rich in vitamins C (strawberries. just to name a few. author of Age-Proof Your Body. oils) beforehand. reducing it to 80 can gain you up to 2. including colon cancer. burger. a 35-year-old who’s up to 30 percent heavier than his healthy weight can live 8 months longer simply by slimming down to normal proportions. and diabetes. Researchers who studied sexual activity and mortality in a group of 918 men found that those who had the most sex had half the risk of death from heart disease of their less stimulated counterparts.9 9 H E A LT H S E C R E T S YO U C A N ’ T L I V E W I T H O U T PIG-OUT PROTECTION id you know that eating a single fatty meal may temporarily boost your risk of having a heart attack or stroke? In a Danish study. D active years. (For most guys.7 years According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.” Somer says. but don’t envy him if you’re a whitecollar guy. Antibiotics (which kill the H. NEVER WEAR PANTS Add: 5 to 10 years A Scottish neuropsychologist who has studied more than 1. If you’d rather not carry pills.3 years shorter than the general population’s. other legumes. a flexible sigmoidoscopy 48 10 POWER REPORTS every 5 years. you could gain an additional 20 months.” says study author Gary D. One reason: They’re unencumbered by the usual stupid worries that so-called normal people obsess over. or steak—may reduce your chances of having a heart attack. TREAT YOUR ULCER Add: 2. Extra weight increases your risk of heart attack. the figure was 14 years. according to a University of Michigan study. Negative! Lighten up! Men who think the worst of themselves may be headed for early graves. Ph.” HAVE SEX AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE Add: Uh. STOP WHINING ABOUT YOUR DESK JOB Add: 2.000 calories a day. R.

not just come close.. IN JUST 21 DA YS CUT YOUR T The average vegetarian gets 50 to 100% more fiber and up to 50% less dietary cholesterol than meat eaters. absorb iron. oday your doctor handed you a brochure titled “So You Have High Cholesterol. dark. that 3 weeks—studies prove it. Dr. Shoot These low-fat. The catch is that the iron cholesterol levels and lower rates of heart in plants is less well absorbed than that in disease than meat eaters. president and director of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito. cheese. Here’s how to start on the road to lower or yogurt each day.” While it’s not the best news that you’ve ever gotten. and your feet. you’ll still lower your cholesterol— MUCH AS 40 PERCENT just not as much. plant-based diets can lower for 25%. IN 21 DAYS Most people are surprised to learn that vegetarians consume as much or more iron The Science: Vegetarians have lower than meat eaters. meat eaters who go low-fat vegetarian often meat.com 51 . He also advocates reducing dietary fat to cholesterol: Begin by studying the choles10% of total calories—a recommendation terol-busting eating plans listed below. CA. you possess three powerful weapons that can turn that news around: your knife. Keep in mind. eat high-iron foods such as legumes along see their blood cholesterol levels plummet with vitamin C.D. If your your cholesterol 10 to 40 percent in just cholesterol comes down sufficiently. that’s a bit harsh for a lot of guys. president of SUNY Downone or two servings of nonfat milk. To make sure that you get enough. peas. dark yellow and citrus fruits. and phytochemicals such as flavonoids. leafy greens. What’s more. and LaRosa.D. all of which help keep cholesterol from stopping up your arteries. says Dean Ornish. two to four servings of lower heart disease rates. which helps the body dramatically. you’ll probably need to hit that 1. so terol-shrinking power comes from fiber. M. Based on an may be all you need to do. or egg whites. that can though. Ornish’s program is so effective that even by coming LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL BY AS close. advises Dr. In fact. then see how you respond. average total cholesterol of 250. Vegan diets—no meat.” confirms John C. THE VEGETARIAN DIET 10% mark. M. state Medical Center in Brooklyn. your fork. Get ready to take action! menshealth. consequently. Ornish. A vegetarian diet is also brimming with vitamins C and E and beta-carotene. two to four servings of beans.Special POWER REPORT Cut Your Cholesterol LOWER YOUR LEVELS AND IMPROVE YOUR LIFE Cholesterol LEVEL BY 100 PTS.. there’s no need to panic. three or more servings of exercise have the potential to significantly lower cholesterol levels—and. YOUR GAME PLAN The Plan: Aim for six or more servings “There’s compelling evidence that diet and of whole grains. or Part of the vegetarian diet’s cholesdairy—are low in vitamin B12 however. that to get your cholesterol down work out to between 25 and 100 points! 100 points. eggs.

and chutneys. The Food: Fill your kitchen with brown rice. and winter squash—are high-glycemic foods. watermelon. mango. They’ll add flavor without fat or calories. and other Pacific Rim countries—has been called the healthiest in the world. vegetables. and hearty whole grains such as quinoa.D. tamarind. treat yourself to jicama. curry pastes. and puffed or flaked cereals—all of which are rapidly converted to glucose. we could prevent 80 to 90 percent of all chronic degenerative diseases.S. rather than a rapid spike— 2. and turmeric. menshealth. noodles. carrots. In another study. and the fourth did nothing at all. Stock up on standard Asian condiments such as low-sodium soy sauce. their mean cholesterol level is 127 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). whole grains. Along with everyday favorites such as tomatoes. steady rise in blood sugar after a meal. their rates of death from heart disease are almost 17 times less for men and 6 times less for women. broccoli. available in upscale grocery stores or Asian food stores. baked potatoes. Stock up on canned and dried beans. The Food: Start with the basics: coarse whole grain wheat. high-bran cereals such as All-Bran or Fiber One. bulgur. president of SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. The Food: Think of the produce section as home plate. bamboo shoots—and fish. 3.. which is the same amount as the people in the study. DOUBLE YOUR DROP t’s long been known that exercise helps boost levels of the good HDL cholesterol. including heart disease. LaRosa. Not surprisingly. says John C. Another bonus: These demonstrate that such diets also lower total cholesterol and blood fats called triglycerides. sprouted wheat. More exotic Asian flavorings include lemongrass. while chasing the bad LDL out of your bloodstream. After 1 year. women who ate the most low-glycemic foods had high enough HDL levels to lower their risk of heart disease by 29 percent. But here’s a new reason to work out regularly: Teaming exercise with a low-fat diet can double LDL reduction. while fiber-rich foods such as fruits. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least three times a week. A few fruits and vegetables—pineapple. use low-fat varieties sparingly. And no wonder: Research on 6.D. So ditch the refined foods. Or walk 2 miles a day. have much higher levels of HDL.. You can also have 4 ounces of lean meat once a week. whole grains such as bulgur and barley (not usually available as a whole grain but still chockfull of fiber). beans.. Thailand. Colin Campbell. whole grains. rice cakes. however. mustards. and fruits and vegetables. noodles. We don’t recommend cutting them completely out of your diet. I professor of nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University and an expert on the links between diet and cancer who has done extensive studies on the Asian diet. The first group exercised. and portobello and shiitake mushrooms. and load your plate with natural grains and produce. foods that promote a slow. condiments such as flavored vinegars. With this eating plan. sugary desserts (even low-fat selections).” says T. bean sprouts. and chiles. and fish. Ph. “If all Americans ate like this. Milk and milk products aren’t part of the traditional Asian diet. black beans. take a supplement with calcium and vitamin D. Since you’ll have little milk in this diet. Researchers at Stanford University randomly assigned 370 people to four groups. M.C H O L E S T E R O L : C U T YO U R L E V E L talk to your doctor about whether you need to take a daily supplement or eat a bowl of Total cereal (which contains 100% of your Daily Value [DV] for B12). The kicker: Compared to the U. cracked wheat. Top them with vegetables—bok choy. India. mustard and other greens. and whole grains tend to have lower values. compared to our 203 mg/dl.500 people in rural mainland China shows that they consume half as much fat and three times 52 10 POWER REPORTS as much fiber.S. The Plan: Load your plate with rice.com 53 . the good cholesterol. no fruit or vegetable is off-limits unless you eat too much of it. vegetables. THE ASIAN DIET LOWER YOUR CHOLESTEROL BY AS MUCH AS 40 PERCENT IN 21 DAYS The Science: The Asian diet—shorthand for the traditional diets of China. and flatbreads. and 20 points compared to 11 for men. from adzukis to white. such as white bread or bagels. the second consumed a low-fat diet. or whole grain rye bread. Avoid products made with refined grains. and potatoes. Japan. and that their meat consumption is 1⁄10 that of the U. and neighboring South Korea. The Plan: Highly refined foods have a high glycemic index. raisins and other dried fruits. another risk factor for heart disease. the third consumed a low-fat diet and exercised. the diet/exercise group had lowered their LDL cholesterol about twice as much as the group who only cut fat—15 points compared to 7 for women. THE LOWGLYCEMIC DIET RAISE YOUR GOOD CHOLESTEROL BY AS MUCH AS 20 PERCENT IN 21 DAYS The Science: Although we need more research to confirm this. ginger. a study has found that people who eat the most foods with a low glycemic index—that is. carrots. and buckwheat (kasha).

Three rounded tablespoons of Metamucil provides 7 g of soluble fiber a day.3 g a day is the most effective dosage. Also known as nicotinic acid or vitamin B3. Your Prostate BULLETPROOF 54 10 POWER REPORTS .Natural Cholesterol Busters That Work Special POWER REPORT W e live in the age of statins.D. cholesterol-lowering drugs such as lovastatin (Mevacor) and simvastatin (Zocor) that are proven to reduce cholesterol by 25 to 40 percent. Ph. ■ NIACIN.5 to 3. Because phytosterols may lower levels of fat-soluble nutrients such as beta-carotene. Divide the total dose among all your meals. 40 men and women with cholesterol or triglycerides higher than 200 saw their cholesterol levels drop an average of 11 percent. One. though rare. the magic ingredient in Benecol and Take Control. According to David Kritchevsky. Benecol. In a month-long study of LipoGuard. Two phytosterol products are Natrol Beta Sitosterol and Kholesterol Blocker. consult your doctor before using this product. side effects. and raise beneficial HDL cholesterol by 15 to 35 percent. ■ PHYTOSTEROL SUPPLEMENTS. Three 10-oz drinks of Fiber Plan (by Shaklee) taken daily provide 15 g of soluble fiber. In a study. there’s every reason to believe that these products should be just as effective as the spreads. are now available in supplements. an expert on phytosterols at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. eat lots of fruit and veggies to compensate. ■ SOLUBLE FIBER. If you have a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia or are taking other medications such as aspirin or even lots of vitamin E (800 IU or greater daily). ■ LIPOGUARD. their LDL levels drop 10 percent. Take niacin only under a doctor’s supervision.. lowered total cholesterol by 10 percent and bad LDL cholesterol by 14 percent in clinical studies. talk to your doctor about whether the following products could do just as well for you: ■ MARGARINE. The recommended dose of 2 to 3 g can have serious. Can’t stomach that much fiber? Take soluble fiber supplements with meals—along with plenty of liquid.5 percent in 6 months. But before you ask for a prescription. and their triglycerides drop a sharp 34 percent. Another cholesterol-busting spread. Lowering your cholesterol may now be as easy as eating your morning toast. reduce triglycerides by 20 to 50 percent. Take Control. Phytosterol studies show that 1. Participants ate just 1 1⁄2 teaspoons three times a day. niacin has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol by 10 to 20 percent. when you use margarine spreads that can drop your bad blood fats. Phytosterols. those 15 grams a day lowered LDL levels by 10. About 15 g of soluble fiber a day lowers LDL cholesterol 5 to 10 percent by binding cholesterolcontaining bile acids in the intestine and excreting them. was found to help lower LDL levels by an average of 7 to 10 percent. It’s generally recommended that you take supplements 30 minutes before a meal to allow time for tablets to dissolve.

The mineral selenium gained attention as a prostate-cancer fighter when researchers found that the rate of prostate cancer was reduced by more than half in men who took 200 micrograms (mcg) per day. Get some good fat. The PSA test detects most cancer cases about 5 to 10 years before DRE. GET YOUR EXERCISE Experts aren’t sure why exercising seems to 57 .” One such study found that men who ate 10 or more servings of tomato products a week had a 45 percent lower chance of developing prostate cancer. The impact of vitamin E on prostate cancer risk was illustrated by a study published in 1998.” says Dr. It’s the most common cancer diagnosed in men and the second most common cause of cancer death in men (after lung cancer). (Note: It’s best not to exceed 200 mcg per day of selenium. EAT THE RIGHT STUFF “Nutrition is the most overlooked aspect of preventing prostate cancer. Your prostate cells divide frequently. which seem to protect the prostate. 3. and tuna.” says Mitchell Gaynor. whaddya gonna do?” There’s plenty you can do. at least three or four times a week. the older you get. You probably already know that a diet low in saturated fat and rich in vegetables and fruits has been linked to lower cancer risk in many studies. Gaynor. Gaynor. do have lower rates of prostate cancer. Here’s what to do. and every time a cell divides. director of medical oncology at Strang Cancer Prevention Center in New York City and a coauthor of Dr. but other than being a little embarrassing and uncomfortable.” says Dr. 1. Experts believe that cells must be exposed to at least five mutations—a process that deregulates normal cell growth—to trigger full-blown cancer. it’ll get you. “Well. you’re not too late to stop it from killing you. Take your vitamins. And a fatalistic attitude could just turn out to be fatal. You’re at increased risk if you have a father or brother who’s had the disease— perhaps because you’ve inherited one or two mutations already. but supplements are easy to find. And you have time on your side: Prostate cancer doesn’t suddenly appear when you’re 50—it’s the result of a multistep.D.B U L L E T. exercise. suggests Dr. You know it’s lying in wait for you. research suggests that you can take steps to interrupt the deadly sequence of events that leads to prostate cancer.. is that “aerobic exercise has been linked to changes in the immune system that we know suppress cancer.” How much should you exercise? “We know that men who exercise regularly. decades-long process. a 2002 study at the University of Texas found that the DRE can sometimes detect prostate cancer earlier than PSA. The rationale behind screening for prostate cancer is the same as it is for other menshealth. Try to accumulate 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a day at least 5 days a week. Load up on lycopene. it isn’t. because PSA readings can "miss" physical detectable cancers.” says Dr. “and we think it’s the main factor in studies that show reduced cancer risk. Here’s what you need to know—and do—to keep prostate cancer out of your future. mackerel. in which the doctor inserts his finger into the rectum to feel the prostate for abnormalities.” says Dr. I KNOW YOUR ENEMY One in six men will hear the words “you have prostate cancer” in his lifetime. CONSIDER GETTING TESTED There are two tests for prostate cancer. One is the well-known digital rectal exam (DRE). You’re also at an increased risk if you are an African-American.) help prevent cancer. Sounds terrible. So you shrug and say. Gaynor. One reason. Gaynor. You can find omega-3s in cold-water fish such as salmon. Soy and green tea may not be found in the typical American kitchen. Omega-3s belong in a category called polyunsaturated fats. and you can’t change your race or your relatives.P R O O F YO U R P R O S TAT E Guard against Every Guy’s Secret Fear CLOBBER YOUR RISK OF PROSTATE CANCER WITH THESE THREE LIFESAVING STRATEGIES f you’re like most guys. At least part of the reason may be because it prevents obesity. there’s a chance something will go wrong—that a mutation will occur. You have three basic lines of defense: nutrition. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute studied 29. Gaynor’s Cancer Prevention Program. Though you can’t stop aging. However. which is a risk factor for prostate cancer (possibly because it’s associated with hormone changes thought to play a role in cancer development). M. And it may also be the most versatile. a blood test that detects abnormal levels of an enzyme produced by the prostate gland. and testing. What makes it so vulnerable to cancer is that it’s a very active organ. starting a process that turns normal cells cancerous. Any man who’s willing to improve his eating habits has a whole array of anticancer weapons at his disposal. Both nutrients can be difficult to get in a healthy diet. And if you live long enough. so the current wisdom is that men must have both.000 men in Finland and found that those who took vitamin E (about 50 international units [IU] per day) reduced their prostate cancer risk by one-third. and 56 10 POWER REPORTS the disease is very unusual in anyone under 50. The other is the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. The prostate gland is the walnut-size male sex gland that surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine to the bladder) and produces the liquid portion of semen. Prostate cancer isn’t an inevitable consequence of aging.” The average age at diagnosis is 70. Unfortunately. “Preventive measures have been found to improve survival and decrease your chance of dying from prostate cancer. but the cancer-fighter lycopene comes in one of the most familiar vegetables of all: tomatoes. Gaynor. “Lycopene is the pigment that gives tomatoes their color.com 2. the greater the odds are that you’ve taken your five “hits. you think of prostate cancer as that proverbial snake in the grass. What if you’re too late to stop prostate cancer from developing? Chances are. But did you know that eating the right kinds of fats may be just as important as avoiding the wrong kinds? “People whose diets are rich in omega-3 fatty acids have a lower risk of prostate cancer. A number of studies—though not all—have found that more active men have a lower rate of prostate cancer than sedentary ones. halibut.

. or risk factor for. it may not work that way.D. a prostate-cancer specialist at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. “We don’t really know why BPH occurs. may die of natural causes before the cancer gets them. your doctor may want to rule out cancer before he diagnoses BPH.cancers: to catch it early so it can be treated before it does too much damage. a prostate-cancer specialist at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. particularly. not of. It’s probably some imbalance of growth factors.” says William Catalona. Louis. Most major medical organizations currently don’t recommend routine screening largely because of the worry that it could lead to treatment of prostate cancers that. wouldn’t be dangerous. with prostate cancer. BPH is not life threatening. Special POWER REPORT 4 SYMPTOMS YOU SHOULDN’T IGNORE P rostate cancer’s symptoms are mostly caused by the gland’s proximity to urinary plumbing. See your doctor if you experience one or more of the following problems: ■ Difficult or frequent urination ■ Getting up frequently at night to urinate ■ Urgent urination during the day ■ Dribbling for several minutes after you finish urinating Note that these warning signals can also be caused by a less serious condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). But unlike cancer. But since the symptoms are so similar. left alone.. Blood Pressure DEFL ATE YOUR 58 10 POWER REPORTS .” he explains. BPH can also raise blood levels of PSA and becomes more common with age. M. M.” “Older men with low-grade prostate cancer. BPH doesn’t seem to be a precursor of.” explains William Catalona. Because of the average age at diagnosis and the slow-growing nature of prostate cancer. it’s often called the cancer you “die with. Whatever its cause.D. Like prostate cancer. Louis. but we’re not sure. prostate cancer. “It’s an independent condition. Ongoing studies have not yet been completed to determine if detecting prostate cancer early actually translates to saved lives. While that makes intuitive sense.

which means it needs to beat less often and with less effort. “there may be subtle quality-of-life side effects that the mild hypertensive has that physicians in the past have pooh-poohed. if you notice a change in your mood.. professor and section head of pulmonary and critical care at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. Those on drug 60 10 POWER REPORTS therapy showed steeper drops in pressure.” Maybe the word your doctor used to describe your condition was “hypertension. it does not require concentration on something in particular. Salt contains sodium. Drop some weight. This allows it to pump more blood with each beat. A reading below 120 over 80 (depending on how old and how fit you are) is good. You can expect to see your pressure drop as much as five points for every 10 pounds you lose. and the like. If the sound is a steady snore-snore-snore.” says Charles Tifft. Start reading the labels of your favorite foods. especially men. it may be a clue as to how well you’re controlling your blood pressure. although we used to say that hypertension was asymptomatic in most people. eyes closed. and you’ll drop the points. And just so you know. perhaps because of the effect of frequent sleep interruptions on the nervous system.” states Dr. The more time you spend with your heart rate between 60 and 75 percent of your menshealth. If you’ve ever been accused of snoring. Beware of hidden salt. The resulting wear on your arteries FIGURING OUT THE NUMBERS Y our blood-pressure reading consist of two numbers: The top one is the systolic pressure. You’ve got a couple of questions. Many people. L M. Tifft. stairclimbing. doctors estimate. Each teaspoon of salt you can eliminate daily can yield a five-point drop in your systolic reading. Alcohol (which over-relaxes the muscles) and too much extra weight are two other potential reasons. And one of the best ways to do it is through aerobic exercise: running. it gauges the force of blood flowing through your fully relaxed arteries between heartbeats. It worries you. that qualifies you as being hypertensive.” In other words. Buy a heart-rate monitor. They also buff your heart muscle. If you’re consistently eating too much salt. the heart grows bigger and stronger through exercise. get yourself a heart-rate monitor. You may have a dangerous one. Unlike some other forms of meditation. it measures how forcefully your heart pumps blood. instead. cycling. In some men.D. If you’re consistently coming in at or above 140 over 90. you may have more than just an annoying sleep habit.D E F L AT E YO U R B LO O D P R E S S U R E How Low Can You Go? UNDERSTAND AND CONTROL YOUR NUMBERS et’s say you’ve just been told your blood pressure is “a little high. But if it’s more like a series of gasps (as you struggle for breath) followed by periods of silence (as you fall back to sleep). Ph. The bottom number is the diastolic pressure.D. associate professor of medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine. including headaches. allowing the mind and body to naturally settle. a mineral that naturally draws fluid out of your cells and into the bloodstream. listen to a tape of yourself snoring or have your partner monitor your sleep.” It sounds scary. muscle pain. your blood pressure spikes. M. have a disorder called sleep apnea. Monitor your mood. When you do. Researchers with the Treatment of Mild Hypertension Study put 900 people on one of five antihypertensive drugs or a placebo and also prescribed lifestyle changes. puts you at greater risk for heart disease and stroke. not the least of which is: What the hell does that actually mean? “Having hypertension doesn’t mean you’re hypertense. so your heart is pumping the same amount of blood through a smaller space. And aerobics help to do more than just cut your weight. Tape-record yourself sleeping.. for better or worse. The medical community calls hypertension “the silent killer” because it’s frequently considered a symptomless disease.400 milligrams of sodium—the maximum intake suggested by the National Academy of Sciences. Having high blood pressure means your arteries can’t fully relax. but even more interesting. or have other nondescript symptoms.D. nausea. you’re chronically flooding your bloodstream with fluids. It’s that simple. practitioners sit quietly. your heart is working harder than it should. It happens when the muscles in the nose and throat relax to the point where your air supply is cut off. Try meditation. those given the placebo reported more of some symptoms and side effects. When it’s too high. this can push up the pressure. says James Skatrud. To get the most benefit from an aerobic workout. But findings from a 4-year study at the University of Minnesota suggest that mildly elevated blood pressure may send some signals. Like any muscle. you’re probably fine. “So.com 61 . The “tension” actually refers to the state of your arteries. and even mood changes. Studies suggest that this condition can drive your blood pressure up 5 to 10 points. a level teaspoon contains 2. Sleeping on your back may be one reason for the apnea—this position allows the relaxed tissues of the nose and throat to close your upper airway. Transcendental meditation (TM) is a technique for calming the body and mind. for about 15 minutes.. To tell if you have it. you need to address the problem. Recent studies have shown that practicing transcendental meditation for 15 minutes at a time can lower blood pressure three or four points in African-American teens whose readings were high-normal (slightly above normal). Your night becomes a long series of brief awakenings during which you gasp for breath. And this means less stress on your circulatory system. Doctors regard both numbers in the reading with equal importance. which naturally constrict and relax to accommodate the flow of blood from your heart. trouble falling asleep.

recommends Dr. not after. but it gets your arteries pretty uppity.and tastes. in fact: After a bout of intense exercise. says Thomas Pickering.D. “If you drink more than two drinks a day. And while there’s no evidence that taking mineral supplements will lower high blood pressure. a cardiologist at the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center. women. Men’s Health Books To track down your favorite article from Men’s Health’s past. goals. Almost instantly. Kaplan. Certain things can sabotage the accuracy of your blood pressure readings: ■ The drugstore machine you stick your arm into may be off as much as 60 points.D. at: Men’s Health Customer Service Get great advice and inspiration in Men’s Health each day. your morning run.com 63 . your blood pressure could go up a good 5 or 10 points. potatoes. dried apricots. Check out Men’s Health Weight-Loss Planner for complete information. magnesium (available in bran). Men’s Health Reprints and more Useful Stuff Manage your account. health. ■ Exercise can make your pressure dip temporarily. your pressure may drop and stay lower for a few hours. and sex needs. renew your subscription and get answersto the most commonly asked questions.) Skip the pub crawls. check out Men’s Health Archives! Men’s Health Archives Now.. ■ “If you’re talking while you’re taking your readings. M. Go on-line for even more great info! For daily tips andtons of useful stuff about fitness. Canned and processed foods are often lacking in important minerals such as potassium (prevalent in fruits and vegetables such as bananas. M.” says Norman Kaplan. ■ Eating too much natural licorice can raise your numbers by 10 to 20 points. fitness. Make sure you lay off the stuff for at least 2 hours before having your pressure checked. Alcohol may make you feel relaxed. Build the body of your dreams with an exercise plan specifically designed for your body! It’s easy with Men’s Health PersonalTrainer. delivered right to your desktop.” Donate your canned goods. ■ A single cup of coffee can lift your blood pressure as much as five points. professor of internal medicine in the hypertension division at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. but drinking may stimulate the kidneys to keep more salt and water in the blood. all with one easy click ofthe mouse. Sign up for the Men’s Health Fitness Newsletter today! Men’s Health Fitness Newsletter 62 10 POWER REPORTS menshealth. the more fat you’ll burn and the more powerful your heart will grow.com.P U T YO U R H E A RT I N TO A L L YO U D O maximum (roughly 220 minus your age). the worse it gets. And try sticking to fresh foods. Exactly how this happens isn’t known.” says Dr..menshealth. all of which play a role in regulating blood pressure. and calcium (yogurt and other dairy products). Pickering. a deficiency in any of these can cause a spike in some men. Beware of saboteurs. according to one study. To get a more accurate pressure reading. it’s easy and cheap to pass on the advice and inspiration of Men’s Health with Men’s Health Reprints and more Useful Stuff. you raise your blood pressure. and nutrition. and that can give you a false picture of your normal level. go to www. “And the more you drink. and beans). Men’s Health Personal Trainer Melt fat with a diet program designed just for your body. (Check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program if you have high blood pressure. or it may constrict your blood vessels. take it before. Men’s Health Weight-Loss Planner Need more than a two-line blurb? Check out Men’s Health books for indepth solutions to all your health. Spend 30 minutes in your target zone three times a week and you’ll escape the pressure in no time.

subscription. please use one of these options: Customer Service Online www.M.co.menshealth.M.–7:00 P.uk/help/rodale rodalestore.WELCOME TO Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.M. call: 01858 438851 E-mail: Rodale@subscription. Eastern Time In the UK.–Midnight Saturday and Sunday 9:00 A. Your satisfaction is important to all of us at Men’s Health. If you experience a problem with your subscription.co.com Customer Service by Phone (800) 666-2303 or (610) 967-8523 Monday through Friday 8:00 A.com (800) 848-4735 200320201 Printed in USA k Printed on Recyclable Paper 007Z .uk Online: www.

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